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ZombiU And NBA 2K13 Demos Coming To North American Wii U eShop Today


Nintendo of America has announced that there’s two Wii U demos coming to the Wii U eShop. The first playable demo is for Ubisoft’s fairly well-received survival horror title ZombiU. A demo for ZombiU is also available to download on the European Wii U eShop and takes roughly 30 minutes to download depending on your internet connection. The second playable demo is for NBA 2K13 which is executive produced by Jay Z. Both demos should be up on the eShop today.

50 thoughts on “ZombiU And NBA 2K13 Demos Coming To North American Wii U eShop Today”

  1. I bought this game and then exchanged it for The Avengers Battle for Earth. Zombiu just wasnt fun- kinda slow-paced and weird navigation. Avengers is way more fun!

    1. You swapped ZombiU for Avengers ? ………………………………………………………… We all have different taste I guess.

        1. Yes ! I love the game. It’s not perfect but it’s a great game. Really tense and puts you in a ”realistic” survival horror situation…

    2. Wha?!
      I don’t believe my eyes. I have more playtime in ZombiU than any other WiiU games combined.
      It’s a survival-horror masterpiece…unless you don’t like survival horror, in which case I’m guessing you’re a younger, “run ‘n gun” person. Oh well. Nobody’s perfect. ;)

  2. Crazy idea, Ubi! Fix the game-breaking bugs in ZombiU so that the people that ALREADY PAID FOR YOUR BROKEN GAME can play it properly, instead of bringing in new customers to share in the experience.


    (First person that says: I didn’t have any problems can take their anecdote and shove it, but not before going to Ubi’s support board and noting that, yes, it’s a huge problem.)

    1. Had to delete a 10 hour game and start over again thanks to the nursery glitch. They need to fix this shit. The game is great but the glitches are ruining it.

    2. Best $60 I’ve spent in a while. Far better than Black OPS 2. (although I own and play it, ZombiU is far more thrilling.)

      1. i wish the melee wasnt so tedious, could they have made some kind of melee system where you have strong attack and weak attack instead of hitting a zombie 5 times before they go down, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?!?!?!

  3. The NBA 2k demos are so bad. I remember when they had the Jordan challenges to change things around in the game and you couldn’t even try one in the demo and instead they just gave you like a 5 minute quarter.

  4. Quoting The OriginalUNation :

    By the time Unity delievers the Unity 4 Engine on indie titles, Retro Studios presenting their graphics engine on their next Nintendo title, and third party publishers releasing a Wii U game powered by Unreal Engine 4 (it’s scalable on the U), there’s good possibility the Wii U will sell about 50 million units (mostly the Deluxe [Premium outside North America] sets)

      1. Unity 4 should already be running on the Wii U. I know you like that statement. It also has direct X11equivalent features all operational. Meaning Interstellar marines is definitely on it’s way to the Wii U and PC.

  5. News about the Wii U keeps on getting sweeter and juicier, like blue and black berries :). Even Non believers are seeing that the Wii U is wonderful.

    1. But I want ALIENS: Colonial Marines! Not interstellar Marines! (I’ll take both I guess, if the later is any good.)

      1. Aliens Colonial marines is already on its way to the Wii U. It is complete and packaged, we are but only waiting for the release date.

        1. Randy Pitchford needs to stop teasing us and give us the release date for Aliens: Colonial Marines. We all know that he loves the Wii U GamePad and everything that’s Nintendo, but our bodies are way beyond ready to shoot down aliens.

        2. hahahah complete and packaged… … id be super surprised if they weren’t still adjusting it and sending to manufacture by next month… that’s how games are made… at the last minute

  6. Its an okay game even for a launch title. Only one melee weapon and it takes the same amount of hits to kill every zombie(4). It doesnt matter if you hit it in the head so might as well go for body shots. The multiplayer concept is great but it begs for more than two players. Why they didnt have 4 survivors vs zombie king is beyond me. The rest of the game is okay.

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