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On Wii U, Developers Only Talked About Its Canceled Projects At DICE 2013?

wii_u_console_whiteWhen the Wii U was the topic of discussion at this year’s D.I.C.E. Summit, which took place last week, Western video game companies only talked about their canceled projects for the new console, according to Sidhe Interactive co-founder Mario Wynands. Wynands said that developers and publishers from the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Australia did not talk about their new Wii U projects. Weynands also said he thinks that the Wii U is in ‘serious trouble.’

At DICE, nobody has been talking about the new Wii U projects they have started, only the Wii U projects that have just been cancelled. Platform is in serious trouble. Publishers and developers from the US, UK, France, Germany, and Australia mainly. Pubs and devs never recoiled from PS3 like they seem to be with Wii U (though this is anecdotal). There was always the confidence that the numbers would get there over time with PS3. I’m not sensing that with Wii U. I had a data point yesterday at lunch with a high budget Wii U game that was hoping to sell “millions” over time. It only managed “tens of thousands”. It is one of the top rated games for the platform.

-Sidhe Interactive co-founder Mario Wynands

287 thoughts on “On Wii U, Developers Only Talked About Its Canceled Projects At DICE 2013?”

      1. Nobody wants to make games for the console cos is weak Ubisoft had realised the mistake they doing and now will release Rayman Legends on PS3/360 anyway Nintendo had lies you once more stupid fanboys Wii U is one rubbish

        Here what means real next generation console

        System Memory: 8GB
        Video Memory: 2.2 GB
        CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” (so, 8x cores)
        GPU: AMD R10xx
        Ports: 4x USB 3.0, 2x Ethernet
        Drive: Blu-Ray
        HDD: 160GB
        Audio Output: HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels

        1. If it’s all about specs my PC takes those specs, craps on them, then pisses on them for good measure. Thankfully it’s about other stuff like innovation, where the Wii U will excel and the others will be left in the dust to play catch-up. But ofc simplistic fanboy minds can’t really comprehend something like that

            1. actually if that cpu is the equivelant to the ones released on the computer, then that really is nothing special at all sadly. Hate to bash amd cause i usually try to support them, but that is two medeocre cpu’s with low clock speeds for that chip and bad performance per clock, worse then their last gen of processors actually. Hopefully amd has worked out the bugs in those chips for this system or clock for clock the new xbox might blow them out of the water clock for clock if they have went with intel

          1. Comparing console to PC is stupid. PCs need far greater specs because they’re not created specifically for games (i.e. it has to run an entire complex OS, for one thing).

            Example: XBOX 360 came out 7 years ago, an can still run Halo 4 at 720p natively with no issues at a steady 30 frames per second. No gaming PC in 2005 could ever run Halo 4 that well. Not even close. I know, because I have a 6 year old gaming PC that was near top-of-the-line back then and it barely runs Crysis 2 at low settings.

            So take your PC, crap on it, and don’t talk about things you clearly don’t understand beyond “derp bigger number are better!”


            1. Yeah sure…..If you actually read what I said I just mentioned that it’s not all about horespower. Derp. Besides, I highly doubt your PC was ever top of the line to begin with…maybe you should take that and crap on it…

        2. lol, speculated 4-8 gigs of ram, likely 4.
          not sure where you got the video ram from,
          correctly speculated about the cpu, however the bulldozer chips aren’t that great unless you extreme overclock them, and even then only on par with an i5, couse we have no comparison for the wii u’s performance per clock for their chip, but the ps4 is only supposed to be clocked at 1.6ghz which is only 300-400 mhz faster then the wii u, but with the bad performance of the amd bulldozer… wouldn’t hold your breath too much.
          gpu, once again speculated but technically will likely include all the newest graphics innovations as the wii u and likely little more as the wii u graphics chip is quite robust with features, might be a bit more powerful, time will tell.
          usb… who cares only a couple periferals for any of the systems, you think usb3 will make you cooling fan work better? it’s all about speed transfer with usb 3 and in a console more or less moot.
          blu-ray… are you kidding me? who cares? a blu-ray player is 70 bucks and your gonna get a better experience on that anyway, the medium is nice for the amount of data on each disk though, not a huge selling point at this point in the game however.
          larger hd is nice but if it’s ssd then that will cause the price to go up, they still aren’t cheap.

          those specs aren’t nearly as robust as you are being lead to believe. This new gen is not going to blow anybody’s minds away like the last gen did, or the one before that. Untill devs learn to properly use multi cpu oriented machines the original ps3 might actually outperform the new one. This has been an issue for years on the computer, ever since manufacturers realised they would have an extremely hard time overcoming the 3ghz hurdle, hence the multi core platform that has come into play.
          poor crytec is gonna be so pissed when they realize their out dated approach towards video games is coming to an end.

