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Wii Fit U To Feature Closed Miiverse Communities

wii_fit_u_gameWith upcoming Wii U exercise game Wii Fit U, Nintendo will be introducing closed Miiverse communities. Nintendo President Satoru Iwata explained yesterday that each user community in Wii Fit U will be assigned a particular ID number, and once a player uses his or her ID number within the game, he or she can access it to see the community in the Miiverse screen. In the closed Miiverse community for the game, users can discuss exercises, BMI, weight changes and other topics related to health, according to Iwata. One Nintendo-developed game that implements community features is Mario Kart 7 for the Nintendo 3DS.

“A specific ID number will be assigned for each user community. Once you use the ID number within Wii Fit U, you can then access it to see the community in the Miiverse screen.”

“You will be able to discuss exercises, BMI or weight changes, and other health topics with other players who you are exercising with to encourage and push each other to achieve your fitness goals.”

-Nintendo President Satoru Iwata

37 thoughts on “Wii Fit U To Feature Closed Miiverse Communities”

      1. Certainly, but there won’t be many. I don’t know if you have Wii U, but Miiverse is moderated very well and those things get nipped in the butt quickly. You honestly think people who spend all that money for the game and board would bother getting banned? Or even better if it’s shared with say their girlfriend or wife? Yeah they would be in trouble with that one.

          1. Overmoderated? What because you can’t write profanities or anything sexually provocative? Gee, what a horrible place and terrible idea. I see plenty of things in drawings and posts with some swearing and plenty of violent drawings that aren’t being removed.

            Honestly, you have to be completely obnoxious in order to have your posts removed. The only way it is overmoderated is in comparison to a website like this with little to no moderation.

            1. It is overly moderated. I got a 2 week ban from being able to post messages on miiverse as well as to friends just cause I said “Shut up” to a troll impersonating Miyamoto. This Saturday my ban is gone big deal though.

          2. I’ve been moderated several times, but I don’t hold a grudge because I prefer the environment Nintendo has provided.

            Maybe it’s a fabricated, controlled utopia, but I like it.

    1. Oh this is about Wii Fit U.
      But still you didnt do a seperate post on the user Miiverse communities, that’s what i was referring to :p

  1. Time to exercise, people! The Biggest Loser: Wii U Edition is here! Jillian Michaels will have her own Miiverse account and will motivate you to lose weight!

  2. I think this is an excellent idea to encourage those to exercise without fear of ridicule. Good for Nintendo and hope it works well with Wii U Fit owners.

  3. I hope we see more of this.
    I love how great the clean Miiverse community is.
    The only downside, is that it’s nice to visit a community you don’t own, to see if you would like to buy it. Hopefully it’s a community within the community.

  4. Amaya-Chan (

    This could be a great way for people to boost their confidence with their exercise routine! But what did it mean about Mario Kart 7?

      1. That’s pretty cool. I wonder if we would be able to create our own communities at some point that we can moderate (assuming it followed specific guidelines of course).

  5. All of this talk about Miiverse sounds like foreign language to me. It never makes any sense. Probably because I don’t own the Wii U yet.

    1. It’s a twitter/facebook hybrid, where you can post in-game screenshots and discuss games with other gamers.

      You can tell if someone has actually played, or if they’re talking bullshit.

      It’s moderated for kids, so no profanity, pictures of penises, etc… Obviously Wii have created out own flavor of swearing in MiiVerse, but overall it’s a clean, bully-free gaming social network.

        1. I’m sorry you don’t have as much fun with it as I do. The pictures are great, yeah?!

          I use Miiverse for assistance on games (I used to hae to go online, but now I get instant feedback from people actually playing the game.) It’s like a free, gaming hotline. Always someone there to help you out.

          I use it to express what I like about a game in a specific area.

          I use it to chat with cool people who share similar tastes in games.

          Again, seeing and submitting pictures is fun also. I am astonished at what I’ve seen done on the gamepad.

          1. It’s also great to get REAL feedback from people who bought the game and played it, BEFORE you buy it.

            I won’t trust reviewers as much anymore, maybe metacritic, but I get game reviews from Miiverse now.

            Granted, you want to ask about the game and read ALL the feedback. Not just the first few people who say “It’s great! Buy it!”. Ask people WHY it’s great, and be detailed. What’s great for them isn’t always great for you.

  6. closed comunitys aka partys so its like your work out class buddy in real life MAKES SENSE two work friends say a cpl of ladys work together in a care home they each go home and join up online in a wii u work out NINTENDO MAKES SENSE YET AGAIN LOVE IT

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