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Developer Rages About Rayman Legends Delay


A former developer of Rayman Legends has shared his frustrations about the game’s delay with members of Spanish forum EOL. The developer also spoke out about the harsh working conditions he encountered whilst making the game at Ubisoft, but he urges fans to continue to support the game. Rayman Legends is coming to Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, this September.

“If you’re p*****, imagine how we feel. Think on the situation, we’ve been making overtime with this game practically since May preparing E3, and then almost a demo per month (Gamescom, Wii U presentation, shops, eShop, etc…) and at the same time trying to actually finish the game.”

“We had a first delay because it was obvious we couldn’t finish on time but we gave it all to be there on February. What face do you think we had when the week we had to close the game we’re being told it’s not going to be released? I couldn’t believe it.”

“For us, this means we’ve spent six months barely seeing our wives, kids, and friends for nothing because, after all, such a haste wasn’t needed. Believe it, it was a hell to swallow this news.”

‘”Rayman Legends is an excellent game and will still be, and the team that’s making it doesn’t deserve to have your back turned on them just because some men in ties one day took a wrong choice.”

“This industry is really that s*****.”

Thanks, Larry

57 thoughts on “Developer Rages About Rayman Legends Delay”

    1. I don’t buy the idea that Ubisoft is delaying this game just to make it multiplat. I think the real reason is that this game needs a lot more time to be polished.

      Here is my train of thought:

      One thing that does not add up in my head is that Ubisoft would be sitting on top of boxes and boxes of packaged wii u rayman legends if this game really was planned to be released by feb 26th. It costs a lot of money to be sitting on hundreds of thousands of units of inventory for 6+ months in terms of storage alone. Not to mention the cash flow issues with having their money tied up in inventory that is just sitting around and getting old.

      I call bs on ubisoft. I think rayman legends is probably really buggy and needs more time to be polished. In that case, I wouldn’t ever touch this game because the coding is probably really sloppy and may be really buggy even if it released by Sept ’13. I would think twice about making that purchase now if I were you.Or else, why wouldn’t ubisoft just release it right now for the Wii U?Something smells fishy and their story that they are telling us simply does not make any (business) sense.

        1. I’ve heard it is something about microsoft not allowing multiplats to come on other consoles in anytime before theirs

        2. Have you heard of the PR machine?

          Don’t be so naïve. This is obviously staged. If one of my employees goes on a rant like that without approval from the company, you can bet that the employee will be FIRED! Think what would happen if you went on the internet and raged against your boss. I don’t think you would be working there very long.

          1. This person already quit the company since the decision about Rayman was made. If you actually bothered to take your head out of the sand you’d know the story of this developer and how they had been posting messages online for months about their experience at Ubisoft, culminating in this sorry episode.

            I’m really not trying to be rude, but there’s only so long that you can go on believing certain things when there’s already enough evidence to prove them wrong.

            1. I didn’t see the word former. Sue me.

              Well, this guy may have been fired for writing the sloppy codes. Firing programmers is never a good sign when are trying to launch a product or get services into production. Maybe there is no development issues. Who knows?

              Point is, Ubisoft clearly had no intention to bring it to stores by feb 26th. You have to package copies and ship them to retailers/distributers, which would be a logistical nightmare since the launch is supposed to be 2 weeks away. It takes time to make the product and get it into the hands of retailers.

              So, this all sounds fishy and I don’t buy their story.

              1. Whatever. It’s your prerogative, just like all those guys in the middle ages were welcome to think the world was flat.

      1. I doubt it is the coding.

        The Demo is beautiful and runs smooth as glass. You can’t have such an amazing demo if the source code is as shitty as you think it is.

        I think it’s a political clusterfuck, not the game code.

  1. I feel bad but that’s just the way it is at work :( doing things you don’t want too, all that stress etc. like many have said before they are sending the game to die especially when everyone is going to focus on gtav windwaker, cod etc. Nintendo is going to be rolling out there Mario and I bet Mario kart by November and December like they did with the 3ds. It’s crazy how this is the only wii u demo at a kiosk I’ve seen and by the time the game comes out it’ll be almost a year since we’ve played it

  2. Wow…maybe WW3 begins with the war on Ubisoft lol…

    This is what I don’t like in any proffession, stop treating people like fucking slaves!
    Give it a rest already, is it so hard to extend the deadline by a few weeks?

    I blame mostly the investors, fucking no humanity pieces of shit.
    When people starts to wake up, you will all be destroyed.

    1. The men in ties thinks it will cost too much money to market it twice.

      They should just do an e-shop release only with no advertisments, and do a disc release in Sept.

    1. The part where “Unjust testimony* popped up made me cheer a little, because it’s so true; good games don’t get recognition anymore just because there’s tons of entries in their respective series, or because they’re coming from a particular company. Both of which are really stupid reasons.
      It’s really messed up and sad.

  3. Dear Larry, sorry for everything that you and your colleagues have had to endure, and the frustration which you suffered because of Lack of Human Dignity your superiors have displayed! It is with a heavy heart that I woefully suggest you seek a different company to work for due to the fact that judging by the backlash Ubisoft has received from Facebook, Miiverse, and any other forum…they will be sold to the highest bidder come December! Our regrets…

  4. I don’t doubt it’s a good looking and fun game. The demo was excellent. But the industry, and Nintendo’s strategies in particular, needs a massive kick in the rear. As silent protest, I will not buy this game.

