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Nintendo World Store Will Host Animal Crossing: New Leaf Event On June 8th


Nintendo has announced that there will be a “super cool” Animal Crossing: New Leaf event at the Nintendo World Store, which is located in Rockefeller Center, N.Y. The event will take place on Saturday, June 8th, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Animal Crossing: New Leaf will be released in North America on the following day, June 9th.

51 thoughts on “Nintendo World Store Will Host Animal Crossing: New Leaf Event On June 8th”

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  1. There really should be another Nintendo Store here in the west coast, and Europe if there isn’t one already and so other places as well. Why does it have to be in New York only?

    1. Because NY always has to get the good stuff. I’m surprised there isn’t one in the Seattle-Redmon region.

      1. There is no need cause you can go to the headquarters and buy there like in the world satore. In short they have a store inside Nintendo hq.

  2. Every time there’s ANY kind of special event, it’s always at some place that’s thousands of miles away from where I live. I’ve never been able to participate in anything because of this. I wish special events would start coming to smaller towns and cities that don’t usually get any attention.

    1. Well at least this time it’s Animal Crossing and not something cool. All your missing out on is a bunch of kids spreading thier kooo-dees and asking mom and dad for stuff and then throwing a fit when they can’t have said stuff.

      1. Animal Crossing IS cool. That’s why I’m disgusted that these events are never anywhere near where I live.

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          2. Mr. Retro Junkie

            @ FYI,
            There’s nothing wrong with Animal Crossing man. Ever since the first game, I loved that series. It’s peaceful and relaxing, and a nice way to kill time. I love fishing, collecting bugs and fossils, EVERYTHING about it (except Mr. Resetti). Sometimes, playing a game where you don’t have to kill people and fight enemies is a nice change.

            1. I agree, It is great when you can enjoy a game with little to no violence. Animal Crossing though? You are essentially a teddy bear living in a teddy bear village where everything is just wonderfull, except for mean mr rosoto or whatever. It’s a text book childrens adventure…

              1. Don’t talk about something you just don’t know. Obviously yes, children can play this game, but grown can too. It’s peaceful, relaxing and simple, reasons why it IS cool for people who are searching for those things.
                Personally, I love playing AC for that. Grown actually don’t care about the “kiddy side” of the game because we find something else.

                1. Sorry to point out the obvious son but AC doesnt have a “kiddy side” the entire game is for children, a “grown up” playing Animal Crossing is creepy, alright.

    2. I don’t want to be that guy but obviously Nintendo isn’t going to have a special event in a small city or town. Most events are either in California or in New York City lol. The rest of NY which would include me never gets attention either and I can’t go to the city that day. But whatever I doubt this will be to die for.

    1. No they won’t. Only bloggers do. There was a Super Mario 3D Land event in New York and nobody got the game early. Granted, it was on launch day.

  3. geez Nintendo, just open up more Nintendo Stores. I guarantee that will boost up sales on the Wii U.

  4. hey sickr or alba, what ever happened to that one article that had the E3 Nintendo direct structures second part. I remember you took out info because you said it didn’t have enough ground. you should have just left it alone because the rest of the stuff was predictable. those were the real rumors. come on post them as a second article! I want to see what the rumors you thought didn’t have enough ground were.

  5. Here in UAE we buy Nintendo games three or four days earlier. I bought luigis mansion dark moon three days earlier. So, I will buy animal crossing on June 5th or 6th. Lucky me ;D

    1. Is that for real?! It would be cool if I had this opportunity to buy games before their release date. I want you to be like me in America waiting for the games releases date. Your so lucky.

    2. That’s all lies. You just want people’s attention by telling them lies. Hey people! Don’t believe him! He’s a nobody!

      1. No that’s true. There is a store called game street that brings games before their official release date. Don’t believe lies because he’s just jealous <('-'’-‘)>

  6. Unrelated: I seriously can’t wait any longer until the next Nintendo Direct. All this crap and talk about the Xbox One has me eager to see the software Nintendo has up it’s sleaves.

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