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Project X Zone Coming To North America And Europe This Summer


Namco Bandai has announced that its all-star-brawler Project X Zone will be coming to North America and Europe sometime this summer. Project X Zone was released in Japan last October and features a massive 200 characters across 29 different franchises. The game has been developed by Sega, Namco-Bandai, Capcom, and Monolith Soft.

127 thoughts on “Project X Zone Coming To North America And Europe This Summer”

  1. Yes!!!!!! YES YES YES YES!!! Been wanting this so bad. All we need now is E.X troopers and Bravely default and Dragon quest 7(which I’m sure will be localized , especially bravely default) and the 3DS Has the Ultra 2013 line up. And obviously were in january so TONS more games will be announced for 3DS this year , to add to the 2013 list.

    Luigi’s Mansion Dark moon
    Animal Crossing new leaf
    Castlevania MoF
    Monster Hunter Ultimate
    Fire emblem Awakening <—- this
    Etrian Odyssey 4
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
    Pokemon X and Y
    Project X Zone
    And many others .

    1. I don’t even want to think of what Nintendo will announce at either the next Nintendo direct or e3 for the 3ds.

          1. I dunno but I’ll take either or Both. In the 3DS’s lifetime I think you will see both. Majora’s mask 3D with a master quest version. And an all new Zelda 3DS game or even 2.

          2. Nintendo already said that if a Majoras Mask was to be remade for the 3DS that it would come AFTER a brand new Zelda game for the 3DS cause they don’t want people thinking the 3DS is mostly remakes.

            1. Amaya-Chan (

              That’s a good plan. There does need to be a new zelda to even out the remakes and the completely new titles right now.

          3. Amaya-Chan (

            I’m kinda hoping for a Link to the Past because I grew up with that game and because it would be a big step from 16 bit and a whole new experience. Majora’s Mask would be good too though!

        1. Last E3 the new Zelda game for the 3DS was supposed to be shown much like Retro Studios Wii U game but for whatever reason they weren’t. This E3 we will see both Retros game aka Starfox HD and the new Zelda for the 3DS. Metroid for 3DS? Unless its a Metroid Prime Hunters 2 it ain’t happening. 1 thing is certain this E3 Nintendo is going to be all about the games lol.

            1. Proof about what? Retro Studios game being showed last E3? Yah its called Thats why Nintendoland went on longer then was planned and the dude on stage was constantly like uhh….wtf am I supposed to say. It was confirmed Retro pulled out at the last minute. As for the Zelda 3DS game I cant recall if it was Reggie in an interview or a Nintendo executive. When it comes to Nintendo stuff I am wrong 1 time per gen. You can either trust me and get excited or you can not trust me and eventually it will be proven to you and you will say well I’ll be damned…he was right again.

        2. 3D Zelda? yes please ive been craving zelda since 2009’s Spirit Tracks, i picked up ocarina of time 3d but i already played to death on the N64 (literally) so i dont count it as a new game, though i thorougghly enjoyed it, i also hope zelda 3d has a more console vibe to it… :)

          1. Exactly , I’ve spent well over a thousand hours of my life playing Zelda games. I spent over a hundred 100%-ing Ocarina 3D and masterquest on 3DS…..

      1. Animal Crossing 3ds release = september 22nd
        New Mario Wii U title in development
        Retro or Team Ninja making new Star Fox or Metroid
        New Zelda 3ds in development
        More Wii U Third party Games coming soon
        New 3ds app
        streaming between 3ds and wii u to be released end of 2013
        New 3ds colour scheme
        more info on pokemon x & y
        New super smash bros wii u teaser trailer to be shown

          1. Amaya-Chan (

            Me too! I’ve watched the Nintendo Presentations every year since 2005! :D I would be soo happy to see a trailer for it!

    2. Fire Emblem…I’ve been hungering for another one since Radiant Dawn (that picture of Ike with Fin brought me to tears ;_;…no more Ike? Unthinkable!)

    1. ”features a massive 200 characters across 29 different franchises. The game has been developed by Sega, Namco-Bandai, Capcom, and Monolith Soft.”

      I ask you one question- Which part of that ^ doesn’t sound interesting ?

