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Fire Emblem Awakening 3DS Bundle Will Retail For $200


When Fire Emblem Awakening launches on February 4th, it will arrive with a special version of the Nintendo 3DS hardware. The beautiful blue system is emblazoned with stylish Fire Emblem artwork, has the game pre-installed on the hardware and comes packaged with a 4GB SD memory card. It will be available at a suggested retail price of $199.99, a great value for fans of the series.


    1. indeed but i’d rather buy a 3ds XL for that sexy screen. Or maybe wait for a new remake such as 3ds lite XL or something arround those lines


  1. Just curious if you reminded people of the 3ds xl promotion… I think they have just one day left to register… I got my code for new art academy today ^.^

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      1. Ofcourse the screens are all the same. But the American 3DS is American NTSC , the Japanese is Japanese NTSC and the EU 3DS is EU PAL … Like always…


      1. Are you capable of responding with intelligent comebacks? And not just labeling everyone as a graphics whore and adding something perverted & sexual in?


    1. A 3ds costs $160 and fire emblem costs 40 or 50 dollars and the normal 3ds comes with a 2gb sd card not a 4 gb ,so it’s a good deal


      1. No, all hardware are covered on C.N. It’s some sort of eShop perk for buying a package like this one in the thread. Every package is different.


      2. Whatever (s)he’s talking about is like an eShop card provided in the box. I guess sort of like a limited time offer.


  2. I would buy it at since the game does come with it I would buy it which would up to 240$
    (I don’t consider a software game as a real game… Really… I would still buy the physical game.. I FUUUING HATE THOSE DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE GAMES! It give me the feeling I own the game.. Which is very important to me)


      1. How hilarious. You of all people calling someone stupid. Haters have given a lot more reasons then just graphics. Aeolus for example isn’t a fan of all the gimmicks.


  3. To think that if I took my time to buy the 3DS I could have gotten it along with what will probably the best game on the system (so far) …and 50$ cheaper.
    Ah well, patience only goes so far. I’ll get the artbook instead haha.


    1. i agree so much. I’m sitting here all ‘Pshhh if that were an XL it would be mine.’ But in reality I would be like ‘Sweet!’ get to the store, request the bundle, and when he tells me I owe him 200 dollars I’d be ‘Okay. Good bye.’


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