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3DS & Wii U Focused Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow


Nintendo Europe today announced a new edition of Nintendo Direct. The ‘Nintendo 3DS Direct’ will be streamed from the Nintendo Direct website on 14th February from 2pm GMT and 6 a.m. PT/9 a.m. ET. European Fans can look forward to updates on Nintendo 3DS games coming soon as well as in the future. The North American Nintendo Direct will be focused on upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Wii U games.

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

102 thoughts on “3DS & Wii U Focused Nintendo Direct Coming Tomorrow”

    1. I’m surprised that Nintendo is having another Nintendo Direct this soon. Hopefully we’ll see some good stuff for the Wii U especially.

      Plus there are quite a few games I would like to see localized for the Wii U and 3DS. *crosses fingers*

        1. A Pikmin release date would be good. Especially if it’s soon. =p

          I’m hoping for some Dragon Quest, Bravely default, and a few other things for localization.

          I guess there isn’t any multiplayer in Lego City since they haven’t talked about it yet, but I’d like something on that too.

          1. Indeed. They’re probably gunna talk about Need for speed , Aliens , Monster Hunter , Lego city and hopefully some new stuff and release dates for Game and wario , Wii fit U , Pikmin 3. probably something like that.

            Maybe some localization anouncements for 3DS etc.

              1. I know :/ . Was looking forward to that , but I’m definitely getting Need for speed Most wanted. looks awesome on Wiiu. Digging the gamepad features , Mii verse integration and Graphics that are promised to be like the PC version and by far the best looking console version.

                It’s time Wiiu ports start showing what they can do :)

            1. Aliens? Ew… They will talk about Bayonetta 2, and more windwaker, and maybe more wonderful 101 and pikmin. I’m actually not that pumped for this direct, i just think it will be more of a reiteration of what they’ve been saying for 3-4 months now.

              Nintendo has already made it to the point that i don’t even want to play games on any other system cuz i feel like they lack the convenience that the Wii U offers; and now they don’t even want to release games shit is pissin me off.

              I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce some delays.

              This is what to expect from this Nintendo Direct tomorrow:

              Pikmin 3 – Delayed until the fall

              Wonderful 101 – Delayed until summer 2014

              Zelda – Windwaker to be delayed untill summer 2014 and the next real Zelda not to have a trailer until fall of 2016

              Bayonetta 2 – (One of the games i plan on purchasing day 1) Release date spring 2015

              and then all other Wii U exclusives not to be released until fall of 2015.

              1. Do you have any basis for this nonsense or are you just trolling? They’ve already implied that they’re going to rush the development of some games, so I think you’re just spewing garbage really…

    1. The Troll Who Owns A 3DS (AND WII U!)

      the 3DS has way better graphics then that fucking piece of shit sony pony machine.

      The 3DS can run Super Mario Galaxy for miyamotos sake.

      1. I don’t know why there is so much hate for the 3DS. It’s my most played system since Fire Emblem Awakening came out. I even gave up studying for exams to play it.

        1. I’m not a big fan of handhelds, but I’m seriously considering buy a 3DS after seeing so much praise for the system… At the very least I can get my Mario and Zelda fix.

    2. Let us tear you down and stomp on your ego. CAPCOM, had resident evil 5 running on the 3DS at the same time the PS3 and xbox350 resident evil 5 was made. Let’s see, can the PS2 run RES5, the answer is and emphatic no! Next time do some research before attacking the fastest and best console in this eighth generation. It’s has and will always have a better library than the Wii U, PS4, xbox720 and PS vita combined. Yes they are all part of this eighth generation :).

        1. I don’t see why they couldn’t squeeze the whole game on, since it would be running in a much lower resolution all the textures could be much smaller, and all the cinematic sequences were generated using the game engine, so no FMV to store on the cart.

  1. I’m guessing it won’t be as epic as the last one, and probably similar to what they’ve done in the past.

    Animal Crossing – footage, release date within Q2
    Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon – footage, information about multiplayer

    Wii U:
    Game and Wario – footage, release date within Q2
    Wii Fit U – footage, release date within Q2
    Pikmin 3 – footage, release date within Q2
    Wonderful 101 – footage, release date within Q2

    1. And by “release date in Q2” I mean that’s what they will be saying. I don’t think there will be any release dates, just the generic “Q2/summer/first half of the year” type of bling.

      1. I personally think Pikmin 3 has been ready to go for a few months now, just adding minor tweaks here and there, and with the Rayman being moved to Sept, Nintendo will scramble to get something out the door soon.

        Perhaps a playable demo of Pikmin 3 and a few other games? I’d be all over that.

