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Iwata Says They Will Improve Slow Wii U OS


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has told Japanese publication The Nikkei that they are aware that customers are dissatisfied with the slow Wii U operating system. Iwata says that the development team are currently looking into fixing this issue. Sadly, he wouldn’t say when we can expect overall OS changes, but it’s good that Nintendo recognise that it’s an issue for most consumers.

“Setting aside the dissatisfaction some purchasers have with start-up and software change speeds, which we will improve”

84 thoughts on “Iwata Says They Will Improve Slow Wii U OS”

        1. Well, we are almost there, we have the right president to make communism in America happen….. although I don’t think 90% of middle class Americans will enjoy living in bone crushing poverty, which communism is pretty darn great at making everyone living equally in misery.

          Of course, there is no video games in communist countries, well at least anything ‘new’ … I think the Soviet Union finally got a NES clone the year it collapsed…. of course we were all playing Super Nintendo and Sega Gensis. There is a reason why Cuba still has Chevy’s from t he 50’s

  1. Improving the OS will not change the fact that the Wii U is an unmanly, outdated console with no third party support. As soon as the real 8th generation consoles arrive, Nintendo is doomed.
    ~THE REAL Bill~

    1. Ok bill we get it you have no friends to express you’re opinion. So we play along. Hey bill your a dick. There just made his day boys & girls

    2. Ok bill we get it you have no friends to express you’re opinion. Hey bill your a dick there we made his day boys & girls

    3. Troll troll troll…. Sorry, but your comment doesn’t make sense. The Wii U has an ATI Radeon 6770 in it, which is more than fast enough. Its over 200% faster than the PS3’s GPU…. Seems like its Sony’s turn to play catch up.

      1. weird how you call him a troll, and then try to prove him wrong. you people do realize when someone’s trolling, they TRY to act like an idiot to get you guys angry right. he doesn’t mean a a single thing he’s saying, and he most likely doesn’t care either.

        1. Not angry, just replying the troll so the next person reading the comments can see he is clearly wrong….. This is how disinformation is spread. Trolls intentionally spread false information, and that information gets passed around as truth. If you correct the troll, the information will be debunked and therefore not retransmitted..

      1. I think Bill is worried his ps4 will end up like a Vita. Incredibly overpriced for what its offering as to not get any buyers beyond the 12 or so hardcore Sony fans.

    4. You being an idiot who only requires power in consoles and requests no good games is obsolete. It has full 3rd party support, I’m sorry you were wrong about that. Also the Wii U features Indie Support and First party support. It’s a shame that you could create such an ignorant post. The “Omni” which is apparently the next Sony console isn’t too far from Wii U in power, as it has been seen by some hacker. Unmanly means…..only kids play it? I’m sorry but you don’t realize the fact that Wii U is a party console and Nintendo is a gaming company from the 80s. People who have Nostalgia usually buy the console. If you think it’s for kids, justify your thought. Besides, Mario is the only ‘kiddy’ game, Nintendo Land is for a Family and Rabbids Land is for a big Company. Also what would surprise me is if you also added a stupid “Hardcore Gamers like me” phrase. Good luck with your unjustified, obsolete, fanboy posts.

  2. Least they’re aware of the problem and trying to fix it. Not like it’s really that bad anyway.
    I mean, it’s not like the changed the online store into a crappy new one, forced Singstar onto my game menu, and made the trophy list always link up to the internet and takes sometimes a minute everytime i look at it

    1. It’s really not bad at all to me. The only things that are slow for me are the 3rd party apps like youtube and hulu. But, if they want to speed things up I’m all for it.

    2. I think its great to own a console where the developer can actually admit a problem and start working on it….

      Remember Sony denying that there was no hacking going on? And they kept on releasing excuse after excuse until it was leaked out by one of their employees that it was hacking behind the collapse of the PSN.

    1. Operating System. How long it takes to navigate the Wii u interface like going to system settings or opening the browser.

    2. The operating system controls how the hardware talks to one another. It manages the disk drives, the sound, the display, how the system handles memory addressing, bussing, etc.

      The OS isn’t entirely important for aspects of gaming, so while playing a game, you will not notice this issue there.

    1. Up to you, depends what games you want, and if you’re getting other next gen systems.
      For example i don’t want to buy a WiiU till pikmin 3 is out, but i want it soon so i can at least have the option of buying one the other next gen systems.

            1. Yes there will be, not sure when though. I’ve read reports from CSRs at Nintendo saying they are working on it for Wii U. Maybe an announcement at E3? Or perhaps it will roll out soon, who knows?