        1. Lol well Capcom has their good days…and bad days….and utter shit days. Even Sega has been iffy the past while…They be sneaky I tell yah. But Megaman…so meh.

        2. Yeah because Capcom is the one developing it,and also the fact that they have the crappiest,shittest IP’s ever.Come on,grow up,Nintenlord. Capcom may have been terrible lately but this one is really promising.

                1. Well,i’m not the one who calls people from the internet stupid because they can’t make good jokes.So,it should be me asking you that IF you are 12.

  2. Oh man, I am so excited! The only characters I’ll care to play as are .hack, some “tales” characters, and Shining Force.

      1. I truly missed the Dreamcast… especially games like Soul Calibur 1, the NFL and NBA 2K series, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (Best SF title ever!!!!) and, of course… Space Channel 5. It’s great to see Ulala and the rest of the Sega, Capcom, and Namco-Bandai franchise characters to grace the 3DS and made it an epic hit in Japan.

  3. They forgot to say that they are going to replace Megaman with Zero, because Capcom know who much people out of japan are bored to death with the blue bomber do to the amount of games in wich he has not been on.

  4. FINALLY! FREE AT LAAAAST!! I THOUGHT THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN!!! THANK YOU HARADA!! All of my favorite characters are in this!! (DarkStalkers) Demitri Maximoff, Morrigan Aensland, Jedah Domah, Felicia, Raptor, Hsien Ko, Q-Bee!! (Street Fighter) Chun Li, Juri, Akuma (and a little Ryu >> ) (Virua Fighter) Pai Chan, Akira Yuki (Tekken) Heihachi, Jin Kazama, Xiaoyu (Megaman) Sentinal, Zero, Megaman, Tron Bonne ((I wish Megaman Volnutt was in this D: )) (Devil May Cry) Dante, Lady (Ghouls and Goblins) Red Arremer A.K.A. Firebrand. That’s just some! I CAN’T WAAAAIT!

        1. 1. Not trolling just giving the fats
          2. If was trolling I clearly wouldn’t have failed because you replied
          3. Nintendo is awful

          1. 1.No,you’re giving your opinion!And your giving the fats?What?

            2.Shut up,considering your the one trolling,you shouldn’t be bitchin.

            3.And really,nintendo is awful,show me the ways that they are.

  5. Day 1 purchase. Hopefully Bravely Default will also receive a localization and be released in the United States and Europe.

        1. they worked so hard to make RPG’s a popular genre in america and europe to abandon wen they should be floating in my money right now.
          1 they have a back catalogue that every 1 would kill to play in 3d (ps1 rpgs)
          2 secuels:they have game on ds that version on the big console would make them millions(the world ends whit you)


            Fans: “YES, PLEASE!” :D

            Square-Enix: “OKAY! HERE’S AN iPHONE VERSION!” : D

            Fans: -.-…………………………………….

            1. [revision]


              Fans: “YES, PLEASE!” :D

              Square-Enix: “OKAY! HERE’S AN iPHONE VERSION!” : D

              Fans: -.-…………………………………….

              Square-Enix: “TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL”

  6. This is definitely the best year for the 3DS yet with games like…

    Luigi’s Mansion 2
    Fire Emblem: Awakening
    Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    Pokemon X/Y
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates of Infinity
    Project X Zone
    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    1. they are actualy a couple more big titles that are coming like the new shin megami and others name are hard for me to tipe :)

    2. Amaya-Chan (

      All those games look great! :D Pokemon X and Y is the big one for me! :D My 3DS is gonna be spoiled this year XD

          1. Please,you act as if you never screamed to a vidya game.We all been their.That’s the bonus factor of playing a vidya game B)

  7. Yes!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!! I am going to have an amazing summer this year and this game will be the icing on the cake to play on long road trips.

  8. These sure are great news! And just when I practically gave up on this game being localized! 2013 is starting to look like the best year for the 3DS (for the time being).

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  12. Credible source my ass

    Multiple things:
    1. It’s not a brawler- it’s an SRPG.
    2. It’s apparently quite empty and not very interesting in terms of gameplay.

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