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Wii U Hardware And Software Sales At GameStop Below Expectations Says Analyst


Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia believes that Wii U hardware and software sales at US retailer GameStop are far below the company’s initial expectations for the holiday season. Bhatia says there were an abundance of Wii U consoles sitting in back rooms in GameStop throughout the country. Arvind said that the Deluxe model was selling far better than the basic console, due to it being better value for money. Bhatia concludes that the Wii U launch has been slightly disappointing.

147 thoughts on “Wii U Hardware And Software Sales At GameStop Below Expectations Says Analyst”

      1. I think he meant that he hate Gamestop himself and believes that it has been saleing in other stores beside Gamestop.

        1. I only shop at gamestop to trade in games for other used games. I really see no other service they offer that I can’t get at Walmart or Target…. 60$ for a new game seems standard and I don’t have to patron a small claustphobic railroad card with screaming children running around…. at least at walmart the unintended screaming children are in a big store and its easier to keep your distance.

      2. Wtf Jellybean, Im fucking waiting for the fucking update for my samsung android phone!! Wtf is taking so long to release maNNNNNNNNNNNNN

        1. Samsung takes forever with updates, then if you are locked into a carrier they have to test it themselves as well. Put a custom rom on your phone, it’s pretty simple to do and Jellybean without samsungs Touchwiz UI is fucking beautiful. Try AOKP, they seem to do good custom roms.

    1. i agree i stopped going to gamestop for like a year i rather go to bestbuy, target or nintendo world store fuck gamestop! all they do is lie overcharge and rob there customers. the wii-u will do good this year & all you nintendo hater go eat a dick!

    1. It’s a suprise to me. Because the Wiiu is second only to the Wii (by a tiny amount) out of the ps3 , 360 , wii and Wiiu.

      Peoples standards are too high. What did they expect the fastest selling console of all time ?

  1. I recall the Wii U’s first month being twice as good as the Xbox 360s… If there really are a lot of Wii Us in GameStop storage rooms, that’s likely due to high production, not lack of sales. The Wii U’s actually been selling better than expected here in Saudi Arabia.

    1. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

      thats awesome saw the deluxe wiiu first time at a retailer yesterday(in Nigeria) was impressed ask when they got it said about 3 weeks ago that they have sold some before which was surprising as it was priced at about $580(yep) it took months before the 3ds got over here. like when the wii released it was nowhere to be found same as the 360 only when the ps3 got out they became popular due to the ridiculous price of the ps3($860). well due to ps2 being virtually the only system selling(i have yet to come across any one with and only one retailer with the game cube and few people with xbox, the gamecube did not exist in my country no major or minor retailer stocked it). am happy cause even though the wii was late it did a good of bringing out nintendo to people true revolution an i hope the wiiu will try to do atleast half of what the wii did

      1. Pretty much. I think people’s expectations are rediculously high, especially for a console that doesn’t have that must have game yet.

    1. logical, do you see any improvements or a released title that proves we are wrong, that advertises the wii U graphical capabilities? most of them will prefer a ps3 or 360 or none… because it is cheaper and identical. Innovations (gamepad) are good, but if that hearts the expected expectations from the main machine, they could sell it separately or avoid it totally.

      The idea that I am buying something similar in game quality or worse for 300-400 euro and I am buying a controller instead of a strong at this age console… makes me not to buy it at all… At this point at least… Maybe when it costs 130 euro with bayoneta 2, pikmin 3 and a couple of more games… thats all. Dont hate me for that.. lol (I will not buy ps4 of 720 after all, sony today introduced the anti disc piracy!!! 720 will give u cloud that I am totally against it, so wii U is the only legit console at this point, but I cant afford for the controller, all I wanted is a console strong enough to offer me all this new AAA titles, star wars 1313, metron last night, watch dogs, etc) so I will stick with my PC for now.

      1. correction.. Sony introduced today the “ANTI – USED” chipset inside ps4!!! so everybody must pay bills with ps4 to have internet connection on it (always) and not able to trade games. they will fail… along with xbox to…

          1. If that ”Anti-Used” thing is true. Sony are going to fail hard!!! REALLY FUCKING HARD. If thr 720 allows used games and so does the Wiiu. The ps4 is going to sell slower than horse shit.

            I will not touch a ps4 if they seriously have banned used games. I but the Majority of my games brand new. Especially big games as soon as they come out. But I LOVE rooting for hidden gems. I can’t afford to pay full price for every game lol….