    1. But then you’re making their work n sacrafices all be for nothing. Just get the wii u protest to say you shouldn’t have bothered with the other consoles

      1. I will not buy either. It’s really sad for developers, but buying from Ubi won’t help either probably will continue to be worse. I can’t stand the greedy publishers, Nintendo included if they don’t think of gamers and developers. I also blame stockholders.

  5. So hang on. Ubisoft fucks over not only Nintendo and Wii U owners but their own devs too? All for just a simultaneous release? Not to mention the game will be launching around the same time as a few other high profile games including GTAV. It’s suicide, Origins didn’t even sell as well as they’d hoped and now they’re making this retarded decision? Not a single person gains anything from this dick move by Ubisoft, not even ubisoft themselves.

  6. This game was gonna come out at the perfect time. It was gonna be the first 3rd party game built from the ground up with the gamepad in mind. It had the spot light to make a big creative impact, but now this opportunity will be lost. Once Nintendo shows 3D Mario, RL’s creative ways will be overshadowed. RL will also have to compete amongst heavy hitters when it’s released. Ubifart really fucked us, fucked the dev team, and fucked themselves. This game is ment to be played on the gamepad and will not be the same played any other way.

  7. I don’t care it’s no longer exclusive, but that we now have to wait until Sept for a game that was supposed to drop march/april.

  8. Wow, just shows how idiotic those “Men in ties” are. They really screwed up and pissed off A LOT of people. Even those who worked under them!!

  9. The Wii U Rayman Legends game is already finished, the dev said it:

    “…we gave it all to be there on February. What face do you think we had when the week we had to close the game…”

    So, it is not because the game is not finished, because it is.

    It can not be the so called MS Policy of: “microsoft not allowing multiplatforms to come on other consoles in anytime before theirs ”

    Because there has been multiple game that have been released in other console first and many month later in XB360 (NG3 RE), so it’s not MS business or decision

    It can not be the “We at Ubisoft like to release or multi platform game at the same time for all consoles” shity excuse because AC III was not delayed in PS360 to have a simultaneous release with the Wii U version.

    We are not stupid Ubisoft, we can conect the dots and see past your lies, tell us the truth and maybe, just maybe many of us will still give your Rayman Legends game a chance IN February, but not in september.

  10. The Nintendo Reviewer

    Wow =/. Ubisoft really doesn’t have a valid reason to delay the Wii U version after all that. They should just launch the Wii U version if it’s ready if for no other reason then to honor the hard work of the devs who put in over time to get it out on time. 360 and PS3 owners can wait.

  11. Still protesting with my wallet >.>… Lets say people feel so strongly about this that wii u owners don’t buy it but Xbox and ps3 owners do… Ubisoft blames???

    1. It won’t happen. GTA release around that time frame. I really really hope Wii U owners don’t buy. Trust me, they will see that mistake and hope other publishers don’t follow. If they did that to Sony, I still think it’s wrong.

  12. I was gonna get Rayman Legends but I’m not anymore that’s is just ridiculous delaying the game for another half a year just to go multiplat form. They should release the Wii U version if it’s done then the PS3/360 version when their done. It’s obvious that the game needs a lot of polishing. I can’t play every game and September’s GTAV anyways.

  13. going multiplat (and thus causing this delay) was a pretty stupid decision. sure ubisoft probably just did it from the money, but what money is there to be had? it was supposed to release in february for Wii U only, during a software drought. tons of existing Wii U owners would’ve bought it whether they were fans/aware of rayman or not since there’s not much else to actually get for the system. that plus it’s a platformer so most people who bought the Wii U with NSMBU would’ve taken to this game. easy sales that would’ve continued well throughout the period before big nintendo releases

    now it’s set to release in september among bigger games like the wind waker remake for Wii U and GTA for PS360, along with pokemon XY a month later, combined with whatever other good games may release in that timeframe that we don’t yet know the release date to. now pretty much only the rayman fans will purchase this game, or at least the fans who weren’t angered enough by this delay and the treatment of the developers to boycott the game. you can bet that this game will tank sales-wise.

    ubisoft betrayed nintendo, Wii U owners, rayman legends developers, and screwed even themselves by chasing after money that’ll probably be less than what they’d get by staying exclusive and releasing in february. they deserve to make no gains from their decision

  14. F*@$ this sh*t!!! All because f*cking Sony and Microsoft cried like a bunch of b*tches all cause nintendo was going to a$$ rape them, now we all suffer thanks to them. I swear i will not buy nor support this game. I already waited long ENOUGH!!!

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  16. i would be fucking pissed if i had to work for six months and not see kids and wife while busting my ass when it wasnt needed.

  17. Everyone says fuck in the comments and you’re censoring pissed???
    The Internet has to grow up already…none of the reasons I left Facebook is because everyone is a pussy when it comes to using “dirty” words… They are part of the fucking language…
    Love this site though, thanx

  18. I’ll still buy this game on the Wii U, not because of Ubisoft making a dick move like this, but because of the hard work the developers put into this beautiful game, I’ve been wanting to play this Game for months but I know that it’s not the developers faults. If any of you guys had some respect for the developers, you would do the same and buy the game anyway despite a dumb delay :)

    1. Nah they have other things they want to play besides a 2D Platformer when they have Trine 2 and Mario to fill their quota.

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