Konami Explains Why Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate Is Exclusive To Nintendo 3DS

In an interview with The Gamers Hub, Konami revealed why Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate is exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS. Konami considered a handheld version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and, after looking at the available formats, including the PlayStation Vita, the publisher decided the Nintendo 3DS was the most exciting technology, because it was possible to apply 3D effects to the upcoming side-scroller.

Konami explained that the game is called ‘Mirror of Fate’ because the mirror plays an important part in the game; characters must make choices to determine their fates and the mirror will reveal  a character’s “ultimate destiny.” Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate will be released in March at retailers and in the Nintendo eShop.

Why did you choose the Nintendo 3DS for Mirror Of Fate? Who approached who or was it simply something you guys were intrigued by from a development standpoint?

We were asked to consider a handheld version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and we looked at the available formats and decided 3DS was the most exciting technology for us to bring a 2.5D side scrolling game using 3D assets.

Why is it called Mirror Of Fate?

The Mirror of Fate appeared in the original game, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. You might remember Pan stepped through it in Carmilla’s Castle? This mirror plays a central role in the game because each character must make a choice regarding their fate and the mirror is able to show their ultimate destiny.

147 thoughts on “Konami Explains Why Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow – Mirror Of Fate Is Exclusive To Nintendo 3DS”

    1. FIRST

      You didn’t spell it right so it doesn’t count.

      Come on if you are going to play the stupid game at least do it right.

          1. Actually he stated he owns all consoles and pc. So not rly a fanboy if u ask me…people keep using fanboy without actually knowing the definition of it…

              1. hey raskens… wheres Nintendo New IPs?

                O wait.. prob av to wait another year just like Wii Nintendo first party games….sigh

                  1. umm sure, gamecube, ps3 n Vita. GC had Smash Bros. Melee. PS3 had Resistance: Fall of Man, and like it or not Uncharted was a AAA vita game and is well on it’s way to be the first million selling vita game

            1. Super Castlevabnia 4 was too easy. Whipping in 8 directions just made the game too easy. Castlevania 3 will remain the hardest Castlevania game ever.

    1. Ironically u come across as the fanboy. Don’t come moaning if aeolus appears again…you fanboys rly do ask for it sometimes. Just don’t talk about him!!

      1. I’ll be here anyway.

        Wow, what a bunch of lazy developers. Isn’t this supposed to be a sequel? Looks like they didn’t want to put effort on a proper HD console like the PS3. If they’re desperate for 3D, just add 3D support to it, for crying out loud.

        The 3DS game looks like a PSP game with a load of shader bloom to hide how bad it actually looks. Not even a Vita version? Konami are slowly losing their relevance.

        1. ps3 and vita are shitty consoles who wants to put good games on shitty consoles shut the fuck up and get out and since konami are making bad games dont buy any of their games

            1. I dont give a fuck what ever you call me and my religion is none of your bussiness so get the fuck off and go play ur shitty uncharted

              1. LOL actually I am playing XENOBLADE IN 1080P

                o wait… 1080p means nothing to you SD LOVER ;p have fun with your SD wii Visuals and INFERIOR hardware

                1. wii u will rape ps4 and next gen xbox their hardware will be inferior maybe sony and xbox should cancel there console quit the console industry and be like sega WII U will use ATI Radeon HD 4k whereas ps4 and next gen xbox will use AMD Radeon HD 6k which will be shit compared to wii u’s go search the specs use ur brain then come back

                    1. rumored by ign from a good source sorry trying best to ignore retards because i try not to argue with idiots because they will lower me down to their level and beat my by experience

    1. Oh gee maybe because development started long before the announcement of the Wii U?

      Anyway who to say it won’t get ported over later down the line or the Wii U will get an exclusive Castlevania game.