        3. So you actually get on a Nintendo news website only to bash Nintendo and its fans while stroking your e-peen to some rumored specs?

      1. i know lol. there are literally almost no announced third party games this year, so what else would they be able to talk about besides projects that they cancled? oh well, pretty sure a lot of games will be shown at e3 this year.

  1. “high budget Wii U game that was hoping to sell “millions” over time. It only managed “tens of thousands”.”

    It may very well sell millions ‘over time’, but what kind of publisher honestly expects upwards of 1 million units sold within 2 months of a new console’s life?

      1. Call of duty?Maybe?They made a big deal about getting it for Wii U and I don’t think it has sold well at all.But I don’t think Wii U is to blame for it due to the fact the series fan’s have been playing those games for years on their ps3 and xbox 360.

        1. Blops 2 has sold well on Wiiu about 150,000 units and counting , infact that number was from a while ago . It must be AC3 , TTT2 , NG3RE , Batman Arkhum city….. Who was expecting late ports to sell well though ?

          ZombiU has sold about 400K and counting worldwide so that’s really successfull and it can’t be that.

          I think they’re talking out of their ass holes.

      2. Well the big clue was that it was highly rated but sold poorly. My first guess would be Batman Arkham City:Armored Edition (which I did buy by the way).

        1. If I were to guess, I’d assume he was referring to Mass Effect 3, which, as far as I’m aware, has sold under 100,000 units (i.e. tens of thousands) on Wii U, unlike both Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Batman: Arkham City.

          1. Oh Batman sold over 100,000 units on Wii U alone? Hmm…. then you must be right in saying that it is Mass Effect 3. I would have bought that game…….if they hadn’t made the HD trilogy. Hopefully they bring the trilogy over to Wii U because I will definitely buy that at a $60 price tag.

            1. Apparently so, yes. I also purchase Batman: Arkham City for Wii U. I too would have purchased Mass Effect had it been the trilogy instead of the singular title, but I’ll end up purchasing them for either Xbox 360 or PC (as the PS3 version had some pretty bad framerate issues if I recall correctly).

            2. They force u to install origin in ur console and they also force u to agree, getting ur personal data!!!! Its the only time they forced EULA into a console…. they dont do that in ps360

          2. How am I supposed to buy/play ME 3 when I haven’t even touched 1 and 2?

            To be honest, I literally have never heard of the ME franchise until it hit the Wii U. Seriously, I was completely oblivious to this franchise and still have no idea who is the protagonist even is. They cannot blame poor sales on the Wii U when they drop a sequel of a franchise on a system where some of the user install base have never played before and expect to sell millions. I’d suggest that that company seriously take a second look at their business strategy because it is flawed for sure.

            1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

              I agree. I think I heard about Mass Effect 2 a while back but I never gave it any attention. Now with ME3 being so popular, I wouldn’t just BUY it without having played the first two. Also, not many people are going to buy old ports of games. Batman and ME3 being on the Wii U so late was a bit of a waste IMO

    1. I do not believe there are *any* “high budget”, 3rd party, games on U. They are all ports, none of which are high budget *by definition*. The only original U 3rd party game is pretty much ZombiU which sold hundreds of thousands, so this guy is basically repeating hearsay and rumor as fact–ignore him.

      1. (I’m sure someone will say Scribblenauts, but God help Warner if a port of a 3DS game that already had all its core tech in place was “high budget”.)

    2. my guess… activision with cod blops2. Wonder if they realize that people are getting bored of the uninnovative cod franchise?
      For fps i want more metroid! lol.
      Hopefully aliens is good.

