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Chilean Retailer Lists Battlefield 4 And Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 For Wii U

battlefield_3Chilean video games retailer Zmart is currently listing Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 for the Wii U console. However, this doesn’t confirm whether the two first-person shooters are coming to Nintendo’s latest console, as confirmation can only come from the games’ publishers. What we do know, however, is that Activision is working on another Call of Duty title, which will be released this year, and we are supposed to hear news from EA on the next installment in the Battlefield series within the next couple of months.

85 thoughts on “Chilean Retailer Lists Battlefield 4 And Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 For Wii U”

    1. i can think of a lot of possibilities for battlefield on the wiiu such as diffusing bombs with the touchscreen in multiplayer and setting waypoints on the controllers map for your squad to follow or even just picking your guns and attachments for each guns and load outs on the the touchscreen etc. but im not really interested in cod lol. lets hope ea isn’t still butthurt towards nintendo and lets dice release bf4 on the wiiu. loved 3 on the pc.

  1. It was pretty obvious MW4 is coming to Wii U, BF4 coming to Wii U shocks me a little bit considering EAs not to happy with the Wii U, but im glad they are still supporting it.. Either way, im more excited for MW4, loved BF3, but loved MW3 more.

      1. Seriously ? You didn’t think a new COD would be on Wii U ?

        With all the crap Activision has been saying about the install base and sales of the Wii U they still would not pass on a platform where they might be able to sell their copy&paste franchise.

          1. They put most CODs on the Wii, and those copies didn’t sell too much compared to others, yet they still kept bringing it to the wii, I see no reason why it won’t be on the Wii U.

            1. OK. However, an Activision representative came out this week complaining about Wii U sales and Nintendo’s policy. In this scenario, any prediction about Activision support can be utterly wrong. Anyway, time will tell if those games will head to Wii U.

              1. Yeah I remember them saying that, but I don’t think it will change their mind on supporting the Wii U. But I guess time will tell.

              2. Activision did sell 125,000 copies of blops2 on wiiu. that is more than enough to cover the costs of porting it plus some profit… People who already own the game on another system wasn’t going to rebuy it…. the real test is MW4 and how many Wii U copies they can move when it releases at the exact same time.

            2. For the Wii they had to Rebuild the entire game pretty much aswell. With Wiiu they can just put the 360 game on Wiiu with some dual screen multiplayer and Off screen play.

              I for one think Blops 2 on Wiiu is an extrememely good port. The framerate dips a bit in the campaign but it still averages about 45FPS and in multiplayer and Zombies its about 55-60FPS permanently. Which is nice.

      2. well, activision is super money hungry and ports cod to everything from the xbox to ps3 to wii wiiu 3ds ds iphone the list goes on.

        1. Wow, whatever happened to gentlemanly standards?

          If the person was using a fake account and you couldn’t tell if it was a woman, fair enough. But please no disrespect to people who you know are women.

          1. I though the pic was a fake but still i would have reply to her the same. Some guys here need to act better even you jelly.

            1. Well actually, if you knew me in real life, you’d know how much I hate guys who disrespect women. Just the other day I saw a guy harassing some women, I basically ended up publicly humiliating him by forcing him to apologize.

        2. Or maybe is because its one of few commenters here that are not a total unfunny idiot troll that seem to love coming here all the time, and can actually have a discussion about gaming.

  2. MW4 on Wii U is going to happen. BF4 on the other hand…well it’s from EA. And those guys are not supporting Wii U at all.

  3. i hope Battlefield 4 comes to thee Wii U. i love BF3 i was one of the best players on the ps3 version. i can’t wait to kick some ass on the Wii U. Can’t Wait XD

  4. Zmart usually lists games without official information, just “in case” the games are announced later.
    BTW, I’m also chilean and I love this website! Congrats for the great work Sickr and Alba

  5. Sweet, a game that got old an boring about 3-4 years ago, and a game that probably won’t even work properly on consoles.

    Build up the hype /s

  6. I’m not so sure about Battlefield 4, but Modern Warfare 4 wouldn’t surprise me at all if it will be available on the Wii U.

      1. No they are not. One 1 is a shit with tanks and the other whit out. But seriusly now i will buy it only if they bring it back to ww2 those battlefield were the best and they had the most content of any battlefield except maybe battlefield 2 on pc.

      2. Battlefield is much better than CoD…. im not trying to say that you cant have fun with CoD, im just saying BF3 MP is really awesome (BF BC2 was good too).

    1. MW4 = Guaranteed Blops 2 has sold quite well on Wiiu , I believe about 200K copies worldwide. More than enough for activison to make money on a quick port. We will just get the 360 version of MW4 on Wiiu , simple.

  7. i really hope bf4 is coming to the wiiu. i mean, i’ll probably just get it on pc anyway, but if it came out on the wii u and used the controllers features well i might just grab that one as well.

  8. Battlefield is a game by EA and they are notorious for hating nintendo consoles… Proof in the denial of crysis 3 for Wii U and in the half assed versions of FIFA 13 and not bring madden 25 to the console as well. Don’t count on this coming to pass!

  9. Whatever. Couldn’t care less if either show up. Certainly w would be more inclined to have bf4, but seriously put the cod franchise to rest. The same dribble that has been rehashed since the it pretty much started. Sure the first couple were new and interesting, but since then it has pretty much all been down hill. BO1 was interesting cause it attempted to create a story, and generally succeeded, but BO2 is more dribble. Each MW is the same as the last… My fav online fps is still TF2, and single player fps falls to HL2. If all people want is the online experience of an fps then activision or whom ever should just make that portion and charge like 20-30 bucks. The single player campaign in BO2(blops2) is worth no mkre then 10, and zombies another 8-10. Everyone is getting ripped off. The online play has added a few maps from the last cod and a couple gimmics that should have been dlc for the last game. Too much is too much… I want, nay, NEED something new and fresh! Too bad troika went under or maybe there would have been another vtm:bloodlines, at least it was a different play experience then essentially just pointing and shooting.
    Sorry, rant over…

  10. Modern warfare 4…

    How far are they going to take this?! XD

    Anyway, I may consider getting BF4, but I think the CoD series has turned into overpriced expansion packs in more recent years. That’s just my opinion, though.

  11. I am NOT buying another CoD for at least another 2 years. Blops2 will do me just fine when I need some mindless fun or Zombie slaying.

    I am interested in BF4, never played one before… Any good?

  12. dice said bf3 was coming to wii u but then was cancelled, an then bf4 for wii u was being developed, commander mode on the game pad touch screen would be awesome! but i hope it can be optimised for the wii u hardware, just like bf3 was on ps3, it runs well on ps3! so i hope dice make it 60 fps, fat chance though, or at least increase the player count on wii u since there is allot more ram, but i bet they dont, it will most likely be a straight forward port if we get it, the problem lies with the online community on wii u, assassins creed 3 multi player is a ghost town, as is black ops 2, shame really i own all platforms, an would defo buy bf4 for wii u but only if it has significant improvements, to say frame rate, an native resolution, an player count,an map size since it has increased ram, but i suppose we would be even lucky if we get a straight port, anyone who has not played bf3, i swear by it, it is by far the best fps multi player game out there, an so bf4 should be even better, dont waste your money on modern warfare 4, the cod games cant even stand in the shadow of the battlefield games!

  13. Well they listed Mass Effect 4 and Super Mario Universe too. So I don’t think that BF4 will come to Wii U. But if MW4 still has the same graphics like MW3 it will be on there for sure :D

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