The development team behind Wii U exclusive ZombiU have announced that a patch for the game is currently in the works, and they will announce more soon. Although the development team declined to say what the patch fixes, numerous gamers have encountered glitches in the game. As soon as we hear anymore details regarding the patch we will let you know.



        • well bethesda usually has to take care of several platforms.. zombiU is an exclusive.. it shouldn’t take 3 months to come up with a patch for game breaking glitches..

          and if someone else in the industry does it (such as bethesda) that doesn’t make it okay


      • Also say that to owners of Silent Hill HD for the 360. They’re never getting a patch, even though PS3 got one. Nothing quite like “You bought our game but we’re never fixing it for you, even though we’ll fix it for people who bought it on another console.”


        • Actually the Silent Hill issue is a whole other beast. The reason the patch isn’t on the 360 version is due to MS charging developers to upload patches that are bigger than a certain size (I forget the size limit.) The rule is in place so developers don’t half ass the games and actually release a complete game, or else they get charged.

          This is why Skullgirls also didn’t get the patch, it got pulled, and re-released as a whole new game because Konami didn’t want to pay for the patch on the 360, so the developer of Skullgirls and publisher Konami sever ties. Konami pull the game and the developer re-released it as Skullgirls Encore . It’s was a workaround and it worked in favor for the developer since the game was digital, had the game been physical like Silent Hills HD, it wouldn’t had worked.


  1. Now they start to work on the patch….
    I sold this game because I got pretty far into it and then got glitched to where I couldn’t proceed any further. My only option was to start the game over again and I was just like “screw that”.


    • In the Nursery at first. Beware the exploding Zombie in the kitchen after the boss fight. Other glitches include a missing gas can after the Nursery and the Placenta or something going missing.

      Personally I died outside the nursery and my corpse and the medicine were in a place I could not reach. Had to start all over


  2. I must be lucky, because I only had three types of glitches. Once when I was climbing down a ladder the game froze for a few seconds, but it resumed. That only happend to me once. I got stuck in a particular spot twise. I could turn around and attack, but couldn’t walk. The first time I managed to get unstuck someone, the second time I just rebooted the game. And I have seen zombies get stuck too. Nothing game breaking though.

    I’m curious to see what game updates there will be, but now that I have beaten the game, I’ll be taking a break from it until I see what the patch does.


  3. I had to start over from the Nursery glitch and I know many others have as well.

    I think Zombi U is the best Survival Horror game I have played in a long time (not counting Dead Space since you can purchase ammo)

    I absolutely love the atmosphere in Zombi U and the fact that one Zombie can kill you even with full health makes the game so tense. It also has some very scary moments. (Nursery anyone)

    The multiplayer is also a lot of fun. My niece is not very good at FPS games but she can pick up that Gamepad and try to kill me. She loves it and I have a lot of fun as well.

    My only complaint was the game breaking bugs and glitches. I have been posting in Miiverse, the Ubisoft forums, emailing Nintendo and even calling Ubisoft to complain. Finally they are addressing the issue.


  4. I’m mostly hoping they’ll fix that bug where the CCTV says “Oh, you can go here and find this stuff” and yet it’s never there, and it never spawns even when you go up and down the area, picking up EVERYTHING and killing everything.


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