          1. -___- (sigh) *clears throat*: ‘BECAUSE YOU’LL BE TOGETHER!!’
            Sorry, 2am posts demand Inception references. Aaaaannd I’m goin’ to bed…
            …Boo, Dice developers…

        1. I know plenty of people who have English as there second language(And are still learning it by themselves), and they’re better than me when it comes to understanding it! Heck, even Nintenlord (Or whatever he calls himself) has decent grammar now.

            1. uhhh, you’re wrong, lol. They’re is correct, not their in this case as he is reffering to the shortened “they are” which is they’re. Their refers to possession, like, I’m going to thier house for supper.

          1. Yeah but still I can’t blame them for grammar errors as long as their sentence can still make sense. When I went to Honduras on a mission trip I knew what it was like to speak a broken second language and was very grateful to the people that were patient enough to figure out what I was trying to say.

            1. Mission trip?

              Yeah, I probably was bit harsh, I just seem to have this weird ass ability to learn languages pretty quickly. Sorry to the guy above!

                1. Awesome, :-) We need more people like you in this world.

                  I’ve always wanted to go to DR Congo and help people out there, but there is you know …. a few issues in actually getting there, plus work & volunteering where I live is hampering me lol.

                  1. The DR Congo would be cool. My dream is to help out the people of Sudan. They have it really bad there with a maniacal government, Joseph Kony, poverty, disease, genocide, and the list goes on and on……..

                    1. Joseph Kony has influence in Sudan as well. His army is large enough to march around different countries. I do believe you are correct though that he is currently stationed in Uganda.

              1. It is said that the more languages you learn, the easier it is to learn new languages. I’m still working on my second and I certainly would’nt even attempt to try to write it, I have enough issues with english lol.

          1. They sure did. The same thing could happen with Bayonetta (Since Sega own them) But I really don’t see it happening.

            1. No, Nintendo only paid for marketing of NG3, so it always was going to be a timed released.. Nintendo actually saved Platinum from going under and is paying them to finish these games… Platinum can give Bayonetta 3 to other platforms, but Bayonetta 2 will always be on Wii U.

              This is just fanboi wishful masterbation that Bayo 2 is going anywhere but a Nintendo permanently.

          2. They had just barely financially supported Ninja Gaiden Razor’s Edge. They mainly put in the funds to bring the enhanced version to U.S. and Europe and that’s it. With Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 they are more financially involved.

      1. honestly, rayman should have always been a multiplatform release, the only way we got cheated is because of the release date. Plus the adoption rate od the wii u is a tad lower then people were expecting. Of course with that being said, so was the 3ds and look at it now. I would’nt be surprised if the other sustems coming out actually helps the wii u sell.

    1. I’d rather have Platinum and Gearbox than Ubisoft any day. Heck, you can throw in Team Ninja for that matter too. The games that interest me most are coming from Nintendo, Platinum, Gearbox, Monolith Soft, Atlus, and Mistwalker. Not really caring for other devs……..well maybe Kojima Productions but that is about it.

            1. Yeah this is purely coincidental but I tend to favor Japanese developers more. Monolith changed my entire idea on the direction JRPGs were heading with Xenoblade Chronicles as well as Mistwalker. Their new game, X, looks to be doing the same as well. I, like Nintendo, can trust that Atlus will take good care of the Fire Emblem franchise when it creates the mash-up. I’m really excited for the Shin Megami Tensei game they have planned for 3DS that might come out this year for Japan I believe. I’m slowly getting tired of games like Assasin’s Creed, Ninja Gaiden, Call of Duty, etc…. because I believe they don’t try to innovate too much. I still have some respect for Ubisoft after playing ZombiU and seeing the trailer for Watchdogs however.

              1. +1

                I use to always love western devs, but I tried Xenoblade, and well … I don’t have to say anything else, it was just …. words can’t even describe how amazing it was.

                1. Right. I believe the director said it best when he said that he would not try to worry about visuals this time around and solely worry about the game world, gameplay, and content. To top it all off he wrote a pretty good story as well. Much respect to him. :)

                  1. xenoblade gave me the same feeling as zelda ocarina did when i first played it, that feeling of playing an amazing game doesnt come back very much, same thing with secret of mana,

  2. I’m tired of these people saying that the Wii U is doomed or in serious trouble. It’s not. Sales may be not be that great at the moment but they will pick up when good games like Pikmin 3 and Smash bros come out. Remember, the 360 had a very rocky start because it didn’t have enough software and for 2 years it didn’t sell well. It wasn’t until some games came out that the system began to sell out. You can have a powerful system but you need software as well.

