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UK Charts: Wii U Games Just Can’t Break Into All-Formats Top Forty Chart


Nintendo has had yet another terrible week in the United Kingdom as Wii U exclusive games fail to break into the UK top forty all-formats charts. The same issue seems to be happening throughout Europe where the Wii U doesn’t seem to be able to get a solid foothold. Both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 appear to be the consoles of choice. Thankfully, the original Wii console doesn’t appear to be doing too badly with Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4 sitting at number seven in the UK.

109 thoughts on “UK Charts: Wii U Games Just Can’t Break Into All-Formats Top Forty Chart”

    1. ‘That’s your Wii U, selling like it is supposed to be!’
      The post is about Wii U games, not the Wii U itself, which is selling well despite its high price point.

        1. This is a bit of a moot situation. There is like 7 million Ps3 in UK and a similar amount of Wii’s and 360’s . there is about 150-200K Wiiu’s. Tell me how does an installed base of 200K compete with an installed base of 7M Software wise ? It’s impossible.

          This was always gunna happen. The wiiu can’t compete with 3DS at the moment. Because it doesn’t have hardly any good games compared to that platform and the installed base is getting big on 3DS.

          The wiiu is an 8th gen Console and the first of the bunch , So you can’t compare it to 7th gen ps3 , wii , 360 sales. We will have to wait for ps4 and 720 sales and then compare the sales of the first month and a half of them to the wiiu….

          1. Why do you have to wait until the PS4/720 come along before you analyse how badly the Wii U is performing? It is a console that offers relatively little attractive to what can already be found on PS3/360, and has launched with ports and at an expensive price point. The fact is, the Wii U is having a disastrous start to its time in the UK and Europe. It is not being marketed well, and it is not offering any incentives for people to buy the thing.

              1. “Same might happen with PS4/720”

                Maybe PS4 given Sony’s shitty marketing, but you know as well as any person that MS will market the hell out of the 720.

                1. True but if xbox live stay the same it will hurt them also if they plan to be cloud exclusive the can pay a billion in ads and the thing will not sell.

              2. Absolutely. But I feel that if Nintendo continue the way there are – that is, high price points, no marketing, few 3rd/1st party games – then the Wii U will not be a major share in the home console market in the long run next generation. 720 and PS4 may have a very slow and poor start, as do all consoles, but I feel that the “Wii” appeal has run its course and will not be as strong overall next gen as compared to the Wii this gen.

                But that’s my assumption if Nintendo doesn’t start to gets its act together. Anything could happen, of course.

                  1. Erm, high price point? Yes. Not sure what you’re smoking there.
                    By few games, see games that can be gotten on any other current console at a cheaper price. The exclusive Wii U ones are in minority and offer little incentive to buy them. Mario Bros, Nintendo Land, ZombiU? Hardly the sort of games to pull people in and pay £300+ for the console.

                    1. You’re adamant in claiming that £300 is high? There’s phones that cost twice that much, and would last half as long. For what you’re getting, £300 isn’t actually that expensive. It’s only marginally less than that of 7th gen consoles NOW.

                      Really, a definition of a lack of games lays solely on if you’re talking about now or relative to other consoles at this point. If you’re talking about the former, then that throws away any decent comparison whatsoever – of course a 7 year old console would have more games than a 7 week old one. If you’re talking about the latter, then you’d be sorely mistaken. Nigh on all games on the Wii U are upgraded compared to those on other consoles, and there’s a guarantee of games in the future.

            1. Well it HAS just launched. The ps3 and 360 sales were the same or worse at this stage in their life. You’re missing the point. The ps3 and 360 will stop being supported in about a year and then the wiiu is a new console that doesn’t have to compete with them in the same way the ps2 was outselling the 360 for a year…

              Seriously , give the wiiu a chance to get some great games and it will sell MUCH MUCH faster. the Ps3 and 360 are at their peak and are selling as fast as ever. The wiiu is only at the start and no where near it’s peak. It’s peak will be the time when Zelda , Smash Bros , Mario Kart , 3D mario , etc are all on the shelf at which stage it will be selling like crazy.

              You can’t compare end of life xbox 360 sales to 1.5 month old wiiu sales. That’s not fair or rellevant. You can however compare the first month and a half of 360 sales from 2005 to todays first 1.5 months of Wiiu sales.

              1. I personally can’t see Marios and Zeldas having as great an impact this time around. Yes, they will shift systems, but I really don’t think Wii U will be as big a player in the next generation as the Wii was to this gen.

