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GameStop No Longer Accepting Pre-Orders For Upcoming Wii Games?

gamestop_bunnyAmerican video game and entertainment retailer GameStop has apparently stopped taking pre-orders for upcoming Wii games. The reason for this is because GameStop supposedly wants to have more virtual space available for Wii U pre-orders. The Wii is over six years old, and Nintendo confirmed that it’s no longer developing new Wii titles. However, there are publishers that are still bringing games to the aging platform, including Xseed with the localization of Pandora’s Tower for North America and Disney Interactive Studios with Disney Infinity, both of which will be released this year.

Update: Pandora’s Tower Now Available For Pre-Order From Amazon And GameStop

112 thoughts on “GameStop No Longer Accepting Pre-Orders For Upcoming Wii Games?”

      1. Sly Cooper is a great series. I will agree on that even though you are a screwed up crack addict. Sly Cooper>>>>>95% of Nintendo games

        1. Do you think I look weird in the pic? My sister thinks I look like a dummy face :'( and yes. I love Sly! He’s so cool!

      1. Smash bros, Mario, Zelda, Next monolith RPG, Monster hunter, (Pikmin? Not really xD).
        But yeah, I’m happy buying a console for just that. I bought my Wii for only that. Other games are usually PC multi-platform and I’m a pc gamer :).

  1. I never understood why they took pre orders anyway I mean who really wanted to buy wii games other than people who are a dumb as hell

      1. Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and Kirby’s Return to Dream Land? Wow, your hand must have a lot of fingers.

            1. awwww darn xD but see, I’m not a girl! I’m gonna go play sum Sly Cooper now! <3 May the lust biscuits be strong as you fight for the users fair maiden Amy! Strive on! Fight for the users! We believe in you! As does Cheren!

    1. I know!!! The people who manage this site SERIOUSLY need to disable comments or something!! I came to this site to get Nintendo news after Nintendo Power shut down, but all I get are these people screaming at eachother all day! I thought it would be nice to comment about Nintendo news with other fans, but most are sooo freaking obsessed with arguing! It’s getting to the point where I had to change my homepage to Nintendo World Report because of all the retarded comments! Even with IGN, as biased as the site can be, I’ve never seen any vulgar language, stupid fanboy arguments, or random bs on the comments for Nintendo related news! This site is up there with Youtube commentors with me! It needs to be taken care of bacause its not fun for us open-minded people who just want Nintendo news!

      1. Why would you want Nintendo News? If you played a real Console you would not need to come here and get yelled at. Do you have a thing for little kids if not grow up and play a real console. You make me sick complaining about freedom of speech I bet if you bad it your way everybody would be forced to own Nintendo consoles you need to get a life you control freak.

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          Ironically, the types of people he was referring to include you. Who are you to decide what a real console is and what isn’t? You are here to troll people because you think you’ll face no repercussions. The guy just wants to see some Nintendo news, he even spoke against fanboy arguments, so back off.

          1. THIS why can we just have my nintendo news? Amy want to convert My nintendo news into IGN. i hate that place not useful and always flame wars from both writers and comments.

        2. Wow… You have the same first name as me… weird… yeah, I see your point, but I just really focus on what I like, not what people think I should like I guess. I mean, people acting like they’re doing me some sort of favor by bashing what I like isn’t going to make me change my mind…

          As long as I ballence my life with my goals and the hobbies I enjoy, I see no problem in it when it comes to measuring games with my maturity level. I mean, I go to college full time to complete my Bachelors, go to work, then go home and play some Pokemon or Mario in my free time just because I feel like it. Hell, sometimes my boyfriend will even join me! It’s not like it’s a huge deal that I prefer Nintendo.

