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Wii U Completely Vanishes From UK Top Forty All-Formats Charts


The Wii U appears to be seriously struggling in the UK with Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U failing to appear in the UK top forty all-formats charts during the busy Christmas period. Ubisoft’s well-received Far Cry 3 claimed the number one spot during the week ending December 29th. Nintendo will surely be concerned about the lack of impact the Wii U is having in the United Kingdom. You can view the entire top forty all-formats charts right here.

135 thoughts on “Wii U Completely Vanishes From UK Top Forty All-Formats Charts”

  1. Bwhahahahahahahaha

    Wiiu is fucking failing

    Told you noone wants a console weaker than 7 year old consoles

    Bet you r gonna say that sales don’t matter fucking cunts? Bwhahahahhahahahaaahahhaa

    1. WiiU current sales. Over 2 million

      Ps3 and 360’s sales in the same time frame.
      Less than a million.

      Not even going to throw an insult in here, you do that yourself (although i guess that was in insult in its own way)

      1. The Wii U has not sold 2 million units.

        Leave it to Nintendolts to lie about sales figures that they love so much.

        1. dude wii u sales more then 2 millions right now!!. that means nintendo got 3 month to sels 3.5 millions till march. they gonna do that, i got a ps360 but i like the wiiu on this moment more. the wii u sells not well here in europe because the games, but this year nintendo gonnan sales more!!

              1. So you post fucking VGChartz, a site based entirely on estimates and utterly banned from major gaming sites for their unreliability as a source?

                Are you serious?

                  1. What do I “post from NeoGAF?”

                    Also, as far as I know, posting unreliable stuff on that forum gets you banned as well, so you’re only helping the argument.

        2. Wow! Aeolus telling a lie, who would have ever thought. The Wii U sold 1.8 million in its first month alone, it passed the 2 million mark in probably a month and one week. Even this is a new low for you. That makes me sad, I didn’t think you would sink lower then numchuck Norris. FYI chuck Norris sucks.

            1. Aren’t you the guy who falsely sourced an article about the controller being region locked. If you read the Japanese it actually said its incompatible, which is only due to broadcast NTSC is different between Japan and the US, thus it streaming an images would be different also. Thus the controller is incompatible and not region locked, only the system.

              Oh and here is your source, 1.8 mil, they are getting it off of stock reports for the first month and this is still before Christmas.

                1. Who cares? Wii U will out sell PS4 (if Sony even has enough money left to support a new console.) end of story.

                  1. So you can see into the future then? Please tell me the exact specifications of the PS4 plus price too. And while you’re seeing into the future, tell me it’s launch window.

                    Also, since dev kits have been sent out, I think the console is you know, being made. Enough with the no money left to make one excuse. It’s tired and old.

                2. That was before the end of the year. I think its safe to say that 200K would have been filled. Regardless, fouble what the 360 sold in its first month, and the WiiU didnt have a full global release

        3. Aeolus I expect better trolling from you. The Wii U sold 1.8 million units in the same time or less than a period, 27 days. With the economy in q bad state. The exbox that came out in 2005, a good monetary year, sold less than or about half of that in one month. Let me not even mention the abysmal first month sales of ” the giant crab” and “ridge racer” console. You are better than delusional numchuck Norris. The real chuck Norris sucks now anyways too. Aeolus get back to your -9 % suck at facts self, – 43 % does not suit you; that’s the numchuck and Von scrontum warp zone level lol.

        4. There is no confirmed source of “1.8 million units sold” anywhere in Media Create/NPD charts.

          You might be thinking 1.8 million shipped, which is not the same thing as SOLD, YOU IDIOTS.

          Also, last I checked 1.8 million =/= “2 million”…

          Nintendo fans aren’t even good at math, this is exactly why they’re so stupid and inept at getting jobs.

          1. As long as there are these articles about the Wii U’s struggle you’re gonna get people calling you out to bait a response “HAHAHA WII U IS ER FAILZ!1” “You Nintendolts, SOURCE??” There’s no need to always quote numbers to these people they just want that kind of response, it’s kind of sad. Sometimes just move along and let them sit down waiting for your counter-argument reply that they’re not gonna get.

