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Wii U’s Aliens: Colonial Marines Is The Worst Version?

aliens_colonial_marines_shootAccording to a video game tester who claims to have played Aliens: Colonial Marines on the Wii U console, the Wii U version of the first-person shooter is even worse than Aliens: Colonial Marines for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, which was released last week and received largely negative reviews. Apparently, the Wii U version suffers from frame rate issues, poor texture loading, and it supposedly includes random minigames. The Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is scheduled to launch next month. Here’s what the tester had to say based on his or her experience with Wii U’s version of the game:

“Oh wow. Yes okay. I was hoping someone would ask this. I have played the WiiU version. The one that is supposedly the best of all of them? It is not. It is the worst. It is a bit of a joke. The WiiU is basically the same game as the console version but with framerate issues, worse texture loading, and horrendously misguided minigames thrown in. You get a ‘scanner’ to scan enemies and get bonus points that aid your harming them. When you cut open doors (which happens a lot in the game) you have a game where you have to keep the heat ‘optimal’. They just add frustration, and take away even more from the fun. We don’t know if it will come out, Sega are conisdering canceling it, but right now its still going.”

311 thoughts on “Wii U’s Aliens: Colonial Marines Is The Worst Version?”

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA stupid Nintendo fanboys you believed on that guy Randy Pitchford when he licked Nintendo’s ass for Wii U Wii U was powerful powerful machine Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines will be the best HAHAHAHAHA you’re big fools

      1. It would have been if the developers had the skill for the Wii U. It takes a while to get used to developing on a new machine architecture after 6+ years of developing on a different one.

  1. OBJECTION! some time ago, an article was posted on this site with a GEARBOX employee saying the Wii U version was the best version!

      1. Why the fuck would you believe anonymous “game tester”.
        Usually those sign non-disclosure agreement?
        But I’m not waiting for miracles, only for a demo.

    1. Well if you believe the Gearbox employee, then by all means go and get the game. Gearbox isn’t getting any money from me after screwing Sega over.

  2. Just cancel it. The Wii U needs good games, not a piece of crap like this.
    If this guy’s telling the truth and the Wii U version is indeed the worst, then it just adds to the already enormous pile of lies that we were fed by Randy – “I’m a fucking prick” – Pitchford.
    Gearbox will probably burn for this. Not even the fact that Borderlands is a decent game can save their reputation.

    1. What if it’s really good? Different dev team then the other ones. Just cause one person says it isn’t good doesn’t mean that is true.

      1. It won’t be really good on the Wii U. In fact, it will most likely be WORSE than the versions that have already been released.

            1. Well as I have played most of the games on all the systems I can say there is very little difference between each with the exception of a couple frames lost here and there on a couple quick ports. All the games run nearly identical. Of course we are talking about ports here, where, that will do, is said far too often it seems. The same thing happens with PC games that go to consoles or vice versa. Explain how a game made for a console runs better on the far inferior console then the one ported to the PC? It really doesn’t make much sense other then a lack of time.

      2. The game itself is bad. The fact that a different studio is handling the Wii U port doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to change the horrible and short campaign, the laughable story, the clichéd characters, the astounding amount of graphical, AI and physics bugs, etc.

  3. Source was updated and the person that made this comment has deleted their account. I also doubt gearbox would of used Sega’s money for borderlands 2.

    1. Even if part of this was true how would a tester have any clue that gearbox used Sega’s money on other projects then what the funds were intended for?

  4. I’m sorry for the fans who wasted and/or are going to waste their money on this, Gearbox should be ashamed and SEGA should cancel the Wii U version, actually it would be an act of self shame and a sing of respect to gamers who are(will be) lucky enough they NOT get to play this.

  5. As someone who bought a Wii U on launch day, I think the picture is getting clearer; the Wii U will NOT be a console for multiplatform games. Just like last generation, I’ll have a Nintendo console for fantastic Nintendo games, and an xbox for everything else

    1. As much as I’d like to argue with you, you’re probably right.
      I do love Nintendo games and that’s why I bought the Wii U in the first place. I fear that the console will be this generation’s Gamecube: a great piece of hardware that failed to compete with the other consoles but had amazing and unique games.
      I’ll probably get one of the “next-gen” systems to play all the other stuff, though.