    2. .. i have not a clue. so anyway, this game seems fun. i mean; cdosorrow and poruin for ds were gnarly. this game looks perdy cool actually, i wouldn’t mind keeping this. the last console version i played on ps2 was so digressing but im open-minded 2 the point where i get careless sometimes.. u only live once. am i right, am i right? … unless your panther from starfox:: panther “u must have a deathwish, to anger me bird” -_-

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        If you cant accept a lackluster console life then man you are indenial. WiiU looks better already but for how long?

        1. wii was disaster ? ur fucking retarded the wii console sold 95.85 million whereas sony and microsoft sold under 70 million i maybe you should learn to think before u type

          1. FACEPALM!!!!!!!!


            I quote

            Wii was a disaster. Not for Nintendo or their shareholders who are laughing to the bank… but a disaster for US the CONSUMER

            I SAID Nintendo made HUGE profits which IS GREAT for them and the shareholders… most of it coming from CASUALS who dont give a shit about GAMING like u and me. HOWEVER… the wii was inferior in terms of specs and LOST THIRD PARTY SUPPORT and therefore Nintendo fanboys such as yourself missed out on great games. Yes there are games that are not SHOOTERS..

            Typical Fanboy…. ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT SALES

            what happened with the Gamecube which was actually quite strong at the time? NO THIRD PARTY and SHIT SALES. Great first party games but NOTHING MORE

            N64…. NO THIRD PARTY despite being 64 bit and sony 32 bit. SHIT SALES FROM NINTENDO despite having some of the best games ever made

            Get your head out of the sand and look at the list on a previous article…MOST OF IT IS SHOVELWARE DANCING GAMES with the excpetion of Last Story… which is ALREADY OUT IN EUROPE… and the americans had to beg to Nintendo… the greatest company in the world /Sarcasm

            What a fanboy you truly are!


              And Wii’s online system WAS SHIT! with exception of MH and Mario Kart, Brawls online was a joke for a good 3 yrs. now its better but still a joke

              yeah best console this gen…Being a Nintendo fanboy sucks eh?

                1. Wii was inferior indeed, but Nintendo started to lose third party support since the N64. It’s funny the N64 had cutting edge specs for its time and it still came 2nd after the PlayStation. The PS2 was weaker than GameCube nad Xbox, yet it manage to sell better. I just want a powerful console that can sell.

                    1. I understand why GC didn’t sell, but what about Xbox? It had great online, it had Halo, it had great specs, it had third party support. Why it ended up selling as bad as the GC?

            2. sorry this is what it looks to me


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              1. Can you tell me what is so wrong with being a fan boy
                maby you are misled to be-leave that a fanboy means that they would have sex with who ever there a fanboy for (in a sense)
                but that’s not true
                a fanboy is someone who likes something and supports it
                and yes you are very bias just because you have a Wii doesn’t mean your not!
                Thats like saying you live in the US, you hate it and like say…. Germany because the Govt in the US is bad, that makes you bias because you are unwilling to look at the good things, and focus on the bad

                1. actually im not missing out on most third party multiplats i nearly own them all ive told u this more than once use ur brain or what ever is in ur head then type

        2. “Look at the list above this article” I think you’re on the wrong article buddy… and if you’re refering to the OTHER list that had the new wii games, that’s because the Wii U is coming out, so of course there aren’t gonna be that many wii games. How many triple A Xbox exclusive games were coming out around the date of the 360? I have nothing against other consoles but you take fanboyism to a new level. You’ve been saying comments like “I own all consoles I’m not biased,” but judging from this comment, you just seem like a blatant Nintendo hater. I also love how you call people fanboys just when they state their own opinions (you called someone a Nintendo fanboy just for saying they liked the graphics of the new Adventure time game). There’s nothing wrong with hating Nintendo but keep your opinions to yourself. (And yes I know I’ll sound like a fanboy but I couldn’t resist…”u got some great first party games… what about the rest?” Tatsunoko vs Capcom, No More Heroes 1+2, Monster Hunter Tri, Zack and Wiki, to name a few).