            1. Firstly, this is a blog. So you already lowered my expectations when I clicked that.

              Secondly, there is absolutely nothing that cites where is he getting these figures from, and once again, NO OFFICIAL FIGURES in sight. Stop wasting my bloody time on goddamn ESTIMATES and get some MEDIA CRATE in here.

              Finally, “1.8 million units”, is NOT 2 million consoles.

              1. Somebody can’t accept his lost. How long did it take you too come up with that excuse. Here are the facts. The Wii U launch (while not as successful as Wii’s) was a success, and better than the Xbox 360 and PS3 launches. End of conversation, Nintendo won, get over it, grow up, and stop wasting your time ruining this site with your constant trolling.

              2. I read your stupid posts week, after week. These are actually from stock reports which are getting sales from NPD and other retail sources. You can twist the facts however you want, but it jives with the few sales press releases that Nintendo squeaked out to media partners.

      2. Xbox 360 sold 750,000 units on black Friday alone this year. The Wii U sold 400,000 units the first week it was released. The 360 has been out for going on 8 years now and it still sells more than the Wii U. I love my Wii U, but the launch title didn’t have any selling power.

          1. I love Nintendo. I wish them the best because I believe in their system. If they would have launched Pikmin 3 or The Wonderful 101 with the Wii U, those numbers would be even higher.

      1. It’s true!!! I’m American and alot of people like Xbox over here, everybody is fat and plays Call Of Duty. I’m ashamed of my country :( Go Nintendo!!!

        1. Lol now I KNOW you are not american, not everybody is fat in america, sadly we do have a higher obesity rate than many countries, but it is not by so much that everywhere you look there is an obese person.

          1. I’m from the U.S. Not everyone here hails to the 360; if U.K.’s Wii U sales are bad, then what are they playing? I’m guessing COD on CrapBOX.

          2. for your information, i am American, while i admit i was exaggerating you have to admit alot of peple over here plays cod.

      2. Not exactly true, at the moment the Playstation 3 is currently behind in sales when compared to the xbox 360, there is no way that all of those sales are coming from America, in fact, I am willing to bet that at leaast 1/3 of the sales come from europe.

  2. I’m from the UK and I own one( in fact theres 2 WiiU’s in our house), but I gotta admit its not picking up steam till we get a few more games, a lot of the games I was interested in just aren’t out yet, or I already had on 360. Just gotta keep the faith ^_^

            1. Apple would be around. Even if MS didn’t exist. If Dennis Ritchie didn’t exist, then Apple wouldn’t exist.

              Apple aren’t that bad. There tablets are pretty decent. Same with there macbooks.

  3. Oh man, and i was sitting here thinking a £300 console with at least 1 £40 game in limited supply would sell more in a recession that games for a consoles with over 60 million owners each in ample supply /s

      1. The only time anyone should start worrying is if the yearly sales are less than what the last generation consoles were.
        And even then, the ps3 turned itself around once the ps3 slim came out.
        The only reason to speculate now would be either insanity or blind fanboy opinions (be it negative or positive)

        1. I cant afort a wiiu yet but im diying to get 1 but i dont want to sell my 3ds wich is how i could play all consoles, many people want a wiiu but they are saving for 1 instead of selling there old consoles which i understand they have games left(except Microsoft )

          1. Same here. I mean, im not rushing out to get one either, i want the initial bugs so to be sorted, and Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends arent out yet, along with a few others, so my purchase at the moment is more based on, i’ll be getting one soon anyway.

    1. No, it depends on opinios and goals if the company goal is to sell a million in a month then and just sell 800,000 then it was not perfect.

  4. Now that’s a bloody big surprise. Who would have thought a month old hardware with only a handful of games would outsell new games for 6 year old hardware with many millions of adopters.

    1. Thank you, another Nintendo and gamer that actually uses logic and everyday common sense. About 80K Wii Us sold in the UK, compare to 20 million Wiis, 17 million PS3s, 16 million xbox 360s. How is the Wii U to sell over a million games in the UK? Mynintendo news it’s only january second enough of this alarmists posts for the first week please lol.