          Yes, I have played a PS3 and a 360; I play both consoles with my cousin all the time. I do know what each consile has to offer… i just… well, I like Nintendo. I guess I like it because I love the cute characters and just the games in general… and love the Japanese appeal as well since I love Japanese culture? Not that everyone likes Nintendo because of that, I’m just saying people have valid reasons to like Nintendo and there is nothing wrong with that. Yeah, I’m not even ticked off or anything, I’m just bored and feel like typing up a response lol XD

          Bleh, now I’m rambling… I’m gonna go study now… I should have been doing that in the first place ^^;

      2. ever since Aeolus came to my Nintendo news he started to attract trolls, back in the day in the year 2009 B.A.T.H. (Before Aeolus Troll Here) we only got was scroll spammers, that’s it no big issue.
        yes i do agreed they need to fix this issue, the comments is where an anon can post thing. THIS needs to be change to only people with email and account can comment, that was they can ban people if they feel like it.

    2. IKR LOL the trolls here go to a site that they hate and for what, converting people. This is not a church people why are they on a site that about nintendo if they hate it so much? just to called them out as “fanboy” but in reality the person calling someone out is a fanboy because “if they like nintendo then that means they are fanboys…..”logic for trolls.

  2. That bunny is the most misleading logo ever.

    Unless it’s supposed to be Angel (queue the people not understand the reference)

  3. sony is selling its building in ny cause they are going broke trying to compete with ms its pretty funny… didnt sony lose like 3.5 billion a few years ago? lol sony haha

    1. Dont bring sony into a nintendo form it only attracts trolls. & If you knew anything you’d know that they actually now making a profit again. & They earned money by selling that building because they bought it for much cheaper a while ago :)

  4. Wait, so no limited Edition Package for Pandora’s Tower?? I’ve been waiting for this game for ever. I’m just gonna play it on my Wii U. I just hope there’s a limited Edition package for the first edition of the game. North America got SCREWED on this one. Oh well, gives me more money to pay my Pikmin 3 and BAYONETTA 2 preorders (Rage Trolls, I shall fuel you. Get mad that Sony and Microsoft said no to your beloved Bayonetta, now she is OURS!)

    1. You can have that crap bayonetta and your crap mario we will keep god of war and uncharted and the rest if the games that matter to everyone with a brain.

      1. I Love Uncharted! <3

        Wasn't a fan of God of War though, never appealed to me. Heck, I'd rate Bayonetta better than it, and I didn't exactly like Bayonetta.

      2. You know, at SonyWonders theres a electronic time line exhibit and guess what? They also showcase the NES and the Game Boy
        Furthermore, there’s a placard of Super Mario and guess what it says? “1981 SUPER MARIO BROS REVOLUTIONIZED THE GAMING INDUSTRY”. Yea you read that tigh. So next time when you say that that mario is crappy and that sony is. uber great o Nintendo. remember what you just learned. Don’t believe. me? go to NY and see for yourself. If I could post pictures, then you could see the placard.

  5. That’s the stupidest comment ever there is no proof video games cause kids to shoot since playstation and xbox are so popular (when Nintendo isn’t). That if it cause kids to shoot people there would be a lot more shootings if they cause it

    I don’t go around saying Nintendo causes kids to be in special education there is no proof of that. It could be that special education students just prefer Nintendo because it is for people with lower iqs

            1. I’d class myself as a Nintendo fan, but I’d rather see myself give up gaming altogether than be classed together with N Runs It

                  1. ty jellybean i own every console todate almost btw … one for each dead child im guessing lol thats funny haha .fixed

              1. I’m a Nintendo fan but (I prefer my ps3 over my wii) but I would gladly side with you on this Amy, if it means keeping away from the opinion of that repulsive arse N runs it.
                Trust me no one, Nintendo fan or otherwise will go to the extremes of N runs it .

              2. *sigh* No, it’s just what happens when you buy an idiot a $300 console and don’t put parental controls on it, so the kid starts spreading his bullshit for everyone to see.

        1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the comment section is pretty much screwed. There has been more comments on this post about the school shooting than the actual article. And to make it worse, most of them are N Runs It supporting it.

    1. limited edition shit is killing video games what kinda asshole goes out and pays 200 for a game that comes in a oversized box filled with toys and papers… assholes do.

    2. This is getting ridiculous.
      Trolls like Amy and Neutron on one side and fanboys like Unation and N RUNS IT on the other. Sly cooper lust man is on his own planet.
      Sickr do you have the power to block certain people from commenting or making it so that you have to sign in to comment?

