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Producer Says Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror of Fate Will Take 16 Hours To Complete

Castlevania_Lords_of_Shadow_Mirror_of_Fate_european_box_artCastlevania: Lords of Shadow series producer Dave Cox says it will take the average gamer 16 hours to finish his or her first play-through of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror Fate. And, according to Cox, it will take the average player about 20 hours to collect everything in the action-adventure game. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror Fate is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, and it launches on March 5th in North America and March 8th in Europe.

“Average first play thru is 16 hours. If you want to collect everything 100%? its longer, second play thru are around 12 hours. It’s more around 20 hours to get everything for an average player.”

-Dave Cox shared with a fan on Twitter


    1. 60 for me… I like to go really slow and enjoying while I check other things without pausing my game. :p

  1. Why isn’t Lords of shadows coming to the wiiu? But it will be on PS3 who has a better consoles people?

    1. They said they will be in the future. Just not with games that were already in development before dev. kits were available for the wii u. :)

    2. Game development is not as easy as saying “Hey let’s check off that box so that when compiled, it comes out on Wii U too!” A port can take months, maybe even a few years, to transfer the code and debug everything and ensure the quality is high.

      1. It’s true it isn’t very long. But unfortunately Nintendo do games usually are very short I don’t know about zelda but other m only took ten hours to complete.

      2. Well yeah they are short, but some games have added replay value, like pokemon or Kid Icarus. I’ve pumped 4000+ hours into the pokemon series for example. (Yes I’m a massive pokemon fan :P )

      3. humanity is a joke this planet is dead we the people are the last virus… dr mario style bitches

      4. What are you talking about? most nintendo games are longer than the average western AAA game

      5. 10 hours isnt short.
        3 hours is short.

        Other M and the Prime series were around 20 hours if you go everything, but the thing with Metroid is it can be speed runned.
        My first playthrough of Prime 3 was about 16 hours, my most recent was about 8. The fastest is about 2 :|

    1. So? Games dont have to be 40-50+ hours, some game are better to be shorter, alot of games drag on, it’s better to show all the good ideas you have, and end it before anything gets stale.
      Not that ive ever felt like that with any Zelda game, except Skyward Sword, and Spirit Tracks, but still

  2. Sweet, so this one sounds like it’ll have tons of collectible things and not just new combos to find for your “whip”.
    I feel that was what kinda pushed me away from the original Lords of Shadow.
    Well, that and the DLC holding back a lot of the storyline that should have been included initially, but I digress; the first game was all about upgrading the whip combos for me, and that got stale pretty fast, so I’m glad to hear that it sounds like Mirror of Fate will have tons more than just that to hunt down.

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