Those hard-working tech fanatics at Digital Foundry have concluded that the Wii U version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is the definitive console version. The publication says that the well-received racer has a very solid frame-rate on Wii U and is also v-synced and tear-free. Digital Foundry also commends the ability to play with five players on the Wii U without a noticeable effect on the frame-rate. You can read their full analysis right here.

Overall, the Wii U version doesn’t disappoint with its generally solid frame-rate in solo play and its permanently engaged v-sync. Evidence of superior textures isn’t in abundance, but there are occasions where it surpasses 360 – such as on the Panzer Dragoon stage – and the sub-HD resolution it operates at gives largely comparable image quality to the other consoles. Of course, a high watermark is planted by the PC version’s support for superior textures, improved reflection mapping and grander geometry, but the Wii U offering is a unique beast in its own right.

Putting the strong PC port aside, we’d pin the Wii U version down as the console version to opt for based on flexibility alone. Despite being a launch title, the range of options it boasts above the competition is commendable, with support for all original Wii control configurations, plus the GamePad and Classic Pro. Once set, all five players can also be taken online as a group, and, best of all, the visuals and performance aren’t noticeably cut down in the process of adding these new modes and features. However, if these extras aren’t a factor for you, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is also an easy recommendation to make on 360 and PS3.

Thanks, Aeolus



        • Well said. Am I wrong , or is the default setting of Gran turismo 5 using the right trigger to accelerate ?

          Project cars can use the motion as steering and then the Left or right trigger as the accelerator and the other trigger as camera controll. Whilst using the triggers for gear shifting.

          Wiiu gamepad is just as accurate as a Steering wheel peripheral. 9 axis , Geomagnetic sensor , , etc.


      • So you are trying to say that driving fast in a RACING GAME is bad?

        Go back to sucking of Microsoft and Sony, while we the big boys play with speed!


      • It’s especially funny because he spent months talking about how the Wii U version of the game sucked balls performance wise.

        If you’re reading this pal, and you think you can claim you didn’t, all I’m going to say is. You did. Often.


        • Actually, before the patch(es), it was easily the glitchiest build of the game and that is a known fact. When the entire game can be rendered impossible to complete, it more than deserved that title.

          Nice try though.


          • Yeah right. Months before the game and the console were released, when you were at your most vocal about the supposed awfulness of this port, we knew the game needed patching because of an obvious inability to complete the game.

            You make about as much sense as a Ubisoft tie.


            • The glitches were exactly that “awfulness” and I was spot on correct with my claim that it would not be worth buying over any other version because of such. :)

              so once again, nice try, asshat.


              • So in August of last year, when the comment about the Wii U version of the game being “on par” with the other versions was first made (based entirely on visual quality and frame rate), before you or anyone else went hands on with the game to even know about any “glitches” that might have existed, you didn’t make any comments about it that this DF comparison renders obsolete?

                I’ll give you a hint as to how far in the hole you are here. I’m reading some of them right now…

                Such as how you called anyone who suggested even the slightest performance boost in the Wii U version over the others an ‘in denial Nintendrone’? That’s the tamest. If you want to keep pressing this you will be fully exposed.


                • This DF comparison is based on the patched version of this game, which fixed the majority of issues that plagued the Wii U build of this game in particular. So /your/ first paragraph is pretty much null and void.

                  There is no ‘performance boost’ that the Wii U is toting besides a permanent v-sync, which absolutely nobody is going to really notice. The Wii U version has the lowest resolution of all the other console versions, making that particular tidbit almost entirely irrelevant as far as visuals go.

                  now that you have made a fool out of yourself, it would be wise to avoid being a bigger one, since you’re clearly clueless


  1. Having a lot of fun with my copy of the game, that’s for sure.
    Only issue I have is that match-making often results in a lot of empty lobbies lately, but then again, my work schedule leads to me logging on at funky times…..


  2. S&A-SRT is a pretty amazing game. It is definitly my favorite Wii U game right now. Ive been trying to tell people this for months, but everyone always says “Mario Kart is better blah blah..” In fact I think Sonic All-Stars Racing is better than any previous Mario Kart games. We’ll just have to see what they do with the new M.K to really know for sure.


      • It doesn’t even hold a candle to ANY mario kart game. It’s not very good at in my opinion. a 7/10 at best.