    1. Exactly! Wii U is still very young. 3-4 million sales in just 3 months isn’t that bad for a console picking up in the mainstream audience :) Mario Kart U, Mario RPG U (ex: Mario Galaxy), Smash Bros U, Kirby U, Pokemon U and Metroid U together can help sell at least 20 million more Wii Us.

  3. Didn’t they say that the 3DS was doomed about a year ago and then nine months later it’s the top selling console in the world.

    1. Well before Nintendo gave it the price cut, it was on its way to becoming doomed. Please show me where it is the top selling console in the world. I’m sure the DS and PS2 would like to have some words with it.

        1. Even then he would be wrong, see hes basing all of this on the Japan Weekly Reports we get.

          The UK and US sales arent so great.

          1. Globally, the 3DS is still on top I believe. The 360 pushed ahead for 1 week, but since then the 3DS has been ahead of everything by about 50k weekly according to vgchartz

      1. FYI, One year ago= Feb. 9, 2012
        Nine months later (after one year ago)=Nov. 9, 2012
        selling=present tense
        From Nov. 9, 2012 to today=3DS has sold more units than any other console

        My point is that things can change quickly in the electronics industry and NIntendo can adjust.

      1. Why is everyone a fanboy to you lol, do you even know what it means? Every single time that someone defends Nintendo they are instantly a fanboy. You must be a great friend to take to a bar. Jellybean’s friend is getting punched in the face…then his friend throws a punch back “What are you doing hitting him back, you’re such a fanboy!” explains Jellybean.

        1. “Oh you’re buying two games? YOU LACK COMMON SENSE YOU IDIOT” – Tri-Pod

          Read what I said, then understand why I called him a fanboy. I don’t think everyone is a fanboy (I’ve even met some alright fanboys who actually admit it), I usually have a reason when calling someon– oh wait, you’re probably one too, don’t worry I won’t talk to you anymore, you probably won’t even take into account what I say and just spew back mindless rubbish and head into damage control like the other day.

          1. There was no justification for calling him a fan boy. He disagreed and then defended, He didn’t say he hated PS or Xbox or anything/anyone else, just that he thought that guy was an idiot. Damage control? lmao, You are in a state of permanent damage control, after every comment you make, damage control is absolutely necessary.

            1. Lol, and there was no justification for calling adarazz a fanboy, now here comes the hypocrisy!

              He disagreed in an immature way and insulted a developer just giving his opinion about Nintendo. The opinion was understandable and he then attacked the developer saying he lacked intelligence and that he was jealous of NIntendo’s success. YEP NOPE, NOT A FANBOY.

                  1. If you read the context, He doesn’t even mention Sony, so to call him a Sony fan boy wouldn’t make sense. It was clearly a joke. He called me a fan boy so I returned the favor.

          2. Oh Jelly, I read your comments and i just smirk. Everyone seems to dislike you, cracks me up.
            Although, in my humble opinion if there are two phrases that shouldn’t be used anymore it is fanboy ( weather true or not) and butt hurt… So many kids running around saying butt hurt… blows my mind.

        2. Also, If someone punched my friend in the face, I’d be hunting down the person who hit him you worthless piece of shit. Stop assuming such crap.

        3. By the way, how’s crying like a little girl over Rayman being delayed going for you? Wait … who am I kidiing, little girls don’t care about a silly game lmao, I should give more credit to them.

                  1. I fully paid for the pre-ordered copy($68) I was expecting it to come. Ubisoft said that they wouldn’t port it over to the other consoles just to port it over to the other consoles(Which is exactly what they did). They even said that they couldn’t even port it over because of the features, They told us to buy a WIi U to play this game, Nintendo put this demo on every demo station across the globe for them. This is much more then a delayed release or a “Indian give” on exclusivity. They completely sold Nintendo out and Nintendo fans. They sold out there devs. I don’t know how this wouldn’t make anyone upset, I held Ubisoft in high regard before this decision. Also being angry and crying are 2 completely different things btw. Am I not allowed to be angry now, or does that make me a fan boy?