      1. Exactly! The gamecube metaphor was perfect. I’d love to play the amazing new multiplats on the Wii U, but even if they dont come, I’ll have my Pikmin 3 and 3D mario, and I’ll be happy

    2. I do understand what your saying. However, many games that are currently coming out, have been in development for Xbox/PS3 prior to the Wii U coming out. Then, we have to keep in mind budgets. Many developers are going to put their games on established hardware. This is why I think the next consoles from Sony and Microsoft will have a tough start. Just like the Wii U, a lot of people aren’t going to go out and buy those consoles on day one. To see how much support 3rd parties give Wii U, I think we need to give it a year and a half. That way, the newest consoles should’ve been out for awhile, and then we can make a proper analysis.

      1. I agree that the situation with 3rd parties on Wii U will get better over time, but lets not ignore the fact that developers will quickly jump on board with developing for new Sony and Microsoft consoles than the Wii U. Why? Because of the attention they’ll get. The public hears “PS4” and they think “finally! The next Playstation console!” meanwhile nobody in my school knows what the Wii U is :( lets not forget that the wii U has sold less consoles this month than the PS3 and xbox 360 have ever sold in a month

        1. I didn’t play the PS3 much since it wasn’t even mine. This could be the first generation where I owned my own PlayStation. I’ll have a huge backlog to go through lol.

          1. Same here, never owned a single Playstation product, I’ll have plenty of games to catch up on. I really wanna play Shadow of the Collossus

    3. Wrong.
      Nintendo Console is all about the exclusives. Never was Multiplatform System.
      No More Heroes
      Red Steel
      name a few for Wii
      Nintendo and Japanese Third Parties collaboration on games.
      Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem
      Namco helping with Smash Bros.

        1. When ? The SNES was the last console that got pretty much ALL the multiplats shared by Genesis. N64 was just a load of 1st , second and third party exclusives with a rare multiplat, So was gamecube so was wii. Wiiu if anything has the best third party support for a newly launched Nintendo console. Whether or not that will just fade away and the Wiiu will be just like N64 , Gamecube and Wii remains to be seen.

          I see Wiiu being all about 1st 2nd and third party exclusives again , but this time just a little bit more Multiplat / indie support :)

          Basically if you’re reliant on Multiplatform games , Nintendo won’t be able to trully satisfy that need. You buy a 3DS for Exclusives. Almost everygame is exclusive to 3DS apart from some lego games and ports and a few exceptions like virtues last reward.

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                    4. @Macarony Myself, Jellybean, and Adarazz are all separate people. You just can’t admit you’re universally hated on this site.

  6. Update from the article:

    “According to /r/Games moderator ‘nothis’:
    “Guy just deleted everything. He sent as good confirmation as one could expect on the internet. Maybe just a troll or tomorrow we’ll learn how “reddit was gamed by the investigative uber journalist” and why we shouldn’t trust any sources ever. Or he got cold feet after revisiting his contract with Gearbox.”
    This whole thing is currently fishy, so we’d suggest to take everything you just read with a grain of salt.”


    1. My own thoughts on this update; if the mod is right and that guy was a troll, then that just further solidifies my opinion that there are a lot of haters out there that are going above and beyond in their dislike for the console.
      Like, beyond unacceptable obsession with slandering Nintendo.

  7. They DELAYED the Wii U version to improve and fix stuff. Chances are if he did test the game it was an older version. Sega already confirmed they arent canceling the game.

    1. @King Martin
      (So many choices. Should I ask him if he’s played it? Probe about his employment at Sega/Gearbox? Inquire where to find good deals on time machines?… Give him the face.)

    2. LOL, how is it obvious if it can’t be compared at this point in time? Obviously you are oblivious to the definition of obvious. Smart ass remark finished.

  8. I wouldn’t mind if they delayed the game and made a better version that fixed all of the PS360’s version’s mistakes and put it on Wii U like Team Ninja did with Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge. I really wanted this game to be good. It’s a shame.

  9. I’ll wait for a review from someone who’s played (not claims to have played) the game.
    (…But a ‘Sega messed up’ story does sound legit…)
    Anonymous sources always seem to be negative.

  10. Fuck Gearbox. I’m canceling my preorder first chance I get. Maybe I’ll get Rayman Origins since I won’t be getting Legends any time soon >:(

      1. Yeah. He was really looking forward to Aliens colonial Marines and Rayman legends. This is industry is fucked up…………………………………………………… Can’t wait for the Amazing Wiiu games to release.

        1. So because one company decided to delay a game, and another company made a terrible game on ALL platforms, the industry is fucked up? Bit immature to say that, don’t you think?

                1. Monstrosity known as motion gaming ? go fuck yourself…… The Wii remote was an amazing innovation whether people like it or not.

                  The Wii was shite for third party multiplats , was standard definition and the controller was unconventional. But it was extremely innovative to the point where it became a phenomenon .

