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Fire Emblem Awakening Could Have Taken Place On Mars

Nintendo has just published the latest English Iwata Asks segment which is focussed solely on Fire Emblem Awakening. One of the interesting excerpts from the article is the development team initially starting proposing that the game should take place on Mars. This idea was obviously discarded, but it didn’t stop the developers chuckling about it. Here’s what they had to say.

Iwata: What kind of proposals were you making?

Yamagami: (laughs) A game called Fire Emblem 2011.

Iwata: 2011?

Higuchi: Yeah. (laughs) We made proposals that were a complete departure from the medieval worldview so far—like Fire Emblem completely in the modern world or the one which has the sense of an fairy tale. But they were too far out, so we couldn’t get started. (laughs)

Iwata: Maeda-san, do you remember what the other suggestions were like?

Maeda: One idea that came up within the team was, well, it was Mars.

Iwata: Mars?!

Maeda: Yeah. Fighting on Mars.

Iwata: Fighting on Mars?!

Kusakihara: Now I know why Yamagami-san was like, “That’s too much!”

Everyone: (laughs loudly)

35 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Awakening Could Have Taken Place On Mars”

        1. I want both. But if Nintendo is being too gay to make a new game , I’ll take an F-zero GX remake or Virtual console release.

          1. Amaya-Chan (

            I’d like a continuation more just to build on the series. Who knows? It’s always a possibility!

      1. Damn, I forgot that these guys work on that franchise too…Advance Wars might be another system seller for the 3DS…

    1. The idea may not work for fire emblem but a advance wars would be great. All the nations united against space invaders and some sweet units using the fire emblem engine.

      1. Amaya-Chan (

        I read the original Megami Tensei novels based off the Famicom game recently and… I guess I could see cyberpunk in the novels since they have digital elements? I guess it could work if it was done well :D

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    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      That would be so awful! xD
      Link gets a bow like Hawkeye’s from the Marvel Universe, grenades instead of bombs, lightsaber-like sword, motorcycle instead of Epona XDDDD

  2. Amaya-Chan (

    OMG I would LOVE a modern Fire Emblem!!! It could have a futuristic, cyberpunk, look! That would be AMAAAZZZIIINNNGGGGG!~

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