            1. Well, lets just say Jack Tretton is even against the anti used game technology. SO it will be interesting to see how this new patent is used (if it even is used)

            2. They only filed a patent. Just like the thousands of other patents they have filed. Microsoft filed a similar patent last year, and Sony filed a similar patent prior to this one before as well.

              The media is just spinning it for hits.

              In fact, Jack Tretton explicitly expressed recently that he (along with other key Sony execs) does not agree with the use of this type of technology in their devices and recognizes the importance of used games.

              This is just basically staking a claim to technology.

              I highly doubt it will be implemented in their hardware and software.

              1. Well if they want to kill themselves , then so be it…..

                Who are they aiming their market at ? the 1% of the worlds rich hipsters ?

              2. Just because they patented it, doesn’t mean they’re going to use it. I think it’s best we just wait and see, shouldn’t be too long before the PS4 makes an appearance.

                Besides Microsoft filed a similar patent.

              3. Filing patents doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that they’re laying claim to the technology. Whether or not they’ll use it is a different story. Companies file many patents that are never used.

                There is also NOTHING to suggest that the patent is for their next-gen system.

            1. I was saying no to the way he said it, that it was a patent for the PS4 and that everyone has to pay their bills blah, blah, blah. As I said above,

              “They only filed a patent. Just like the thousands of other patents they have filed. Microsoft filed a similar patent last year, and Sony filed a similar patent prior to this one before as well.

              The media is just spinning it for hits.

              In fact, Jack Tretton explicitly expressed recently that he (along with other key Sony execs) does not agree with the use of this type of technology in their devices and recognizes the importance of used games.

              This is just basically staking a claim to technology.

              I highly doubt it will be implemented in their hardware and software.”

          1. They just sent out dev kits a few months ago, oh wait I forgot that the Nintendolts are still trapped in this distortion field several years in the past.

        1. Don’t make up BS. They made a patent, doesn’t mean they will use it (It basically ties a bought retail game to a system or account). Whether or not they’ll use it is just rumors and speculations for now.

  2. 1. Lower the price with like 100 bucks.
    2. Release a bunch of updates that greatly increases the performance of the Wii U in how Nintendo actually wanted it to be.
    3. Give me my Zelda, 3D Mario, Smash Bros and/or Mario Kart.
    4. Offer me a bunch of digital content, like how it was on the 3DS.
    5. And finally, make the WiiWare/Virtual Console games as well as save files transfer from Wii/Wii U completely waterproof and I expect not seeing ANY articles about people losing their games during the process of the transfer in the months ahead.

    Then I will buy a Wii U. I really imagine people who have been waiting on buying a Wii U are following at least one of these points.

    1. You just want Nintendo to suck your dick, is that it? 200 dollars, for a console that is worth more than 300, it has lots of digital content already, Zelda, 3D Mario, Smash Bros and/or Mario kart, in time.

      1. Probably agreeing with it being worth a lot more than 300, but still, it’s not like Nintendo are the only thing people buy nowadays. Still don’t think that it’s a good price point for people like me who are investing in multiple console at the same time. And I don’t agree with 5-6 digital-only games being lots of digital content.

    2. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

      and you want all that for them taking 100 bucks 50 maybe .go buy a black berry thats should do you good for that price

    3. 1. So you’re telling Nintendo to sell it at a loss of $100? They’re already selling the Wii U at a loss, with making money after one game sale…
      2. I want an update that decreases loading time too.
      3. It’s coming, but it will take time. Development takes time.

      You’re really picky about getting a Wii U. I enjoy Nintendo Land and Miiverse so much it might as well have been the only software I had when I bought the system.

    4. Even that wouldn’t sell the system to cool, manly gamers like myself. The manly games won’t buy it because it is a piecenof shit only five year olds would buy.

      1. i agree, we manly man dont even play game, only 5 yrs old kid play game like ps3, vita, xbox360 and pc. We manly man have to go to work and buy some alcohol so we can get laid, hardcore gamer are just some loser living under their parent basement.

    1. I agree it seems rushed out, not like Sonic 06 rushed, but a few month later wouldn’t of hurt to make the OS smoother and have the initial update preinstalled, but i understand their reason to get it out in time for the holiday season shopping.

      Every other quirk is just natural.
      I think people would surprise themselves when think back to how much the 360’s OS and home screen have changed since it’s launch.

