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Wii U Software Sold Worse Than PlayStation Vita Software During January In UK


New figures have come to light that show that Wii U software sales during January were worse than PlayStation Vita software sales. The Wii U only managed to sell 34,000 games (this includes bundled Nintendo Land), while the PlayStation Vita sold 46,000 software units. The Xbox 360 sold the most software in the UK, with 810,000 sold. The PlayStation 3 followed closely behind with 545,000 pieces of software sold. The Nintendo 3DS sold less software than Wii and Nintendo DS in January. Here’s the figures.

  • Xbox 360: 810K
  • PlayStation 3: 545K
  • PC: 228K
  • Wii: 182K
  • Nintendo DS: 139K
  • Nintendo 3DS: 112K
  • PlayStation Vita: 46K
  • Wii U: 34K
  • PSP: 13K
  • PlayStation 2: 2K

67 thoughts on “Wii U Software Sold Worse Than PlayStation Vita Software During January In UK”

      1. Nintendo should accelerate Pikmin 3’s release date… We know the game is finished but they were holding it off til May to let other games take the limelight.

        After Ubisoft made their decision, Nintendo needs to do what Nintendo can do to sell systems.. Releasing Pikmin 3 or another title they have finished but were sitting on.

  1. Who agrees with me that all the news posts here which say: “Wii U is selling bad” in some sort of fashion REALLY makes them not want to buy the system? I mean, I want to buy it when I get a job, but these posts just make me feel sad. :/

    1. I don’t regret buying it but I sure could have waited since all I do is check out miiverse and play old wii games. The wii u will pick up when the real good games come out

      1. My Wii collection is growing fast ;)

        Never played the wii before, but its fun going backwards and playing some pretty impressive games.

    1. go easy, at the end of the day if Nintendo Europe do a very bad job at pricing and marketing, don’t blame people for not buying it. furthermore that comment make you a Nintendo fanboy who want to hate.. no wandering people like you put people off buying a Wii U.

  2. There is something thats dosnt ad up and thats pc sell, im not saying there are not true but retail pc games are rare and dl sales are realy almost imposible to track from the outside.

  3. im from the uk and i completely agree that the majority is just the same cod and minecraft etc and the uk is just a piece of shit.

    1. By consoles of 7 years on the market vs a console of about 2 months on the market, let see what happens in the next 3-5 years, when all the new gen battle together.

  4. Nintendo’s software not selling good as compared to their less expensive and older consoles? The 3DS and Wii U needs more time to sell. I believe the PS4 and 720 will be in a similar situation.

      1. I believe the ps4 and 720 will struggle more than Wii U, because of its high cost. WiiU is not doing great, but its not doing bad also, im a proud Wii U owner.

    1. Exactly. People say it as though it’s surprising. Nintendo are receiving heavy criticism for low sales just because their previous three consoles and their games have sold like no tomorrow. Although the Wii U isn’t doing too well currently, it is likely to pick up when the PS4 and next Xbox prices are announced etc because that’s when Nintendo will really step up their game and people will realise that the other consoles aren’t going to be cheap.

  5. To sell Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo made the best games for it. I hope it works to the WiiU, too. Nintendo games for Wii, IMO, can not even compare with GCN games, their quality sucks when compared.
    So I want to see WiiU as a new GCN, so I’m happy with the poor sales.

  6. The differences in those sales figures for PS3 and 360 games is why I don’t get along with a lot of people on gaming sites. Or should I say, with gamers.

  7. Yet animal crossing is still sitting at #1 in Japan. Nintendo puts out games that continue to sell. Not ones that only get one mass ship and then get thrown onto the used landfill called gamestop. What will happen to all the games when gamestop goes under?

  8. Will someone please ban this freak 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555?

  9. Not surprisingl, the UK hasn’t been much of nintendo supporters for a few years now. Plus by the sounds of it the prices for wii U games there is mental.

    1. Haha “blame the UK” is the rough impression I kind of got from a couple of comments. I live in the UK and its not that I’m replying out of offence or anything, lol, I just thought it was funny.
      P.S “Nobody gives a **** about the UK”? Hehe I disagree. I live here and so I care about the general gaming scene in the UK.

