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E.X. Troopers Western Trademark Now Officially Dead


The trademark for Capcom’s E.X Troopers which was filed for the West has now expired. This means that it’s now unlikely that we will ever see the game released outside of Japan. Capcom previously said that localisation for the game was difficult because the text featured throughout E.X Troopers is hard-coded as actual art. To localise the release, Capcom would have to redo some of the art featured within the game.

21 thoughts on “E.X. Troopers Western Trademark Now Officially Dead”

      1. Hmm… Boarderlands… what’s that? I’ve heard of Borderlands but no Boarderlands! Perhaps you could inform me what it is?

    1. Nah, not really.
      They couldn’t possibly fuck up worse than they have by replacing Dante and Virgil and leaving Megaman on the moon.
      Compared to those debacles, this is small potatoes.

  1. Disappointing, but that’s probably the best reason for not localizing that I’ve heard in a while. They’d basically have to redo most of the game. If they were to localize it that alone would set it back at least a year, maybe two.

    1. Maybe they should have been making the localization ” text artwork” at the same time they were designing the origional game.

  2. Not to be negative, but I wouldn’t bother bringing it over to the west.

    Plus if the claims that this game used the Mega Man Legends 3 engine were (and probably are) true, then maybe it’s for the best.

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