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Dan Marshall: Nintendo’s Main Problem Is Its Games, Super Mario Galaxy 2 Is Extremely Boring

black_wii_uSize Five Games founder Dan Marshall says he’s not sure about Nintendo’s latest console, the Wii U. Marshall also says Nintendo’s new Wii U console will be like the Wii in terms of being in a hardware generation behind, compared to competitors’ forthcoming consoles.

According to Marshall, Nintendo’s main problem isn’t necessarily with its hardware, but with its software. For example, Marshall says he got extremely bored after playing Wii-exclusive Super Mario Galaxy 2 – one of the highest-rated games of all-time – for about an hour.

Feel free to read some of Marshall’s words below.

I’m not sure about the Wii U because I haven’t touched one, but I bought a Wii on launch day and got my £179 worth of joy out of it by playing tennis with my mother. That was enough for me. I think Nintendo’s problem is actually one of software rather than hardware. I played Mario Galaxy, and enjoyed it, but played Mario Galaxy 2 for about an hour before I realised I was playing exactly the same game and was bored shitless of it. After a while, the Wii’s core buckled under its own success.

It didn’t have the hardware for many games like Call of Duty to justify making a port, so it was basically lumbered with Nintendo’s software for a large part of its lifespan.

The problem is, Nintendo end up putting out Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, Metroid, all these staples over and over again to the point of self-destruction. I think the Wii U looks good in terms of the fact that it’s got Batman and Darksiders and LEGO all coming out for it, but because it’s suddenly going to find itself a hardware generation behind again, it’s going to suffer from the same problems.

I haven’t turned my Wii on in three years probably – it’s been gathering dust because it’s all Mario games that I’m not interested in. So I worry that, because of that hardware gap, the software is going to be lacking in the same way for the Wii U.

451 thoughts on “Dan Marshall: Nintendo’s Main Problem Is Its Games, Super Mario Galaxy 2 Is Extremely Boring”

      1. Got to love it when the harshest critics begin with statements like “Im not sure about the Wii U because I haven’t touched one”

        This guy is worried too much with “power” of the consoles and that makes him dismiss great games.

    1. You should care, the Wii U is going to be too far behind in terms of power and it is going to fail. New games will be released for newer systems and the Wii U will die early.

            1. The Wii U is actually very powerful by Nintendo’s standards, because one thing you have to remember is Nintendo consoles were never about powerful hardware, and neither does it necessarily matter as much with consoles to create quality games. Nintendo has only ever put out two consoles that were factually more powerful than their main competitors. The SNES was a more powerful system than the Genesis, and the N64 was a more powerful system than the Playstation. (The Gamecube was very slightly more powerful than the PS2 in terms of graphics, but the difference was barely noticeable, and both were outclassed by the Xbox anyway.)

              However, what systems were more powerful still didn’t matter at all, because anyone who has a history with some of these consoles know that all of them had extremely high quality games going for them, and in the end, that’s all that matters. Nobody cared so much about how powerful the hardware was (except maybe Sega). Horsepower only assures so much, it’s how that hardware is utilized to create quality experiences that will win the day. Look at the PS2. It was the weakest system of its generation, and yet it was the console to go to. It had a vastly larger library of great titles than the other guys, and that was what made it the 6th gen system of choice, not the hardware. Nobody can play games like God of War, GTA 3, Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, and Sly Cooper with a straight face without admitting they were fantastic games. Same goes for the SNES with games like DK Country, Super Mario World, and A Link to the Past. All of these are legendary titles considered to be some of the best that gaming has to offer.

              In the end, it’s not the Wii Us power that matters, it’s how developers deal the cards they are given. PC is the only platform where powerful hardware actually does matter a lot, but consoles are a different race of being. Look at how amazing games like Crysis 3 are looking on outdated hardware in the 360 and PS3. The PC version of this game, however, is demanding very intense raw power. Anyone who thinks the hardware in the Wii U is outdated is underestimating what can be done to create fun and memorable experiences, and that’s all that matters. Yes, the Wii was outdated. But look at games like Xenoblade, or The Last Story, or Monster Hunter Tri. Better yet, look at Skyward Sword and Mario Kart Wii, which do well to create unique experiences other than the usual button mashing. Don’t underestimate the Wii U because of the hardware. Have an open mind, and wait to see what this system rolls out. It’s way too early to call out rise or fall on the Wii U yet.

