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This Is How GameStop’s 500,000-Strong Wii U Wait List Number Became 320,000 Sales


US retailer GameStop announced sometime in mid-November that they had 500,000 gamers on a waiting list. Last week, the retail chain told investors that they had only sold 320,000 Wii U consoles through November and December. Well, it turns out that 500,000 people never put money down for a Wii U and GameStop probably didn’t have 500,000 Wii U systems to sell. Here’s what the gaming retail chain told Kotaku.

“Our initial allocation from Nintendo was not 500,000 units. We never disclosed that number; we only stated that we had reserved thru those units in the first 48 hours of them being offered. NPD reported sales of 463,000 Wii U units in the U.S. in December. That number added with those sold in November brings the LTD total to 888,000.”

“One thing to consider about the people who signed up for our waiting list is that they had no financial commitment to do so. So it is possible that they purchased their Wii U from another retailer.”

–  GameStop spokesperson Matt Hodges

99 thoughts on “This Is How GameStop’s 500,000-Strong Wii U Wait List Number Became 320,000 Sales”

  1. Looks like the Wii U can’t sell. You know it cannot sell when the fanboy store GameStop cannot sell them. Thank god such a pos baby console for unmanly homosexuals is not selling.
    ~THE REAL Bill~

    1. Actually despite that, the wii u is actually selling well. 2.2 Million. And the post said either they didn’t have enough consoles, or people bought them somewhere else.

    2. You are a Troll indeed but the term “unmanly console for homosexuals” is a classic i must admit :DDDD 10/10 Points for you on that one.

  2. Honestly, they didn’t call me when I had my money. Once they started putting them on shelves and still never called me, I got kinda mad. Then, my Xbox broke so I bought that instead.

    1. i was able to actually preorder mine instead of being on the “waiting list” so i could just grab one the day it came out. that’s unfortunate to hear about them not even telling you that they were in stock.

  3. I’m enjoying all of the negative Wiiu news :) Cus I’m gunna be even more happy when the console takes off. And all the analyst’s eat their words , once again.

        1. But bill Got a list of anos for real analyst should take more serius there guess it could be carier ending for them.

          1. Well, an analysts’ job is essentially making a guess half of the time (although it should be based on industry trends, figures, and facts).

            Many times, they’re wrong.

            1. None of today analyst guess sugest that they have actualy used any tipe of data which if investors that use analyst for his investement could stop using them and it could cause chaos.

            2. Indeed. Why take analysts seriously?? That’s like skipping a movie you’ve wanted to watch just because the critics destroyed it. Such ignorant and overpaid people…

              1. uhhhh no lol. its more like if not seeing a movie because before the movie came out, someone said it looked stupid, or seeing a movie because someone said it looks awesome. analysts and reviewers are very different. in fact, they’re almost opposite.

                1. What if i am mexicana are hard working persons unlike some 1 like you that dumbster dive to get games, come on man they are not that spencive if buy used.

                    1. Yeah some countries (Switzerland) have universities like dirty brown countries like yours. I will be working soon and making more than your whole country combine.

                    2. Guess in wich country you have to go to earn that money, now go back to disgrace your country.

  4. 800.000 Units thats better than the ps3 and xbox. Xbox 360= 600k and ps3= 700k wii u 890k :D Great start for Nintendo

    1. See, that seems to be the problem. Everyone looks at the sales of the consoles over the last month instead of each console’s launch. Yeah, the Wii U looks like it isn’t selling so much but that’s because people want a 360 or PS3 at the moment because the Wii U has a very limited selection of games as opposed to the others. All in all, the Wii U has been a success so far and will continue to do better as more first and third party developers begin to announce more popular games.

  5. They were out of stock when it released, but in december they came back on stock and have not sold out since then, at least on my country. Contrary to the wii that was literally impossible to find for an entire year.

    1. The Wii had a much much lower supply sent out than the Wii U, which is why it sold out so fast. Nintendo were much more prepared with the Wii U and sent out so many more, so that it wouldn’t be sold out.

    2. Being sold out at every retailer has almost nothing to do with the success of a product. It has to do with the supply… this time Nintendo has a GREATER supply.

