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Nintendo Announces Nintendo 3DS Direct For Japan

nintendo_directNintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct for Japan, which will air simultaneously with the online presentations in Europe and North America today at 9 a.m. ET. Interestingly, the broadcasts in Europe and Japan will solely focus on the Nintendo 3DS, whereas the Nintendo Direct for the audience in North America will cover upcoming games for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U console.


      1. i think nintendo will be talking about their own games not other games that’s not made by them.

      2. Oh yes please, i hope they show more footage of wind waker in action, and reveal the story of pikmin 3, i have the feeling nintendo will make a huge a massive announcement sonys is going to release the ps4 in less than a week from now they cant let them steal the spotlight

  1. I almost feel a little racially upset by the fact only America is getting Wiiu news. Hopefully as someone mentioned above , it’s the just the ZombiU pack which I’ve already had since launch day. Suckers.

      1. True… Probably something gay like a Wii fit U release day :s . Hopefully a Pikmin 3 release date.

      2. May 1st according to that EB games list that mentioned Watch Dogs for Wii U lol. I am hoping April for Pikmin 3…as well as Wonderful 101 im sick of waiting!!!

    1. I’m upset by the fact the UK has the white 3DS & 3DS XL’s AND the Pikachu one. GOD do i miss the early 2000’s.

      1. lol I have a silver/black EU XL . It’s cool. Pre 2006 was shit for Europe , litteraly everything , games , hardware , special editions etc would always get delayed in Europe . But things have changed. Now it’s either the same time as America , a little bit later or a litte bit earlier. Sometimes significantly earlier or significantly later. Overall it’s about equal between EU and USA.

  2. I guess that means a release date for Pikmin 3 is unlikely. Animal Crossing on the other hand is looking fairly possible.

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