Game & Wario Wii U Will Be Released March 28th In Japan


Nintendo of Japan has announced via the Game & Wario website that the Wii U instalment of the fun franchise is heading to Japan on March 28th. The game offers sixteen mini-games, some of which can be played with up to five players. The game uses the Wii U GamePad with no need for additional Wii Remotes. Nintendo of America and Nintendo Europe have yet to confirm a release date for the game.

Thanks, Josh


      1. gees lets see its warioware its on a new console with a new controller did you think it wasn’t gonna try new things? hope that dog dies.


  1. I will still pick this up but so far this doesn’t look as fun as the hilarious wacky microgames of the WarioWare series. With only sixteen mini-games I don’t think this game is worth paying a lot of money for, I would proabley pay around £20.00 to £25.00 on this game.


  2. Why was there no new fotage of this game? They’ve only revealed 8 games, will there be more? I mean, its getting REALLY close to its release, and im slightly worried. im also worried if luigi’s mansion 2 only has 3 mansions…


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