    1. I know 10 people AT LEAST with a WiiU. No problems. My brother and one of my best friends had their xBox and PS3 break down TWICE this year alone.

      Dude, sorry about your bad luck.

        1. The only fault ive heard it the update, which is only the persons fault unless they’re unlike to have the power go off mid update, and people who say the gamepad is “broken”, even though it jus needs charging -__-

  5. Just because the Brittains are not buying the WiiU / Games, =/= Poor console sales overall.
    (No disrespect to my UK pals.)

    Afterall, I’ve been playing HOURS of ZombiU, and it’s obvious their dealing with a serious Zombie outbreak over there!

  6. How is this even relevant? Is China not the second largest economy on the planet now? Is Japan’s economy not in third place? If Japanese nintendo sales were struggling, then I would have worried. The UK is falling of the world power list at quick sand levels. The statue of ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ holding up as always :). Nintendo’s Wii U shall be fine. Sit back and relax, smile and enjoy project cars.

    1. I will enjoy Project Cars. Not on the Wii U though :D Also it’s relevant because it is about Nintendo Sales figures, Fuck, even I could see that one.

  7. Aeolus I expect better trolling from you. The Wii U sold 1.8 million units in the same time or less than a period, 27 days. With the economy in q bad state. The exbox that came out in 2005, a good monetary year, sold less than or about half of that in one month. Let me not even mention the abysmal first month sales of ” the giant crab” and “ridge racer” console. You are better than delusional numchuck Norris. The real chuck Norris sucks now anyways too. Aeolus get back to your -9 % suck at facts self, – 43 % does not suit you; that’s the numchuck and Von scrontum warp zone level lol.

    1. Meh, it’s just going to be the same old bs from that douche. It’s more or less something like this every time:
      Step 1 – Insults Nintendo and its fans.
      Step 2: Rages and asks for a source (because he’s too lazy to google it apparently) whenever someone disputes him with clear facts.
      Step 3: Rages again and says the source is unreliable (cause, you know, if it counters his argument, it can’t be reliable…).
      Step 4: Gets presented with more sources which continue to counter his argument. Aeolus’ rage is building! Calls someone a virgin (oh the irony…) and insults his mum.
      Step 5: Wild Aeolus fled!
      Step 6: Spends all day and night anxiously awaiting another flamebait article on MNN. Repeat Step 1

      Must be a nice life I guess…

  8. That’s a shame, though in all fairness (and this is coming from a lifelong Nintendo fan who has owned every console since 1985 and picked up a Wii U on launch day) it doesn’t yet have WOW titles. For me there are very few must-own games right now. I have Nintendoland and I really enjoy it, but it’s not a blockbuster title. Those of us who own it probably picked up the black set =) The other game I have is Ne Super Mario Bros. U, and I use the word ‘new’ loosely as it’s the same game we’ve been playing since the original New Super Mario Bros. outing. I swear, even the sprites and background music have been recycled. Going green, Nintendo? And as awesome as Mario is, he doesn’t appeal to everyone. I’ve been able to rent several other Wii U titles, and while I liked them none came across as WOW-worthy. The port titles I tried out didn’t seem to run as well as their PS3 counterparts, but I will say that Tekken looks prettier on the Wii U. I compared it to the PS3 port and it just looks beautiful on the Wii U.

    I think the Wii U will become a powerful system in the marketplace but it’s not going to happen over the next few months. The lineup of early titles is good, varied, but not strong. As a Nintendo fan (face it, a lot of buy Nintendo for its franchise titles) I’m not going to get very fired up until a hear an announcement of a new Zelda title, a StarFox sequel, an F-Zero game, the next Metroid, or some footage and screens from the next Smash Bros. Pikmin is great but I think once you see more core Nintendo franchise titles grace the store shelves the sales and excitement will go up, not just on the UK but globally.