      1. I agree with this , to an extent.

        The console is here. It’s amazing , it has amazing graphics (demonstrated by certain games) such as Rayman and Trine 2 etc etc.

        What’s been rushed is ironing out a few OS kinks and Some of the launch ports.

        The way I see it is the Wiiu is now at 8/10 status. With some OS updates and Games that demonstrate the System properly , it will evolve to its rightfull 9.5 status……

        The potential is clearly there. I would say Its one of , if not my most favorite console of all time already.

      2. Might I add. Look back to the 3DS launch bro. Terrible Launch titles that in some cases demonstrated sub PSP graphics with annoying 3D. Only a coupld of games Like Pilot wings and Stret fighter 4 3D showed us a small glimpse of what the system could do.
        It was over priced , the OS was unfinished , and it was generally a fucking terrible launch.

        Price dropped , OS was updated , Virtual console filled , Retail games arrived . Now the fastest selling system ever. And easily one of my favorite.

        It’s almost 100% guaranteed the same shit will happen to wiiu. These launch titles don’t even show 50% of the wiiu. That we will have to wait to se at e3 2013.

        1. That’s very true, but I do think that NIntendo has learned from this. Just look at the Wii U ‘slaunch compared to the 3DS’s launch. It shows that Nintendo has learned from their mistakes. People just has so much high expectations for the Wii U.

          1. Indeed. Nintendo have tried their hardest. They’ve focused on making the wiiu a ”green console” that uses half as much power as ps3 and 360 but delivers better results when utilized. This could be huge in the future as people battle with every appliance to keep their bills down. Clever thinking by Nintendo.

            The 3DS is what it is. It’s not as powerfull as some might like. But it’s more than powerfull enough and is 3D too. The wiiu is more than powerfull enough with 2 screens.

            I honestly think the wiiu Will evolve in about a years time. There will be no more gloom articles about wiiu. Just watch :) .

        2. I know, and like i said, predicting how a console will do is foolish, but the WiiU has a few kinks and features yet added, not major ones, but still, and it’s understandable why they didnt put it in.

          By the end of the year, they would of added a lot, folders, miiverse on iphone anroid and 3DS, possibly a 3DS/WiiU flipnote studio that Miiverse compatible.
          Everything else will depend on what people are asking for or what the competition does.
          While i don’t need nor care for them, i wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if Nintendo added a mandatory achievements system in the next 3 years

          1. Yep. The launch consumers are beta testers. With a couple of great games.

            I’m fine with that lol. But this time next year I expect the wiiu to be at the same stage 3DS was when 3D land and MK7 arrived. Things really turned around for 3ds then.

      3. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

        seems like you are on a roll with ur good comments am not expecting much it new it came out 2 months ago i cant judge. i was pc only till i saw my cause 3ds and i was impressed by the 3d graphics can only take you that far but u need extra .had played several ds games but i had the one i loved the most on pc (pokemon) but you cant get the 3d like that anywhere else, look at the 3ds now am sure 2 months after its release it did not seem all that great

        1. I think logically and I’m unbias xD help when i’ve playing on Nintendo handhelds and Playstation for as long as i remember.
          Also have a deep knowledge in game design :p

  3. A sistem that have sold way more than his competition on similar conditions is a fail? I love the lack of logic.

  4. Hmm, I find this kind of funny actually. For the WiiU launch, (where I lived) no one went to Gamestop to go buy a WiiU because they didn’t have a midnight release, unlike WalMart and other places. And as far as I know, they only sold WiiU’s only to people who pre-ordered them. With that, I would assume that Game Stop had a very low initial adoption rate because of this.

  5. That’s because were expecting Wii size initial sales, which were very unlikely.
    When the Wii aas coming out literally everyone knew about it, it was a big deal.
    The WiiU has pretty been crap with it’s advertising and i think they kicked themselves in the arse delaying the release date and price to so late.
    Also the fact the WiiU isn’t far from double the price that the Wii was dictates a lot of how well it’s doing.
    The launch games arent spectacular, NSMBU is probably a good game, nothing special though, while the Wii had the thing the casuals wanted, and then a Zelda game at launch. For now this is more like an early adopters stage, but it’s doing well at thus moment, as usual, it’s not one of those thing people can analyse and predict.

      1. “That cause your country lacks a proper educational sistem”

        I think your educational system needs looking at too.

          1. “No, because Obama did so much to fix the education system!” (or so MORON democrats thought!! Obama is an idiot and one of
            the worst U.S Presidents in history… His lies about wanting to help America’s Edu. System is just one of many things he’s done wrong.