          1. Didn’t people say the same for the Wii, DS and 3DS? And to be fair they were all under powered compared to competition.

            1. Its not power you morons, its efficiency. And whats the point of the Vita being a PS3 without the cell? Its trying way to hard and failing because its way too much money for a system with games that do not appeal to me.

              1. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

                thank you they say its the same, but when uncharted golden abyss is great and it nowhere near 2. the vita is trying to be a portable ps3 but sucks at it dats why its tanking and thats why people say it has no games even though over 100 games have been released cause they dont count mediocre exclusives and multiplats

              2. You broke ass little shit — get a better paid job. I bet your favorite game is my little pony – ponyville.

            2. Absolutely, and as I stated in a past article, people like that little Yoshi are just one of unnecessarily many users who are willing to spout the same opposition rhetoric over and over again for every last device Nintendo’s put out, like a decade-old broken record.

              A cycle that will never end… oh well, live and hope, I suppose.

              1. I know you hate me, but please don’t put the time and effort responding to my comments. For now on I will automatically ignore any reply as soon as I see your foolish username. Because I know your just going to be a douce bag and disagree with me, no matter what I say.

                1. I don’t think that the wii u is bad by any means, and if you have little cousins or familly, members, then it’s loads of fun. If you are a solo gamer looking for an online experience, nintendo does lag in that department.

              2. Could you be any more blind, idiotic fanboy? If Nintendo sold a really powerful system for that much, you’d be complaining like crazy. But since it’s Sony it’s perfectly fine… alright sure…

                1. “If Nintendo sold a really powerful system for that much, you’d be complaining like crazy.”

                  No I wouldn’t. That is the direction I want them to take. Also, I ain’t a sony fanboy, more a PC fanboy if anything.

          2. People said the same about Wii and look what happened : almost 100 million consoles sold. Just get a life, little boy

      1. The Wii was way behind in power too and it was the best selling console for a few years until the amount of amazing games started slowing down a couple of years ago. I think the Wii U will do amazingly. Nintendo shows gamers that you don’t need a powerful system to have fun playing games.

        1. Honestly if you have a machine that’s stronger than the PS3 and Xbox 360 while using half the amount of energy and heat couple that with Ninty innovation and when its all in HD anyway power really isnt going to be that much of an issue unless you want to play Crysis 3 and whatever other PC game. When you have the console and the online running smoothly and awesome software ( I havent played a mario so yeah)

          1. as a pc gamer, i can say that the crysis games are super over rated. sure they’re the best looking games ive ever played, but they’re nowhere near as fun as any mario game.

              1. Please look up Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Galaxy. Three of the most innovative and well reviewed games of all time.

                    1. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

                      then specify (the words “to me” . Not stating it as a general opinion)mario bros is reloaded i think so too i dont play it that much same with COD dont play it that much too. GTA which seems to be the best this year awesome ps2 games but i could not finish more than 1 ver, story crap game play same in all ps2 games, general stuff same that game was one of the largest cash grabs but still it had a lot of fun things that were there. But once you have spent too many times with the game doing all sorts it boring to do it in another cause they have not added much. but lets see what GTAV has am impressed with what i have seen. but Mario bros is worse

                    2. most of the problems on this site is, youre allowed to have opinions, but people express those opinions like complete fucking jerks. NOBODY seems to just say what the think of anything in a respectful manner and leave it at that. They ALWAYS have to throw out some sort of baiting insult. So, no it has nothing to do with kissing any ass and everything to do with nearly nobody showing even a modicum of respect toward anyone or anything at all.