      1. I totally agree! This is so Stupid, this news is for fans of Nintendo and people who wanna get news for future Wii U/3DS games and what not. People need to quit and let the Nintendo community talk amongst themselves. I still get my news here, but I just ignore the comments 90% of the time now.

      2. It really it rediculous -_- I’m sure something could be done… I mean, seriously, I’ve NEVER seen a comment section that was this messed up! It kinda ruins it for the people who just want to have a nice, civilized, conversation that actually has to do with the news story… ._.

        1. If they can somehow find a way to ban I think just actually 5-6 people, everything will be fine and the comment section will get better. But N Runs it Has taken it way too far. Of course there will be some arguments on here (That’s life, it happens) But N Runs It is just disgraceful.

          1. I know… I mean, I have no problems with debates when they conducted in a mature way with actual valid points instead of just a bunch of cussing and closed-minded statements, but this is just appalling. And yes, N Runs It went wayyyyy too far… his last few comments especially make me sick.

          2. I agree completely. I’ve never seen a comments section so filled with fanboys, trolls, elitists, and spammers. It seems like every second article a new clown shows up to stir up trouble.

    3. awww people are up set about dead 6year olds? why fuck them dumb fuckers should learn to move quicker when bullets start flying

    4. I stopped buying from Gamestop once I found the offers Best Buy and Amazon give. Got $34 when I traded in my PS3 Skyrim, Gamestop only offered me $15.

      1. I know what you mean. People like Bill, Amy, and Neutron may be annoying, but are just pathetic, sometimes amusings trolls who don’t really harm anyone.

        The Nintendo fanboys on the otherhand… Absolutely repulsive. People like Unation and Nintenlord wishing that people get cancer or raped because they have a different opinion on video games? Very pathetic and quite disturbing actually. And this N Runs It creep, is the worst. Saying the kids who got shot in a tragedy should have been playing Brain Age? I like to see him say that to the parents of the victims.

        1. There’s people on both sides, pro and con Nintendo who really need to learn to grow up. N Runs It should definitely not be on here.

        2. Some of the perverted insults written as well are disgusting. Telling people to suck bleeding vagina’s for example (We all know who says that). Who in there right mind thinks that is mature and appropriate? But yes, I’d love to see N Runs It say what he is saying now in real life, he’d be beaten to death ten times over.

    5. relax people they in a better place.. well mentally.. technically they are in the ground feeding worms and leaking into the earths soil… lifes a cycle. game on to my hardcore gamers.

    6. Where the HELL are all of these lowlife trolls coming from suddenly? There seems to be more & more popping up on this site (unless it’s all the same loser with no life, and they have multiple names)? I’m sick to death of reading comments and seeing nothing but retarded Nintendo bashing and childish name calling instead of the comments that has something to do with the article. They’re like germs that need to be disinfected. If I made my own Nintendo site, I would prevent these type of losers from doing what they do on here.

      1. They are probably one or two people with diferent names and they come on here and play around with a variety of personalities. I would know cause I am always changin my name and becoming one profile after te next! ;) It is the reactions of other people that keep them coming back… hope you know that.

    7. its great i hit my gamepad home button hit the browser read a lil say a lil then boom right back to my game wii u is amazing

    8. oh well. was bound to happen. all I care about is that I can still play wii games on the wiiu so pandoras tower will be played and beaten.

    9. Guys! Can we please just enjoy the news? Jesus Christ! Sure the Wii’s life is over but, that doesn’t mean anything. Can’t wait to see the Wii U in about 2 years, that would be great.

    10. Wow, I didn’t buy the Wii U just for the Wii U games. I wanted to play My Wii Games since I couldn’t buy the Wii before. This doesn’t affect me, though. Since I don’t buy the games from Gamestop anymore.

    11. This site is a damn cesspool for idiots, trolls, racists, spammers, and no-lifes. This place needs accounts so we can designate said idiots and dispose of them. On-topic(not like anyone remembers what it was anymore) I’m perfectly fine with this. Wii is dead. They need to move on.

    12. Sickr And Alba need to just take away the comment section, I. want to see sensible comments not stupid illogical remarks, trolls, and dirty-mouthed fanboys.

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