            1. I’d have to agree, Obama has screwed up pretty badly. But Mitt Romney wouldn’t be much better. I feel so sorry for what Americans have to go through. In fact I feel sorry for all countries who have useless politicians.

              1. you have no idea how the politics in the american works son. you can’t expect everything to be fix day one. get real this is life deal with it. and by the way you hate americans to begin with. you don’t know shit on how the u.s. is doing right now, so you have no right to act like you know politics because you don’t know the first thing about it.

                1. Actually, I’m quoting several of my friends from the US. I don’t hate Americans (I don’t even know where you pulled that from), and I know plenty about world politics, my cousin is a politician here in Australia. One thing I do know is that you’re useless politicians nearly sent the world back into recession because the twats can’t agree on anything.

                  Note: I DONT’T HATE AMERICANS. Just you’re politicians. My best friend is American.

            2. Yeah right, look at the red states. The dumbest states America has to offer. Now tell me if we need a republican as leader of anything. lol.

              1. oh trust me if we had a republic running as president right now, we are going two steps back and people would lose there jobs due to its 2008 all over again without the obama care.

  6. I Will buy it !!! My last console … For sure !
    Dont give a Shit about Sony and Microsoft !!! They are like : Gimme your money fuckers !!!
    So no …
    WiiU ( Super Wii ) Will be my last !

  7. I say improve wii u marketing. I’ve only seen a handful of commercials, and they’re not even good commercials.

          1. Well! I am surprised you see Xbox commercials at all LoL!!! The company doesn’t branch out of North America as much as Sony and Nintendo does.

    1. thats how the trolls see it if its not the perfect console they bash it. but they dont give “that” same treatment to the other consoles.

    1. You can’t tell how many Walmart sold just by looking at the shelves… -__- Whos to
      say they didn’t sell 10 or 50 and didn’t just go out back and replace the old vacant spots with new ones and when you took your picture it just so happens that 2 were bought that day and they bad
      not replaced them yet????

  8. Its the most expensive console out and it’s still selling pretty well. Plus, with the big N being the eternal scapegoat of all the world’s ills, it takes time for people to swallow their pride, stop chanting ‘Nintendo sucks’, and go to their local GameStop.

  9. Obviously, software sales will see a drop at GameStop because a lot of people are downloading their Wii U games or buying them elsewhere (online on sites like Amazon) instead of going to retail outlets. The same goes for the Nintendo 3DS now.

    Hardware sales will go up when Nintendo eventually lowers the price of the Wii U inevitably this year. If they can’t make their expectation of five million units sold, then they will have to take a similar price cut and slash the price of both sets just like they did with the Nintendo 3DS.

    Personally, I think Nintendo has been managing to sell Wii U consoles at a solid rate, but if they want to capture the same success as the Wii and more, then they do need to slash the console’s price. Games should be what they focus on for profit, as most people (even your average consumer) know how to download and install games nowadays.

  10. Pokemon Trainer Tobi

    i think its being overestimated its been 2 months 2mil and already in Nigeria i gud to me but this year will make or break it

  11. Uhg…Nintendo learned from the Wii. People dont have to wait 6 months to get one this time. Nintendo shipped alot more this time. Sheesh if people were out everywhere this whole time people would say waaa Nintendo is failing they didnt plan to supply more systems. Because its on the shelf doesnt mean it isnt selling. Thats like me walking into a gamestop and saying oh look they have 100 copies oh Halo 4 still….guess Halo 4 sucked and isnt selling. Fucking apes.

    1. keep in mind on what happen in china it affected the wii u manufacturing. plus the stolen wii u also hurt it.

  12. funny thing is i’m STILL waiting for my day 3 pre-ordered wii u from gamestop, preordered two, got the first on release day, still waiting for my second, my local gamestop is still sold out

  13. All of those Wii U consoles being sold out across the world, all of that money that Nintendo made for them. Even people buying multiple consoles just to resell. And I’m hearing ” the Wii U launch has been slightly disappointing”? WHAT?
    Sure, I see a BUNCH of consoles in stock everywhere I go now, but they were all sold out EVERYWHERE during launch. How can that be disappointing?

    1. How else is a small gaming
      blog going to become really popular in the future? From telling slightly interesting, but MOSTLY non-existing Nintendo news? Or by telling a bunch of stuff that catches people’s attention and gets comments?? Think About It!!!

