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Gearbox Software Working On A New FPS For Wii U And Unannounced Next-Gen Consoles?

half-life_artAccording to a rumor posted in an IGN board, Half-Life developer Gearbox Software is working on a new first-person shooter, which may be a new IP and is supposedly being developed for Wii U as well as for unannounced next-generation consoles. The rumored game is said to be in its first stages of development, and it is apparently being developed using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4, which is a game engine that Nintendo’s Wii U is capable of running.

170 thoughts on “Gearbox Software Working On A New FPS For Wii U And Unannounced Next-Gen Consoles?”

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        I don’t think there’s anything wrong with first-person shooters, but you’re entitled to your opinion. I think the repetitiveness and lack of innovation in F-P Shooters in the past couple of years kinda killed the genre, including the fact that a ton of “hardcore gamers” think that the best and only game worth playing in the world is CoD.
        But there’s nothing wrong with playing a FPS… You need to be open to different genres.

      2. Actually, you yourself are not a true gamer because you disowned Nintendo. A true gamer would embrace all companies no matter what unless for good reason, looks like the only reason you hate Nintendo is because you are a bandwagoner 10 year old troll still living with mommy dearest.

        GTFO of our gaming community because you don’t belong

        1. Even though you are replying to a troll I still gotta say:

          +infinite, by far the best comment I’ve seen on this site :D

  1. Can it be the rumoured Half-Life 3? Probably not, but I want it to be. Not because I would buy it but because it would finally make all these annoying “Half-Life 3 confirmed” posts stop

      1. gearbox has developed many spin off and ports of the half life franchise.. and valve seems to be caught up in other stuff
        the idea of gearbox developing half life 3 isn’t that far fetched

        we’ll see i guess

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    1. well that the wii U would be able to run UE4 was obvious from the start… unreal engines always had a high level of scalability and the UE3 can even run on mobile devices .. so there’s no reason at all to believe that the wii U wouldn’t be able to run the UE4

      1. i been telling people this all day that wii u can run UE4, but “NOBODY” is using that engine yet.
        dumbass Aeolus read the article and thinks wii u is not next gen cause it can run ue4…..what!??!? i can’t tell if he read it or not but he needs to read the two highlights of the article “CAN RUN ON WII U” & “NOT YET DEVELOP”

        1. You’re as bad as Rey when it comes to pulling things out your ass. Of course Wii U can run UE4, heck my phone will be able to run it, but Epic aren’t supporting it, they said Developers can use it and make games for Wii U using UE4. Aeolus knows that too.

    2. Nobody said it wasn’t capable.

      What they said was the Wii U port will be graphically inferior, as will the features for it.

      Power means more than just graphics; look at Call of Duty on the original Wii as compared to XBOX 360; it’s a laughable port that isn’t even worth the plastic the game is burned onto.

      If games are developed with PS4 and XBOX 720 in mind, and then just ported over to Wii U, then the same thing is likely to happen. Because if the preliminary dev kit specs are any indication (and they are), the XBOX 360 is going to be orders of magnitude more powerful than the Wii U.

      Speculation is, however, that a decent portion of that power will be used towards either Kinect 2 (which nobody even knows what it will be; could be more than just a sensor for hand waving and such), or for rich multimedia support.

      But even still: the power is there and I’m sure it will be possible to forego Kinect 2.0 and use that extra power for a game, should developers be so inclined. And that means games that are bigger, graphically superior, more detailed, more interactive, have better AI, and better audio and special effects than the Wii U will be able to handle. Thus, the result will be a port that, while still playable, is not nearly in line with the quality of it’s big brothers on the Sony & Microsoft consoles.