          1. And before you say “You just called me a fanboy!” think about this: you’ve been on every recent article on this site, starting arguments with people who like Nintendo games, telling them “they suck” and stuff like that. I’m sorry but how are you not a fanboy?

            1. Well a fanboy by definition OWNS one console and praises that particular company. H I never praised any console. and if u read my comments I praise certain games such as xenoblade, donkey kong.

              Ahmed however said WiiU tech specs will destroy next gen and they should quit… that shows he only likes Nintendo and is a FANBOY. No one else would say that. I think you better tell the Nintendo fanboys to shut up or they will attract Trolls. NO ONE LIKES A FANBOY. I appear to be aggressive because they are pathetic and trust me… more trolls will come.

              Regarding your list of games. They dont appeal to me, monster hunter was overrated IMO. I much prefer story RPGS than hunting.

              How can I hate Nintendo If I buy their games and consoles? I use an emulator to play them in 1080p like how they should of been shown in 2006 but nope Wii was cheaply made hence the low price point. Nintendo made terrible decisions and still do today especially at E3. Should i be happy? NO because I am not a fanboy who brushes it all under the carpet.I tell it HOW it is. Afterall… the customer is ALWAYS right. I am sick and tired of the company I grew up with and loved abandoning the hardcore gamer. It HURTS ME a veteran gamer! Luckily I broke from that mould and buy great THIRD PARTY GAMES. If wiiU can secure ALL OR MOST of the multiplats. Then the Nintendo I love is back.. until then they are a joke. Sorry had to be said

              Also everyone outside of Nintendo Fanboys HATE the sales argument… oh Wii sold the most… Someone needs to remind them that GC and N64 sold poorly compared to Sony and thats due to NO CASUALS at the time and also LACK OF 3RD OF PARTY due to tech limitations. Also the only people happy when it comes to sales are Nintendo and their shareholders. NOT THE CONSUMER.

              And I say they suck cos they do… rehashes of dancing games. DO YOU LIKE THEM? NOONE DOES AND YOU COULD feel the awkwardness at E3 when Sing came up. No one CARES apart from CASUALS who moved on anyway to smart phones and tablets.

              1. I have to agree. I do want the Wii U to have tons of third party games. The only thing Wii U needs are good specs.

              2. lol by ur definity is somone who owns only one console and praises it i own more than just nintendo consoles and i dont always just praise nintendo why are u mostly wrong at times plz just leave noone wants u here

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        3. The one that prefer to play on a system where CoD is the best selling game has spoken. All hail PS3 and X-box 360.

          PS3 and 360 has crappier best selling titles.

    1. That sounds logical.

      Why spend thousands of more dollars when you can make a game just as fun on a growing system? That’s what I’d do.

      1. after the CONSUMER failure of the Wii… i dont blame them. 3ds is doing well atm so they can see money being made. When WiiU does well… (probably not) then they might PORT it over from CURRENT gen systems… time will tell

          1. To emphasize a point. In case you miss it. Nintendo fanboys have a habit of missing out words and twisting what I say ;)

            1. Looks who’s talking. I can say everything, even Aeolus is the best and smartest and most handsome man in the world, but all you’ll read is “I only like Nintendo systems, and is therefore retarded”.

        1. I love how you assume the Wii U won’t do well. How about you wait a couple of months after its out and THEN decide whether or not it’s “doomed”

      2. This type of game belong on my new Samsung HDTV, not on a standard def, lower than PSP resolution screen in “3D”.

        1. But at what cost to the developers? That’s what I’m saying.

          And please, only the actual Aeolus reply. I want to have an actual intelligent conversation. :/

          1. I am the real Aeolus. Always remember I am the blue avatar.

            on topic: The 3ds is very easy to create gamesfor. WiiU is too risky because wiiU is trying to go for the core market when Nintendo went 100% casual. Even Skyward sword was casual with Fi helping u with obvious hints.

