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Amazon Launches Instant Video For The Wii


Amazon has announced that it is launching its video streaming service for the original Wii. The company says that its Instant Video library is home to over 145,000 titles. If you’re an Amazon Prime customer you will have automatic access to more than 33,000 titles. Amazon has also announced that Whispersync is available for those that want to pick up their movie right where they left off on a Kindle Fire. The service is available now to all Wii owners and can be found via the Wii Shop Channel.

51 thoughts on “Amazon Launches Instant Video For The Wii”

      1. have fun waiting another 5 years. Nintendo consoles have always been extremely durable. Been playing with my Gamecube since 2002 with over 5000 hours clocked in. With my Wii, probably 3000 hours, and they are still in great shape! But I personally I wouldènt buy the Wii U until some new games are announced with fixed date such as Bayonetta 2 and a new Mario 3d, hell even a game like DX would sell me out as long as we can use DS/3DS compatibility!

        1. Really? I couldn’t stop playing my wii u! Still have stars coin to get in mario bros u, playing lots of trine 2 online, and got a bunch of other eshop games. still need to pick up sonic and all stars racing, along with rayman legends and pikmin 3 when they come out. then there’s monster hunter and im still thinking about getting scribblenauts.

          In short, i got a ton of games to play still.

    1. My Wii’s in one room and my Wii U’s in another, so this is pretty convenient for me. I play Amazon Instant Video on practically everything though – my PS3, my Xbox (until my brother’s Live expired and didn’t feel like renewing it), my iPad, both my Wii U and Wii now, and practically every PC and Macbook in my house.

  1. Erm, Amazon?
    I’m gona guess you’ve been asleep for the past few years…

    It’s like they’re the real life Slowpoke meme.

    1. IKR, Dragon. I have been using it on the PS3 for a long time, wondering if it would ever be available on my Wii. I was really surprised to read it in the story. I thought the title said it was on the WiiU

    1. wait until nintendo makes a 720/1080p handheld. 240p is just not very attractive to watch videos. Remeber watching those 240p videos on youtube? imagine every videos you watched were like that

        1. works fine but not the quality when you could watch it on wii u gamepad in your bed or on your Full HD TV screen.. I’m simply pointing out the obvious that 3ds isnt really made for watching videos but playing great games.

      1. I do and the 3DS video on Nintendo Video Chanel look much better than those. Its looks better than an iPhone 3GS. So I would welcome both services.

    1. Meh, im still waiting for mario bros u dlc, if it ever comes out. got tons of eshop credit saved up for it. It is a slow news day, hopefully theres a nintendo direct soon.

  2. Off topic: Thanks to you guys I will not get NSMBU. Instead, I will get Monster hunter Ultimate and pikmin 3 (along with some indie games). I want to ask you guys if this game has online?

    Is it worth the money?
    Can you download it one the Wii U eshop?
    Finally, what’s great about this particular game?
    If there is anyone kind enough to clarify me about this Monster Hunter U, it will be very appreciated :)

    1. 1. NOT FULLY SURE, but i think the Wii U version does have online.

      2. Well it will be my first monster hunter game, but with those HD graphics, better online, it seems like a great game.

      3.. not sure yet.

      4. As far as i know, the game has a ton of content. requires hundreds of hours of gameplay to upgrade your player. It seems like a great game to get. Remember, though, i haven’t played any of their previous games. But im looking foward towards the monster hunter wii u version.

    2. I still highly suggest New Super Mario Bros U. I enjoyed the game A LOT! Its amazing. The new acorn suit works really well, and some of the old power ups come back! (won’t spoil it, wont tell ya guys what power ups return)

      The backgrounds on some of the levels are just amazing, and even though some of the music is old, the newer ones are so catchy!

      In short, i highly recommend mario bros u. Its on the eshop, and if you have the deluxe wii u, you can get that deluxe digital promotion and get some of that eshop credit back.

      1. Thanks a million! Really really helpful I appreciate that.
        I want NSMBU a lot, but I think I’ll pass on it for now (unltill I get more money). I would’ve bought it (no questions asked), but NSMB2 kinda ruined the series for me. Anyway thanks :D

        1. I’m not the only one who have problems with getting enough money? That’s great to hear! I want Batman, Scribblenauts, trine 2, pikmin 3, the wonderful 101, lego city: undercover, xenoblades chronicles a 3ds xl, luigi’s mansion, OoT 3D, animal crossing, pokemon x/y, kid icarus. paper mario and professor layton and the miracle mask.
          And I already got a Wii U delux (with Nintendo Land) alongside ZombiU, NSMBU, Tekken tag 2 and AC3… And I’m a student… I don’t have more money O_o

          1. I know, it’s difficult. I am also a student struggling to get all of the I want. Just remember that patience is vertue and everything will pay out in the end.
            P.S I highly recommend Kid Icarus: Uprising :)

      1. I see what you did there lol. I want NSMBU… a lot, but I’ll wait untill I get Monster Hunter Ultimate HD and Pikmin 3. I’ve gotten so many mario games from my DS, Wii, and 3ds. When I get the Wii U, I want to mix it up a little you know.

    3. I suggest you play monster hunter Ultimate all by yourself online until you kill you first great Jaggi alone. That feeling is like the very first time you rode a bike :) wonderful.

  3. I guess that is good? There are still quite a few people who use their Wii for watching movies. This will be good for them.

  4. That’s nice, it’s a cool service. Still, it’d be way better on Wii U. Most of what I stream on Amazon Prime is in HD so the Wii can’t really do more than standard def. Netflix has better navigation but Amazon Prime has ‘Fringe’ =)

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  6. Purely a good business decision by Amazon. This instantly allows them to offer their video streaming business to about 80-100 million people.

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