      Feel free to rage and insult now; it’s a Nintendo website, I expect nothing less :)

      1. although there is no denying the wiiu will be graphically inferior due to its weaker hardware. It wont nearly be anywhere near the same situation it was with the wii and the ps360.

        for starters; the gap in power is much lower this time around. It was about 15 times the last time around, with rumors suggesting its at only about 6 this time around. Big difference.

        secondly,not only was the wii weaker, but was pretty behind in feature set. This is no longer the case. if we are to believe the rumors (just as we are believing the ones about the ps4 and 720). The wiiu has a modern feature set; meaning it can do all the things the ps4 and 720 can do, but to a lesser extent due to its weaker raw power.

        development environments wont be anywhere near as different as they were this last generation.

        and yes, there was a huge difference between the wii version of call of duty and the hd versions. But it wont be that drastic this time around. Not to mention the wiiu would have the edge in terms of controls. Most simply cant go back to the clumsy dual analogue controls after using the wii remote.

        another reason why we may not see as big of a difference in how multiplatform games look is that Nintendo may be able to garner enough units sold to make it worth while for developers to make it the lead development platform, much the way the 360 was this generation.

        When we’re seeing companies like THQ go under…and countless other studios and companies…it is clear that current gen development costs are killing developers and publishers. The next gen is expected to double those costs. Not everyone is going to be able to afford to make games on the next gen that make proper use of the new hardware. All the more reason why it would make sense for 3rd parties to make games on the wiiu and up-port those games the next gen systems, rather than port those games down to fit on the wiiu. Which to some extent handicap the next gen systems from being able to display their truest potential for most multiplatform games.

        if the industry is smart. We should be seeing multiplatform games that are basically 60fps versions of 30fps wiiu games at 1080p rather than 720p….and with more characters on screen as well. If 3rd parties neglect the wiiu and jump all in on the next gen systems. We’re gonna see more companies fold….which will lead to less releases overall…..which benefits nintendo because no other first party develops anywhere near the amount of games nintendo does. You mix that with the fact nintendo is going out of its way to collaborate with 3rd parties with co-developed games using nintendo’s own franchises in some cases. You get a situation where although there is a drought in software now, once its built some momentum, the wiiu is likely to end up with a faster growing library than the other two. need to worry too much about nintendo

        1. Wow, an intelligent reply; colour me surprised.

          Well for starters, you’re wrong about the power gap (presumably, based on known information): There is no source that says the 720/PS4 will only be “6 times more powerful than Wii U”. The only info we have pertaining to the 720’s power, for example, is based solely on the graphics chipset and model (rumoured, although from several reliable sources). Also, the additional info for the 720 is based on specifications of the earliest dev kits. And as any Nintendo fan should know by now: dev kits change, and they change quite often in many cases.

          Also, Wii U’s configuration is dated already. Yes, all consoles are outdated when compared to modern gaming PCs, but I am talking strictly in terms of the projected assets of the current generation of consoles: Wii U is behind. Quite significantly. Essentially, the Wii U would have been considered equal to the 360 if it were released around the same time as the 360, simply because a significant bulk of it’s raw power is devoted to the touchscreen embedded in the GamePad controller. But we’re talking about game performance here; about the look of games, the size of them, etc., and not the console’s ability to power accessories.

          So if one removes the tablet controller, as well as the power required to run said controller, you’re left with a machine that has very little edge over XBOX 360–a console released 7 years ago. And while Wii U can still produce good looking games, games that Nintendo fans were ready for and expecting many years ago, it still is, technically standard speaking, a generation behind. Nintendo’s hope is that the touchscreen is enough of a seller for people to look past that, and they’re also banking on the fact that their established Wii audience is impressed by the leap from the Wii’s capabilities (graphics or otherwise) to the Wii U’s.

          The vast majority of the gaming community–the “hardcore” gamers that really fuel and have been fueling the market–will NOT be impressed by the Wii U. Some might be, and some might give it a chance like I did and quickly get bored of it. But as luke-warm sales figures have already shown, many gamers just don’t care.

