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Last Day To Download Discounted Mighty Switch Force!

Today is the last day to download WayForward’s Mighty Switch Force! for a discount from the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo 3DS. The title’s regular price is $5.99, but North American 3DS users can download it for $2.99 until 9 p.m. PST. If you haven’t already done so, will you be downloading the game or are you waiting for Mighty Switch Force HD for Wii U?

22 thoughts on “Last Day To Download Discounted Mighty Switch Force!”

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  1. Before anyone says anything, please ignore all of those fake Aeolus’s. No matter how mad they make you, just let it slide. You guys know most of them can’t even keep up an intelligent argument, so why reply to them and waste everyone’s time encouraging them to post more?

    And Sickr/Alba, I hope you’re considering a new form of account systems or something. The current account system is apparently extremely easy to bypass if you’ve been banned. The comments portion of this site is getting completely ruined because of it. At least consider more mods? Some of the regulars as mods could really help the situation. :)

      1. Good attitude to have Alba… just brush it under the carpet ;) Reminds me when Nintendo make a mistake and fanboys just forgive them just like that and pretend nothing happened!


        1. I think this is the reason why people here aren’t taking you seriously: because you just keep mindlessly insulting everyone every chance you get. You keep calling people fangirls and stuff like that it makes everyone just pass you off as another troll. On a side note, what are your thoughts on the 3DS? The online has improved, third party has improved, and Nintendo overall is starting to move away from the “family crowd.”

      2. Of course. That was half of the point of my entire comment.

        It just kinda saddens me seeing the entire comments section filled with needless arguments. It doesn’t seem necessary in my eyes.

      3. Then you might as well get rid of the comment section becuase people will never ignore him. In almost all the articles I’d say only about 10% of the comments are actually about the article and the other 90% are just the same bunch of idiots fighting eachother.

      1. I don’t really see how these posts are biased. It’s not like he posts things like “Wii U is a bajillion times better that STOOPID GAYSTATION.” All the people here do is just post news of new Nintendo stuff, even when other companies bad mouth Nintendo. It’s called Nintendo News for a reason.

        1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! What articles like 3ds DESTROYS VITA even though vita was only 10k units behind 3ds?

          give me a break! Alba is as biased as the fanboys on this site.

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