                You also don’t need to compare the Wii U sales to any other consoles. Why do they have to be compared to anything? The fact is, the Wii U is having a terrible time shifting consoles, and that’s that. I agree with you – it will pick up in the long run. But I personally can’t see it picking up brilliantly unless Nintendo pull their fingers out.

                1. the point in this is that if people is going to compare they have to compare the same enviroment that the consoles were.

  1. yet the european say that our economy is bad and sale will be worst than then, but look how it turn out, bunch of dumbass pricks.

    i can’t believe all these problems occurring to Wii U, come on people you guys are buying wii u right?

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                1. It is not a video. It is 1080p in realtime. No cgi. You can play around with the lighting and stream to the gamepad. It is also impossible to replicate on any other console.

    1. This is being made out like it’s a really bad thing…the only real Wii U exclusive games of note are Nintendo Land, Zombi U and NSMB U. The others are mostly enhanced ports. Now, cut off Nintendo Land, since very few are going to buy a game that they found packaged in with the sytstem (unless they bought the Basic Bundle for some reason…). And…yep, only two games left to break into the top 40. Quite a difficult task I would say…but this is Nintendo, so we’ll take any chance at predicting doom and gloom ;)

          1. who knows this is interesting how the next gen will overcome this, i doubt that people will likely buy ps4 or xbox 720 really soon, but ouya and steam box is really unpredictable.

            1. Ouya sounds promicing and steam box has alot to prove to the hardcore console games if the steam box is a console.

    2. It looks like the UK knows good video games. They know not to buy the unmanly shit known as the Wii U. The Wii U will never have any good, manly games, and everyone who ever buys one deserves to burn in Hell.
      ~THE REAL Bill~

      1. Says a lot about you that you hate this console but you visit the site. Haha. You must secretly really want 1 but your still in the closet lol

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    4. The Wii U will do fine. Just like with every console launch, you must give it time and soon you’ll see better games. Hooray!

    5. Nintendo must be holding back games. They must have something they are holding back. I suggest they stopp holding back.

      1. I’m guessing that too. Since everyone thinks E3 is the make or break show for the big 3, Nintendo’s probably waiting to reveal their trump card (hopefully trump cardS) there.

        1. Since when have Nintendo ever really done E3 as their main shows of the year? Nintendo usually go bigger at the Tokyo Game Show or at their own presentation either just before or just after E3.

      1. yet nobody want to talk about that, its like ps2 never exist or people claim that xbox or ps3 sold more than all consoles combine.

    6. “Thankfully, the original Wii console doesn’t appear to be doing too badly with Ubisoft’s Just Dance 4 sitting at number seven in the UK.”

      I’m not concerned about them anymore since that game is in the top 40

    7. That’s the UK for you. Everyone plays Xbox360, and the only Nintendo consoles really cared about there were the seventh gen consoles, none before and none since. Not to mention that we really should forget the UK seeing as Just Dance 4 is in the top 10, which pains me.

      1. Correction: That’s just console launches.
        Yeah, people over here are dumb as shit, but a lot of us actually do buy more than FIFA and Just Dance.

        1. I know, I used to live there and most people I knew at school just played on the 360 on Call of Duty or something, whereas I had a few friends who always got together and played Pokemon, Mario etc. I just found that the majority there either played obviously casual games or “hardcore” games. In Australia however, Nintendo seems to be pretty big, especially Pokemon and Zelda.

      2. Actually, on a C4 questionarre on Britain’s favourite toys, the XBox came around 17th, the Playstation around 11th and the Wii 4th.

        1. Yeah, but in the UK, the 360, is only behind the DS in terms of sales in the 7th and 8th gens of consoles. The Wii was amazingly popular in its first 2 years there, which obviously influenced the 4th place.

    8. I’m somewhat surprised Nintendo can’t even make the top 40.
      Must be pretty bad over in the UK. I assume sales are going to older, discounted consoles where there are games that have been on the market so long, they’ve dropped below the $50-$60 threshhold, even if bought new.

      When Microsoft and Sony release their new consoles, you know they will likely cost $300+ with games at the same range as WiiU games. Sony and Microsoft should take note at the WiiU sales in the UK…

    9. I don’t understand why this keeps coming up as a pertinent topic…let’s see, a console that has sold, what, maybe +-100,000 units in the UK, due to low stock for the UK, and just good games at launch, no stellar ‘must buy’ games? I fail to see how this means anything, a system with around .1 million units, vs systems with around 7-8 million units…no kidding they aren’t in the top 40…

    10. There is no shortage of stock of the Wii U in the UK. It can be bought on shelves easily.

      “I fail to see how this means anything”

      What it means is that this system is having one of the worst system launches in history in the UK. No marketing, expensive prices… Considering the bottom half of the chart is selling below 4500 (Anarchy Reigns sales), and that not even Nintendo Land can get in to the top 40, Wii U software is selling at a worrying pace.