          And it’s not just a lack of Call of Duty type “realistic” games, or the fact that Nintendo is synonymous with “childish” or less mature games (although both those things DO play a part), the reality is that the market in most countries has evolved; We no longer are happy with just jumping on goobas and finding triforce pieces; Yes, those are still fun games from time to time, but gaming is getting far more advanced than that, and not just in an uber realism way. Look at Portal, for example: not available on Wii. It’s not a graphically impressive game at all; not really. But it takes a lot of sophisticated programming and thus power to make that game operate the way it does. More than most people would think. So you’d think it would be ideal for the Wii, what with the WiiMote and all. But it just couldn’t handle it. And it’s also not on the Wii U, and likely won’t be.

          Nintendo, on the other hand, is still stuck in their own little Nintendo world. They’re much like SquareEnix right now: they have release crap game after crap game, disappointing fans to no end, and not only that: they won’t give fans the games they actually DO want. Instead they keep taking their fans’ beloved franchises and making them terrible (e.g. Final Fantasy 12, 13, 13-2, etc.). Nintendo is the same: they keep “phoning in” a lot of their ventures. Wii U could have been amazing, even with it’s current specs. All they had to do was release it with at least ONE amazing first party game, have full online support for it and for things like system-wide voice chat, messaging, apps, etc. But they didn’t. Instead, we got a Mario game that could EASILY have been on the original Wii (because it basically was, 2 years before), no online support for the game, something called “MiiVerse” that most people could not give a dried up shit about, no system-wide voice chat OR achievement system (these are frighteningly simple things, things that were pretty much STANDARD years ago), and a WiiSports clone with a Nintendo “theme” to it that just serves as a pandering way to familiarize people with the controller.

          That… is a piss-poor, phoned-in way of launching a console that already needed all the help it could get based on it’s specs and their established “casual” audience from the generation prior. But you can bet your ass that when the 720 debuts, it will have at LEAST one or two blockbuster, “gotta have it” games that every XBOX owner will “need” to have, hardcore player or not. Because the “casual” XBOX gamer still plays games like Halo and Gears of War; they just do so less often than most. The “casual” Nintendo fan consists of someone who bought the Wii for WiiFit or any one of the party/dancing games to entertain themselves while drunk with friends. Those people aren’t going to see Wii U and go, “OH MAN! I GOTTA HAVE PIKIMIN!” And the hardcore gamers of the world aren’t going to go, “OH MAN! LOOK AT THOSE PREVIOUS-GEN GRAPHICS! I GOTTA HAVE ME SOME 2D MARIO WII CLONE!” So what are you left with? Die hard Nintendo fans. That’s about it. And that’s maybe enough to keep the console’s head above water, but it certainly isn’t enough to get developers excited about having to port their games over to it, or having to develop them from day 1 knowing that they can’t go overboard with it because the Wii U can’t handle it.

          So the likely projection is that it will indeed end up like Wii Vs XBOX 360 Vs PS3; the only difference this time is how big of a gap in terms of visuals, polygons/enemies on screen, frame rate, resolution, effects, sound, etc. that there will be. As it stands, just based on dev kits alone, there looks to be a significant difference. It won’t be as plainly evident right away, not just by comparing screens for example. But I can promise you that if you play a hardware-pushing Wii U exclusive game, and then go play a similar type/genre game that pushes the hardware of the 720, differences in art styles aside, the 720 game will be easily more impressive.

          1. “….they have release crap game after crap game, disappointing fans to no end”
            That’s all I needed to read to know you’re a blinded fanboy with a crap argument

          2. well the rumors state that the xbox for example will be about 6 times as powerful as the *current* gen

            seeing as the raw processing power of the wii U is already 3-4 times that of the current gen it makes that gap appear pretty small in comparison to last gen

          3. First off, this is all rumor and speculation, so the idea of me being outright wrong is just, well wrong, as this is all hear say to begin with. Also, the 6 times the power im referring to comes from reliable forum posters known to break down specs and what not. Its based off comparisons between these “early” dev kits for the next gen systems and near final dev kits for the wiiu. And although dev kit specs can and often do change over time; it usually isnt by much and not always for the “better”. For example the wiiu seems to have ended up with a slightly better graphics card if you will, than the rumored dev kits were suggesting, but ended up with a slower processor and a gig less ram than some of the rumors were saying for the dev kits. Meaning the actual specs for these next gen could turn out slightly less than impressive than current dev kit RUMORS suggest. And in case you never heard of this 6 times more powerful thing, i will provide you a link to a rumor that suggests it. Im not saying its 100 percent true, but unless obviously unreliable we cant pick and choose which rumors we listen to


