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Monolith Soft Discuss Their Close Relationship With Nintendo


The development team behind the critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii U have taken part in an internal interview, during which they talk about their blossoming relationship with Nintendo. Monolith Soft Director, Yasuyuki Honne, says that the firm is on a recruitment drive to massively increase the amount of personnel at Monolith Soft. The Monolith Soft team also stated that the number of meetings between Nintendo and Monolith Soft has increased greatly. Both companies are now working together and Nintendo has been providing the company will valuable feedback and tweaks to help improve their games. Here’s a detailed summary.

  • Mission is to massively increase the amount of personnel at Monolith Soft
  • Looking for designers with skills in 3DCG, effects and motion
  • Monolith Soft have realized just how important it is for a team to work closely together
  • The number of meetings between Nintendo and Monolith Soft has increased greatly
  • Nintendo have been actively consulting on their work and providing feedback
  • Monolith Soft say they’re amazed by Nintendo’s ability to work and think together
  • They believe it’s a major asset to producing quality products
  • This has inspired Monolith Soft to do the same with their studio
  • The team is making people feel included by asking programmers who aren’t often in talks with designers, for ideas
  • Concerns some of the staff had about the idea of moving to Kyoto is now a thing of the past
  • The devs are working closely the together, almost as a family, to make great games

79 thoughts on “Monolith Soft Discuss Their Close Relationship With Nintendo”

  1. This article feels weird to me, because I was under the assumption that since Nintendo owned Monolith Soft and that this kind of interaction would be expected. But I guess that’s not the case. Though it’s good to see that Nintendo Co. LTD is keeping good relationships with it’s first party developers.

    1. When you have just big teams, and so many, i imagine they dont always have alot of time to interact, Nintendo basically leaves them to it an checks up on them every now and then

    2. it is common and you’re right to feel weird lol. nintendo did the same thing during the development of zombiu and then platinum games has said before that nintendo has helped a lot with beyonetta 2.

      1. I think this is more common for them now, to work with other developers, but five years ago working close with outside developers was rare for nintendo.

  2. Does anyone know why Xenoblade Chronicles is selling for so much money on eBay and Amazon? I thought it just came out in 2012? So why is it selling for over $100.00? And why can’t I find the game on any store websites? I’m starting to regret not buying it when it first came out. Simply because of how valuable it is.

    1. Because it had a limited release, along with the game solely being exclusive to Gamestop it’s a rare game now since there hasn’t been any reprints.

      1. i feel pissed for people like you, nintendo should of published it themselves and released it everywhere, and they wont do a reprint either, they couldnt even bring it over untill gamestop did it, nintendo is fucking one of the most not giving a shit company ever, its just noa that does it tho, gamestop helping more thats just a bunch of shit, or am i wrong, yea because im not a suck up

          1. Yes i have hunger. I been eating the demo of etrian oddisey 4 demo, square enix have abandoned the jrpg market and i want my rpg fix.

          1. gamestop is the only reason nintendo did publish it, thats a bunch of shit, did you not know that, did you think nintendo gave a shit, haha, really, xseed did last story and pandoras, what about that fatal frame game that was going to come over,

    2. There’s a article on which lists games in this generation that are going for a lot of money. Xenoblade Chronicles appeared on it and I was like “yeees good thing I bought it” . . . It’s only gonna go up in value

  3. close relationship after nintendo not willing to release there game, having gamestop bring it over, there is a lot of people who cant find a copy because they didnt sell that many copies they should do a reprint but nope it probably cold have sold close to a million if talked about at all by them wish xseed would have published it they would have a reprint so fast by now, thats good that they are getting closer, maybe they wont treat them like worthless crap again, will they even release anything this whole gen again, who knows and you kiss ass people probably think im a nintendo hater, no your just that fucking dumb, not to care and have a fucking worthless system for a whole generation the list goes on, but know nintendo will release some of there old games right they atleast do that right? no they will re release nes games on 3ds that already were on the wii, fucking fanboys arnt any much better that sonys or microsofts

    1. oops i spelled some stuff wrong people on this website, any other website, i bet some of you might see this, people i know know this, plus everybody fucking hates nintendo anyway and im the few people who like everything but fps shooters so i stick with nintendo alot of the time but no im just hating, oh no fucking dumb shits im sadly one of the only people on this website that likes nintendo out of the three the mostthat sees this, there better off dead joining a different company if this shit keeps up

      1. There’re institutions for what you have. I suggest therapy first though. Nintendo has more people that like it than microsoft and Sony combined. Only a few in the US and the UK despise it for it’s brilliance; also for staying viable and great. While British game companies and their machines the commodores and Ataris died on arrival so to say. It’s a beautiful thing to know history. You can always bet on nintendo :).

    2. I’d call this the largest run on sentence I’ve probably read in a while, but it’s not even a sentence…so…ramble on!

        1. there franchises did and the company it self did, rare was better than retro, all there franchises and games cant be done any more because the company owns them, that company is ruined and if they wernt bought they would be better than retro and would of had sequels to all there great franchises by now, like they were currently planning

      1. Here you go again. Microsoft games department destroyed RARE-WARE. They infact were sold by nintendo due to RARE losing it’s edge in the early 2000s.

        1. banjo tooie and conkers bad fur day, yea losing its edge, yea and why is retro so good because a lot went over after sold, losing there edge your fucking stupid

              1. Not saying it’s a bad game (haven’t played it myself, but saw a let’s play on it), but you gotta think that game’s poor sales caused Nintendo to sell RARE to Mircosoft (not to mention the money they robbed them on the sale).

        1. Really? I haven’t been on the Wii U in weeks because of college homework but that is awesome! I gotta be a part of that.

      1. It’s getting spammed with endless (and hilarious) posts about Rayman Legend’s delay and Ubisoft’s general sliminess.

      1. Monolith, Platinum, Vigil used to be third when they were still alive, Valve, and Nintendo.
        Of course, there are others that still either rank slightly below, or tie, with the ones I listed, but I don’t recall all the names right now.XD

  4. The more we see high quality games that both MonolithSoft and PlatinumGames have made (past, present, and future) for Nintendo, the better we see some of best and most unique tites we get to see and play.

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  6. This is the best news, this is why Nintendo is my favorite. I hope Nintendo and Mystwalker and Platinum games develop this kind of relationship to make games together.

  7. Monolith will turn out out to be one of Nintendo’s aces. They have amazing skill and potential. They fit together perfectly. Leave luck to heaven.

  8. I think it would be awesome if Monolith Soft became one of the development teams alongside HAL, Sora, and NamcoBandai on Smash Bros. 4. What do you guys think?

    1. I think Monolith Soft are amazing, but I don’t think they have much experience in fighting games like to be part of it

  9. “The devs are working closely the together, almost as a family, to make great games.”

    Other devs should be like this working together with Nintendo.

    1. Should be. But all development teams hit a certain point where they have to choose between going the money root or gaining respect and making not as much money. Unfortunately most pick money over working like a family.

      1. Well seeing as they’re a business and it’s number one goal is to make money. I run a business, and my number one goal is to be as profitable as possible. Nintendo would work the same way. They may sayu “Oh but we’re not about the moniezz!” But that is just PR bullshit people seem to gobble up so damn easily. They have investors to please, so they will care about profits more than anything.

  10. Awesome to hear that they have a good working relationship. Hopefully this means that the quality of the games they make will be super high just like Xenoblade Chronicles.

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