  2. Probably won’t be any announcements especially since it’s just NOE and NOA.
    I heard there’s a Wii U direct focusing on 3rd party announcements soon, I’m more excited for that one.

  3. Hopefully they will talk about Pokemon X and Y and reveal the English name for Ninfia and hopefully a new trailer for the game as well.
    Also I hope Nintendo give a rough release date of Project X Zone.
    Another thing does anyone else think the 3DS only Nintendo Direct will be like the Wii U one where they announce a bunch of unexpected titles, I sure hope they do though I have a feeling it’s just going to be about already announced games like Animal Crossing: New Life and Luigi’s Mansion 2.
    One more thing in the American Nintendo Direct in which they say they are also talking about Wii U games do you think they will say anything about Rayman Legends.

    1. The 3DS side might, I’ve been trying to think of upcoming games from Nintendo, and only can think of Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing. So they will discuss both and maybe announce a few new ones? The Wii U side will definitely not have anything new, and likely no information regarding the games from the last one. It will be focusing on their 4 upcoming titles, Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Game & Wario and Wii Fit U.

    1. ONE GAME : Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, with 80 bosses, real cross play with 3DS, interchangeable gear between the two. All weapon classes from every monster hunter game, NARGA-CUGA & TIGREX in 1080 P. Hunting JHO with Dual blades caught up in a pitfall trap MEGA juice yourself up and doing the D-dance. That alone should make anyone want a Wii U and make Sony monster hunter gamers buy one as well.

  4. NI NO KUNI wrath of the white witch on the Wii U. Before anyone spazzes and says anything diabolically crazy. Niño kuni was also released on the DS. So sit back and dare to dream. If there were to release this, am trading in my AC3, ZombiU, Batman Arkham city Armored edition, Nintendoland, mass effect 3 on the Wii U and getting this.

  5. So only the American Nintendo direct is to do with the WII U but the European one is for 3DS only? Maybe they are just going to talk about the ZombiU bundle for the US.

  6. Could someone list the third party games that we really need on the Wii U, not the ones that we want but after completion and before are impulse media propaganda driven monsters.

    Here is my list :

    1) Tomb Raider revolted
    2) Niño kuni “‘wrath of the white witch”
    3) Watch dogs
    4) Final fantasy xv ( come back home FF )

    That’s all the third parties I really want.

    Honorable mentions are :

    1) PES14
    2) FIFA14
    3) Dead space 3

  7. As we all did these last few directs, do not be overly expectant. Just watch and your own leisure so as you are not stresse out. What entertains me about the directs, is the further in-depth break down of the respective games and or developers take on their work.

  8. 3DS:
    Luigis Mansion news and realese date, July.
    Animal Crossing news and realese date, Around May.
    Monster Hunter 4 news and trailer.
    Miiverse update, adds 3DS communities for all existing first party games.

    Wii U:
    Wind Waker HD trailer.
    Date and details for spring update.
    Pikmin news and trailer, June realese just after E3.
    Game and Wario, Wii U party and Wii Fit U realese dates, Q2.
    Announces a few 3rd party games like GTA and watch dogs.

    Then, I think they will announce that Ubi$oft will keep the original realese date for Wii U because of “the fans”. I think this is somewhat likely.

  9. While i want it to be about 3rd party, i suspect we wont get one of them until the ps4 is announced, and maybe the 720 too, obviously multiplats like Watch Dogs, if theyre coming to WiiU, wont be shown as a multiplat if the other system havent even been revealed, everyones probably on lock down till the 20th

  10. A lot of bad news had come for Wii U lately and this is one of the reason an early Nintendo Direct for the company. But this will served as a positive news for the company and to the consumers. I expect 3rd party game announcements that fully supports to Nintendo’s WII U [no backstabbing publishers this time], a released date would be great for Pikman 3 and Nintendo’s 1st party teaser or trailer would be awesome.

    No comment for 3DS coz this is the golden age for the handheld system.

    A little comment to the haters and backstabbers would be nice for Mr. Iwata. ^_^

    “Forgive your enemies but don’t forget their names”

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  12. I’ll be happy with another Bayonetta 2 teaser.
    If they give me that, I’ll consider the next Direct a success by default.
    Anything else, I’ll reserve judgement for.
    To be safe, I’m not expecting any new game announcements.


  14. For 3DS I assume we will get a North American launch date for Animal Crossing finally lol. As for Wii U…maybe more Yoshi Land?

  15. How does this site always find out about these things? I think Nintendo should send a newsletter e-mail to people whenever a Nintendo Direct is going to happen. Because f it wasn’t for My Nintendo News, I would never know.

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