              2. Crysis is fucking shit.

                It’s the most dull game ever. The only thing is has going for it is visuals.

                Fuck off with your PC master race bullshit.
                ” oh i spent $700 building i my rig, i splooge on my Nvidea GTX card every night”


                The fact that developers can release 8 bit games now and people still buy them proves how irrelevant graphics come to true game quality.

                You are not a gamer, you are a poser compensating, and trying to get all high and mighty because steam sold you train simulator at half price.

                Shut up.

              3. What Mario? be more specific…. i love Mario but not all Marios. Crysis 1 was really only a graphics “show off”, the game was boring like hell, even Far Cry 1 was overrated (the story sucks)…

                You want a example with good graphics, gameplay, story and presentation? Metro 2033 says hi, not Crysis.

              4. uh no it’s not lol. the ai is borderline retarded and every level is the same thing over and over. but it is pretty.

              5. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

                if you dont know the difference between the mario bros series and 3d mario or other games in the mario franchise i suggest you look it up its been a long time that you have said this and i tot by now you should have known but i guess it is not good to overestimate people like there doing with the wiiu

        2. It doesn’t matter it was the best selling console, nintendo made way less money off it because the average games sold per console was 1.4 (including wii sports)

      2. you think so if its like that,that mean the psvita should be flying off the shelf since its more powerful than the 3ds but its not, why cause people dont give a fuck no more about power its about the software and gameplay . nintendo makes great games the dude speaking is a nobody and im a laugh when you guy see the low spec on the new xbox and ps orbis and anyone saying nintendo is not next gen is dumb fuck and doesnt know the meaning of next generation

        1. ” im a laugh when you guy see the low spec on the new xbox and ps orbis ”

          I’m going to laugh at you when you find out the Wii U is another Wii and will have little to no 3rd party support. Also, calling people a “dumb fuck” while not structuring your sentences properly makes you look like a tool. Also, it’s price that’s the difference between 3DS & Vita. That’s it. The Vita has plenty of games.

            1. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

              quality for handheld yes but when you can get a superior version elsewhere with a larger installed base no. and price is what the 3ds has over the vita 1st but why do you think animal crossing is flying in japan cause out of all the ds and wii versions it is superior, same with MH3g and Mario kart. No game like KI:U is on the wiiu or wii or ds. revelations is not the best to most people hence no high sales. and have you seen the third party support in japan almost every week siliconera have one minor or not so major announce ment

          1. Tons of games? Oh yeah! You’re right! Like Uncharted featuring asshole extraordinaire Nathan Drake, watered down PS3 games, and a bunch of shit only Japanese childern and weaboos would play. OH YEAH, JELLYBEAN! Man that’s one hell of a game library!

            1. “Japanese childern and weaboos would play” Gravity Rush, Persona 4 Golden, Ragnarok Odessy, Shinobido,etc. Honestly it’s like you are just upset and are bringing in another console from another company into the argument. This article is about someone whining about SMG2(Which is awesome in my opinion) and Nintendo, But many people have found some crazy way to bring in vita to defend themselves as if their pride is at stake so (Ok time to bash something else to feel good!). Get over yourself kid.

                    1. Did I ever say I didn’t? No. I’ve played with plenty of Nintendo Systems. Nintenlord said no one is playing with the Vita, I then asked for proof, what the fuck does your comment have to do with anything?

                    1. No he is kinda right, there are several quality games on Vita, is it as much as the 3DS? Well that all depends on what you like. If you want console quality games with a beautiful display & scenery, then go for the Vita. If you want great handheld content & Nintendo franchises with glasses-free 3D, get the 3DS. If you want to experience both console quality games & Nintendo franchises, get both. To say the Vita has little quality games with out properly looking at what it has is fanboyish & stupid. It’s like when people complain about the Wii not having good games, yet they don’t educate themselves on the library enough.

                1. Thank you for the correction.

                  I don’t know, I just keep getting mixed up between the two -___- My brain needs to stop being so lazy.

