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Nintendo Europe Announces Black & White Standalone 3DS XL Consoles


Nintendo Europe has announced that the popular Nintendo 3DSXL will also be available in black or white as standalone editions soon.

11 thoughts on “Nintendo Europe Announces Black & White Standalone 3DS XL Consoles”

  1. Ok seriously wtf? When is the US getting the full white 3dsxl? Been waiting to get one till it comes out over here….

    Needs more colors please!

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  3. I myself don’t want a solid color 3DS XL. I want a special edition. Like my Mario 25th Anniversary DSi XL. Although that one wasn’t quite that special looking.

  4. Nooooooo curse u Europe ive been waiting for the 3DS XL (Black) for sooooo long, i already own the cosmos black 3DS original but i want the XL Black so it will match my Wii U oh well im saving up for a Vita anyway and thats the only thing Sony can expect from this long nintendo gamer im only getting the vita and thats it. but i will get the XL Black when it comes out. so come on nintendo please release it here.

  5. I’d like either an all black one, or something along the lines of a Monster Hunter themed bundle(artwork on case included), or something akin to the Fire Emblem bundle the color the regular one has. That I admit looked nice and I never played the series.
    Other colors of that “matte metallic”color would be Purple(deep not light), Cobalt blue(like that fire emblem one), gunmetal blue(would look nice), Silver, black silver with some tribal thing like the GBA had(still have), Turquoise(like GB Color), Another black with zelda motif, or heck.. gold.. gold with black zelda motif.. or some other zelda theme. What I REALLY would LOVE to see is a 3ds XL Dragon quest bundle/theme. I know japan will get it for DQ7, that’s just a given.. the series is HUGE over there. Now.. of course if I was an airbrush artist… I’d just get whatever seal up holes and do my own work.

  6. Just bought my white 3ds xl with Mario Kart 7 preinstalled in the uk and it’s sleak, glad to see Europe getting some things earlier than NA for once. (I mean games because the US nearly always get games and such before us). But hopefully it goes to the US soon!

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