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GameStop Says It Sold 320,000 Wii U Consoles Globally In Six Weeks


Popular retailer GameStop has declared the Wii U launch “a success” as it sold 320,000 Wii U consoles globally in six weeks. GameStop has around 6700 stores in North America, Europe and Australia. The retailer trades both online and on the high street under a number of names, including EB Games in Australia, and in France where it’s called Micromania.

18 thoughts on “GameStop Says It Sold 320,000 Wii U Consoles Globally In Six Weeks”

  1. Nice!

    Anyway – Pokemon X and Y looks like a dream come true. People are hating on that game , but it looks like the best Handheld game ever made. lol.

    1. The battles look breath taking, but outside of battle it looks kind of meh. And the 2 starters all look bad :( only ok one is the fire starter but even that is kinda dumb looking.

      Will 100% be going out to get a 3DS specifically for the new games though. Usually I just borrow a friends XD but he’s gonna be using it now for Pokemon >.>

      1. The World looks great , Think of it like Fire emblem of tales , where the graphics come alive when you step into battle , they have to tone down the world so they can make it bigger and easier to make…..

        It’s not finished yet either , By the time it’s finished it will kick ass..

    2. I’m hating on the new pokemon for the same reason I hate on all Pokemon games, THEY DON”T RELEASE A FULL FLEDGED CONSOLE VERSION for people who arent little kids and want to play on a big screen :(

      1. I’m 21 and I love handhelds ust as much as home consoles. You can’t just say Handhelds are for kids lol.

        The Ps vita and 3DS both have quite a few mature titles on each or complex games…

  2. That goes with the total of over 2 million Wii U consoles worldwide. I’m glad that Nintendo’s new console is a great success. There’s more to come in the next 2 to 3 seasons when we see more Wii U titles and indie titles coming to the U’s eShop. 13 will be an awesome year for the Wii U as well as the continued success of the 3DS as well.

  3. 320,000 across 6700 stores is 47.7 units a store, so less than 10 a week per store? (7.9 so 8 lol)

    That’s not bad, but also not good considering how many they actually had (most stores still have most of their stock)

  4. I suppose it’s also not taking into account for online retailers and various other distributors. Which isnt too bad.

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  6. Oh MAN. Add up 320,000 times the prices that the Wii U sold for. *drools* SUre wish that I had that money. Even 1/5 of that much money could give me a nice life.

  7. Well this article certainly is interesting. I thought for sure Gamestop would consider the Wii U launch a failure. I just hope the Wii U will catch it’s stride very soon. The more the merrier.

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