    The OS is in its infancy and will develop into an amazing (and fluid) experience. It has a ton of potential and will start to live up to that the more developers work with the Wii U. The eShop is just taking off. I really think that once Nintendo starts supplying it with classic titles we’ll see sales improve. The Wii’s Virtual Console was a great service. The supply of blockbuster titles did dry up eventually but it started very strong. If Nintendo were to begin offering Gamecube titles in its eShop I think that would get a lot of folks excited (and sell more Wii U Pro controllers). If Nintendo can’t supply us with new installments of their franchise titles just yet they could still remind us why we fell in love with those series to begin with by putting them out on the eShop.

    Sorry, I get long-winded about my much-loved Nintendo. No one I know is as into as I am and forums like these are the only places I can get my thoughts out about the world’s greatest gaming company. The short version is the system is young and many of Nintendo’s core franchises are absent. Once those series begin to make their HD debuts and Nintendo rewards their classic fans with eShop releases the Wii U will become the must-own system it has the potential to be. Microsoft and Sony make killer systems and release amazing titles in their own right, but Nintendo delivers a unique experience that none can replicate. It’s the home of Mario, Link, the Starfox team, Samus Aran, Pit, Captain Falcon, Kirby, and so many classic characters that they can fill the roster of a brawler. When these characters come home to the new system it will be a force to be reckoned with. It’s just not there yet.

  9. Agree with Error.. Once those new titles start coming in, the Wii U will sell like hotcakes. Same goes for the next Xbox/PS. Until they get those quality titles, it will only sell to their core audiences. Anyhow, I expect a slew of new titles announced, along with some teasers, and maybe a $50 price drop of the Wii U. If these things happen, Nintendo will rule E3!

  10. I blame the supermarkets for not bothering to stock WiiU software. Tesco occasionally have one or 2 games, but neither Sainsbury’s or Asda near me stock anything at all. Add to that the fact that everywhere is selling the games at neary £50 and it’s no surprise the sales figures are great. Once retailers figure out that the prices are too high and the supermarkets actually start stocking software, thing will look very different.

  11. I don’t live in the UK, but it seems to me the dismal sales of Wii U hardware and software comes down to poor marketing and a lack of solid games from the new generation.

    Perhaps I don’t watch enough television or the right channels, but I’ve yet to see either a decent advertisement or even that many of them here in the US. I had to do tons of reading and watch E3 videos on youtube a few times to really make a decision. I doubt parents purchasing for their children even have the know-how to research this product. If you can’t even market a product here, It’s no wonder sales in other countries aren’t performing up to expectations.

    I enjoy most of them, but the bulk of the new games I’m interested in come out in a few months time. I find myself playing older games at the moment because of this though it doesn’t take away from my experience with the console.

  12. Nintendo need to make something happen if they want to help these figures. As a gamer in London I want Wii U to be alive and have a robust online scene… kind of like Japan with gaming in general :3 If only Nintendo released a new Mario Kart U at launch with amazing features to blow us away, I’m sure these figures would have been much higher. Oh well. Hopefully things will improve soon.

  13. Its also possible that UK Wii u owners are buying multiplat games such as COD or AC3. Unless I missed something, it looks like there just aren’t any Wii u exclusives in the top 40

  14. No wonder. I bought one and I had to return it as the system lacks an optical line out for audio and does not support dolby as the ps3. I play with a beamer with hdmi and a surround system with optical line in.As mine has no hdmi input, i should buy a brandnew surroind receiver or have no sound at all.:(

    1. Can you run video out the HDMI, while running pro-logic out the composite? Or will the WiiU only support one at a time?

      It has te ability to plug into your reciever using the component / Red /white cables, but if you want HDMI picture and Non HDMI sound, I just don’t know if the unit is outputting both simutainiously.

  15. Doesn’t really make that much of a difference. It’s doing great in Japan, and fine in the US, and both are bigger markets than the UK. Plus we’re not even counting the rest of the EU.