      1. With those articles you will get maybe alot attention, but the atention you earn are from stupid people and trolls!!!

        1. Think about how stupid Jersey Shore is, it attracts A LOT of stupid people and know what? ITS WICKED POPULAR! Madonna has a famous quote “Any publicity is good publicity.” That includes bad publicity. This site posts whatever attracts attention. Even the attention of trolls and stupid people… <"this" = "more well known".

      1. Its what they are taught in college media classes. They run what essentially “sells” and by “sells” on this site that means what is “most popular” or “most viewed” or “most COMMENTED on”….

  14. Just because one may see the Wii U on shelves doesn’t mean it is not selling well. It means there are more Wii U’s this time to be sold around launch than Wii’s when they first came out!!!

  15. This is stupid! No one whants to buy at gamestop and thats why they have not sold so much as they wanted!!! And Nintendo an not sell 10 Million Consoles becouse they simply an not build them in that short amount of time they had!!! The console is now 1 Month on the Market, thats not much and they start yelling that a console sells not much, thats ridiculus!!!

  16. It’s a bad economy and Nintendo is doing fine. I think Wii U will be a great success. They do need some really good games and a better bundle, maybe add a Wii U Sports.

  17. Didn’t Gamestop sold out of Wii U orders in the first few weeks? and now they are saying that its sales aren’t good because they have been sitting all day in the closet?

    1. My guess is, after they sold out, Nintendo shipped crazy amounts to them hoping they’d sell like crazy again, but it didn’t happen.

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  19. Just because its on the shelf does not mean its doing bad look for example there are i phones seating on a shelf at wal mart these things are money makers but there still there is that bad is it a sign of it selling badly no it just means they have a lot in stock or its selling somewhere else

  20. Well that isn’t too encouraging. I’m not really worried though because I believe the Wii U will catch it’s stride once it gets some nice exclusives on it. You already know that Mario, Zelda, SSB, and Metroid will come to the system and they will all be system sellers. Who knows what kind of Pokemon game will come to the system to help it sell. Some third party exclusives coming out in the future may sell systems as well. This is only the first couple of months and I think like the 3DS before it, it will catch a stride.

  21. Sigh…Wasn’t it just Christmas time? How much money do you have left to spend on yourself? Most people are working on getting their bank accounts back to normal. Tax refunds will be rolling out soon, when that happens the Wii U will sell more then it did during the holidays. Amateur analyst @ best.

      1. Im not clear on the point of your post and I never said I was a professional analyst, anyways, Jellybean. If it’s a fight you are after, try tackling 5th grade reading comprehension.

  22. Again I must say, the Wii U was sold out nation wide when it launched. How could it’s sells be disappointing is they sold every one that they had at the time?

  23. I would chalk this up to terrible marketing.
    I have yet to see a Wii U commercial that told me or even showed me what it is! I own one and have to say that the commercials don’t do the console any justice. How about showing 2 ppl playing black ops 2 sitting side by side and one gets up and leaves the room with the gamepad, yet they are both still playing the game? Nintendo really needs to come up with better marketing for this machine. It’s a lot of fun and offers many unique opportunities, but if they want to sell consoles they really need to broadcast what the console is in a more in depth manner.

  24. I was at a local GameStop and to be real it is the employees hurting wii u sales. One manage was wearing xbox gear and a customer asked for a wii u and a 360. The gs rep said and I quote “wii u blows. Played nintendo land for 5 minutes and the system sucks. I threw it down.” He then went on pushing the nextbox/durango saying “its gonna be the best ever are you sure you want a wii u and 360? Duranfo rocks google it”
    Game stop reps beed to stop pushing their faves and listen to the customer and meet what they want. Not be biased schmucks
    I had to put dude in his place and inform the customer how I am on my fifthe 360 and the misinfo on Durango are a speculation. I advised to get a new slim 360 cause it should last and the wii u is a good buy. Has good launch line up and works with all wii motes and games. He said “wow I have a lot of wii stuff.” The gs rep then said ” I hate the wii it sucks” the custome was offended and said ” I think I will just order one from toys r us or target never mind about the 360 I will go get one at a pawn shop.” I told the guy where the had bundles for the 250gb slim w kinect and 3games for 300 and the had many. I later went to the pawn shop to get a mic for the band im in As They Suffer and I saw dude paying for his bundle. He said “thanks man. You shoulda worked for gs.”

    End of line

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