  6. I don’t believe a word from this guy. From the experience I have had with gamestop, I will never deal with them ever again. And I don’t know about the rest of the world, but the gamestop in my area won’t even let us get on a waiting list without putting at least $5 down first. So I don’t know what this guy is talking about.

    1. I don’t really trust GameStop all too well, but I had to for my Wii U, and seemed to do alright seeing as I had my friend who works there pre-order one for me as soon as possible. Games however, I usually buy from Europe cause prices are stupid in Australia.

        1. Not everyone. You have to have an email address and accept the card. I used to work at GameStop when the program started and a lot of people refused it, even the free one. Or some people had no email address. You’d be surprised the amount of people who do not have emails, let alone internet access.

          Down to this day, I know people who go to GameStop and still do not accept a membership, neither the pro nor the free one. I still keep in touch with some of my old workmates and they tell me about their stats. Same story.

          It’s an optional service.

  7. No one can deny that the Wii U has had a very successful launch. In less than 2 months, it has sold over 2 million units, which is pretty damn incredible by anyone’s standards.

            1. 1) Learn to spell properly
              2) I can afford games. Unlike Gaytendo babies who need their mommies to by games for them.

                      1. I’m not mad. You’re mad because 1) Kaz’s dick is stuck all the way up your ass; 2) The Wii U sells the most in the United States while Japan is in close second place; and 3) Why the fuck are you whining and bitching on a Nintendo themed blog? You don’t fucking belong here. You belong at the G4 message board.

            2. Shit… you’re nothing but an ass hurt child who needs to grow the fuck up, Jimmy Neutron. U mad because the Wii U has some of the best games on the market… especially the best indie games. Look at Trine 2: Director’s Cut, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition, FIFA 13, The Wonderful 101, and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate… especially cross platform play and exchanging data along with the same game for the Nintendo 3DS.

                1. Funny thing is though…most of those games are now considered to be last Gen games. But come E3 we could see some of those coming to Wii U like Watch Dogs. But of course people buy Nintendo systems for 1st party games. Hell I buy Nintendo consoles and the Xbox 360 for 1st party games. I honestly don’t give a fuck about 3rd party games. There are exception s like the Tales games but other then that fuck 3rd parties.

    1. i was going to get two, have one already but still waiting for gamestop to call, i put $50 down on one nov. 21st still waiting

    2. i pre-ordered from eb games (the canadian gamestop) because they promised a midnight launch. the day before they cancelled the midnight launch so i cancelled my pre-order. simple. don’t lie to your customers. went into futureshop and picked one up first thing in the morning with ZERO hassle.

    3. 98-99-100 % of female gamers game on Nintendo and bill calls us homosexuals. We have more women than Sony and xbox combined. Anyway don’t hate anyone even if there ways are bizarre. This coming from a Christian. Love one another and just game on. Bill though use preparation H cause your ass is hurt.

      1. “98-99-100 % of female gamers game on Nintendo”

        Stop making up false shit. What is it with people on this site and making up shit?

    4. Im looking forward to the ps4 and 720 launching so we can watch the trolls defend their console of choice. And to see the sales figures.
      What do they thinks gonna happen? 50 million in first week?!
      Ill be buying a ps4 or a 720, I think one will compliment my wii u nicely because I like gaming and wouldnt be stupid enough to affiliate myself with one console and one console only.

      1. This guy knows what he’s talking about. To bad about GTAV though, he was right, It would have been great to get it on the Wii U to break it’s stigma.

    5. That’s why I bought my wii U deluxe edition at Toys R Us. I wanted to preorder at gamestop but they weren’t accepting anymore preorders so I went to Toys R Us and preordered from there. Fuck Gamestop they suck!

    6. 8880,000 is really good for six weeks. Also the economy stinks and while the launch line up is good, there are too many games that are old that they are charging full price, that is a hard sell. I really think if they put a Wiimote and Nunchuck in the system and made a Wii U Sports game, it would capture the same audience as the Wii.

    7. I was put on the waiting list at Gamestop, bit then decided that I wanted to get it on release day, so I bought my Wii U at Target.

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