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Wii U Has Sold Over 3 Million Globally


During today’s financial report Nintendo announced that they have sold over three million Wii U consoles globally between launch and the end of 2012. Nintendo said that the Wii U has sold 3.06 million while software sales stand at 11.69 million. We reported earlier that both Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros U have sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

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90 thoughts on “Wii U Has Sold Over 3 Million Globally”

  1. I think that the delayed Pikmin 3 might have had some impact to why it hasn’t sold as good as they wanted to.
    Other than that it’s still a solid number…

        1. Pikmin is popular with a lot of the Nintendo crowd, but it is not going to sell systems like Zelda and Mario does. It is a niche game.

            1. AC is an established franchise that appeals to an awful lot of casuals, females and Nintendo fans alike. Pikmin can not hold a stick up to the success of AC games. If you think Pikmin can sell like AC can, well, more fool you.

                  1. Both pikmin and pikmin 2 were the best sellers on the gamecube. I think pikmin was the top seller actually. I may be wrong though. It’s my favorite series besides smash bros. So Im sure many other people enjoy it as well.

                    1. best sellers? no. (the top 5 best selling games are Melee, Double Dash, Sunshine, Windwaker, and Luigis Mansion)

                      pikmin 1 sold less than 1.7 million on the GCN
                      Pikmin 2 sold less than 1.2

                      Pikmin 1 on the Wii did about 58,000 (yes, thats thousands, not millions)
                      Pikmin 2 on the Wii did about 37,000 (again, thousands)

                1. -sigh-
                  Right, that’s why it had just 2 games released in its life time on the GC that didn’t sell to the masses like the AC series has.
                  It’s not an established franchise like AC that will sell guaranteed millions to casuals and females and young kids.
                  Pikmin is not well-known compared to AC and it will not be selling a crap ton of Wii U units like a Wii U AC game would.

            2. Pikmin isn’t a system seller isn’t the same thing as saying Pikmin isn’t a good game. The first refers to sales which is something factual and the second refers to personal taste which is something subjective.

          1. A lot of the Nintendo crowd haven’t bought a Wii U yet. For me Pikmin is game 1 I want. Once there is a game 2 I will buy a Wii U.

            Ordinarily a Pikmin game doesn’t sell that much, but it’s become one of the highest profile games on the system. I think it will do well.

        1. you have to understand what hes saying though, yes, pikmin is a great series, but it isnt going to push consoles like AC, Zelda, Mario, Kart or Smash.

          ps: e3 was full of gamers. thats why fans cheered, The casual market wouldn’t have reacted the same way.

      1. Wii had a Zelda game at launch?
        I don’t think so, unless you are referring to the gamecube port, Twilight Princess. (Still a great game.)

          1. I love Zelda, and I love werewolves.
            Link+wolf, Loved it!!

            My comment did come across negative, and ai had the GameCube version, so it wasn’t a Wii launch title for me, but I see how it could be considered a Wii Launch Title.

            1. It came out about a month earlier on the Wii and was widely marketed as a Wii game. Almost everyone buying the system at launch bought TP. But since the world was flipped and the game lacks dual analog camera control, Zelda purists now insist on playing the GC version. The game wasn’t optimized for the Wii in the way Skyward Sword was, but I think the “waggle” actually adds a nice visceral feel to it. I’m actually amazed they even released the GC version instead of forcing you to upgrade.

        1. Id still say thats a Zelda game at launch, not alot of people owned a GC.
          And TP is probably the 2nd best one >.<

    1. N0 globaly in the matter of 2.

      It came out on the 18th of novemeber in USA , The 30th of November in Europe and the 8th of December in Japan. So the avergae of those three launch dates means it’s been out for 2 months globaly.

      This is fantastic news for the Wiiu. With Lego City , Rayman Legends , Monster Hunter Ultimate and Aliens colonial Marines , I think Nintendo Might get close to their 5.5M estimate by the end of March.

          1. They slashed their forecast to 4 million. There is no way in hell they’ll get to 5.5 million by march. The holiday season has died down and the coming months are not known for selling a damn thing.

            1. Ahh well , a little over ambitious on Nintendo’s part , they might get close with the release of Lego city , Rayman Legends and Monster Hunter though.

              I think the Wiiu will do well by the end of the year especially with games like Pikmin 3 , Windwaker Reborn , Wonderfull 101 , even games like Wii fit U lol.

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              1. Use google. First result:

                Nintendo aren’t going to have a good Q! or Q2. Games like Lego City, Pikmin, Rayman Legends and Wonderful 101 are not going to help increase sales by much. Monster Hunter is a help, but that’s about the only one that could possibly shift a little more.

                It’s Q3 and Q4 where Nintendo will be a lot stronger, with games like Wind Waker, and whatever else they have planned for then. e.g. Bayonetta 2, Mario Kart, 3D Mario.

                1. I think nintendo is going to have a good 2rd trough 4th because of the games coming up soon and also WW remake is bound to get lots of sales and hopefully by early of next year the new Smash game will release then…… LET THE RIOTS BEGIN! :D

                2. I highly doubt Bayonetta 2 is coming out this year.

                  The Monolith Soft game is about the only one that’s shown real footage, so it can probably make release this holiday with the Mario Kart and 3D Mario they’re rushing out. Wind Waker should be relatively fast to develop, but I don’t imagine they’re far with it yet. Who knows when Retro’s thing will hit.

  2. These are the shipped numbers AKA the numbers that Nintendo has sold to retailers. So not the true sold numbers to consumers which are of much greater importance, and which we’ll be getting tomorrow.