        1. WiiU virtual console is coming soon, apparently, and you can use the gamepad solo to play them, as for GC games, they’ve only said that they’d like to do it, so probabaly yes but its not been confirmed or anything

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  4. im mainly wanting one coz i never had the wii but im loving all the older nintendo consoles and heard u can play the classics? is this true?

    1. I had a Wii on launch day, got exactly 1 year of play out of it before someone broke into my condo and stole all my electronics, including my wii. My wife bought me the Wii U, and I’m having a ball playing all the great games I missed out on like the Super Mario Galaxy’s, Skyward Sword, Metroid

  5. Good news! It takes like 40 seconds to load basic apps on the Wiiu. When I made profiles for my friends, it litterally took me half an hour for 3 people. I hope they fix the clumsy way you have to edit your user mii too.

    1. Really? With my Wii U, it took maybe 5-10 mins to set up the Wii U initially, and only maybe 3-5 mins to set up other ones. Loading basic apps only really takes about 15 seconds for me.

  6. I guess I’m the lucky few with a fast Wii U. My loading times are averaging 5 seconds to load any app and its blindingly fast within the app.

    The only problem I’ve had is the WaraWara Plaza disconnecting with the internet and reverting back to default with the Nintendo Miis. Everything else works perfectly. Unfortunately the only fix for that is to delete the user and create a new one and had to start a few games over.

    1. I was having this problem when I took my Wii U to my fathers house. I finally figured it out. He has two cordless phones running on the 2.5ghz band. After unplugging both, it worked fine.

      The Wii U has multiple wireless chips in it (One for connecting to the internet, and the other for so the gamepad/console can talk.)

    2. My loading times and everything seem to be faster than all of those people keep complaining about, but I still think the OS could use some speed improvements as it is still behind the PS3 and 360 in regards to this.

    1. I don’t know if that was irony or something, but: 「購入いただいた方には、起動やソフトウエアの切り替えのスピードにご不満があることは別として、これは改善しますけれど、2画面に関しては、ああゲームパッドって持ってみると意外といいな、と思っていただけている。テレビ画面と組み合わさった手元画面の重要性やよさは、使えば使うほど『じわじわ』くるんですけれど、それはまだ使った人にしか伝わっていない」

    1. Sony fanbois have butthurt because they didn’t have a brand new console to open under the Christmas tree.

      He’s going to be pretty angry when the new PS4 isn’t all that big of a leap from the PS3 as far as graphics are concerned.

          1. I just keep up to date with the news, Sony have said they will make it big, but a few twitter posts isn’t concrete evidence to go by. I admit I tried the Wii U and I have to say it’s pretty neat, the gamepad is awesome. Just I do find the launch titles (in my own opinion) to be pretty lackluster but once games like Smash Bros and more 3rd party titles, I’m expecting a massive boom in sales.

            1. I completely agree. I have a Wii U and four games for it (NSMBU, ZombiU, Tekken and Nintendo Land), and am generally disappointed with the starting lineup as my favourite game of my four is Tekken, and that’s a multiplatform. When Pikmin 3, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, 3D Mario and Zelda all begin to come to light, then I’m sure Wii U’s will sell like hotcakes.

            2. Sorry, but Sony could never deliver speeds faster than a PC…. PC’s with their highest setting enabled only look somewhat better than the current gen when set at the same resolution (1080p), in fact the average person cannot tell the difference between a screenshot of COD on PC and COD on PS3/360, given the same resolution… Sure i can, a host of other hardcore gamers can, but the casual gamer wont know and wont care. The casual gamer is what sells systems as they make up over 90% of the console buying market, and a $600 launch price was too steep for casual gamers when the ps3 was released. The ps3 was a massive failure for the first three years of its life, and even today it has failed to turn a profit. just the facts, sir.

              I love my PC more than anything, but sorry, casual gamers will not shell out 500-700 dollars for a system that has pretty similar graphics as the current gen. Sony will not deliver anything that goes beyond what a top of the line PC can do today, its just not technologically feasible and even if they even came close to what a PC can do today, it still would be north of $700, not many casual gamers let alone hardcore gamers would be willing to shell that out for marginally better looking eye candy.

              The PS4 will most likely have a Radeon 8000 series tossed in, while extremely fast, no doubt, but its only between 20-30% faster than the GPU inside the Wii U, which that difference really isn’t going to be able to turn the casual gamers head. Sony will have much stiffer competition than Microsoft when it comes to hardcore gamers as well…. Steambox will offer a modular system, meaning you can toss in a new video card anytime you want you to evolve to the latest generation, and the generation bumps will be every 4 months instead of every 6 years. Sony wont be able to compete.

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