                    1. Me too drinking is need is a rip rip of how can any 1 cuartel money for something that taste like piss but the ocational cup of wine.

              1. yep, but they don´t sell.. when you go to a shop you don´t find many Vita games, because as they dont sell retailers also do not keep them in stock

          2. everyone nostradamus these days. why the hell do people care how the wii U or the theoretical new consoles coming in the coming years may or may not do as if theyre directly invested in a contest that doesnt exist? you dont want to be berrated for your opinions as you had said earlier in the thread, yet you spend a lot of time berrating others opinions. let them go, take a highroad, relax.

      3. Sony is the one that will die. There wont even be a PS4 with Sonys situation. So between Wii U and the Xbox 720 where else will devs go? Steam Box or Ouya lol. Wii U will be dominant in the 8th gen. Indie devs will choose Wii U cause Nintendo doesnt charge them to update and fix there games like Microsoft who charges $40,000 for a single patch. Once Wii U gets party chat it will be the better choice for online since its free. As for Multiplats…people dont buy a Nintendo system for multiplats. They get them for Nintendos games. Nintendo being HD, Zelda HD, Metroid HD, Smash Bros that alone gives Nintendo the 8th gen.

            1. No one knows when it is coming out. For all we know it could be this year, could be next year. They’ll be fine.

        1. hey dick, i like nintendo as much as the next guy but lets you and i(meaning you) try something new and not worry about whether or nto play stations or xboxes “die” so to speak. IT DOESNT FKNG MATTER. do what you enjoy and quit putting people down for doing what they enhoy, its pointless.

      4. OH I don’t see any new smash bros, zelda, metroid, mario kart, star fox, or any “strong” titles yet…too soon boy, what you saying about new games? god of war 4 with a new weapon, a new call of duty with 2 more perks, new gears of war 4 with one extra campain…

      5. It’s true it will be lacking in hardware in a year or two. However it won’t “fail” because of it. The Wii was crazy successful. Outsold everything else.

      6. yeah you must be right because the ps vita is more powerful than the 3ds and that should mean its doing great, and out of ps3,wii, and 360 the ps3 should be number 1 in sales because of power right and that should also mean genesis and snes got killed by the 64bit atari jaguar right so power and capabilities of a console mean shit its all about the games which makes nintendo succed.

      7. Yup that underpowered Wii system was such a flop :::rolleyes:::

        How about some trivia… The second most played game in history is…. Wii sports… What’s the first? The original Super Mario Brothers on NES.

        The wii was a smashing success and beat the pants off of the PS3 and 360 combined…. and did it with PS2 level graphics.

    2. ^ My thoughts through the entire article.

      We don’t care about Size Five Games. We don’t know who Dan Marshall is. And we all know that Super Mario Galaxy 2 was even better than the original in almost every way.

      The only debatable part over whether or not the first one was better than the second was that Super Mario Galaxy 2 lacked an actual hub like normal 3D Mario games. Starship Mario did not suffice—it was funny for the first few hours of gameplay to be traveling through space on top of Mario’s head, but it doesn’t last long until you start thinking about why Nintendo decided to go in this direction with the game’s hub. The level overview map made me think of Super Mario Bros. 3 design though, and I liked the ability to pick what levels I wanted to replay quickly.

      At the end, the only aspect of Super Mario Galaxy that I like over its sequel was that—the overworld hub. It is still fun for me to go back from time-to-time just to fly around the Comet Observatory, collect all of the hidden 1-Up Mushrooms, and find an observatory to travel to faraway galaxies. It’s just a timeless experience that never gets old, much like traversing Isle Delfino or Princess Peach’s Castle.

      As said before, EVERYTHING about Super Mario Galaxy 2, other than that, is better than the first game. From difficulty progression, to level design, and boss/enemy encounters the game is a masterpiece.

          1. yeah his opinion holds about as much weight as all you fucking idiots stating your absolutes about which consoles are better, nintendo, play station or xboxes. shit doesnt matter. just enjoy what you enjoy and quit worrying about what others like and wasting your time putting them down for it.

