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Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Announced For Nintendo 3DS


A remake of Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii was announced during today’s Nintendo Direct online presentation. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D will be released this summer in Japan, North America and Europe exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

38 thoughts on “Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Announced For Nintendo 3DS”

      1. I don’t think so, we’ll have loads of news on the new Mario 3D game for the Wii U. On top of that we should hear about Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart for Wii U. I’m hoping we’d hear about the new 3DS Zelda too since they have mentioned it before, we may not see anything from Zelda Wii U yet but defo 3DS. And maybe announce that they are working on MM remake, since we should have new 3DS Zelda by late 2013-early 2014 then maybe release MM remake late 2014! That’s my hope anyway!
        Also Metroid for Wii U should be announced at e3 and we’ll have more news on Pokemon X&Y

        I realise you said all Wii U and small 3DS which I can understand, but it won’t be like last year, it’ll be so much better!

      1. Oh, really? :/

        I already have the Wii version so…
        Unless they add a ton of new levels and had 2 system co-op, and other new features, doubt i’ll be buying it.

          1. Oh dont get me wrong that is a good thing, i’ll probably enjoy this game alot more.

            I’ll wait to see the 3D trailer on the eShop

  1. :o ive been playing my Vita ALOT more than my 3DS, now with all these games coming out for both i feel like ima go crazy now :) in a good way.

  2. DKCR was amazing on the Wii. I’m guessing this might have some new levels, or even be a completely new game. I’m getting it either way.

  3. Damn. I was thinking about finally getting the Wii game and then they dropped this on me. I wonder why they didn’t make it for Wii U in HD though.

  4. Awesome! I’ve been meaning to pick it up for wii since it release but preoned copies are still $80-90. And I can’t justify the purchase

        1. You guessed it! Although the government recently made companies from the likes of apple and Microsoft come to Australia to explain/ justify why our prices are so much higher than elsewhere so hopefully something will change :)

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  6. If this is just a port of the Wii version, it’s not worth buying. I only played like the first world (or first several stages) in Donkey Kong Country Returns, and never continued. I lose interest SOOOOO fast these days. But probably because I have too darn many games.

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