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Trine 2 Patch For Wii U Is Now Live In Europe


Reports are coming in that the patch for Trine 2 is now live for the Wii U in Europe. The developers have been promising to release a patch for quite some time, but they became stuck in the submission process. The patch for Trine 2 corrects the gamma settings, adds German voice acting, adds Wii U pro controller support, and also voice chat options.

9 thoughts on “Trine 2 Patch For Wii U Is Now Live In Europe”

  1. *got excited* *saw its only for Europe* -_-

    Still can’t get my Nano assault neo patch >_< The game never asked me to get it updated. WHY!?!?!

  2. i can`t wait to be able to have the online voice and pro controller support. the game already kicks ass, but omg online voice chat is going to make me want to play online again (stupid newbs)

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