                    1. I really enjoy the games that utilize it well, like little kings story ( I know looks like a kiddie game, totally not) and RE4 wii edition. Metroid prime and the lego games (harry potter and star wars) yeah, I do enjoy games that aren’t all just blowing the crap out of stuff as well, but those can be fun too.

                    2. Or with your college friends whilst getting drunk ? Dick head. It did many cool things , I’m not gunna bother listing them. King cock face.

                2. Actually they had motion gaming since the Power Glove and even Gameboy Advance could use motion controls with a gyro sensor for certain games. The Wii remote just made an already existing idea since the 1980’s a popular one for people of all ages. I actually prefer to play action games, FPS, sports, platformers, and mini-game compilations on a Wii remote than any other controller so I would not call it a monstrosity because it gave a whole new option to players that don’t want to sit down on their lazy butt to play a game. But to each his own of course.

                  1. Off topic, but what was your opinion on the motion controls of Skyward Sword? That was my favorite use of motion controls to date.

                    1. The motion controls in SS were interesting but definitely not something I want to see in future titles.

                    2. They were, different. I quite liked them. But my favorite use of the motion controls would definitely be xenoblade.

          1. No. The industry is fucked up. SURE there is still plenty of amazing devs out there doing an honest job. But the game industry today is a shodow of its former self imo.

            The industry is fucked.

              1. No jellybean you asshole. Nice presumption though.

                Nintendo and it’s parties are a small (albeit important) fraction of the amazing devs in the world.

                      1. You’re such an asshole mate. The pathetic people on this site are the ones who come looking for little ”cyber fights” like yourself.

                        Nintendo fans on a Nintendo site = normal
                        People coming on a Nintendo site even though they don’t like Nintendo = Pathetic.

                      2. I really don’t understand how you and others on this site see people such as myself and Jellybean to be haters. I we’ve stated multiple times that we like Nintendo.

                      3. I like Nintendo. Just because I think you’re a annoying fanboy, doesn’t mean I hate Nintendo. You’re turning into UNation. Next you’ll be shouting perverted insults.

                        1. Oh shut up jellybean. I LOVE Nintendo OK ? They are comprehensively by far my favorite video game company. Call me what ever makes you feel better you and the rest of the luke warm semi-haters of this site.

                          Seriously , I can’t be arsed being faced with negative comments. From now on I’m just gunna ignore them. Constructive , humerous conversation however is all good.

                      4. In my opinion this DLC infested game industry is horrible compared to the glory days. Games used to be such a pleasure now it’s all Metacritic , DLC , Delays , Biassed , Fanboyism , Digital only , Rehashes (NSMB included) the list goes on.

                        I remember when gaming was about walking into a store and buying a game based on how good the box looked or a friends recomendation. Now Its a sick joke. Honestly Nintendo is the only company that reminds me of those glory days.

                        1. I don’t care for Metacritic, DLC, well depends on what it offers. Delays (If they have a reasonable excuse, I dont care) Fanboyism (I despise that with a passion) Digital Only (There is nothing wrong with that at all) Rehashes (They can get annoying)

                          Frankly, if the fanboyism left the industry, I’d be 100% ok with it.

                          1. All these things add up and the industry is just shit. Little xbox kids shouting down microphones playing the next iteration of their yearly game.

                            The industry went to shit in Gen 7. Before that , it was much purer and better.

                          2. What proof do you have that I am Adarazz? If you’re going to make accusations, have evidence you little pervert.

                          3. I still do that. I bought twewy off is NAME, nothing else. The things you listed above are signs of necessary change…but that doesn’t mean they’re all good things

                            1. Indeed. The industry is still great and with more powerfull tech we will see more impressive games and feautures. But I can’t help but miss the Gen 6 and every before.

                              1. Nostalgia glasses :-) They’re super effective! Gaming was a lot simpler several years ago, it felt more pure.

                                Side note: has there been any news if ninty/devs can take the extra power used to run the gamepad and use it for better performance/better looking non gamepad games?

                                1. Yeah. Miyamoto recently stated how Pikmin 3 Basically uses hardly anypower to run the Gamepads map. Asymetric play is a lot more intense than a mini map is which uses basically no power.

                                  Wiiu games that have basic touch screen games and mini map features will be the best looking ones. Ones that use 2 different angles of the game with the gamepad will have to make use.

                                  Resident evil 3DS uses the extra CPU for the bottom screen and the extra memory. The bottom screen is very basic on that game….

