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Fez Coming To Wii U And Nintendo 3DS?

fezFez launched earlier this year on Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360. The puzzle/platform game’s developer, Polytron, has recently confirmed that the title will be ported to other platforms next year, 2013.

Because Fez received widespread praise from several publications, here’s hoping the game arrives on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo 3DS and/or Wii U.

75 thoughts on “Fez Coming To Wii U And Nintendo 3DS?”

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    1. This game is excellent, and in no way overated. I don’t know who you are talking to. This guy almost got bankrupt trying to develop this game. He stuck to his guns and took as much time as he needed to polish this. (5 Years to be exact) This is nowhere near overated

    2. it’s a great game. just by playing it you can tell a lot of time and care was put into making this game. give it a shot before you bash it.

      1. Have you heard it was too “religious” and a new version/sequel was made and Edmund wants it on the 3DS/Wii U?

        The guy who made fez sure is crazy though lawl. I saw him in Indie Game the movie

        1. yeah, that’s the reason i mentioned it
          like, actually the exact reason i mentioned it

          having a reference to a nintendo franchise =/= your game’s entry into the eshop

          looking forward to the new BoI expansion/re-release thing. the gameplay of BoI is pretty fun, but i freaking despise the artstyle.

  1. Good this game is being ported to other platforms. Fez as most have stated is a good games.

    On another note, did I not tell you guys that Capcom shall have new fresh games for the Wii U? Stated I that the Wii U shall have original IPs and future multiplat ports and Wii U originated multiplats. Capcom says they don’t want to port old content to the Wii U in terms of already made ports of old seventh generation systems PS3/xbox360. Watch play be humble and enjoy nintendo gaming :).

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  2. Yes! Please come to 3DS eshop! I have been meaning to buy this for my Xbox 360 for a while now! I got the demo and it is pretty cool and unique in its way of puzzle/platforming. Its also a beatiful looking game! It also has some great music.

  3. Actually I wouldn’t be surprised because indie developers have been praising Nintendo and saying the eShop is VASTLY better than XBLA and PSN because they can freely updated whenever they want and Nintendo actually gives them help putting their games onto the eShop store so really I say Wii U & 3DS version of Fez… very VERY possible

  4. Hey guys and gals! Nothing related to this article, but I’m wishing you all a wonderful New Year, full of love, happiness, and awesome Nintendo games! Happy new year in advance, Nintendo fans!!!

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  5. Tiny Chocolate Finger

    Frankly, a Wii U port seems unlikely and I doubt the 3DS could actually render the game that well (it’s actually pretty graphically complex and requires a fair chunk of the Xbox’s power.) Polytron has no in house developers familiar with Nintendo platforms so I see the game being released for PC only (on top of the already released Xbox 360 version) and (at a push) PS3.

  6. I was told by everyone Fez is great. I support Indie games, and the developer had quite a journey trying to put this game out.

  7. Thanks Capcom also for bringing all the greatness you are bringing to the Wii U in 2013. Haters this year 2013 are joining our nintendo ranks :).

  8. Why am I the only one that complains every time the word “eShop” is mentioned?
    I’m sick to death of every game coming to (or POSSIBLY coming to) eShop, instead of being a retail game. *sigh* My future as a gamer is constantly threatened.

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  11. The game is nothing special, the dev is a special kind of aspie though.
    You can play this flash game that took 2 months to be made and released before FEZ instead of paying for a buggy rip-off that took 6 year to be made.

    Not to mention how the aspie developer says all japanese games suck while copying the art style of games like cave story.
    You’re better off giving your money to a real indie developer.

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