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Activision Is Disappointed By Wii U Launch


Acitivision Blizzard chief executive Bobby Kotick has expressed his disappointment with regards to the launch of the Wii U. Speaking on the subject of Skylanders peformance on the console, Kotick said that it’s a challenging environment this year and one of the things they are concerned about is what the install base of hardware will be like for 6-11 year-olds. Kotick concluded by saying that the company has a lot of confidence in the Skylanders franchise, and that they will be delivering another great product this year.

“We were somewhat disappointed with the launch of the Wii U, and I think it’s a challenging environment this year. And one of the things we are concerned about is what the installed base of hardware will be like for 6- to 11-year-olds. But we have a lot of confidence in the [Skylanders] franchise for the long-term. I think we’re delivering another great product this year.”


27 thoughts on “Activision Is Disappointed By Wii U Launch”

    1. Agreed. Now Nintendo have acted towards these new releases to be announced so I expect the big sales when they are about to come out. It just means we are going have to wait a few months for that to happen. Still sold more than the PS Vita!!!

  1. I didnt buy Giants because the first series was too hard to collect. The store shelves were empty for weeks at a time and I actually had to buy an Air one off ebay in order to progress in the game. They also didn’t release a portal master set for wii u so they really weren’t trying that hard.

          1. Sigh … Looks like I didnt explain myself properly . I meant to refer how bad Activision is as a company …. I didn’t mean it is good news ,, its just a way to make a joke on Activision , am I clear now ?????

  2. The reason the launch seemed so “limited” and “disappointing” to these devs is because Nintendo failed to market the console well! The commercials for the thing are garbage and show nothing really about the console or how much fun it can be to play! I have the thing and I have a few friends who were like “what is it and how does it work?” They thought it was just a new controller for te Wii.
    Then they came over and played it and enjoyed it so much so the one of them went out and bought one just to play black ops 2 with me on it! Nintendo needs to better convey what this thing is to their consumers and fast!

  3. Skylanders became a milking cow that is going too fast. I bought the first game and while completing the toy collection, others keep coming up. Now I regret wasting money on them, I don’t see any point on this games anymore. Activision shouldn’t be surprised if the winnings start to go down, I don’t believe the initial “wow” factor will continue forever.

  4. Probably due to skylanders being over done at the moment as well as it being a new console AND Disney announcing infinity or whatever it is called, PLUS nintendo hinting at in my opinion likely a pokemon NFC title. If I were a parent I never would have bought the skylanders games for my kids anyway, very expensive proposition.

    1. Yah cause it was so confusing when we went from NES to SNES or Xbox to Xbox 360 or PS1 to PS2 to PS3. Wii to Wii U is no different. Would you prefer Wii2 which doesn’t sound like a 2nd attempt at the original Wii…face it gamers have gotten a lot stupider since back in the day.

  5. Then he can be prepared for a shock about how “horrible” the launch will be for the other 2 next-gen consoles.

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