                                  1. hmmm okay that makes sense. Thanks a lot for the info!
                                    Im still wondering about dual gamepads…the potential with that is incredible :-D

                                  1. @Mike S I’m sorry you had to. Sickr or Alba should ban the perverted fanboy douchebags like this Macarony freak.

                                  2. @Macarony Yeah right. I can’t wait till you’re banned so I don’t have to read your annoying comments anymore.

                            2. snes and ps1, there is your answer this industry is shovel ware and dull or overused fps, and yes fucking mario we know, hes a fat mother fucker and im sick of seeing him, xbox ps3 generation will be the crapiest in the future, all the games will age poorly because shooters just dont age good, every one from ahead of time will think it was crap

                1. If this is a credible source, then this is one of those times that a game should be delayed in order to fix what’s wrong. Are you listening Ubisoft?

                2. this is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  According to one report, Pitchford may be telling the truth; the footage is an actual representation of the game…on the Wii U. The version of the the game that is currently available is rumored to have been largely outsourced and rushed to meet deadlines, but the Wii U version (which is still in development) has not suffered the same fate, and will be the definitive version of the game.

                  1. If the only thing that makes the Wii U version better is graphics that only fixes one of the games problems. Still won’t be worth it.

                3. To be honest I would feel bad for PS3 and 360 owners if the Wiiu one was MUCH better….

                  The game is a piece of shite on all platforms….. Nuff said , moving on.

                4. It’s revealed that Gearbox outsource many aspect of the game to Time Gate studio and then its revealed that Gear Box “outsorce” many of the money from SEGA to actually developed borderlands 2.

                  Wow, Gear Box, just wow.

                5. WESTERN DEVELOPERS, WESTERN DEVELOPERS. I am considering only buying EASTERN DEVELOPER games if this mess continues, COD, killzone, Halo, Bioshock, Crysis, how many more FPS is the west going to make. Battle field, as I type am switching of to these lazy no talent skyrim glitch infested bestheda developers.

                  CAPCOM = Monster hunter 3 Ultimate
                  Resident evil Revelation reloaded

                  Monolith = X ( gears 2 )

                  Mistwalker = the last story 2

                  Namco Bandai = Tekken Tag 2

                  Platinum games = Bayonetta 2
                  = Wonderful 101

                  Only western developers making sense is criterion = NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED

                  TT games = LEGO CITY UNDERCOVER

                  1. TT games is an extremely lazy developer. Capcom just sucks. NFS MW is actually quite disappointing and nothing compared to the old NFS games. Tekken sucks now.

                    Monolith are amazing, Same with Mistwalker and Platinum.

                    Are you saying Bioshock is just another generic FPS? Get the fuck out.

                      1. Pretty much. Any game that comes to Wii U, the developer has intelligence, if not, then they lack intelligence, that’s the logic of Gamer.

                      2. I played the other Crysis games, to remind you fellows, though a nintendo enthusiast, am a multiple console owner. The other Crysis sucked, Bioshock is an over glorified piece of whatever. While we are at it add skyrim to the overrated nonsense.

                        1. *Nintendo fanboy.

                          Enthusiasts aren’t as blind and as stupid as you. Mike S, justcallmeashly, Adarazz, they are enthusiasts.

                          1. While just because am stating a fact, your Sonydroness just had to crawl out of your closet. Let’s face it, what’s got more replayability, MH or Crysis. Any of them. Really cause I disprove of the multitude of FPSs on xbox and playstation you got butt hurt. Let me increase your preparation H requirement by stating also that god of war is a wannabe skirt wearing mascot from a bizarre unmanly time period.

                            1. Like King Martin said, in an alternate universe were all the games you think “suck” are on Nintendo platforms, you would be singing their praises.

                            2. I am not a drone to any company. I actually like Nintendo more than Sony at the moment until Sony learn to release more decent games, but I forgot, unless I’m a Nintendo fanboy I must be a Sony drone. Butthurt? Lol ok, whatever keeps you happy buddy. I never really liked God of War that much so I don’t care what you think of it.

                              1. What “Gamer” thinks of the God of War or any other series is irrelevant. His opinions are useless fanboy trash and should be ignored by all.

                        2. skyrim is indeed overated….nothing compared to morrowind or oblivion…i could lose myself in those games for 100 of hours…skyrim just didn’t have that much to offer to me. maybe that will change with the next game, which hopefully is set in elsweyr.

                      3. Crysis three was ported by it’s developer in a short period of time. Was running smoothly, but I would never buy that six hour eye candy, I would rather spend time playing the great HALO 1. Bioshock I loath with a passion.