      1. “selling at a worrying pace.”
        – In the UK you mean, of course. Not worrying for Nintendo as a whole, just NOE.
        Just so we don’t lose perspective.

        1. Yes, I am talking about the UK top 40 there. The same situation echoes across the rest of Europe. So it is a worrying situation for NOE right now. You can’t just put this down to another console launch being poor because this is beyond poor. The Wii U top 10 a week or so back had some games selling the hundreds. It is probably the same case this week when you consider the numbers of the bottom half of the all formats top 40.

          1. Given the state of things, I don’t think it will only impact NOE, but also Sony and Microsoft if things don’t look up by the time they launch their next gens.

      2. Sorry, I didn’t mean shortage of stock like it couldn’t be found, I meant there wasn’t a lot of initial stock. Regardless, this is just what I have been reading about the UK. While the UK is just one part of the world I can see the worry, but it’s also on shelves in other areas in the US as well. Failing to mean anything: What I meant is how does it not breaking into the top 40 without having any kind of userbase. How does anyone expect it to do that? I sure don’t.

        1. Consider this: These top 40 charts include bundles. That means they include games that come bundled with the Wii U, like Nintendo Land. Now consider that the bottom half of the top 40 chart is selling less than 4500, to the point that the bottom few are around 1000 to 1500. Now consider that no Wii U games are in the chart. This means the Wii U is not even selling 1000 systems each week.

          Now it sounds worse than it did, right? I’m just stating the facts here.

          1. When you put it like that, yes, it does…thankfully, I don’t live in the UK, but I think it will pick up. The system just needs something to appeal to that market that isn’t available on a console many already own. What that is for those across the pond, I don’t really know. But I hope people give it a shot there. It really is a fantastic system, and I think it has a crapload of potential. But I guess Nintendo, at current, has a bit of an uphill battle to fight in the UK…

            1. For starters, the price needs to come down. Then they need to market it properly. Those are probably the two main things they need to do right now. But you only need to look at the games it has and the price they cost to realise you can just get them on PS3/360 for cheaper, and you don’t need to pay £300+ on a new console to play them.

              I believe the Wii U will ride along and make a profit over here, but I believe it will end up as the GameCube of the next generation and finish “last.” People like myself will get one once some games that interest them come out, like Metroid and Zelda, and of course once the price comes down by a lot. But right now, the majority of people are just using a bit of sense to realise it is just not worth the money when they can continue to get much better value for money on PS3/360.

    11. It was to be expected. The Wii U doesn’t have a lot of games that are not available on other systems. So it’s only natural that people would rather buy a console with a much bigger library of games.

    12. @nooblet68: Sorry, I can’t reply specifically to your post. We must have trailed it on too long and I can’t see a ‘reply’ button. So new post it is.

      Yes, I am adamant that £300 is high for a console that, right now, offers very little to make people that already own a PS3/360 to go out and buy one. The vast majority of people that I read online also agree that it is too expensive for what the console is offering. Considering you can get a PS3/360 for £99 or less, and a bigger range of games to choose from, then it’s only natural that the Wii U is not going to be selling very well.

      And yes, we’re not really arguing with each other on the second point, because it’s a fact that the Wii U has an obvious lack of games compared to the PS3/360. As for the Wii U offering ‘better’ versions – that is both a yes and no answer. In some Wii U port games, yes, there are more features, extra control options with the GamePad, sometimes better framerates and upgraded graphics. In other cases, it’s the opposite – worse framerates and graphics, and sometimes less features (lack of DLC for Mass Effect 3, for example). However, the differences between versions are so small that it does not warrant a normal PS3/360 owner to then go out and buy a £300 Wii U and buy the game on that instead.

      It’s like you say – of course the Wii U is going to have a worse selection of games. Of course it isn’t going to sell as well compared to PS3/360. However, the point is, it’s not selling well at all here in the UK and Europe. It’s doing very poorly. The fact is, the Wii U is effectively a console that offers roughly the same in terms of power and a small selection of the same games as the PS3/360, but has come 7 years too late (what Nintendo should have done is released it a good 1-2 years ago). It’s no surprise that it isn’t going to be selling very well. And it is for that reason that Nintendo has a big fight on its hands.

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