Code Of Princess Coming To Europe On 3DS eShop Only


Agatsuma Entertainment has just confirmed that Code of Princess will be coming to Europe but it will only be available to purchase through the Nintendo 3DS eShop. The developers wouldn’t confirm a release date for the game which is already available in North America.

Thank you very much for your interest in our title; Code of Princess!

Yes, we will be releasing the title as OUR title through Nintendo eShop ONLY.
We are still working on. So, please be patient. Thank you very much for your interest, again!


  1. Fine by me.
    Hondstly if a game is difficult to bring to all refions due to production costs, make it digital only, least we’ll get it.

    1. True….. But is it just me or does Atlus release all of their great looking RPG’s in the states and then Europe either gets nothing or soggy throwbacks about a year later ?

      Really annoying…

      1. Maybe the game was not going to europe but seeing has eshop is less risky you guys got lucky.

      2. True. Europe gets pretty much everything the US gets and Vice versa . But I noticed a few Atlus DS and Wii games are missing from Europe but present in America.

        Really annoying.

      3. No we didn’t.

        You guys got lucky since you got a digital version and a retail version, all we get is a digital version which means we are stuck paying the e-shop price, which is very likely to be £40.

      4. It’s because Atlus don’t have any European offices, as they can’t afford it, and therefore don’t publish or operate at all in Europe. Any of their game we get over here are published by a third party.

    2. Exactly as thedragon234 said. If a game is difficult to bring to all regions due to production costs, make it digital only, least we’ll get it.

  2. Disappointing. I wanted that nice collectors box. HOWEVER… At least we’re getting it. I just hope they do’t think they can charge £40 for it.

  3. I own it already.
    It’s a decent RPG. The story’s nothing super special but some of the challenges will give even the best players a run for their money.
    All I can say is, power-level your ass off.XD

  4. Well, it’s better than nothing I suppose. Still would have preferred a physical copy though. =/

    1. The last manual I looked it for a 3DS or Wii/Wii U game, the thing was like 6 pages. Just outlined the controls and had warranty information. There’s a virtual manual on all virtual games.

  5. great! I will play the shit out of this game. now bring Unchained Blades to europe eshop please please!

  6. As much as you love baseball and mc donald you fool. There still nintendo and rpg fans in Europe. Hold your tongue before saying such idiot things.

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