Fire Emblem Awakening Could Have Been The Last Fire Emblem Game


In the U.S. alone, Fire Emblem Awakening sold more than 240,000 copies. If the game’s sales were meager, it could have been the very last entry in the Fire Emblem series, according to one of the game’s producers, Hitoshi Yamagami. Fortunately, for fans of the series, Nintendo isn’t retiring Fire Emblem just yet, as Intelligent Systems and Atlus are currently working on a Wii U crossover role-playing game between the Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei worlds.

Hitoshi Yamagami: No doubt. Truth be told, sales are dropping. The sales manager of Nintendo, Mr. Hatano, told us that this could be the last Fire Emblem. Due to this progressive descend on sales, they told us that if the sales of this episode stayed below 250,000 copies, we’d stop working on the saga. I remember when I came back from the meeting and told the team “My God, what are we gonna do?! The end has come!”. Our reaction was clear: if this was going to be the last Fire Emblem, we had to put everything we always wanted to include. That’s how this new project was born!

79 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening Could Have Been The Last Fire Emblem Game”

  1. Never played the series even though I have one in the ambassador program… I’ll try it after I beat Miniish Cap. ( those darn bells!)

    1. Damn! What are you waiting for? Ambassador program was 2 years ago! That FE game that came along made me a fan! That was my first game and had a blast playing it!

  2. First FE I’ve ever played, and It’s AWSESOME! Definitely will be playing future (and past) entries of the series

    1. “Was”. Actually any game series could go away if the sales are low enough. It reminds me of Nintendo in the 90s. It took a letter writing campaign to get them interested in making (what became) Super Metroid.

  3. Holy crap. This is one of those moments when you just have to take in how close a call that was without you knowing. Heck, I remember a couple people saying that because of all the work put into FE: Awakening, they thought it was going to be the last entry in the series…

    At least this was averted, and my eventual hope for an FE4 remake and more original titles isn’t dashed…yet.

      1. hes right, these games dont usually sell this well,. it just shows when nintendo actually shows awareness of titles like these. like in nintendo directs, people oh this games looks good, looks at reviews then buys it. xenoblade in the us could have easily sold more than.5m if they printed more and that was with out most people even knowing that it existed!!!!

        1. Doesn’t help that the NA market is mostly a shooter/sports kind of gamer. Shame games like FE:A (the game that finally broke me into getting a 3DS) don’t get the right type of marketing done to promote it.

  4. Fuck sake, fuck you western games…..
    Game like this get cancelled by copies of War Field Battle of Duty Force America go on to sell multi millions, what a fucking joke, keep the public out of our gaming, don’t like Microsoft make the Xbox One be a success or we can kiss gaming goodbye.

  5. My gawd… Thank goodness they made an amazing game! I can’t wait to see what the Wii U crossover has in store! 💋

      1. im going to help you guys out, POIUS thinks that nintendo needs more core games like these, they found a way to advertise with nintendo directs with games like these now. now when i crumble and die when the money wont get to MY game.. shadow of eternals….. tell nintendo about what im going to do to them if they dont fund it!!!!!!!

  6. I wish people weren’t so jaded and learned to try out something new. FE:Awakening is a great game for newcomers and veterans.

  7. I am so glad! The game is BEAUTIFUL. I will play future games for sure. Sad to think it was almost forgotten.

    1. im not really a handheld player, but my brother us and he did buy it so, but anyway is the wii u one going to be a role playing like the tales game or like strategy like the one on 3ds.

      1. They’re REALLY rare to get, but if you stumble upon FE: Path of Radiance (GC) and/or FE: Radiant Dawn (Wii) BUY THEM!!! They’re worth it.

          1. Damn. I managed to get Radiant Dawn from GameStop for $34. Plus, $65 is nothing compared to the prices online.

        1. Oh god I know! I just got them, though it was on Amazon and both are great. I had played Shadow Dragon and that was fun, but the Radiance games were so much better! Great series.

  8. Wow……this is one of the few game series that my best friend loves Nintendo for.
    To think it was a single game away from life and death…..
    Well, I guess that just goes to show that it’s got the life left to keep on expanding.

  9. It’s not selling as well because of lack of ads and this was one if the first higher-quality FE games! I don’t want it to end anytime soon! I at least want HD remakes/reimaginings of the past games.

  10. even for a while, stores were all sold out on this title, and the only way to pick it up was thru the eShop. I just picked up a physical copy recently on Amazon for $30 with prime. Now it’s spiked back up to over retail…$45. And other games on the older platforms are $100+++.,.crazy!

  11. GOD wanted me to read this, I was fire embleming, decided to check mynintendonews and this article was up. Game on gamers game on. Famitsu 40/40. Now that’s gaming.

  12. Bioshock infinite has nothing on this Gem of a game. Chapter 16 and I feel like I have been playing for months. Why did they add DLC to an already gigantic game :).

    1. My god… it’s like he kept his eyes and ears closed for the whole “ONE” reveal and probably the last six years “NINTENDO and SONY also rans next to the 360″ you can definitely argue that the PS3 has passed or will pass the 360 but theres no denying that NINTENDO categoricaly and undisputedly has destroyed the competition this what an XBOXdrONE

  13. It was very smart of them to put casual mode, the difficulty is what turned off a lot of players from getting into the series in the past games.
    So instead of the series ending, we get a crossover with SMT! (still looking forward to getting new info about it)

    Yup, it’s May 23rd and today is his day :)

    1. Oops,off topic: Today is also Shin Megami Tensei IV Japanese release day,can’t wait for the Western release!

  15. I will be really heart broken if they stop make FE games…I have awakening ands it was good you can hear there voices and there were amazing cut scenes.If They keeping doing like they with awakening they will be successful.I Bought a wiiU to play this amazing crossover.

  16. This is definitely one of those “close call”-moments. I’m so happy that I got aware of this amazing game. No doubt that I will be keeping an eye on this series!

    But about this statement. Where is it from? Is it from a interview somewhere?

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