        1. I just think of Elf after reading these first 3 comments. “There’s singing on the North Pole” “No, there’s not” “Yes there is!”

      1. No the game is ASTONISHING. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like it. That doesn’t change the fact that the game is perfect.

        If Aeolus says Ocarina is a bad game , does that mean it’s a bad game ? No , pretty sure it’s the best game ever made. …….

          1. 10M+ all the reviews and metascores beg to differ.

            What I’m trying to say is , if something Like Ocarina or Mario Galaxy is regarded as some of , if not the greatest games of all time , then they must be doing something right. The 5% of haters are irrelivant to the positivity of the game.

            Ocarina is probably the greatest and most important game ever made. If someone like you doesn’t like it , that doesn’t change every other persons opinion.

          1. Yoshi, you are such an asshole and you have no life. I don’t see why trolls like you are on a Nintendo site anyway. Leave us alone jackass.

                  1. I’m mainly here because:

                    A) I only dislike Nintendo’s new direction, years ago I loved them
                    B) I like to state my opinions on topics :D

                    1. Hmmm, intresting….
                      To answer that question you gave that other guy, I’m mainly here to observe and laugh at the ignorance around here. Cuz as I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s EVERYWHERE on this site… Am I right?

      2. yes it is, please if you think its bad, tell me reasons why it is because MG2 is more innovated than game ive played. I remember one developer I forgot who mention that one world is like and entire game already in other games, might be a bit more exaggeration on his comment but the point was the game is that good and very hard to 100% complete it.

  1. I personally stopped reading at the Mario Galaxy 2 bored him shitless part. I can’t agree with that. But each to their own of course.

      1. Well no. He has a point that all Nintendo release is Mario, Zelda, Pokemon etc. Most of the time they are sort of the same games. What game devs and gamers need to see is that Sequels are ruining gaming as a whole. People don’t want sequels they want new games, new ideas. If you give someone that then it will make people buy the console. If people see the same game has been released on a different console they are bound to turn away.

        1. All of Nintendo’s creations revolve around Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Pikmin… what more do you expect?

          1. But its the repetitive of those games that are driving people away. If Nintendo want to do well in terms of software. We need new games.

                    1. Cod, Halo, Borderlands… aren´t all the same repetitive fps thing ? and people say that Nintendo is repetitive…. seriously, some people need a doctor.

              1. I really hope you’re fucking joking. Seriously, so “troll” somewhere else, or, not at all?
                By the way, 4 3D Mario games ever made since the N64. 6 FPS Halo games since the Xbox. Mario’s a what now?

                1. How many mario games are there in general? FUCK LOADS. A majority of Nintendo franchises have been milked to death.

                  1. The only Nintendo Franchises that are Milked are Mario & Pokémon. Zelda only sees 1-2 releases per platform. Do you even know of all the other stuff Nintendo offers? Fire Emblem, Sin & Punishment, Xenoblade, Golden Sun, Metroid, Pikmin, Donkey Kong, Wario Land, Smash Bros. etc.

                  2. Yeah, and theyre in different genres!
                    2D Mario, 3D Mario, Mario RPG(turned based, and action),tacing, party, you can single it out as rehashing whenthe games are conpletely different genres. Who fucking cares? As for every other Nintendo franchise, Zelda is the inly one that comes close to the amount Mario has, Metroid has only had 8 games, ever

                    1. “they’re in different genres”

                      NSMBDS, NSMBWII, NSMB2, SM3DL, Mario Galaxy, Mario Galaxy 2, NSMBU, are all the same motherfucking genre and released within the span of 6 years. Two of those came the same year as well.

                    2. Aelous can´t tell the difference between 2d and 3d platforms gameplay…. this guy really has a problem

                  1. It’s a successful franchise, it would be logical for any non-retarded person to want to make lots of money out of it. If Sony had a franchise THAT successful, I’m sure they’d milk it just as much.

