Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS Bundle Will Retail For $200


When Fire Emblem Awakening launches on February 4th, it will arrive with a special version of the Nintendo 3DS hardware. The beautiful blue system is emblazoned with stylish Fire Emblem artwork, has the game pre-installed on the hardware and comes packaged with a 4GB SD memory card. It will be available at a suggested retail price of $199.99, a great value for fans of the series.


    1. indeed but i’d rather buy a 3ds XL for that sexy screen. Or maybe wait for a new remake such as 3ds lite XL or something arround those lines

  1. Just curious if you reminded people of the 3ds xl promotion… I think they have just one day left to register… I got my code for new art academy today ^.^

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              1. Ofcourse the screens are all the same. But the American 3DS is American NTSC , the Japanese is Japanese NTSC and the EU 3DS is EU PAL … Like always…

                  1. Are you capable of responding with intelligent comebacks? And not just labeling everyone as a graphics whore and adding something perverted & sexual in?

    1. A 3ds costs $160 and fire emblem costs 40 or 50 dollars and the normal 3ds comes with a 2gb sd card not a 4 gb ,so it’s a good deal

      1. No, all hardware are covered on C.N. It’s some sort of eShop perk for buying a package like this one in the thread. Every package is different.

      2. Whatever (s)he’s talking about is like an eShop card provided in the box. I guess sort of like a limited time offer.

  2. I would buy it at since the game does come with it I would buy it which would up to 240$
    (I don’t consider a software game as a real game… Really… I would still buy the physical game.. I FUUUING HATE THOSE DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE GAMES! It give me the feeling I own the game.. Which is very important to me)

            1. No it isn’t. There have been plenty more reasons. It’s the only reason blind fanboys believe they give.

                1. How hilarious. You of all people calling someone stupid. Haters have given a lot more reasons then just graphics. Aeolus for example isn’t a fan of all the gimmicks.

  3. To think that if I took my time to buy the 3DS I could have gotten it along with what will probably the best game on the system (so far) …and 50$ cheaper.
    Ah well, patience only goes so far. I’ll get the artbook instead haha.

    1. i agree so much. I’m sitting here all ‘Pshhh if that were an XL it would be mine.’ But in reality I would be like ‘Sweet!’ get to the store, request the bundle, and when he tells me I owe him 200 dollars I’d be ‘Okay. Good bye.’

  4. No 3DS XL bundle? I wonder if Animal Crossing will have a limited edition when it comes out here in the US

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