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  11. Does anyone know how sales of the PS3 and 360 in the January after their initial launch compare to these sales figures? I recall they were both off to painfully slow starts. I really think that all the new consoles are going to struggle at first and see poor sales in their first year. None of them will have AAA system-selling games available at launch. At least the Wii U will be getting its first round of “big” games when it’s competition is just getting started.

    1. No AAA games at launch? XBOX has had a Halo game at every launch (and that pretty much bolstered the XBOX name on it’s own). PS2 and PSX both had a number of AAA games. PS3 did not. Don’t expect Sony to make that mistake again, especially considering developers’ excitement about Orbis (PS4).

      You’re in for some pretty harsh reality when those consoles come out sir.

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  13. Wii U is still in its very early stages, most people/gamers interested in Wii U probably have the same general mindset: Wii U is on the cards, but waiting for stronger titles to come out.

  14. There’s no spinning it, that is abysmal. The scatching review from “The Sun” certainly wouldn;t have helped and it’s not as if the BBC are very Nintendo friendly, but then Nintendo efforts thus far are nothing short of Pathetic, no less because us Bruits have to pay more.


  16. It’s quite sad that several months in, 7 year old consoles are still outselling Wii U.

    I can promise you that won’t happen with the next XBOX. You can blame it on the economy or marketing all you want; people just don’t care about the Wii U unless they’re diehard Nintendo fans, and most of them already got it.

    Typically, new consoles sell more and more each month that passes. That’s what the 360 did, the Nintendo 64, original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, etc. It’s usually a bad sign if they don’t (i.e. PlaySation 3).

    Not that it can resurge later on like the PS3 did, but it doesn’t have a whole lot of time to do that before the other more popular, and more powerful consoles come out and capture the attention of gamers everywhere. And with no NEW Zelda, Metroid, or proper Mario game slated to come out before the other consoles do, it doesn’t look good for U.

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  18. Hi there, I am from UK and i will repeat myself again. We are in financial crisis not as bad as Greece, Italy, Portugal, Ireland or Spain but still people are worries and not confident that tomorrow will bring better news.

    The wii u is a new and expensive system hence why xbox 360 and PS3 now start to get better sell. Knowing that Nintendo give up on the Wii 2 years ago and Ps3 then Xbox put a lot of efforts in the European market (unlike Nintendo who always focus on Japan and US) It is not surprising the Wii U has a bad start even worse when the Europeans await for the new consoles from Ps3 and Xbox (price tags, specs, games and what experience those console will give). I have to said I was hoping for better news for Nintendo but here the reality.

    But let’s face it the marketing in UK and Europe in general has been shit. I bet you £100 that 50% does not even know about the Wii U, 40% think it’s an add-ons and 10% know about it but find it expensive.

    As for me I would like to buy it but:
    – games for Wii u being £10 more than PS3 and xbox,
    – No game cube compatibility,
    – old downloaded game on Wii need to be re-purchase,
    – console being region lock.
    – expensive controller and console
    – Wii games had increase in price (£60 for xenoblabe….. no way)
    – So far not a lot of game to chose from.
    – the console is just 2 months and there are a lot of issue with the OS.
    – it seems the 3rd party start to give up on the console.
    – I do feel being European for Nintendo is an after though.

    Critics are easy and nobody dare to bring any constructive solution, well If I was Nintendo Europe here what I would suggest them to do:
    – Put the Wii U at the USA price.
    – Lower the Wii games (note I wrote Wii not Wii u) around £15-£30.
    – Lower the Wii U game @ £45 for Wii U games.
    – Be more aggressive on the marketing.
    – Make sure I will have 30-50 games line up at the end of March 2013 in Europe.
    – Give up on the premium and deluxe package.
    – Increase the capacity of the HDD up to 250 Gb.
    – Make sure the game purchased on the Wii are transferable on the wii U (except for the US who are ready to buy anything we in Europe and the rest of the World we are much more clever when it comes to buy stuff).
    – improve the OS, and the time to fix it
    – remove that ridiculous 18+ ban content, let’s the lazy parents do their jobs.
    – include Nintendo TVii in Europe.
    – Treat the European market the same as the US and Asian, especially for content and game.

    if I refer to the CEO of Nintendo America they already even on the manufacturing cost of the Wii U. So at first they will lose some money for the 1st quarter but the next one up to Christmas, the sale will increase due to the price being sees reasonable, game release flowing better.

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