                1. Yeah, because a ban is going to be so effective. Why would they ban me who is just stating an opinion and not you who is being a dick to Alba, hmmm? ;)

                  1. Ban would be ineffective you say? Oh my fucking god! Are implying that you would use a proxy to comment on this site? Holy shit? Get a life!

                    1. Very immature insult, Jellybean. Don’t even bother trying if that’s the best you can come up with.

                    2. Funny, didn’t you call me a pathetic cunt? I think that’s a bit more immature than idiot. Wow, someone must have dementia.

        2. Let me teach you a lesson. With innovative games from the Mario and Zelda series your beloved Madden and Call of Duty would most likely not exist.

                    1. Let’s get back on topic. If Mario and Zelda suck, why are so many of the series games on that list?

            1. Ooooohhhh…Do we have a PC elitist here? If Mario and Zelda suck I need to explain why they are so high on this list.

            2. Ok … Really jellybean ??? REALLY ?? Zelda sucks ???? What kind of games doesn’t then ???? Zelda is and will be the best game ever made in the history of gaming ….. It doesn’t need blood and sex to be the best

        3. Fire Emblem: Awakening, Punch-Out!!, Sin & Punishment: Star Successor, Xenoblade Chronicles, Kid Icarus: Uprising… You were saying.

        4. Man, Mario, Zelda and Pokemon are completely different games. And, no, people don´t want new games. Check out the sales boards and will see that new franchises don´t sell well until the second or third installment. What are the games with better sales so far ? CoD. Assassin´s Creed, Just Dance, Super Mario. Fifa. None of them are new IPs.

  2. So he has a problem with Galaxy 2 being like Galaxy, and he mentions he plays Call of Duty, but has no problem there’s a new one each year? Interesting.

      1. No, it’s not as good as Mario. Yes I HAD Black Ops II on Wii U. I sold it already since it was boring. NSMB U > Black Ops II

        1. All day. Mario shits on CoD. Mario is the undisputed Master of Video games. And his Main games are always innovative and amazing. CoD is the undisputed Cancer of video gaming. There’s a difference.

          CoD is OK , it’s fun nailing people over and over and over again. Then it becomes no fun at all when you’ve nailed too many people.

          1. Don’t even bother getting into an argument with this useless piece of duck cunt. I seen his comments, all he says is “Mario sucks” or “Call of Duty is better” giving no argument to back up his statement. Then when some disagrees with him he acts like a spoiled child and says “I’m right and you’re wrong” once again giving no argument to back up his claims. Probally some pre-pubescent prick who’s typing his comments from his mommy’s iPad.

          2. I’d say Zelda is the master of video games xD Mario is the more accessible one.
            Miyamoto seemed to forget that when creating Skyward Sword ._.

                1. I mean the franchise as a whole. But yeh , Link gets the credit. Zelda is no use to anyone apart from being a bit of eye candy…

          3. Although to be fair, Mario Galaxy is probably the closest thing i’ve seen to a perfect game. I actually can’t think of anything wrong with it…other than it had to end xD

      2. that’s your opinion. I never really understood what was so great about the franchise because it doesn’t really offer more to me than just to point aim and shoot. There’s no incentive to get better in the game, at least not from what I’ve seen; if there was an incentive, it’s very little. However my beliefs on COD doesn’t plague my judgement of the genre though because I love borderlands

    1. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

      ridiculous i have nothing against america but it is the most shallow game industry i know with stupid comment from analyst CEOs, editors, and guys on the net seem all so blind COD is great noting wrong with yearly release but one mario bros per console is a reharsh

  3. So recreating Mario games is bad but he enjoys the same old crap from Call of Duty? That makes total sense -_-

  4. So he says he got his fill with Wii Sports’ tennis as well as SMG1, NINTENDO games, but then he claims Nintendo has problems making software?