            Im not sure where you’ve heard that the screen on the controller takes a significant chunk of the systems power, but thats not true, or at least i have yet to come across anything that suggests it seriously handicapping the system. Does it require some processing, ofcourse, but its not nearly the handicap your making it out to be. And as far as assets go, you can try and directly compare the if you like, but result is an apples and oranges type thing. Point is the wiiu was designed for modern gaming development. If you compare individual parts it may appear to be in the same league, but when you take into consideration how the system was built, its architecture, and its modern feature set, as opposed to the current gen’s slightly dated feature set, it should be able to take in game performance up a couple notches over the current gen. And just like the launch of any system, you dont get a clue as to the real potential of a system till a year or two in. The wiiu currently only really has rushed ports that were mostly done on non final dev kits (final dev kits were sent out late summer). Basically the time developers need to polish was cut in half in order to work with whatever changes the final dev kits offered them. And that is if they even got a hold of the final ones in time. So dont bother comparing anything in terms of in game performance because it doesnt give you an actual representation of what the system is about.

            again. im calling bull on this idea that only if the wiiu dropped the second screen that it would perform above the current gen. It can already, we just need non rushed ports based on older architecture. Im willing to be these ports didnt really use any of the additional feature sets it has over the current gen. Things that would have helped a great deal in terms of performance. And yes, technically when compared to the specs of the next gen, we can lump the wiiu closer to the current gen. But those are for raw specs and not feature sets. Meaning the development environment should be the same, meaning they will be able to use pretty much all the same engines that the next gen systems can use, and thats huge. That will play a much bigger role than you think. That was essentially the reason it wasnt worth the investment to a lot of 3rd parties to develop on the wii. (or one of their excuses) As for nintendo hoping to impress its wii audience, sure, i can see that. But isnt that the same thing the next gen systems will do? Provide shiny graphics and shallow first person gameplay to entice the ps360 audiences? Everyone is just playing their role.

            Luke warm sales figures? you do realize it has sold more hardware than both the 360 and ps3 did this far into their launch right? Its considered luke warm compared to the wii. And has an attach rate of like 3 games. The problem is that it is selling less than they thought, and unlike the wii, its not selling out. But is still performing better than the 360 and ps3 did during their launch windows, at least as far as systems sold is concerned.

            Ok, this is complete opinion. You may not think much of nintendo’s type of games just as i dont think much of the games found on the ps3 and 360. Personally, i found portal to be cool in concept, and horrifically boring when actually playing it. I think call of duty looks pretty good (could look better), but find it boring and its controls clumsy. I had more fun playing it on the wii due to its controls, but ultimately was still an overall stale experience. Also, the games nintendo does are the games they do, its up to 3rd parties to provide the experiences your looking for, if they arent found on a nintendo console, fine. But its not up to nintendo to make games outside of what they are good at. Just like we dont expect square to make first person shooters, just like we dont expect epic games to make a mario type game. But besides all that, there are just as many people who think the way you think, as there are people who think the way i think. What your saying is no fact, its just opinion. I could shit all over the games you like if i wanted too, and to me, it would be completely true. Who said portal could not be done on the wii? Just like with any other 3rd party game that doesnt make it on the wii, its a matter of whether they are willing to invest and put the resources to make it on the wii. Dont confuse a game not being on the wii with it not being able to handle it. If you doubt the wii’s capabilities in terms of physics then i suggest you look up elebits, bloom bloxs, and mario galaxy. Not saying they are anything out of this world in terms of physics, but neither is portal after having played it.

            again…what you think of those games doesnt mean anything because to many others, the games you think so highly of are crap. Its all opinion. If they arent your kind of games anymore, fine, but dont pretend like they are doing anything different than any other company out there. how many call of duties are there? How many assasins creeds are we gonna see? So nintendo has been able to create timeless franchises, why not continue to use them? And unlike the call of duty series, which is literally the same game entry after entry, they at least try and switch it up with some new mechanics. Also understand that these companies are just giving the gamers what they want. If the audiences were bored of the call of duty series or the mario series, they simply wouldnt purchase them anymore. But these games sell millions, so clearly there are people who value what these games offer, therefore not crap to a lot of people if it can command millions of copies sold.

            despite being wrong with everything else so far. You are right about the launch. Nintendo needed at the very least one of its bigger titles for the launch and not new super mario bros. It needed something on the level of mario galaxy or zelda to launch with at the very least. Im sure the next gen systems will launch with what is considered killer apps. And there is no denying those games will have a broader appeal in terms of casual and hardcore audience. But there could be a situation in which these systems disappoint a lot of people who think the graphics are going to be this incredible difference. Just look at pc games, lets take the best pc games. The graphics are going to be in the same ballpark as the top pc graphics we are seeing now, its just not going to surprise anyone. Look at the samaritan demo, which was running on hardware around 30 times the power of the 360. These next gen systems are gonna be powerful, but with some rumors suggesting anywhere between 4 and 8 times the power of the current gen, it just wont be what people are expecting, especially when you have comments from epic indicating not being pleased with what he’s seeing power wise from the next gen and how they are urging the platform developers to aim even higher in terms of specs. Everyone is expecting samaritan or unreal 4 tech demo graphics, but it just wont be the case. Plus current gen games can look good enough to not require a boost in graphics. The latest metal gear game being worked on is a current gen game, looks fantastic for a game going to appear on the 360 and ps3. It will take much more work to get games to look different enough and superior enough to the best of the current gen to really impress people. With the current costs of development slowly killing companies, the 3rd parties looking to exploit these new specs to the max are going to be few and far between.

            There is no denying that with the hardware of the wiiu and that of the next gen that games built from the ground up to push the systems to their limits that the ps4 and 720 will obviously be superior. But will it be enough for multiplatform titles? I dont see 3rd parties supporting the wiiu in full. But simply because it has modern architecture and modern feature sets, its going to be supported way more than the wii was, throw on top of that the fact that the gap in graphics has been cut in half in comparison from the last gap. The wiiu will be just fine. And like i said. It makes far more sense to use the wiiu as the lead development platform and port up by using the extra hardware to push more effects, higher resolution, better textures ect. With the industry being too expensive for a lot of companies to survive, the cheaper and smarter thing to do is to do real multiplatform support with the wiiu being the lead platform for development. Ofcourse 3rd parties arent always so smart, which is why the industry is in the position its in, with companies and studios dropping left and right.

            so to conclude. Yes, the next gen is gonna be more powerful. Worst case scenario the wiiu 3rd party situation doesnt drastically change, but it will be better than before. Because now its up to speed at the very least in terms of modern architecture and feature sets, which goes a long way. The unreal engine 4 being positioned as an engine for consoles, pc’s, and mobile phones shoulld give you an indication that power will be less of a factor this time around, and it will be more about feature sets. On top of that, nintendo makes the most games of any first party, so it doesnt need as much support as the other two need. With engines being made to support a variety of devices, expect games to hit more devices. Which means the differences between them wont be so extreme, which will not be good for these uber powerful and likely uber expensive next gen systems. In the long run, its going to take more to convince people to pick up these systems than it did before. Personally i will probably buy one of the next gen systems some years in. I currently own all 3 consoles. I will probably own more than one again (currently own a wiiu).

      2. according to the rumors and speculations (based on the devkits you’re talking about) the next xbox isn’t going to be that much more powerful than the wii U (roughly 1.8 times as powerful)
        the difference between wii U and the next playstation would be smaller still

        no idea what specs you’re going on but the rumors i heard based on the devkits were talking about roughly 1.4 TFLOPs for the xbox and about 1.2 TFLOPs for the playstation (for the whole system, not just the GPU i’m assuming, however the contribution of the CPU to floating point performance is usually fairly small)

        judging by the size and manufacturing process of the GPU (because there obviously isn’t anything else to go on) the wii U GPU should be somewhere around 0.8 TFLOPs

        if i may remind you the wii was about 1/10th-1/8th as powerful as its competitors

        games certainly won’t look as great on wii U as they will on xbox/ps but it will not nearly be the same as it was on the wii

      3. The Wii having a lot less 3rd party support was more about the lack of a core controller than it’s lack of power.

        This will not be the case with the Wii U. Unreal Engine 4 is capable of being scaled down to the point of being put on IOS.

        Every multiplatform game being developed for Gen 8 will be on the Wii U.


        #1 Easily scaled down so the systems power won’t be an issue.
        #2 The Wii U will have an install base of close to 10 million by the time the next PS and Xbox are released. If developers want their games to sell, and they do, they will develop for the console with a high install base.

        It’s common sense.

                    1. there’s no exclusive statement there

                      it says “half life developer” there’s no “the” or “only” or whatever and even if there was it would have been a simple mistake, nothing to be upset about
                      end of story
                      gearbox is *one* half life developer
                      and considering they made half life: opposing force, half life: blue shift and half life: decay that statement is entirely correct

  2. EA says “its not next gen”

    Gearbox is working on FPS for Wii U and the other two next gen console and is using the UE 4…

    So the Wii U is not next gen but can get the same games as the next Xbox and PS4 and use the UE 4

    Can you guess who’s lying?

    1. Also, they never said its not next gen, you just didn’t read that article … well at all by the looks of it! XD

      1. Haven’t you heard Jelly ? People just ….. can’t fucking read anymore , never mind understanding implications.

            1. Why would I have a crush on someone I have never seen or spoke to? Anyway, please stop replying to my comments with immature insults or jokes. You have become very annoying.

                  1. No im not, remember the last time i ask you why pc games where cheaper but graphicaly better? And he reply that i said pc games are worst? Tell me if thats not replying a comment whit out reading.

          1. I can always read and understand implications good sir. My opinion however may seem to be the thing that is questionable.

    2. EA is doing what THQ did. Bash Wii U and say its not Next Gen BECAUSE THEY HAVENT WORKED WITH THE FUCKING THING lol. Although THQ had a very early Wii U Dev Kit. Point is EA is just mad at Nintendo for whatever reason and making shit up.

      1. Ea’s butthurt cuz nintendo didn’t want to use their online service ORIGIN as the WiiU’s online network lol nd add to the fact that ittl only support games from ea

            1. 1) WooferZ is anything but a fanboy
              2) There are a lot of fanboys on here

              1. How you know is not? After all the comments i have see from him and you is trying to make that unreal engine 4 on wiiu should not be considered good.

                1. How do I know he is not? He likes Nintendo, but doesnt dick ride them, he criticizes what HE believes needs criticizing. You’d have to be retarded to think WooferZ is a fanboy.

                    1. WHo said it has to be about the article? People can go off topic and start entirely new threads, simple shit really.

                    2. Well atleast normal user of this comment section dont. But whinning about the samething in different articles will not make it better or worst.

      2. “EA is doing what THQ did. Bash Wii U and say its not Next Gen BECAUSE THEY HAVENT WORKED WITH THE FUCKING THING lol”

        And you know this about EA … how?

          1. Because Rey usually pulls everything he says out his ass. EA has had games made for Wii U and has worked with it a lot longer than THQ have and since they made that statement. They have had enough time to make there judgements considering they would of seen and worked with other kits already. It’s simple when you actually think about it.

            1. to be honest the ports that EA made for Wii U were crappy and rushed, i don’t consider that really “support” and now that EA announced no Madden 25 for Wii U so there is obviously some resentment from EA, considering that Ubisoft port of AC 3, was the superior one, and BOPS 2 ass well, i’m not saying DERP DERP EA is butthurt because of origin DERP DERP, but there is a grudge and anyone can tell that

            2. Hey no bitching about me. I didn’t start the rumor about Origin I never even heard of origin till today. And as I have said before I don’t pull shit out of my ass I’m wrong once per Gen when it comes to Nintendo stuff. Trust me or don’t. Don’t say I pull shit outta my ass when what I say is proven right every fucking time. There’s a reason Im always right and basically never wrong.

              1. No, you pull things out your ass.


                That is one of many lines you pull, PS4 dev kits have been sent out, and chances are it will be announced come Feb 20 (I’d be very surprised if it isnt).

    3. How do you know it “can do the same”?

      Unreal Engine scales for each console, meaning it can turn certain things down/off depending on the consoles power (or lack thereof). So just because Unreal Engine can run on Wii U, doesn’t mean it runs exactly the same as it does on 720/PS4.

      When 720 comes out, and we see what it can do: if the Wii U can mimic it, THEN you can say that the Wii U can do what 720/PS4 can do. But until then, you’re just wishing and trying to downgrade the next Sony/Microsoft consoles just so you can feel better about having a Wii U.

      Instead, might I suggest just being excited about ALL of them and investing in all of them? They’ll each have awesome games and features, and as a gamer, wouldn’t that be better than buying one and the spending time bashing the others to make yourself feel better?

    4. Meh, EA are still angry about the fact that Nintendo didn’t allow EA to screw around with their digital distribution platform….coughOrigincough….

        1. People on this site seem to take that a rumour is a fact unless its proven wrong rather than a rumour is a lie unless its proven right ….

  3. Oh hey, look. More rumors from forum members with no credibility. You’re reporting on this why? You do realize I could just go and do the same thing this person did, right?

      1. Rey Hardy is delusional. Quoting himself like he’s some kind of great philosopher. That kid needs a psychiatric examination.

        1. ““All rumors are based of some truth somewhere, someway, somehow.””

          According to Rey, Monster Hunter 4 for Vita must be true!

        2. Im 22 I’m not a kid. And anyone who knows me in life knows how big of an ego I have for myself. I wont go into detail about it but all I need to say is if you’re an American then you and I will simply never coexist.

      2. You can start a rumor all you want. The TRUTH about your rumor is we will know you lied. There’s the truth to what you say. I could say Super Smash Brow will have Sponge Bob in it. Will it? No but its not impossible. Nothing in reality is impossible.

      1. Says you. Not my fault you don’t keep up with what I have said in the past. I named the exact price of the Wii U a year before Nintendo said it. I said 2 Gamepads at maximum is what the system will handle. I said that around 7 months prior to Nintendo confirming that. I said 3D Mario would be 2013 back at the launch of Wii U. Just to name a few things. There are people like me and Darkcloud on YouTube who tell people shit but don’t believe it then it gets confirmed and people will say damn…he was right. Like I have stated about Retros game. Wait and see its Starfox then you can kiss my ass and say okay I will believe you from now on. But I’m not really motivated to keep this discussion going. I don’t have to prove myself to scum.

            1. If trolls & fanboys left this site would be more pleasant and less annoying & perverted. I’d rather just a site with fans who respect other companies.

        1. You made a few obvious guesses that THOUSANDS of publications also made in advance. That doesn’t make you clever, or an “insider”, or Nostradamus. It makes you a self-absorbed 22 year old prick with too much of time and his own cock on his hands.

          And you’re still a kid to me, kid.

  4. Epic changed their mind about Wii U running Unreal 4 after Retro Studios showed them their Engine so…. I expect minimal differences like a lil better lightning effects on PS4/Xbox720.
    ~Enjoy Gaming~

    1. engines retro and power have nothing to do with anti nintendo POLITICS ENOUGH ALL READ WTH THE IM 9 YEARS OLD THIS IS HOW THE WORLD WORKS


  5. Would be amusing if the reason we aren’t getting any current-gen ports is because they’re working on next-gen ones for the Wii U. Doesn’t seem very likely though.

  6. lol @ wiiu cannot run unreal 4 at no point was tat ever stated by anyone ,idiot mark rain of epic games said it can BUT WE AINT SUPPORTING IT



        1. agreed, if only the pc port didn’t have so many issues for me :/ the game itself is a HUGE improvement over the first one, but i still have hard feelings for it since, no matter what i do, i’m having retarded performance issues with it even though i can max out way more demanding games like battlefield 3, crysis 2, and even the witcher 2 without a problem at 65+fps, and then borderlands 2 which runs on directx9, rather than directx 11 that the other games i mentioned run on, runs at 22fps

          1. Thats just a general PC issue though, devs dont optimise the games, but i cant blame them really, PC’s cost more, if the whole market went to PC, they’d loose money, not alot, but still, consoles are just easier, and more desirable to most , but thats a different topic altogether,

  7. So long as they make said shooter better than BL2, I’m all for it.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the game.
    It’s just that they took two steps back in certain key areas of the games mechanics, and the DLC are fraught with raid bosses that use cheese tactics rather than present actual difficulty, indicating poor design, not to mention feeling underwhelming outside of storyline.

    I still trust GBX to do a good game, though, so I want to believe they’ll recover from their small slip-ups soon.

  8. Wasn’t there someone here that said that Unreal Engine 4 can’t run on Wii U back when people debated it’s power a lot? Don’t you feel stupid now?

  9. That wad Geoff Keighhley who claimed UE4 could not run on Wii U. His claims could still be true as this is only a rumor.

                1. Woofer, there is atleast 1 good point in this if is actualy true and in the whole comment section he havent say not even atleast 1 neutral thing.

                  1. Lol. By the looks of it, he’s just telling off fanboys. Dear god Nintenlord, you’re starting to be as bad as UNation, next you’ll be saying perverted stuff.

                    1. Never,my lack of better understanding the english language is proving tomake my point not get understanded.and realy telling fanboys to off from there gaming site? Thats like saying that fans of football should not celebrate goals in there home statidium cause visitors will get sad.

    1. Geoff Keighley is a sell out moron, who’ll take pay checks from anyone, from Microsoft to Doritos and Mountain Dew, he’s the king of corrupt journalism.

  10. So they got Unreal Engine 4 running on the Wii U? Well if that is the case then maybe the Wii U wont end up like the Wii did last gen.

    Also, sickr… Gearbox are the developers of BOREDERLANDS not Half-Life, that is Valve

          1. The not suporting part came from them not developing games not about making the engine not run on wiiu it would be a comercial suicide.

    1. So that’s why there is so many first party games being announced!

      Seriously, you failed at trolling before you even began

  11. Can we have comments like “Can’t wait to find out more” etc? I’m sick of seeing people argue on this site- which leads to that stupid word ‘butthurt’ and then vulgar comments. What i really find quite amusing is that people insult each other by saying stuff like “Stupid 12 year olds” (etc) when most of you are adults.

    Anyway….My opinion about the Wii u’s capabilities is: Why the heck would Nintendo produce expensive “next gen” games when their current competition (currently) isn’t? Maybe the reason Nintendo is secretive about the specs is due to them not wanting the competition to know what it’s capable of, then when their competition start raising the bar, they can too?
    The wii u has only just come out (and i think earlier than it should have), remember the first XBOX games? Compare them to the new ones. Yeah, there’s a significant difference. The games will only get better, for example: Visuals, gameplay, mechanics, creativity, AI.

    Though i could be completely wrong, which i’m open to. I respect that one of you said something about investing (if you can afford) in all consoles? If you can’t then stay away from the ones you don’t like. SERIOUSLY. Why do you come on this site and say stuff like “WII U GUNNA FAYUL OMG LOL” It’s fine for you to have an opinion but when you come on an ALL NINTENDO site…it just seems stupid.

    Last thing, sorry for my rant. I know that this site will never have a happy comment section. But i do hope that we mature a little. Not age wise, because your age is irreverent.

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