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Nintendo Japan Exec Had N64 Chained To His Arm To Show Mario 64 To Pilotwings Devs


N64 Blog recently had the opportunity to interview Dan Hess, who composed and arranged both Pilotwings 64 music and sound. During the extensive and interesting interview Hess recounted that a Nintendo of Japan executive visited the Pilotwings 64 developers with a Nintendo 64 chained to his arm to show them the incredible Super Mario 64. You can read the full interview here.

“One of my fondest memories is of a Nintendo executive flying from Japan, literally with a briefcase chained to his arm, to show our team they’re developing Super Mario 64 game. We were all blown away and it served as motivation for us to make Pilotwings 64 as good as we possibly could.”

Thanks, Martin

13 thoughts on “Nintendo Japan Exec Had N64 Chained To His Arm To Show Mario 64 To Pilotwings Devs”

  1. Too bad Pilotwings 64 was still a half-baked game full of glitches. :/

    Doesn’t matter, I still love freaking Pilotwings 64! :D

  2. That’s an incredible story. Weird, but incredible. But it’s weird in a good way! Instead of opening the suitcase and actually showing them a BETA or something of the game, they instead win them over by their determination and clever thinking to chain themselves to a suitcase with a N64 inside!

    1. I figured he chained the n64 to his arm so he wouldn’t lose it or have someone steal it…Mario64 Beta = the time n64 was about to come out??? Top secret game for a top secret system at the time??

  3. I’m not really seeing the point in that. Surely the PW64 devs had an N64 handy, so why didn’t he just bring the game over?

  4. I don’t get it….why is chaining a Nintendo 64 to your arm motivation??? I don’t understand the meaning behind the story and I have read it over and over to understand it, but it makes no sense.

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