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Metal Gear Rising Could Come To Wii U, If There’s The Demand

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Platinum Games writer and International Coordinator, Jean Kellams, has told a Metal Gear Solid fan on Twitter that Metal Gear Rising could come to Wii U if there’s enough demand for the game. Kellams admitted that the end decision is completely down to Konami, the publisher of the game. Konami has stated in the past that they have no plans to bring Metal Gear Rising to Wii U

@PG_jp jw… what are the chances of MG:R getting a WiiU release 1 day? Touch screen would be cool for finishers and other shenanigans…

@Fillytase @konami would have to see demand for it and bring us the request to port.

64 thoughts on “Metal Gear Rising Could Come To Wii U, If There’s The Demand”

      1. hells ya. idc if this come to wii u, if its good i might get it. but if we dont see ground zeroes or mgs5, i will be very sad

        1. The biggets feature i want on the pad is a normal metal gear that dosnt need 2 shoulder buttons to change the items.

      2. Just put it on the Eshop and play it with the pro controller, whoever wants to buy it can. That’s how alot of games should be.

        1. @blackabe111
          You don’t want more 3rd party games on Wii U? I understand if it’s not your kind of thing but what you said is retarded.

              1. Nintendo is working to put third party games on wiiu but is a save bet that they are few games that are worty of paying money to bring.

            1. Cool man.
              I played the demo, its really fun, just wish it had a combo list xD
              Also worry about how long the game is, or the replay value…

              But whatever, its good, not whining saying “derr, not metal gear, no stealth”

            2. ivwoukd like for it to come to wiiu lol. played the demo and had a blast, don’t really know what they could even do with the gamepad to be honest lol

              1. Well it’d be a bit unreasonable for any main/side metal gear title to not come to the system. The only two systems that didn’t have metal gear to my knowledge was the DS and Wii. I’d say put it on there but put some work into utilizing the U’s abilities.

              2. I played the demo didn’t care for it. Mostly mashing one button and the cutting mode or whatever its called was clunky

                1. why is the threshold set to 100? I wouldn’t port a game for 100 people on the internet. Or does it adjust automatically?

                  1. IDK I didn’t make it. I suppose 100 people is better then none as I am sure there are other petitions out there and many people tweeting about getting the game on Wii U.

                  2. Yes It expands as needed. I just checked and there are 102 sigs so it says “98 needed” I must just tell you how far away tou are from the next 100 marker.

                      1. Man, at least Konami is being straight up about it unlike Tomb Raider’s publishers.
                        Don’t really care for this game, but improvement on a new Silent Hill game and bring it to Wii U would be good.

                      2. out dated clumsy dualshock ported controls robo cop camera next to no gameplay and 30 hours of cutseens NO THANKS

                      3. I doubt it’s going to happen. 3rd-party titles don’t sell well on Nintendo’s platforms, especially multiplats.

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                      5. I would love to see a Wii U port of Metal Gear Rising: Revengance. Not only to see the gameplay, but to feel like you’re really using the blade…..cutting through the hardest objects with ease, and something that greatly reminds me of the Matrix. I demand a Wii U version. :D

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