          1. To be fair, the Legends delay is total bullshit when dsvs have said the games already finished.
            Going multiplatform was just a matter of time, i guess Ubi couldnt afford to have it as a times exclusive (but apparetly can afford selling nothing at all by releasing it next to GTAV -.-)

          1. This is a Nintendo site, Nintendo Fanboys are welcome here, Not that I approve of such unconditional love towards a gaming company, but I will defend them from trolls and Ps360 fanboys all day long.

                1. I like Nintendo, I like SOny, I like Microsoft. Christ you’re as bad as N-Unit, next you’ll be spouting perverted insults.

                2. *You’re

                  Jellybean is not a troll by any means. Just because the Nintendo fanboys decide to attack his opinion does not make him a troll.

                  1. Oh no, I call someone a fanboy with enough justification (A normal person would agree with) that Tri-pod doesn’t agree with, I must be a troll /s

                    1. No, that’s just it Jellybean, You don’t have justification at all(sometimes you do) but you just call people fan boys if they disagree or have a different opinion then you, justifying my opinion to call you a troll.

                    2. No, you just don’t agree with my justification. I rarely ever call someone a fanboy without having justification. People just never ask for my justification and just start accusing me of having none -_-

                  2. If he is defending himself that is different, most of the time nobody is even talking to him. He just jumps in and insults the guy(Go through some threads, you’ll see what I mean), When I see stuff like that. I have this need to say something about it.

                3. He’s not a troll, more like a dick rider, that feels the need to reply to things that has nothing to do with him, jellyb learn to live and let live, u seem like a parasite…..

              1. Dude, gotta say that post was troll’ish. No point in tossing vulgar language into the mix as well as direct personal insults. Someymies you make me laugh, sometimes cringe. This was a cringe moment. btw this is not a personal attack, just observational, and i hold nothing against you, but remember, you might be swearing at children.

            1. “Nintendo Fanboys are welcome here”

              What about the ones who tell others to get cancer and die, and to go suck bloody vaginas because someone makes a legitimate complaint against Nintendo? You must really love defending them aye?

                1. Nope. It was N-Unit, THE BIGGEST FANBOY ON THIS PAGE. No one insulted him at all until he started saying that. Stop assuming shit you do not know.

                  1. ahhh fucking hate unation, hes the worst person on here, little bitch has a nintendo nerd attack if you slightly say something bad about a nintendo game, like not buying a nintendo game till its cheap, stupid fucker

                  1. Let’s just not bother anymore adarazz. He’s clearly never going to listen and defend even the worst fanboys with his life. I have better things I could be doing anyway.

                    1. I’m not sure I even defended any of these guys that you are referring to and if I did I must have had a reason? If not, show me where I made this error in judgement and I will correct it? If you can’t show me where I defended them, then your comment is classified as trolling.

                  1. Lol, you say I have no idea what a fanboy is. And it’s blatantly obvious you have no idea what troll is. You make me laugh Tri-Pod you really do :’)

              1. No point in bashing anyone, it solves nothing and causes grief to everyone, but feel free to disagree, the issue is when it turns into personal attacks…

          2. Two haters here, wow that disappointing to see… Anyway this is just the first months of this console, anybody can’t predict if this console will succeed or not in the next 3 or 4 years in the future, that’s the real thing. Now stop been a haters, and at least support this videogame company (nobody here wants any company to fail, because in the end, US the costumers will be affected badly, and the people who make games, people who work hard for YOU, will be affected as well. If you call yourself a “gamer” support Nintendo to succeed, support Sony to succeed, Support Microsoft to succeed, and yeah support those PC game developers to succeed…

            1. Are you calling me a hater? COnsidering I’ve stated multiple times I like and enjoy all companies? and that I support them all?

              Oh wait, I criticize Nintendo I must be a hater! I forgot it’s a crime to make complaints against them/

      2. Son of a bitch!!! no i can, its just stupid to call a console like dead when its 3 month on the market!!! The 3ds and PS360 had the same problems or more worse at the start and look where there are now!!! Idiot!