        A rushed Wiiu port come out all wierd due to having a funky architecture and supporting 5 players localy.
        Not a bad port though I guess.


        • I think it is great. Worst part about the game is getting used to the Faster pace and the slightly more dificult controls. It is practically the opposite of Mario Kart(which is slower and has the EASIEST controls of any racing game.) I’d definitly put Sonic at a sold 8.9/10 which is pretty much on par with most Mario Kart games. In terms of longevity Sonic wins that one.


      • Too bad there hasn’t been an F-Zero game in YEARS lol! The old ones are so outdated. There WERE fun, back before games like S&ASRT and Mario Kart came out… I’d rather play Sonic Racing than F-Zero and probably would have more fun doing so. Games can’t stay amazing for all eternity. There comes a time when they just aren’t as good as the new stuff…


      • They also said Trine 2 looks better in every way to 360 and ps3 version , Blops 2 is the good looking version like the 360 unlike PS3 , and Assassins creed 3 is exactly the same as the 360 version.

        Launch ports are a Benchmark for nothing though as we all know. Xbox 360 and ps3 Games look like crap compared to modern PS3 and 360 games. Fact. Same applies to Wiiu.

        Just look at pikmin 3 running at 720p 60FPS and Wonderfull 101 . Amazing looking games. And X and more….


  3. Well another game I want to get for the Wii U if I get money. That and Pikmin 3 (never tried the originals), Zelda: TWW R/HD (is it reborn or HD for the name??), Mario Kart Wii U, SSB Wii U/3DS, and Zelda Wii U. My wallet will hate me. xD Actually no. My bank card will hate me. XD.


  4. Nuts. Sonic Racing Transformed for Wii U was one of the ported titles most criticized so far. And, suddenly, today is the best version available on consoles. Do they think we are stupid?


  5. Much respect to Aeolus. I had played the demo of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for the Wii U and it looked promising enough for a purchase. I’m gonna have a difficult time buying the next game… either that racing sequel for Sonic or New SMB U.


  6. A bit of an off-topic, but, has anyone tried the Etrian Odyssey IV demo yet?
    It’s my first time trying a 1st-person dungeon crawler like it, but it’s extremely fun even in the beginning.
    If only I could see my party members attacking, it’d be perfect…….


  7. looks like they cannot make there minds up after saying so much the ps3 version would be best…

    wiiu is NEXT GEN enough already digital foundry with the BS….

    its just the start of the next gen and these games are ports and nintendo woukdnt build a derp console with tearing and shit like sony and ms

    the things loaded with fast ram and very modern shaders iv got sonic racers on wiiu and its OBVIOUSLY way better than ps3 the 1080p upscale is crisp too


  8. Hated Sonic Riders’ controls.
    If this is anything like Riders, I can wait till Mario Kart X F Zero launches.
    They hinted at it in MKWii!
    I’m desperate/excited for crossovers now :P


  9. @ :)
    Thanks for the reply i go on here every day and heard nothing about sega fixing the problem now im gonna save up and go buy the game thanks ” :) “


    • “i dont like this game and the graphics look like shit, i wonder if it looks like that in the other consoles?”

      Well, it wouldn’t be hard to realize it would look worse on other consoles if the Wii U has the best version …


  10. The Wii U version is full of bugs, that’s why I ended up getting it on PS3. They apparently didn’t play it enough or do any research. While I have no complaints about the way it looked and played, the bugs that are there was enough for me to go for the PS3 copy. I love trophies, but was willing to get it on Wii U just to have more to play, until I read about bugs. Can’t remember what they are right now though.


  11. Reggie didn’t lie, he was only half right. Some games do look better on Wii U than PS360 and some are about the same. Sorry for me ranting off topic but I remember a discussion in an article about Ubisoft and how Reggie lied to Nintendo fans when actually he just assumed all developers knew how to/would optimize to the Wii U and provide a better performance than other consoles. Surprisingly, EA was able to make the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 outperform the PS360 version where as Ubisoft did not optimize to the console very much and Assasin’s Creed III on Wii U did not outperform the PS360 version.


  12. I’m loving this game at the moment. I bought it for my Vita, I kinda like it more than Mario Kart now. Definately will pick this one up for Wii U. I’m hoping Mario Kart U will bring me back ;D


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