                    1. Eh, Tekken doesn’t really suck at all. Tekken Tag 2 was disappointing in my opinion due to being unable to unlock, no story-lines and limited characterization unlike Soul Calibur.
                      Tekken 3 was easily the best in the series, but Tekken 5 and 6 aren’t far off. I can’t wait for Tekken 7 in a few years.

                      Completely agree with Monolith, Mistwalker and Platinum. Bioshock, on the other hand, never really sparked my interest. A lot of my old games used to be from seeing what good games my brother played, but I watched him play Bioshock and had a go myself, but would probably give it maybe 7/10 at best.

                  2. Oh FUCK NO, you did not just call Bioshock shit?!

                    I agree that there’s alot of shit Western Devs, but there’s equally alot of shit Japanese Devs, like Koei.

                    Western Devs are just more mainstream. I want COD to actually innovate and do something new as much as anyone else, but devs are good and bad on all fronts, blame the stupid consumers.

                    Santa Monica, Gearbox (for Borderlands), Naughty Dog, Mm, Retro (although they’re hybrid), Irrational, all amazing Western devs.

                    Maybe if people spent less time saying “DURR WESTERN DEVS SUCK”
                    Or “ONY *insert company name here* ARE GOOD” and spent more time highlighting the GOOD developers, and the GOOD software, and were actually unbais, maybe the market would actually buy the games that a worth buying rather than on a game that doesnt deserve it.

                    1. Lol. Tecmo aren’t THAT bad. They have their moments , Dead or alive dimensions , DOA5 and pokemon conquest spring to mind. But they are a very strange developer :S

                6. “framerate issues, worse texture loading”

                  So much “one of the best looking versions”.

                  But because this is not PRO-NINTENDO it is a fake right ?

                  1. Yep, that’s how the people on this site operate. But I’ll wait for the actual product to be released (I’m hoping at least one version is decent ;~;)

                      1. You believe it all the time. Anything Pro Nintendo on the internet you believe. Anything hatin on Sony & Xbox you believe. Anything hating on Nintendo though, you don’t believe.

                        1. First of all, Jellyfish. You need to stop kissing the Sonydones and Xbots’ asses. Secondly, I don’t hate Sony or Microsoft… I only hate these companies for copying Nintendo’s originality and innovation. Focus on the topic at hand instead of switching your alter ego Adarass.

                              1. this game sucks anyway, fuck it, the developer just picked it up, like with duke nukem, to say gearbox makes good games, just to get money, why would you care about this

                7. It’s a lazy port simple enough. Knowing that the Wii U has the worst performence out the PS3 & 360 just shows that they were lacking effort with the Wii U port.

                  1. Although I DO NOT care and won’t be buying this game. Wait until Digital foundry prove it.

                    It does not matter anyway , Aliens colonial marines has terrible graphics that are already beaten by about 15 Wiiu games… Whether it’s better or worse than the shitty 360, ps3 version is irrelivant :/.

                  2. Well, it has a lower clock speed on the cpu… But since they are different chips entirely that is not a proper comparison. Take a pentium core 2 duo 3.2 ghz to an i7 2.4, the i7 will blow it out of the water without breaking a sweat. Even when disabling the extra cores.

                    1. The thing is clockspeeds get less important WHEN THE CPU’s EVOLVE.

                      That is NOT the case with the Wii U processor. It’s not the clockspeed, it is the architecture of that shit CPU being from the stonage. PPC750 is from ’97 and gets outperformed by everything. The Broadway in the Wii got outperformed by the weak Apple A4 so don’t be surprised if espresso gets outperformed by the A6X or A7 chipsets. You can neither use the “architecture” thing nor the “compare bla @ 18272828Ghz to blub @ 2.4 ghz” thing because both can only be used for modern processors and espresso is far away from that.

                      1. Right, processors EVOLVE just as you said. It has went through many points of evolution from the original PPC740/750 to what it is now. Same idea as the Pentium processors. I’m certainly not saying it’s a monster cpu but to compare it to the older chips in the 360 and ps3 is similar to the example I made before.

                        1. The problem the Wiiu is having is simple. Devs see easy $ by shoving the untouched 360 code onto wiiu. By doing that they don’t utilize the DSP or extra cache memory etc.

                          When Devs build games from the ground up for Wiiu , I won’t be suprised to games like Bayonetta 2 doing 720pnative 60FPS whilst packing a large graphical punch also.

                          The 360 and ps3 cannot do 720p 60FPS without sacrificing all the graphics.
                          Cod is sub HD 60FPS and looks mediocre.
                          Wiiu will do 720p 60FPS with advanced lighting , textures , and generally beefier looking graphics.