  4. ‘Platform is in serious trouble’ Hahaha, just wait for new 3D Mario, Mariokart, Zelda, they sure as hell aren’t cancelled

    1. For once, I agree. I hope the fanboys have it rubbed in there noses. I’ll still get a Wii U myself because there are some games on there that won’t be on others, but I just love seeing fanboys in general whinge. Like I saw when xbox fanboys were so upset Halo didn’t get GOTY, made me lol so hard.

      1. What do you mean for once? Even some people on this website agree most of the concerns and arguments I bring up are legitimate.

        1. Sorry, force of habit XD I agree you do bring up some legitimate arguments, but I do see you like to take the piss out of UNation :P

                    1. yo yo whats up bitches, who agrees with all my super awesome intelligence, by the way microsoft is a shitty company no matter they do, pc sucks over apple, they break just like the next xbox will

  5. What game currently on the Wii U is expected to sell millions over time? Most of the games are ports and the exclusives are okay. I’m so sick of these people talking about the Wii U is doomed. With very little advertising and mostly ports, the Wii U has managed to sell over 3 million. Now, I’ll wager that if there were top games for the Wii U, the number of sold units would be through the roof. I hope they scrutinize the next Xbox/PS like their doing with the Wii U!

  6. I fucking hate that no one will make a game anymore unless its guaranteed to sell millions. I mean its just ridiculous and insanely greedy.

    1. People still do. Plenty of the big indie games you see started that way, but people just fell in love with them. Mojang started as just one guy in his bedroom.

    2. Yeah, mostly just indy devs making great games they themselves would like to play, then it seems to catch on and they sell a large amount while the large companies keep hashing out the same stuff they spend millions on and get pissed when they don’t make a profit lol.

  7. so i checked out the games developed by “sidhe interactive” and well, i don’t think he got a weight on the industry and im suprised that they are still alive (really, look a the games), so there is no way nintendo is in “big trouble”










              1. Grammar an inebt last defense, can you people come whit better things than that? I could easyly say based on historic facts that people like you are criminals.

  9. This is total lies! What games were cancelled for Wii U? They are lies unless they substantiate the allegations with evidence. What cancelled games? Total Bullcrap! What games did they release that is suppose to sell millions over time? They only good games I see are New Super Mario Bros Wii U and Nintendo Land and I think they will sell millions. Ubisoft is sore Zombie U under performed, it was hyped and it was a big disappointment with mixed reviews. Ubisoft is less than impressive.

    1. its a fanboy industry type loosing there rag because wiiu already won they saying WE HATE NINTENDO in other words there is no cancilled games its a hate campain by idiot sony fans who grew up to be devs the same thing happens on sites FANBOY NONSENSE

    2. zombiu is already making a cult classic following of its self, so it is actually selling more regularly now, plus with the new bundle it will be fine. Already heard rumors of a second

  10. wiiu gpu hybred wii hardwired effects and custom shaders virtual texture design and custom lighting high bandwidth edram catches

    a insider

  11. I don’t think this lack of faith in Wii U is going to hurt Nintendo in the future. Nintendo makes a comeback by saving itself and not relying on any other developers. The 3DS started really shifting units when Nintendo gave a price cut and released The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D, and Super Mario 3D Land. The Wii U will sell pretty well once 3D Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, and Super Smash Bros. are released. Plus, Nintendo is more than likely going to put an Animal Crossing on Wii U and that is a guaranteed system seller.

    1. Agreed, I think people (ha I called them people, that’s rich) Trolls saw Nintendo take their 1st loss and kinda ran with it. Nintendo’s been ‘in trouble’ since the Gamecube…

      1. Plus, people have to realize that the system is bound to do well in Japan because it is more Japanese friendly. The company of Nintendo is more Japanese friendly in general……..well because they are Japanese. I just have this feeling that the Wii U will be the best selling system in Japan for this generation with the PS4 following it and lastly Durango. Durango might come out on top in the West with a close fight for second between Wii U and PS4. This is all just guessing of course!

