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Renegade Kid Thinks Wii U Will Have An Excellent Future


Renegade Kid’s Jools Watsham has supported both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U and he’s confident of the laters future. Watsham went on to praise the Wii U stating that it’s got some great games coming out in the future. He acknowledged that the first quater of 2013 has had some issues with software, but he’s confident that the 2013 holiday season will be huge for the Wii U.

“I am certain the Wii U will have an excellent future. The writing is on the wall. It is an excellent console. Nintendo has some amazing titles lined up for future releases. Even though Q1 2013 may have had some issues, I predict that the 2013 holiday season will be huge for the Wii U. Nintendo’s campaign for the Wii U has only just begun.”

45 thoughts on “Renegade Kid Thinks Wii U Will Have An Excellent Future”

      1. Capcom, the second greatest games publisher and developer is backing the Wii U. WB is backing the Wii U; I dare say even the ORIGIN butt hurt developers EA lol are supporting the Wii U.

      2. Right. And I do not hear anything new regarding any strategic move from Kyoto headquarter. I hope we have good news soon. Otherwise Nintendo will be in serious troubles – investors are not that patient people.

      3. I strongly agree with you, Simply G. So far, a few independent devs are supporting the Wii U while most of the big time developers STILL don’t understand and taking full advantage of the U’s hardware.

        1. I think the biggest problem with the Wii U is that you can’t understand it without trying it ^^
          It’s like ordering something you have never tasted before on a restaurant, you don’t know if you’re going to like it or not. The only difference being the Wii U costs $300/350, so you’re afraid you won’t have fun with it.

  1. I believe it will also. It just needs good to awesome games like any other gaming console. It’s just stupid when ppl act as though they can see the future, condemn a console, and act like their word is absolute.

  2. The Wii U is actually doing pretty good. Soon approaching 4 Million consoles sold with hardly any great marvels of games released. Cometh Monster hunter 3 Ultimate and Pikmin then begins the climb :).

  3. “PS3 and 360 are outselling other consoles by margins as high as 5 to 1, and if Nintendo doesn’t do something soon, they will be doomed! I think Nintendo has the right idea, but they need to cut the price in half, release everyone of their flagship titles in the next 5 months, and spend at least 4 billion in marketing the Wii U, or I just don’t see it lasting this generation against PS3 and 360, who will probably be selling this way for at least another 7-8 years.” — Michael Pachter

    Meanwhile, on an episode of Mad Money…
    “Shareholders, sell your shares! Stockholders, sell your stocks! Wii U owners, sell your Wii U’s! Abandon ship! That system has only sold 3 million in two months, its dooooooooommmmeeeeddd!!!! It will never gain steam at any time after this most crucial time…I mean, look at how many Iphones sold in the first two months, Nintendo just can’t compete in this market!!”

    But seriously, it is actually hilarious how so many are screaming foul when the Wii U hasn’t even stopped breastfeeding yet, let alone started walking. But I will support those who support Nintendo, its owners, and its fans, because I am one, and I expect to be asked for money. Those who badmouth my system and think I can’t handle their games will not get my money. Capitalism at its finest.

    1. Does Pachter really think the Xbox and PS3 will sell as well as they are now for another 7-8 YEARS?! I give them 7-8 MONTHS after the new PS4 and Xbox come out lol!!!

      1. The PS2 was the best selling console for a couple years into this latest generation. Old systems sell well. Low prices and a large catalog of cheap games. Same when PS2/Xbox came out. PS1 dominated for a long long time.

  4. The best games we will get will be from Nintendo. Third parties just don’t seem to care enough to really try, and when they do, they delay their games 7 months.

    1. Easy there mike S , console is only 2.5 months old worldwide :/ . Let’s not be hasty just yet.
      Bayonetta 2 , Wonderfull 101 , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Lego City , Shin megami tensei X fire emblem is a good starts. Not to mention games like AC3 , Batman Arkhum city , Noinja Gaiden 3 , Blops 2 , Tekken 2 , Scribblenauts , Sonic Racing etc etc already being on the console.

      It WILL get better. Just go and look at the 360 and ps3 launches and tell me third parties were ”really trying” You had Tony hawks , Racing , Sports games that were upscaled PS2 , Xbox games.

      1. I’m just extremely pissed right now. First Rayman is delayed 7 FUCKING months and then it’s revealed that Aliens isn’t as great a game as it was hyped to be. I feel betrayed.

        1. lol , I remember you looking forward to Aliens so hard. I too was hyped for both Aliens and Rayman. And now I guess it’s Monster Hunter , Lego city , Game and Wario and need for speed that I am looking forward to in the immediate future.

          Pikmin 3 I am super duper HYPED for though. Gunna be fucking immense. Go on the Eshop on your gamepad , and watch the Pikmin trailer on the video section running on your gamepad. Looks like some of the best console graphics I’ve ever seen , and the gameplay looks immense.

          1. could of told you that aliens was going to suck, i dont know why people were excited for that, just because its suposed to be the best on the wii u, probably meant its a shity game, that the gamepad can make a little less boring, still crappy tho, thats what i thought it was going to be

            1. I thought it was going to be amazing on all platforms , especially Wiiu. Because it was developed by Gearbox. And borderlands 2 was nothing short of amazing.

  5. But it’s crazy if we have to wait clear until the holiday season before any good games are out on Wii U. This is only February. If I don’t own a Wii U by this holiday season, I’ll NEVER care about it. Though Pikmin 3 is gonna make me wanna get one.

  6. The WiiU will win this generation by a landslide. Sony and Ms rumours are very disapointing. I know they are only rumours but still. Specs are generic and unimpressive, Impede used game sales, no backwards compatibility, both may even charge for online, etc. Sony will take 2nd I think.

  7. Good the more they dig their grave the better.
    Hopefully SEGA or something returns instead and makes decent games that are worthy of competing with Nintendo…although we know that they just can’t…;P

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