            I think Konami like most other devs are waiting to see results before they jump in. They prob regret making run down ports for the Wii.

            1. I know it’s the actual Aeolus when he capitalizes his sentences and uses “you” instead of “u”. :P

              But you do put up an intelligent argument, which I appreciate. It very well may be the Wii U’s case, Ninty’s E3 was met with mixed reception. Many of the games shown seemed like Nintendo wanted to prove that they still wanted to cater to the casual audience (even though casuals don’t watch E3). To be fair, there were some core games (pikmin could honestly go either way, ZombiU was awesome). The rest were ports (which I’m not complaining about, AC3 looked slightly better than the PS3 version in a comparison video. The more 3rd party the better). There are apparently also a handful of unannounced games according to Nintendo power’s editor. I can see why they might be holding back though.

              1. Thanks James, apologies if I came across as a vicious Troll. I am not. I am just sick to fucking death with fanboys.

                Anyway yeah wiiU is not looking too bad. Pikmin is very niche. ZombiU looks interesting but So was redsteel and look wat happened with that. Crap.

                I own all 3 consoles so theres not much for me since I already have batman and ME3. Yep there will be an announement. I will be impressed if Watchdogs will be one of them, it should be if current gen can run it.

                Matter of time now…I am still pissed at Nintendo but allowing the core gamer to play with the traditional controller and not waggling like a manic is a good move. Finally! ;)

                1. I unfortunately agree, there are many fanboys on this site, from both sides of the argument. I hate that word though. Fanboy. People use that word too often in arguments, which usually lead to entire pages of people calling each other names.

                  As for the Wii U, I’m looking forward to it. I’m fairly new to gaming, so I’ve never played pikmin and many other nintendo franchises. My family owns an XBox as well, but we mainly just have call of duty for it (I know, kill me now. :P), so I’m actually happy for all of the ports. I can finally catch up on what I’ve missed, all on a semi-normal controller (the screen doesn’t bother me, it has all of the things a normal controller has). Plus, it has better graphics. :D

                  I do think nintendo has screwed up in the past, but they’re obviously trying to fix it. The online is also supposed to be good, too. Can’t wait. :D

            2. Leave skyward sword out of ur comments. Best game Wii has… Took over 60 hrs of my life and still continues to be challenging even with fi…

              1. Going to be fair now: Skyward Sword was pretty easy if you compare with other Zelda games. The puzzles are pretty easy compared to many other Zelda games (like OoT water temple and MMs time based sidequests). But still a really good game. Would not go so far as calling it the absolute best one though.

                1. Since when have Zelda games been difficult? The only difficult ones are on the NES and I hardly found Skyward Sword easier than any other 3D Zelda with the exception of Majora’s Mask.

          2. Cost should not be getting in the way of a sequel that initially appeared on a HD platform…

            It makes as much “sense” as MML3 being 3DS exclusive, rather than appearing on consoles like it was at birth.

            1. Good point, I wasn’t aware it originally on HD platforms. I have no other ideas why other than that, other than what was mentioned on the article.
              We may never know. :P

    1. Completely falls apart in logic when the PS3 is at 65 million units sold worldwide and the 3DS only really sells “well” in Japan.

  2. Allright guys, I fucking told you this would happen. If you have TWO half page posts about Aeolus, he’s not going to leave, more of them are just going to show up.

    Actually ROLL CALL, every Aeolus on this site respond to this message saying “here” :p

  3. Good to see a classic Castlevania game like the original rathee than the Metroidvania style.
    Fucking medusa heads….

    1. Does seem odd, maybe they’ll change their minds, or release 1 + 2 later on. Either way i have a ps3 so i still get to play it, the trailer was fucking incredible, best one this year

  4. Well as long as they release a side-scroller, I’m good. But I have been comfortable having Castlevania on the DS. So great choice on putting on the 3DS….for my preferences.

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