  16. alot of those games are available on the wii U – it is the ‘all formats’ list. nintendo is doing pretty good considering over half of these games are available on their systems,

  17. it’s insane. i have all the current gen systems, had all the last gen and the last last gen ones too and so on. i play games since the 80’s…the wiiu is the best console in a long long time…the brits should open their mind really. get over this hardcore/casual/mature/kids games bullshit. save money by skipping the blops and fifas of this world, buy a wiiu instead, wii kirby games and a second wiimote, nsmbu, sonic all star racing, get a few beers, or applejuice or whatever, maybe some some crisps too, drop some funny pics on miiverse and start playing GAMES. you’ll ask yourself why it took you so long. promise.

    1. Why are you so painfully-opinionated and crude-assuming here? You’re acting like the Wii U’s not early in the game. There’s no reason to assume the Brits aren’t open-minded just because they aren’t rushing out to buy Wii U.:

      1) They’re not crazy for not wanting to buy a system that currently has no killer games. Let’s be honest–Nintendo Land is the kind of game that should’ve came with any Wii U package, regardless, and there’s nothing noteworthy about New Super Mario Bros. U than from the last NSMB game. Heck, I like the Wii U and even I wasn’t excited for these early titles. If it weren’t for me knowing what’s ahead for Wii U, to be honest, I wouldn’t be much excited about Wii u at all.

      2) The UK public isn’t necessarily calling the Wii U bad. Sales don’t necessary reflect their opinion of the product–it just at the least means many haven’t bought a Wii U yet.

      3) It’s only been about two months. If you haven’t noticed, slow starts haven’t been the end of many now-successful gaming systems, including the PS3 and the Nintendo 3DS.

      4) You can’t rationally apply your taste in games as being the sole reason why someone else should buy the games. Well, you can’t without cheating in your given rationale.

      5) Using features like Miiverse is not enough of a sole factor to sale the Wii U with most people. Miiverse is what comes standard and should come standard. Nintendo’s long needed to address their online gaming/socialization better, and the Miiverse feature had better been standard with Wii U. It’s not new–Xbox Live’s had many similar features for years, so no, some people really aren’t missing much in not having Miiverse.

      Now, mind you, this is coming from a lifelong Nintendo fan and a fan of the Wii U, but before that, I’m a person strong on being honest with myself, especially in what I display publicly. There’s nothing wrong in being disappointed with results, but to go and flat-out insult a generality based on little-given fact ain’t cool. No need to diss the UK like that, man.

  18. Well, I don’t think they want it yet because, well it desnt have any must have games. There is no 3D mario, thereis no Legend of Zelda, there is no pikmin(yet) smash brothers won’t come out for a while, and there is no mariokart or Metroid. I am almost positive all of the games I have mentioned WILL come, but they haven’t, So people in the UK want games, they aren’t buying the system blindly like a fanboy, they are waiting for that first MUST-HAVE title. It WILL come, but the question is when?

  19. Those fucking British cunts.

    …hahaha, I just dissed like 99% of this site’s audience. I’m just kidding of course.

  20. It’s like Nintendo is holding back the games. Wii U needs Metroid, Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, Kid Icarus, Fire Emblem, Smash Bros., Wii U Sports, etc.

    1. Relax stranger. Nintendo isn’t holding back on their games. In fact, they’re already hard at work in making games for the Wii U and may take at least a year in perfecting it… not to mention taking full advantage of its new system. For now, you got to have patience.

  21. They are incredibly stubborn in the UK. They love their Fifa and such but not so much for Mario and what not. This doesnt surprise me but it really isnt a big deal.

  22. I love Nintendo. I’m a lifelong fan. But I’m also not one for fooling myself. Nintendo nearly lost me with Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U. I’m not surprised if the UK (and Japan, as well) currently have little interest in these games. They’re not at all the kind of games you get excited about, especially for a new console (and then at that, a new console that’s only slightly more powerful than what’s already out).

    I love Nintendo fans, but with some among us, we can have some of the most blindly-optimistic fans out there. Let’s be honest here–while they might be fun, Nintendo Land is a collection of mini-games that should’ve been a standard pack-in with every region, and.there’s nothing noteworthy about New Super Mario Bros. U that sets it much apart from the last New Super Mario Bros. game. There’s no since in over-hyping what simply isn’t Nintendo’s best work.