  5. Hey fuck you Dan Marshall.

    This is just some irrelivant Douchebags opinion. Mario galaxy 2 is easily one of the Best 3D platforming Games I’ve ever played. In the top 5. Mario Galaxy 1 was the game that innovated and changed everything. Mario Galaxy 2 is just the perfect sequel to that game.

    The general attitud amongst critics and the 10M+ who bought the game is that this game is pretty much a masterpiece. The only way you couldn’t like this , is if YOU didn’t like this. That doesn’t mean the game isn’t perfect.

    I Found the Uncharted Trilogy massively overated, Moving on .

      1. Exactly. If people had the almighty ”Dan Marshalls” attitude towards Nintendo – then fuck off and don’t play Nintendo. Is that so hard to Understand ? Is it worth your effort saying Negative things about a company that you personally don’t like ?

        Who gives a shit if someone else doesn’t like something that you do ?. It’s like a vegetarian saying Bacon and sausages are horrible. When we full well know they are essential to our existence…

          1. It didn’t change my opinion. Still a irrelevant, hypocrite. When nintendo make a sequel, omg why we dont want mario ever year when cod dose with little to any changes best game ever!!! then when nintendo stop making a mario game for 2 years or so where my mario fix!! retarded wankerrs

        1. Wow, he was probably just asked a question by an interviewer and gave his honest opinion. I thought you Nintendroids were all for people having opinions? Guess not …

          1. Sadly I will have to agree with you at this point …. Everybody has his own taste …. But seeing idiots like this guy saying that. nintendo games sucks over and over … That what is wrong .. I don’t need blood or sex to have fun playing …. Sadly this generation only thinks about these sort of games .. I just hope this changes soon

      1. Oh man, agreed on that.
        I never played the first Uncharted, but i loved Uncharted 2, i liked the story, the gameplay, the voice acting was awesome, it was funny, the visuals were probably the best i’ve seen at the time, the locations were great, the soundtrack, thought it was an amazing game, but 3 just did nothing new, what so ever, the gameplay was exactly the same, the story was uninteresting to go with it’s terrible villian character, it was nowhere near as funny, in fact i dont remember a single joke from 3, but i can remember a good handful of ones from 2, the level desin wasnt as interesting, it was just a poor poor sequel :/

      1. Not any mario game. Mario Galaxy is a Masterpiece. It’s not overated or under rated it’s just a masterpiece. Some may think Uncharted is , I do not.

        1. All Mario games. Mario Galaxy is an overrated piece of shit. It’s not a masterpiece, it’s not industry-evolving.

                  1. Well ………. it is a masterpiece of a game …………. *twiddles fingers like mr burns*

                    I’m fune cheers lol. U ?

      2. Because every Mario game is the same genre….

        You’re worse than when people argue over Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time. Oh, what’s better Mega Man 2 or Mega Man Legends, i duno, 2 entirely different fucking games

        1. I was referring to what NIntedward was saying, please make your comments have some relevance to what we are talking about.

                1. Also, how is that an insult? Do you live in a country that condemns people for being gay/bi/lesbian or something?

                  1. No im from a coutry that gay people and straight people respect each other. If a gay in my coutry try to hit on me i will say im not interested and they will leave but on your country you have to let them rape you or the suit you.

                    1. So why did you try and use “having man on man sex” as an insult then? hmmm? Also I live in Australia, we respect everyone who deserves our respect.

  6. Another thing, we live in an age where people buy sequels and not so much the new stuff. It’s not just Nintendo using the same genres/characters, it’s all developers. Call of Duty has a number after it, so does Halo, Gears, God of War, Final Fantasy… everything that’s top notch. Developers find a formula and enhance the series (most of the time) with each sequel/prequel, etc.

  7. In other news…Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the third highest rated game of all-time. I would love to know much Microsoft is paying his creep. Nintendo’s main problem is their games?! Does that Nintendo’s first party games are far better than Sony and Microsoft have or will ever offer? Does he not know that even Michael Patcher thinks Nintendo’s first-party games are amazing? I honestly can’t believe people like this are considered “professionals” in the video game industry.