        1. I’m actually very curious what the PS4 and 720 will be, specifically, how they’ll sell if they’re a billion dollars. ? . We can only guess for now, but I’m worried… for the competition :P

          1. If they are super expensive then that means that it will be super expensive to develop on those platforms which will make software prices go through the roof thus causing a decline in sales which will really hurt the industry. Warren Spector had a good quote about this exact issue. I’m not 100% sure on the idea that the PS4 and 720 will be so far ahead of the Wii U like the PS360 was Wii. I don’t think it’s financially wise.

      2. actually they took a loss with each wii sold at first as well. Each system did with the last gen release, it’s a very normal thing, it’s games where the money is made not with systems. At least not too soon after release anyway.

  12. zombiu is trash i got it release day here in uk months ago i havnt played it yet its CRAP cheap budget crap graphics poor analog stick aiming PUKE AIMING its a gimmic game..

    1. uhhhh, how can you say it’s crap when in the same sentence you state you haven’t played it? That statement makes me wonder if you even have it, or to that effect, a wii u even. Unfortunately, if you haven’t played it that makes your opinion of it a waste of breath. Go play it then come back and state an informed opinion, weather good or bad, at least you then have a right to form an opinion of it.

  13. Yep, E3 is where we get cool announcements. And this drought guarantees Nintendo giving an awesome show in June(?). I’m guessing:
    .The Orbis and Durango will be revealed
    .They won’t announce the prices
    .Both will have to be expensive- huge power+huge memory=huge investment
    .Nintendo wows us with all the games we know are coming + surprises. Retro Y U no make Metroid? *Epic E3 Metroid trailer* :O

        1. I think E3 actually falls around the time I get my tax back. I just hope the Government doesn’t try screw me over again XD

      1. Yeah but I’m honestly not expecting any huge announcements. Maybe just that it will be called the PS4, show off a prototype of what the hardware unit looks like, and that the big announcements will be coming later at E3. E3 is where we will probably see the graphics, launch date, controller, launch lineup, and price tag.

          1. I’m hoping for something along the lines of Sonyverse (an integrated new social medium for gaming), a collaboration with Namco-Bandai on the next All-Stars, and of course a controller with a screen on it. That would be badass.

  14. Obviously Wii U hardware and software sales are low at the moment, seeing as it’s a new console. It’s highly illogical to call doom and gloom on the Wii U this early by comparing it to the 360 and PS3. People are comparing an infant to two full grown adults. Pretty stupid actually. As we all know, new consoles are coming, and they will launch as infants, same as Wii U. However, a new era of consoles also means eventually dropping support for previous consoles as well, so at that point the 360 and PS3 will be irrelevant. The Wii U is a console prepared for the 8th generation, not the 7th. Now if the Wii U was being launched to compete against the 360 and PS3, then I’d understand the doom and gloom talks, but that is not the case. Heck, the Wii U is barely trying to compete with the PS4 and 720 either, it’s trying to make its own identity, and with the industry being in the state it’s in, that’s actually a very smart move. Now I assure you that when the PS4 and 720 launch, they will not sell better than this, the 360 and PS3 are still in their prime, and it’s going to be difficult to convince gamers that the end of the 7th gen of gaming has come, and it’s time for a new one. Not everyone is willing to drop money on a new console right now, especially in this economy. However, with the 360 and PS3 using ancient tech that developers are struggling to stay attuned to, new consoles must be launch to keep tech move forward, otherwise the 360 and PS3 will only hold things back. Ultimately, the new systems are going to take a while to sell, that’s natural. I think the Wii U will do just fine, it’s merely looking bad right now because the 360 and PS3 have built reputations, and are pretty much the go-to consoles right now, they are in their prime. It was the same situation after the 360 and PS3 launched, the PS2 and Xbox were still the go-to systems, and the PS2 continued to outsell the 360 and PS3 in both hardware and software for a good while. This is normal. Now if Wii U doesn’t at least hit the 10 million mark by this time next year, then I’d say the Wii U is in trouble. But right now, it’s far too early to make assumptions. All we can do is wait and see what happens. As many developers like Crytek and Ubisoft have stated numerous times “Never count Nintendo out.” Think about how many times we thought Nintendo was in trouble, only to get backlashed when they pulled out big surprises to prove us wrong. 3DS anyone?

    1. True, true, and true!

      *sigh* When will people learn history…= / If they don’t, they will just repeat themselves.