                          I hate it when people look at AC3 and use that for example as a Wiiu benchmark. It’s like me saying Tony Hawks american wasteland is a benchmark for 360…

                8. Considering cancelling it a month before release? That’s just stupid. If the game is going to be a financial bomb, then release it download-only, like with The Cave.

                  1. or like with fist of the north star: kens rage 2. If it is in that poor of a state it would be nice if it were at a reduced price though.

                9. Alright, here is what we know. Pitchford said that the wii u is supposed to be the best version of the game. What we don’t know is what that means exactly. It could be that is has the best graphics, gameplay, single player campaign or multiplayer, or perhaps all the above. Until it is released we won’t know. Here is the rub, with Pitchford saying that he has actually staked his reputation to that statement. So if it ends up being the definitive version then wii u owners that are looking forward to the game will rejoice and Pitchford’s reputation will be fine. If it ends up being a big steaming pile of crap, then Pitchford’s reputation is in the dumps. Now that doesn’t sound like much, but for a developer that could mean their career could come to an end as so much of this business is controlled by reputation. So I am more inclined to believe that it will likely be the best version of the game at least in one way or another or Pitchford will have to suffer the repercussions of his actions. At this point only time will tell. I am hoping it is a good game. Not sure what to expect exactly, hoping for a left 4 dead type game for multiplayer as that could be loads of fun with aliens instead of zombies.

                10. If the xbox DURANGO has a great Alan Wake and the other early xbox games, my interest from the PS4 might be swayed a little. GEARBOX sucks.

                  1. Gearbox does not suck. Just because they make ONE bad game, doesn’t mean they suck. Borderlands was simply amazing with hundreds of hours to put into it.

                    1. Man, I totally couldn’t get into borderlands. Tried a few times but it just didn’t do it for me. Give me Fallout 3 over borderlands any day. I would love to see another Fallout, but not made by obsidian… To me they seem to destroy everything they touch…

                    2. That’s the thing.
                      The first Borderlands was pretty good, then they got Duke Nukem, which sucked, so people thought Borderlands was a fluke, then Borderlands 2 was amazing so everyone thought Duke Nukem was just a messy product did out of fan service…now Aliens CM is horrible -.-

                      I feel sorry for Gearbox but at the same time, i have to wonder what went wrong.

                        1. Well from these rumors floating around, it appears Gearbox had little to do with any development since they were pawning it off while working on other projects.

                          If the game were to honestly be that bad, it was through neglect and poor taste. I’ll reserve my judgement until it comes out next month.

                    1. No it’s not. There has been no official statement as to the new console name. And they certainly wouldn’t call it the same as their first console; that’s even more asinine and confusing than “Wii U”.

                      1. Yeah, Nintendo should have taken more time with the name. Even just calling it the “U” would have been better then the wii u. Still see people asking people at stores if it is just a new controller for the wii, worst part is that some of the employees don’t know either… Looking at you Toys R Us…

                11. Well the post got deleted by the user so either a troll or wanted to avoid getting sued.

                  Who cares anywau, the game awful -.-

                12. It does not matter if the game is better on the Wii U or not, it´s not only matter of fixing AI, bugs and graphics, the story, the gameplay, the game time (less than 5 hours?) this game good or bad it´s not worth 60 bucks

                13. I don’t believe this to be true seems like some exaggeration is going on, I believe is going to be the definitive version, maybe not good but better then what was released on ps3 and Xbox 360 yup.

                  1. You’re like the fanboy version of the sad Christian extremists that “still just believe” the Earth is 9000 years old despite overwhelming scientific evidence to the contrary.

                    It baffles me how blindly fanboys of ANY console just keep on thinking their console/company of choice can do no wrong. It’s like a pathetic sports fan rooting for a team that constantly keeps losing, telling people to “just wait, you’ll see, they’ll be champions soon, YOU’LL SEE!” all while rocking back and forth in a cardboard box, smelling of urine and disappointment.

                    1. You know what’s even worse. Nintendo fanboys are starting to throw out perverted insults and others are condoning them. This is starting to get embarrassing for this site.

                    2. Now now, I’m a certain hockey team fan and they DO suck and no they probably aren’t gonna bring anything home for quite a while. But I’ll stick with them cause it’s where I was born and I’m not a quitter lol. But seriously, if stuff sucks just move on. But to say Nintendo sucks is an extreme exaggeration. Does the Wii U suck, certainly not. It is a good console that is fun to play, is it perfect no, but that is the same as the other consoles on the market, certainly in the first few months of their life cycle. Microsoft has a solid console with the 360 now, but when it was first released it was terrible, the chances of catastrophic failure with those units was phenomenal. And the PS3 was so over priced and had such a lack of games it was amazing any sold at all. The reality is that the Dream Cast was an awesome machine with great games and far superior to anything on the market at the time, but it was released at a bad time, too early for the next generation to the point where people weren’t ready to move on from their old systems. It’s really a shame that sega couldn’t hang on with that one, it could have been one of the greats.

