Check Out Wario’s Mug Shot On The Box Art Of Game & Wario


Nintendo has revealed the box art for upcoming Wii U party title Game & Wario. The game features 16 mini-games, some of which were designed for five players. For example, in the mini-game ‘Fruit,’ the main player uses the Wii U GamePad to control one character on the TV screen to steal fruit. Once the main player finishes the thievery, he or she passes the Wii U GamePad to the other four players, who must attempt to find the suspect. Game & Wario is scheduled to launch in North America on June 23rd.


  1. cool, but im not interested in this game. seems to me like a waste of a development studios time , but hey. get the minigame collections out of the way now i guess.

      1. never tried them, mini game collections aren’t really my thing, i’d be willing to try it if it were ever on sale though. definitely not a game im willing to pull out $60 for.

      2. yes as much as i love wario’s spinoff i just wish they would use the resource to make new ips instead..

      3. The Wario ware games : Touched , Smooth moves and DIY are some of the most creative and innovative Games ever made in my opinion. Touched and Smooth moves were the perfect games to show off your DS and Wii to friends who didn’t like or were unfamiliar with Nintendo.

        Can’t really praise the Wario ware games enough. What I am worried about , is whether or not this turns out to be as good as them.

      4. I had loads of fun with Wario Ware: Touched when I used to take the bus to school, when I first began high school in 06. Still have the game but haven’t played it since I moved to Australia late 2008. Might have to pick it up and give it a spin.

      5. And don’t forget Twisted! One of the few gba games to use motion control ;)

      6. Tell me. Have you played any Wario Ware games? Just wondering. ^-^ Because to me they do not seem casual.

      7. Dude, they’re casual. I mean, I played them and loved the, but they are casual whether you like it or not.

      8. Some gamers just don’t understand that hardcore describes how serious you engage in a game, not the game itself. To give an example, You can have a casual game of chess or a hardcore game of chess it all depends on how serious a competitor you are. To classify a game as hardcore based on anything else is wrong and quite frankly…retarded. A game with mature content is what most of these gamers seem to mistake as being hardcore.

      9. Also, you’re an idiot. Chess is not hardcore. I’ve been to state finals when I was in high school. It’s still just casual shit. Wario is casual. You can more than easily judge whther a game is casual or hardcore. Most Hardcore games are now tournaments anyway, Counterstrike, LoL, Starcraft, Now they’re hardcore games.

      10. Some hardcore games that arent tournaments, Xenoblade, Sonic All star racing, Skyrim etc

      11. My goodness. Playing chess is soooo mainstream. I only play obsure board games.

      12. Bahahaha! You’re a clueless idiot! It’s YOUR comments not Jellybean’s that are a waste of “pixels”!

      13. I’m pretty sure that the World Chess Championships are considered pretty hardcore. No casual chess player could get into it, you’d have to be a hardcore chess player.

        But yeah, Wario is casual.

      14. LOL you’re trying to say league of legends is hardcore? are you serious right now? you must be trolling or joking

      15. You’re logic is flawed. Stupid fanboy, I think reality needs to give you a slap in the face.

      16. According to your logic people could play Barbie games “hardcore”. To be considered “hardcore” a game must have some kind of competitive aspect or have an extremely high level of difficulty.

      17. Im sure there is a kid somewhere playing a barbie game that is trying very hard to beat a level, but it’s too high a difficulty for them…

      18. The variations of difficulty is based on the user’s skill level, complex stradgy games tend to have more hardcore players because they put in the time and effort to learn it. Thus, Hardcore depends on how serious a competitor you are.

      19. >Thinks Barbie is hardcore because a kid plays it and may find it hard.

        I just can’t take you seriously anymore.

      20. You’re the only fuckhead who judges how hardcore games are based on specific demographics. I judge how hardcore it is, on difficulty and competitiveness to all ages. If you think Barbie is hardcore, you really are a joke and have no credibility.

        Stop making shit up you sorry excuse of a human being. I’m out. bye.

      21. Oh for love of god we get of useless arguments from bill amy nintedward and unation to get replaced by u guys , just dtop this shit

      22. They are fun but 16 games is very little. I prefer micro games but maybe this will be really good.

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  2. That’s one nice looking box , really wants to jump off the shelves.

    If this game can be as good a the Wario ware games , then we’re in for a treat. But can’t help but feel that it seems worse based on the footage. That one where is just loads of people looks lame…

  3. Although i love the Wario series, i think unless this is a little cheaper than other Wii U Games ($50 maybe), i won’t get it. It’s a little too expensive for only 16 minigames, even if they are the longer type.

      1. Nice review of a game that we’ve only seen less than 10% of the content of , Adarass

      2. Well if it’s like the previous ones, I really don’t think it should be $60. $30 max I reckon.

      3. Wario ware on DS and Wii were fantastic games worthy of full price , even though there full prices were lower than the Wiiu’s.

        We have to wait and see. I was sceptical about NSMBU , but how wrong I was. It’s a fantastic game and well worthy of £40/60 . Same thing properly with Game and Wario. Nintendo know how to make games properly by now lol.

      4. NSMB2 begs to differ. They’re not quite they’re yet. I felt so ripped off paying $70-80 for that shit.

      5. NSMB2 isn’t NSMBU. NSMBU is considerably better in every way. NSMB2 is a great handheld game none the less.

      6. I’d have to agree with you on this. It just felt like a direct copy and paste of NSMBW & DS (because it was). I hated the gimmicy coin aspect and it made me felt like I was ripped off. Plus the 1,000,000 coin reward wasn’t remotly worth the effort. The only good thing about the game is that I could trade it in at gamestop for a game that is acually worth the money :/

      7. Hey scumbag reply this– Since SMB for NES till NSMB2 for N3DS they are the same game isn’t it?

      8. Australians who use the eshop. NSMB2 and a lot of other titles are $70 at the moment.

      9. If you want to ”waste” your money on any game you may be interested in , also , be my guest.

  4. Those people saying the game is just a mini game collection probably never play any Wario Ware games. ‘~’

  5. So does this actually have the wario ware-like microgames, or is it just those minigames? I’d love it if it was like wario ware

  6. I would love to punch Wario right in his big ugly face. Grrrrrrrr… Anyway, this game will be shit.

  7. Why are people expecting it to be cheaper than $60? Are they aware that it’s more than a single minigame?

  8. 16 minigames? It sounds like Nintendo Land. I hope the price point is a bit lower, cos I honestly think I’ll wait on this if it’s $60. Usually, Wario games are filled with tons of micro games and usually are really short-lived. I beat the Wii one in a day (it froze at the last mini-game cos it was scratched so it went back to Game Stop) and the others I’ve tried, I think on GBA, were super short as well. I’m wondering if this’ll have much longevity to it. 16 games doesn’t seem like too much, but I dunno, I’ll check out videos once it’s out in Japan.

  9. I played only one WarioWare game for only like 10 minutes or so, and it felt pointless and dumb. I’ve never been a fan of Wario or the WarioWare series.

    1. Ah, Nintendo Network.

      If you ask me, they should release a free download content, app, channel whatever it is (for later on future) to the Wii U, for anyone who owns the Wario game, (here me out) they could actually create their little mini game.

      That’ll probably never or could happen….

  10. I’ll take anything to breathe a little life into the Wii U right now…..especially after Ubisoft’s ridiculous move of delaying the Wii U version of Rayman Legends (yeah I know because of Microsoft but still). Can’t wait for this game and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate which should be out by next month.

      1. Give us one other rational reason why they would do so even when the developers raged on them.

      2. Oh no, I’m asking because I don’t know the answer and was just asking if it was confirmed.

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