    Nintendo really needed to work on something more significant for the Wii U’s release, and while it’s definitely not too late for Wii U to find success, Nintendo will need to increase the rate of hit games if they hope to sell Wii U to a market already tamed by Xbox 360 and PS3. In fact, I worried this exact thing would happen as we’re seeing right now, immediately after I saw that tepid E3 presentation last year.

    Wii U is a good system with good potential here, but it simply didn’t get the kind of support in introducing it that it needed to really sell it well to people. You can only rely on the GamePad concept for so long before people get acclimated to it, and esp. since it won’t be long until Microsoft and/or Sony copies it. What they needed straight out of the gate were more actual examples of the GamePad in use with more original Wii U games–not just ports of already-released games using the GamePad with minor enhancements.

    Wii U needs third-party support, but Nintendo needed to lead that charge with first-party games. Most of the launch line-up was rather thrown together. And sure, there’s Pikmin 3, Zelda, and Super Smash Bros. coming, but they really needed to be started on much earlier than now. It would’ve been nice if Nintendo has Sora Ltd. working on early concepts for Super Smash Bros. U instead of Kid Icarus: Uprising for 3DS. For a console that’s not very different from current-gen consoles tech-wise, and that’s riding its entire success on a controller, they needed games to push Wii U to

    With that said, negative critics commenting here really need to get a life. I mean, Wii U just launched, so it’s still far too early to be spelling doom for the Wii U. As I recall, it took the PS3 several years to make its first positive profit (from its hefty initial profit loss invested), and no one’s calling it a failure. If there’s one thing Nintendo does well, it’s bouncing back up (like the Nintendo 3DS, which is currently dusting the PS Vita by a wide margin).

    So, you visitors coming here just to bash the Wii U? Seriously, grow the fuck up. You’ve got the behavior patterns of a child. If you’ve got nothing better to do than haunt sites devoted to a console you clearly do not like, you seriously need a life.

  23. I have all three systems and at this moment the Xbox is the best But im sure that will change in time the wii u is just out :D

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  25. Again with this dumb subject ? Haven´t we discussed it enough ? WiiU games will only start to appear high in the charts when it gets a good install base. Expect to see WiiU games ranging from 30-50 th places for some weeks until ig sells better install base. What really matters is the tie-ratio, and in this case WiiU is doing well with a tie of 2.1

  26. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    Well I’m not surprised by this news in the slightest. Not to be cruel or anything but considering the way the Wii U is currently it should come as no surprise really. Anyway allow me to explain. Now back in September there was bare hype for the console especially in Japan and North America, but over here in the UK I didn’t feel the hype so much. In most gaming forums and websites I passed by there was little excitement or anticipation for the new Nintendo console. And when the prices were announced for North America and Japan and while a tad high it was accepted by the fans and people got pre-ordering.
    However in the Europe we were told that European distributors would set their own prices and that immediately was the wrong decision to make. Why set prices in other territories but leave Europe to do its own thing with pricing, for me that’s just unfair. And it wasn’t until October when prices started to show up from gaming distributors, and the prices were varied as hell! Online distributors like Amazon and were probably the most fair when it came to prices it was still bloody high! The 8GB Basic Set was going for around £240 and that was at least £60 more than the original Wii and the £32GB Deluxe Set was at least £300 or more and that was just ridiculous. Then put on top of that the set list of games available from day one had not yet been determined in the UK and that there was no proper marketing for the Wii U, and you have a console that really isn’t making much of a fuss.
    And then of course November came around and the console was released in North America and the hype was fairly good but in the UK the console barely enough kicked up a fuss. Sure there were people that bought the console and many of its games, but the numbers weren’t nowhere as near as much as that of North America or Japan. I think it is simply down to the fact that console is too expensive, the marketing wasn’t strong enough and it didn’t seem to make enough of an impact with UK audiences for them to make a purchase. Well we’re in a new year now and in 2013 Nintendo really needs some new and exciting games, a better marketing campaign for their console and some new and innovative features in order to keep its console alive in my opinion.

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