  15. WESTERN DEVELOPERS, except gear box and three others are morons. All the make are FPS and stupid games with unnecessary violence and gore. Cod, bioshock, battle field, crysis and far cry 3 have this nonsense in common; mindless FPS games. Borderlands 1 and 2 are true creative RPG style FPS works of art.

    Please give us eastern developers, their games are diverse and great. Throw in Randy Pitchford for good measure.

    1. If my little dev studio actually gets big (In this day and age, I have no idea) I plan on getting a group of Nintendo fans together to think up a game.

      1. You want to make it big ? Make a game from a abandoned genre . A platformer or a classic rpg whit good graphics will earn you payers quick.

  16. Western developers shake my head.

    Nintendo gave 3rd parties a chance, nintendo do what you always do. Make games and out game these visionless morons.

    1. I swear, I’m not a violent man, but you really make me want to punch you in the face. That’s how annoying you are.

  17. Wii U comes out = Lets talk about the bad Stuff about the system and never talk about the good stuff… all 80% of the good stuff…

    PS4/Xbox 720 = We know these systems are going to break down 24/7 but we love them…. even though the negatives over power the positives

  18. I think Nintendo should increase their own games and create new IPs themselves if third-party developers still don’t support Wii U like they didn’t do with the Wii.
    It’s basically Nintendo games that sells systems anyway.

    But like I’ve said many times and some of you aswell, why is Nintendo not marketing their system?
    Will they come out with a better console in 2 years now instead?…

  19. The Wii U is doomed.

    Just like 3DS.

    And Wii.

    And DS.

    And Gamecube.

    Oh, and there is NO POSIBLE WAY for PS4 and NextBox to flounder, sales-wise.

    Like the Vita.

    And Windows Phone.


    1. Dude your a moron. DS had low sales? The wii u is going to be more succesful than the ps4 dont have time to explain it to an idiot like you

      1. it did when it was released in different areas. But i think he was more or less generalizing as the wii was in that list as well.

    2. upon further investigation it seems as though you were being sarcastic, its hard to tell with so many morons typing comments lol

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  21. I will never buy a console and install, or agree in EULAS taking and using my personal data… Mass effect 3, force u to agree and install origin in ur wii U, also get all ur personal data and use them in their behalf.. sell u in others…. So let them rot.

        1. Lol you must be new on the internet i said that cause the media just put the bad things about Nintendo. If you check other sites sony is in a worst position currenly but no 1 says anything.

  22. I don’t think the Wii U is in a big heap of trouble. In fact at this stage this is not too bad, maybe – considering the fact that its a new product on the market. When these companies see the rapid success of iPhones/smartphones it’s as if they are expecting the same kind of thing with everything else; but reality is that that may not be the case. After the release of the strong Wii U titles such as ‘X’ and Mario Kart, etc, the hopefully high sales will hopefully encourage developers to give solid support.

    From my view they just seem uncertain about fully investing into the Wii U at this time, compared to the well established alternatives. 3DS vs PSV is a kind of a like example.

  23. Things can change for the WiiU, neither the Wii DS or 3DS had a good first 6 months, with everyone predicting doom. That said the situation with the WiiU is far more grim and this time the fans are feeling much more negative including myself. Nintendo should get with the times. It’s time for that Pokemon MMO. That’s how they will get a console flying off the shelves.

  24. I know one thing’s for sure. If Sony and Microsoft carry out plans to restrict used games, Nintendo will be sitting pretty.

    1. In terms of sales I wouldn’t agree. It is doing better than Xbox and Ps3 in their launches. In terms of software? Definitely. No Rayman Legends or Pikmin 3…..

    1. Yeah really classy there cunt for brains. Next time you wanna troll someone, come up with a better comment than that.

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  26. Are investors ignorantly listening to that retro fag Sean Malstrom again? Because that’s what this horseshit reads like.

    That guy is trying to ruin the company for everyone with his ignorance. No one should ever take his advice. EVER!

  27. I feel like new Wii U games just aren’t coming out….

    It’s sad that this console is failing miserably right now. I mean, the limited edition black Wii U is still easily available everywhere, even being packaged again with Zombi U. What the hell is going on? I wish they’d hurry up and get the good games out. They’re screwing this up so bad.

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