                14. this tester did the right thing… Now, I dont think they will ever release it… if they do, they know it will fail… not even 1000 sales.

                    1. IKR ? Probably sell about 50K at least. Just curios shmucks with money to blow. If the game got a metacritic of 50/100 on Wiiu I would be curious to buy it for £40 and sell it for £20 …..

                      You can see on Miiverse on Wiiu even the WORST games like Cabellas Hunts have sold decently.

                15. Not surprising. I feel bad for all the Nintendo fanboys that were puffing their chests out, as usual, saying, “Oh, the Wii U version will be better! Different company is working on it and they’ll also have time to fix all the issues that the shitty XBOX 360/PS3 had! Long live Nintenderp!”

                  Sorry kids, you can’t polish a turd, and that game is a turd. I called it back a few days ago on the other story about the game’s crap Metacritic score.

                  Now all the replies to this will be typical fanboy insults and name calling. Watch…

                  1. I never expected the game to be spectacular.
                    Borderlands 2 is turning out to be far less spectacular than its predecessor, so I’ve sort of lost my faith in GBX as a dev company.
                    Having said that, though, I find it amusing that you’re taking the post of one guy who claims to have played the Wii U version as if it were handed down by the devs themselves.
                    The most that has happened, is that the website verified something about his statement.
                    There were no specifics mentioned about what was and was not verified in his statement so people are just assuming that they verified he was a tester.
                    We’ve got no proof other than one person’s word that the Wii U version is the worst, and this coming after the guy suspiciously erases his Reddit account before disappearing.

                    I think you know as well as I do that there are people out there who would make claims like he has, if they hate a system enough.

                    Me, I’m not going to believe a word of it until it’s proven through the gameplay.
                    Time will bring forth the truth, not a reddit user.

                    1. An actual worthwhile reply! Sweet!

                      Well, respectfully, when someone who has been verified to test something says it sucks, especially when there is proof of it sucking vis a vis other platforms, 99% of the time it turns out to be correct.

                      The games problems were not hardware related, they were game related. So much of the game is terrible that it was highly unlikely that it would turn out to be even remotely good on ANY platform.

                      Given that the Wii U, once you power the second screen in the controller, is pretty much just an XBOX 360 (performance-wise), and being that it’s a newer platform and thus new dev environment, and lastly, given that Wii U is lacking in a couple of spec-related areas even compared to XBOX 360 (memory bandwidth is terrible bottlenecked, even though there is more RAM overall), it’s no surprise that the game is even worse on the Wii U.

                      I’m not surprised at all, for those reasons alone, is all I’m saying.

                      1. I think we’ve all seen, with other games, that the Wii U has ways of overcoming these shortcomings, even with the second screen up and running full time.
                        In the end, it’s up to the abilities of the devs to take full advantage of them. If a game doesn’t play well on the Wii U, it’s because either the game being put on there is something more suited to a PC, the devs haven’t figured out the architecture well enough to work out the issues, or the devs are lazily just rushing their way through getting a port out so they can rake in what little money they can off of said port.

                        Things will go better as time goes on. Keep in mind that no console before now has had a spectacular launch. All systems take time to get up to consumer’s idea of par.

                  2. Seriously, I’m just wondering what was so terrible about the game? I haven’t played it. Please be specific. Other then the graphics which are very mediocre of what I have seen. Is it bug issues? Because if that actually is a huge part of it a different dev team could have all that potentially solved. I’m sure they would use different coding which would cause different bugs or a lack there of if they dev group is more savvied then another dev group. In fact that could make all the difference unless it’s bigger then that, like map layout and story which isn’t necessarily controlled by the dev team.

                    1. Well for starters, yes, graphics were bland, poppy, and just poorly constructed. And as I said in my other post: given that, after you reserve power for running the GamePad’s screen the Wii U is basically the same as an XBOX 360 performance/power wise, there’s not really a whole lot of ability to improve the graphics on Wii U’s version. Nintendo fans seem to think the Wii U is “more powerful” than the 360 and thus, capable of better graphics and/or frame-rates. Only if the GamePad is turned off (or the screen is) is that even remotely possible, and even then, not by much.

