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Atlus And Nintendo’s Wii U Crossover Title Is An RPG

shin_megami_charactersShin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem was revealed during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct online presentation. So far, little is known about the newly announced title; however, we do know that it will feature characters from Atlus’ Shin Megami Tensei series and Nintendo’s Fire Emblem franchise. And although Fire Emblem titles are classified as strategy role-playing games, the crossover will be a role-playing game, according to Index. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem will be released on the Wii U console.

81 thoughts on “Atlus And Nintendo’s Wii U Crossover Title Is An RPG”

            1. Not for disliking a game but for the manner you did it showed your dislike. If you think Fire Emblem and Advance Wars suck, give us some reasons why you think that. Don’t just go around talking out of your ass. Give a decent argument, then you’ll get respect.

            2. im sorry turn based rpgs are for FAGGOTS turn based advance wars is HOLY GREATNESS the only turn based game iv ever enjoyed AMAZING

    1. No, Fire Emblem doesn’t suck. Saying it sucks isn’t accurate since it really doesn’t occupy a space that affects your daily life or present state… by that I mean… “this weather sucks” seems more applicable because it could be ruining your day, or providing you with some sort of discomfort. Having the flu, sucks…not making it to the Super Bowl sucks…

      But games ultimately can’t “suck” unless you are playing it at this very moment, and have feeling of disgust, discomfort or just anger. But if you aren’t playing it, it doesn’t really seem like you can say that it “sucks” more likely, if you played it and had a bad experience, it seems to make more sense to say that “it sucked”. The series as a whole can’t suck because you can’t physically play all of them at the same time,

      You could say it is a bad game, for whatever reason, but ultimately I would say that is pointless. As a series there might be some sub par entries, but as a whole, it continues to receive fairly positive reviews…it really doesn’t solidify what you think about the game… I think it is better to say that you dislike it. Even my friends who don’t like it because they aren’t into the genre, at least have the courtesy to recognize a good mechanic, or story line.

      Also, I am not mad, I get the feeling that you are a psychology major. Or perhaps you are an archaeologist from Mayfair who discovered an strange orb in Africa. Regardless, I appreciate your concern.

    1. Hey hey let’s go kenka suru
      Taisetsu na mono protect my balls!
      Boku ga warui so let’s fighting,
      Let’s fighting love!

  1. There’s no stopping the Nintendo train now…. You can stand on the tracks all you want trolls , but you’re gunna look pretty stupid when the Big N train comes smashing through…

              1. Amaya-Chan (


                Yes, sorry I think yes friends are.energetic???

                Is that what you’re getting at buddy? XD

    1. Persona is somewhat related to Megami Tensei. And by related, I mean it’s just as much related to Shin Megami Tensei as Star Trek Deep Space Nine is related to Star Trek Enterprise.

    1. Amaya-Chan (

      Anata wa totemo rakkidesu! Watashi wa daigaku o sotsugyo suru toki, watashi wa Saitama ken ni idi suru koto o keikaku!! :D

  2. I can’t wait for this game, I love SMT, and Fire Emblem looks pretty great as well.
    Hoping Atlus are in charge of it though. Atlus make great RPGs! Nintendo, not so much…

  3. Wonder if they’re going to announce that the Phoenix Wright/Professor Layton crossover has any mystery and puzzle elements while they’re at it.

  4. I’ve never played any games from either of these series though I am going to try out Fire Emblem Awakening when its released and Shin Megami Tensei is something I’ve never heard of though it does just sound like any other japanese RPG which is not a bad thing of course I love Japanese RPG’s.
    I will proabley pick this game up if I like Fire Emblem, I already like the characters, I think Ike and Lyn are my favourite so far.

  5. YES! I was worried that it would be just another fighting game like Marvel vs. capcom, Thank God it’s not. :P *RPG FTW!!

  6. SMT is hard-core JRPG unlike the Persona.
    (Persona4 is typical JRPG)
    Because i love both title,this news was excited me.(*´∀`)

  7. Im trying to get used to Fire Emblem so I can get the 3ds one. Then THIS gets announced and now I have to catch up on another series. Ive searched up the game and the originals are in japanese so I couldnt even understand if I tried. Hopefully this game doesnt revolve around the other game so that you could understand it if youve just played Fire Emblem.

  8. Sweet, so it’s going to be a normal RPG instead of a Tactics RPG.
    That means I can actually get into it and enjoy it, so long as deaths aren’t permanent!
    Awesome news. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.^_^

  9. This actually IS surprising news, and telling to people who actually know about both series. I’m surprised it’s not a tactical RPG/ S. RPG, so it’ll be interesting in that it’ll represent Fire Emblem in a different way. Maybe it will be an RPG with permanent death, SMT is like that with it’s monsters, so being that way with the regular cast of characters, or maybe the Fire Emblem Characters will offer an incredibly difficult RPG!

    I guess that is Okay, although it makes me more curious as to how they will do this (like I implied with FE characters replacing the monsters?), I just hope it’s not a first Person Dungeon Crawl RPG. I’m not the biggest fan of that aspect for SMT. (Which this game implies it’s basing off the mainline since they only showed the main line SMT characters, NOT characters from Persona, Devil Survivor, and the like), but I’ve been wanting to see it more modernized take on that.

    Maybe a Skyrim-ish 1st Person RPG but turn based, cinematic, and with Party Members in modernized dungeons? It can be really intriguing…. I can’t wait to see what happens! (I especially can’t wait to see the results of the SMT Team and Intelligent Systems, although I thought the former were working on SMT IV, the characters are even in the trailer)

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