  3. The 3DS had a slow start as well, in part due to a high price point, but also due to the lack of launch games. The Wii U suffers from neither, but rather a lack of understanding on exactly what it is. Several missteps occurred, not the LEAST of which is the horrible marketing campaign.

    However, a wonderful marketing opportunity has arisen in the GamePad in the form of Skylanders Giants, and it involves Pokemon. As almost anyone who has paid attention is aware, the GamePad utilizes NFC chip-reading technology, which is used in certain credit cards in order to save time at the checkout counter by communicating revevant information so that the customer no longer need stand there and swipe, sign, and verify. The Power portal that Skylanders used on the Wii had the same tech. A Pokemon Stadium game, properly executed, which utilized this technology would print money for Nintendo, as well as the company contracted for the figurines. Keeping current third-party policies in place while shoring up the first-party sales would provide a double whammy that would certainly raise the bar for the other companies.

    Just my own speculation, but bound to be more accurate than Pacher, his name be cursed.

    1. Interesting. In the UK the Wii U is expensive and, while it did launch with a bunch of third party games, there’s not a lot to keep it going strongly in the current period.

      1. It’s very disappointing to see the retailers mark up the hardware and games there. $124 more for a deluxe set with current exchange of 1.57933 dollar to pound stirling is ridiculous and that’s not even including taxes. I really feel sorry for you folks over there.

        I recall seeing software sales around similar pricing at £55 or so. To me even $60 retail is a ripoff. Are the UK retailers purposely trying to not only gouge their customers, but also put themselves out of business and hurt Nintendo?

        Yeah the lineup isn’t so hot until March, but this needs to stop. Those retailers and NoE need to get their butts moving that side of the pond.

        1. Nice to hear a bit of sympathy.

          Nintendo aren’t allowed to set RRP prices over here any more, after they were accused in the past of overpricing their products. For whatever reason, however, Nintendo games have always been higher priced than competitor games on PS/Xbox consoles. I don’t know whether, right now, it’s just because the Wii U is a brand new console that they think they can price Wii U games higher than PS3/360 games, but it’s not really helping anybody. More than anything, Nintendo just needs to slash the price of the Wii U itself.

    2. I’d still say it’s suffering from launch titles.
      There isnt a big AAA WiiU game, where as Gamecube has Smash Bros, and Wii has Zelda, WiiU doesnt have anything like that.
      I see people all the time that are just waiting for the next 3D Mario, or Zelda, or Metroid, those 3 are the big pushers, but all the first party titles coming this year will push alot of sales, theres some amazing games coming

  4. Thats pretty good considering Pikmin and Rayman arent even out, i know all of people are waiting for that, myself included. By the end of year, when Mario Kart, Wind Waker, and other titles are out, i wouldnt be surprised if they hit the 10mil mark

      1. ^ yep.
        Gotta respect the Upper management at Nintendo. They take personal responsibility and cut their own pay when the business is hurting.

        That would never happen here in the US, unless a US exec was forced to.

        1. Yeah, i mean i liked Nintendo before, and i always felt like they cared about their consumers, and fans, and doing the Nintendo Direct, and even making an effort to speak a language they dont need to, but when he took that pay cut so no-one else would or no-one would be laid off, massive respect.

          1. Ton of respect. He was basically thinking “Well I’m already rich. What’s a pay cut?” Whereas US CEOs are like “MY MONEY! MINE!! ALL MINE! MINE MINE MINE!! MUAHAHAHAHA!”

      2. You do know what happens to a CEO if they don’t do something drastic right? If Iwata didn’t take the cut chances are he would of been fired by investors. If a business takes heavy losses the first person they ask for a please explain is the CEO, a big mining boss here in Australia had the same thing happen, he got booted out of his job because of it. Iwata was probably saving his own ass more so.

        1. yeah.. no… nintendo may have been losing some money but iwata also brought about the wii which was a huge success for nintendo.. i very much doubt that his position was even remotely at risk at any point in time.. besides ..some people like steve ballmer are still occupying their position despite their many failings

          besides the investors can’t just remove the president without support from the board of directors

  5. Nintendo is doing very well. It’s going to be a slow start with not much software coming in the first 2 months, but it should pick up by March. It will sell steadily until then. Leave luck to heaven.

  6. Smash Bros and Zelda has never been launch games.
    TP doesn’t cpunt cuz it was originally a Gamecube game.
    Further more I do believe Wii U would have sold a couple of hundreds of thousands units more if Pikmin 3 and Rayman were to be finished at launch as they thought at first.
    The 5.5 million estimate was probably done before those 2 games were delayed.

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  9. This is shipped numbers. Not sold numbers. Still, I don’t think the sold numbers are far behind, probably somewhere around 2.5 mil, which isn’t bad for 2 months considering it launched without system pushers. I didn’t think it would sell 5 mil by April though, 4 mil seems more realistic, but there are some serious system pushers coming in March, so it’s going to pick uo after that. Pikmin 3 has been very highly demanded for years, so people are going to buy the system for it. Monster Hunter is also going to push a lot of units, as well as Rayman. From there, it’s a matter of when the new Mario Kart and 3D Mario come, because their other games will still take some time. In any case, Wii U is going to have a slow start, but it’ll catch on. It just needs the system pushers.

  10. Well to be fair, the 3DS had a rough start. Wait until Nintendo releases a ton of great games this year. E3 should be the great equilizer for the system. I am more interested in how many units the Wii U sells after Christmas season of 2013. That’s when we will be able to see if the Wii U will be a success or flop.

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