                      Second, the AI is terrible. Enemies are dumb, easy to kill, and aren’t challenging at all. Friendlies are equally as disappointing at best.

                      The story is also lackluster; it makes pithy little references to the plot points of the various movies, but for no real reason or benefit. It’s almost as if they’re just doing it to say, “oh hey, yeah… you remember the movies? How great were those, amirite? Anyway…” It’s terribly un-fun and boring.

                      The level design is boring, not thrilling or suspensful at all, and leave a lot to be desired. You are never on the edge of your seat, wondering what’s coming and how, in other words.

                      The weapon arselnal is bland (notice a theme here?), and they just feel… cheap. Not to mention the sound isn’t anything we haven’t seen before either, which is tough to do these days admittedly, but to at least be on-par with the high-end audio class is to be expected and, to be honest, not really that difficult for any development studio worth it’s salt.

                      I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

                        1. The only FPS games I have given a crap about lately are Halo 4, Crysis 2, and soon… Destiny.

                          Most others are pretty rubbish. Halo 4 isn’t as groundbreaking as the previous earlier titles in the franchise, but it’s definitely worth buying, and if you’re a fan, is a fantastic addition in many, many ways. It needs work though. Thankfully, some new, smaller competitive maps are coming out soon, the skill-based ranking system is making a return in April, and a title update is happening to fix some issues and improve other areas. THEN, it will be a true successor to the great Halo 3 (in terms of multiplayer; the campaign is already fantastic in Halo 4, as is Spartan Ops mode).


                          1. Maybe you would get more “actualy funny comments” if you stopped acting like such an obnoxious smartass. Please, I’m really sick of fighting with you on every article.

                            1. What the fuck i care about the opinion of some 1 thats dosnt even like being here? Go to ign i hear greg miller is going to retire and they need a new sony ass kisser.

                    1. Didn’t claim to be at all. I just know a crap game when I see it, and I can use my brain when seeing things unfold a certain way.

                      And as far as the reply prediction: it’s 98% of what happens on this site whenever anyone, respectfully of not, says something about Nintendo that isn’t “ZOMGILOVEEVERYTHINGTHEYDO!” or akin to that. It’s to be expected on any console/company-specific website, Nintendo/Wii U especially.

                      1. come on dude chill, calm down. In the first place I don’t know why you call us Nintenderps, fanboys, and kids, you are obviously trying to get someone mad with you, anyway, we are already “expecting” that this version will be better because they still have time to fix all the issues in the game, and “maybe” give it some graphics updates. Already this game have a lot of bad reviews, they really have 2 choices for the Wii U version: cancel the game for this console, or fix it.

                        1. Or they’ll release it regardless of how crappy it is.
                          As much as I like GBX for giving me Borderlands, and as much as I want the Wii U to succeed in the third-party field, it’s a fact that there are a few rare lack-luster ports going around.
                          We can’t count out the possibility that this will be one of them, nor that it will be the last if it is bad.
                          But it doesn’t mean that the system won’t get better offerings in the future, if this one game fails.
                          I think we’ve seen some pretty good proof in the past that game adaptations of movies[and vice-verse] are usually of unreliable quality, at best, with a few rare exceptions.

                    1. For once? Just because you don’t agree with everything I say doesn’t mean I’m “never right”. I always clearly state that I am speaking of opinion, unless otherwise stated.

                      I also clearly state that I am not anti-Nintendo/Wii U; I’m just realistic. When something sucks, or I don’t like it, I say it. I don’t hold back simply because it’s a Nintendo-based website, or because I own the console and don’t want to speak badly of it. I speak equally as bad about XBOX 360 games when they flop, or about Microsoft when they do something I don’t agree with; I was very open about criticizing them for taking so long to solve the RRoD issues, and about their ardent focus on Kinect especially in places where it was shoehorned in where it very clearly didn’t belong and shouldn’t be.

                      But you don’t know that, or ever see it, which is expected. However, you judge me as if you think all I do is “bash” Nintendo and think that I hate them. I don’t. SNES is still my favourite console of all time, and Nintendo made some of my favourite games ever. I just call things as I see them, and lately, Nintendo has been making bad choice after bad choice, after bad choice. If you view them objectively, rather than as a fan, you’d likely see it as well.

                      1. Well from my point of view this the only time i’ve seen it.

                        I have my own opinions too, i think Nintendo has dropped the ball with some of their recent exclusives like Skyward Sword and Sticker Star, but i think the WiiU is fine.
                        The thing is, the ONLY thing i see you talking about, is how the WiiU should be super powerful. Why? The sad fact is, