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Gamer Taking Nintendo 3DS With Him As He Walks 3,000 Miles Across US For Charity

nintendo_3ds_sideTo help raise money for Child’s Play, Cody Thomson, 36, is planning to walk across several states in the U.S., including N.C., Tenn., Miss., Ark., Okla., Texas, N.M., Ariz. and Calif. Thomson, a self-proclaimed avid gamer, said to IGN that he is packing his Nintendo 3DS and plans to play Paper Mario, Professor Layton and Fire Emblem at the end of each day. It’s going to take roughly eight months for Thomson to traverse the country, and he will have walked about 3,000 miles once he’s done. Thomson’s lengthy journey begins on March 10th.

“I’ve spent months on the planning. Now I’m a few weeks out from setting off, so it’s a good time to start talking about this and raising some funds for Child’s Play. I’m seeking about $8,000 to fund the costs of the journey and everything else is for the kids. The sky’s the limit. But however much I get, I’m doing this.”

“When I was a kid I had an eye disease and the doctor actually advised that I get a games machine to strengthen my eye muscles. My parents bought me an Atari 2600. I wasn’t hospitalized, but games helped me. They had a beneficial impact. They helped me to see and I think that Child’s Play is wonderful, what they do. Kids in hospital need escapism as much as anybody.”

“I’ve been saving up games. I have Paper Mario, Professor Layton and Fire Emblem planned, so that’s something to look forward to at the end of every day.”

-Cody Thomson

59 thoughts on “Gamer Taking Nintendo 3DS With Him As He Walks 3,000 Miles Across US For Charity”

    1. It is very noble of him to undertake what sounds like and will be a very daunting task, but in doing so i’m sure he’ll get probably a whole mess of streetpasses as an added bonus to doing this.

    1. Coffee shops, gas stations, anywhere there’s an outlet.
      He could also carry a small, light battery in a backpack, to plug his 3DS into whenever it’s low on juice, that could last weeks on a single charge. I’m sure they exist somewhere.

    2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      You can get a universal wrist charger. You can plug in your phone, DS, iPod, etc. into it and charge it wherever you are. I would assume it runs on batteries so he could take a bunch of extras with him.

      He said he’ll play his 3DS at night so I think that would be when he gets a motel or something, which would have an outlet for him.

  1. And who said gamers weren’t active? He’s an amazing person! This is the most noble deed I’ve ever heard any one do. I know of an eye disease from doing a project on it. It’s devastating, and having a relative with eye problems really makes an impact on me. Go on, Cody! You’re doing an amazing thing!

  2. Sin valor americano, que Allah castigará a usted yo los niños por tales pecados que cometiste.
    En el nombre de Dios te va a quemar en el infierno cody!!!

    1. Translation: American worthless, that Allah will punish you I children for such sins you committed.
      In the name of God, you’re going to burn in hell cody!

    1. Mi gusta como tu eres religioso pero to querer mandar nino’s al la infierno.

      Translation:like how your religious but you want send kid’s to hell.

    1. i can see it already
      A wild hobo appears it use money begging
      Traveler use just credit card reply,is not very efectvive
      Hobo use yell at traveler,critical hit
      Traveler use cell phone, calls 911 honor flees.

  3. Nice. But he would be really extremly slow then. I wouldn´t need more than 4 months to cross the USA by foot. Because he would only handle 12 miles per day, that´s nothing.

    1. I understand what you’re saying, 12 miles a day isn’t much. I’m a backpacker, I get it. But he’ll be averaging that. Some days he prolly won’t do more than a few miles. It takes a lot of effort to walk up and down through mountains all day. If you hike the Appalachian Trail (generally done south to north) you start in Georgia and finish in Maine. When you hit New England and get into the mountains you’ve done 75% of the distance and 20% of the hiking. My point is, you think you can keep up a pace of 25 miles a day the WHOLE way across the country? You’d have to jog the whole way. Most peoe who walk it take at least 7-8 months. Don’t belittle what someone else is doing for charity to make yourself feel better.

  4. This is cool, I use my for a pedometer everyday tracking how much I run or walk (it stays 10 hours in sleep mode for me without loosing battery life for me. He is going to have allot step and a huge spike on the graph.

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