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Fire Emblem: Awakening Requires Over 8500 Blocks To Download From Nintendo eShop On 3DS

fire_emblem_awakening_nintendo_3dsIGN Executive Editor Rich George has confirmed that the downloadable version of Fire Emblem: Awakening requires 8579 blocks. George said it took him 45 minutes to download the strategy role-playing game. In North America, on February 4th, Fire Emblem: Awakening launches at retailers and in the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS. A free demo of the game will hit the Nintendo eShop this Thursday, on January 17th.

52 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Awakening Requires Over 8500 Blocks To Download From Nintendo eShop On 3DS”

  1. So just over 1GB? Sounds good. I may end up actually going digital for this game (even though I hate eshop pricing -_- )

      1. Even so, I think it should be less than retail. No physical hardware, no fuel to truck around game boxes, no physical production costs. AND it reduces used game trade, putting more money in dev’s pockets. (I think)

        I’m pretty sure they could cut us a break of some kind.

  2. Considering the fact that Awakening is absolutely ENORMOUS (around 50 in-game chapters, WAY over 500 unique support conversations, not to mention CGs of EVERY character that the Avatar can marry, as well as around 50 playable characters, and that’s not even getting into DLC), I’m not surprised at all. Of course, without a comparison, it seems a little meaningless.

          1. Yeah, I once irdered a Pokémon game from Amazon. It took a month, and then it turned out to be the wrong game, so we sent it back and they gave us the correct one. All in all, it took two and a half months.

        1. That’s really not an excuse anymore… Every coffee shop and fast food restaurant and most regular restaurants have “free” wireless Internet. I’m sure you could find 45 minutes to go and have a meal while the demo downloads. Hell, some games retailers have wireless demo download stations. I think you are just looking for people to explain to you why you should buy something, instead of doing the research and deciding for yourself.

  3. I have never liked the online shop. The only things I have gotten off of there are free, not be because I am cheap but since there are always more big retail games coming out I have always used most of my money on them. I wlays bought them with a physical copy (since online wasn’t an option… duh) and now I just like having the real thing I guess? I also don’t trust the online thing very much. If I save it on an SD card (mulitple games) and I lose the SD card that would be a problem… oh well. They are the same price so I will just stick with the real thing. Oh wait! I bought one game on the eShop on the Wii. Pokemon Rumble!

    1. Except you can redownload everything, so you’re not “loosing” anything, other than the SD card, which is abiut as easy to look as, i duno, a 3DS cartridge -__-

        1. And I believe your game’s save file is stored on the actual 3DS, so you don’t lose your progress as you would if you lost the game cart.

  4. Since retails tale too long to come here and cost triple (I’m not kidding) I’m downloading on the eShop but I have my doubts, if I lose the SD card I just get another and redownload but what if I lose the 3DS? How do I transfer the data? And what if lose both the 3DS with the SD card? Doesn’t it save to an account like the PSN? :/

      1. *sigh* well i thought they would at least learn but anyways what if I used 2 SD cards with the same content and use one for the ganes and another ready to transfer as a backup, maybe I could do that

    1. If your 3DS is stolen or destroyed, you need to file a police report.
      Call Nintedo, and tey will have you email or send them the police report (to cut back on people who “lost” the 3DS, but really didn’t)

      Once they have verified you truely had your 3DS stolen or destroyed, they can transfer your account to your new system, which takes about 10 days.

      I’m speaking from experience here, of course. Bottom line is, don’t let your shit get stolen.
      If the 3DS is destroyed or broken, send it in for repair instead of just buying a new one. You’ll save yourself the hastle, get a new one at te cost of a repair, and have your account transfered.

      It’s not easy, but Nintendo is not going to simply fuck you over.

      1. Thanks for the advise! it sounds like a hassle since I live in latin america but I guess if something happes *knocks wood* I know what to do

  5. I got my copy. I can also confirm it was 8500 some odd blocks, 45 minutes to download. The game is frickin sweet! (I also review games).

  6. I really have no interest in this game(though I think I will try the demo just to see if it can change my mind), but man, would I like to get my hands on that 3DS…it looks sweet(not as sweet as my zelda 3DS, but sweet nonetheless).

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  9. A month after it comes out and my local GameStop is still sold out. I want the free dlc and the box.the person at the store said they won’t be getting more till next week after march 6 -_-

  10. the pricing for nintendo eshop games are not the same as they are in stores here. for example resident evil revelations is 19.99 on the eshop, but 29.99 at my local stores. to bad i dont have the 2500 blocks to download it. so i will be getting it from the local store, tomarrow if i have the money for it. i just think that the eshop tends to over price some games, trust me they did it to a friend of mine.

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