    1. Because he has an opinion that isn’t kissing Iwata’s ass? I agree 100% with him and many others would too.

      1. A game that do almost everything diffrent wen is released is boring but a game that repeats the same thing over and over(even more so than Mario )is fun? Also if he worked on any meaning full game like fez,minecraft,journey or even fucking solitary his opinion could have a bit of meaning.

      2. Your logic for agreeing with a guy who makes sexual education video games is utter bullshit.

        When people dont know what in the fuck they arent talking about its apparent
        He didnt like Galaxy 2 because it felt like Galaxy 1. I thought the point of the sequel was to maintain core experiences and update everything that surrounds that core experience.

          1. Stop trying to sound intimidating to feel so good about yourself… you’re not funny or slick or anything. You’re just trying to make people mad and you’re not very good at it. 0/10

            1. 1) Wasn’t trying to sound intimidating or funny
              2) Not making people mad? You must not know how to read at all. I’ve mad plenty of people mad just on this post alone.

      1. You finding it boring and overrated doesn’t change the fact it’s one of the highest rated games of all time.

  8. Dan Marshall article for me lasted longer than his experience with Galaxy 2. I got bored reading the topic of this. Atleast he gave Galaxy an hour. I didn’t give him a second.

  9. “I haven’t turned my Wii on in three years probably – it’s been gathering dust because it’s all Mario games that I’m not interested in”
    He hasnt touched his wii in three years? So he only buys mario games? That’s his fault then. He should expand his library of games. What about some nice LoZ, or Xenoblade Chronicles? There’s also SSBB, Kirby, Wario Ware, Pikmin and much more.

    1. Exactly. People need to realize there is more to Nintendo outside of Mario. You also forgot Fire Emblem, Sin & Punishment, & DKCR

  10. did this guy just say mario galaxy 2 is boring because its the same game as the last and then give call of duty a compliment

  11. Well a Metacritic average of 97 from a whopping 88 critics would disagree with him. His entire comment is the same argument we heard about the Wii and then he says he hasn’t turned on his Wii in 3 years because no good games have come out. Hmmmm. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros Wii, Little Kings Story, Punch Out!, Cave Story, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Sin and Punishment, Rayman Origins, Xenoblade Chronicles, and Rhythm Heaven Fever. Yeah I don’t think so. I don’t know why he cares about powerful hardware anyway. Have you looked at his website? His indie games could run on a toaster. What a moron.

    1. He just killed his company whit that bold statement now if he get some 1 to publish his game they have to be above Nintendo standars.

  12. Tiny Chocolate Finger

    This is just laughable. Genuinely laughable. Is he talking about the same SMG2 which is considered by many to be the second best game of all time?

  13. In order to really understand where this guy is coming from, you need to experience his “game” called “Privates”, a sex education game.

  14. I totally disagree, the Wii U is awesome and the Classic Nintendo titles will likely never be played out. Nintendo franchise games (Mario, Metroid, Zelda, etc,) have incredibly large followings and their fans get tremendously excited about seeing their favorite characters in new stories. Nintendo also creates new franchises that traditional and nontraditional gamers love, Luigi’s Mansion and Professor Layton being examples. Nintendo does a great job of creating new story and game play elements that keep franchise fan bases happy, there’s a lot of excitement about the Wii U. Mr. Marshall hasn’t even played it. I have, and it’s pretty damn awesome.

  15. How could he say that the Wii’s power didn’t justify ports of games like COD, when the COD games all were ported to the Wii? :/

  16. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

    Well honestly it’s not BORING, it’s just a rehash, same thing as Mario Galaxy with little added, even Miyamoto has admitted it. It’s a good game, but it’s basically Call of Mario Galaxy 2.

    1. Just felt like glorified DLC. I didn’t nesseccarily have a problem with it, i when what i’m really expecting picking up a game called Mario Galaxy 2, released 2 years after the first, but yeah, certainly not boring. Not as good, but not boring, nowhere near.

  17. Wowiezowie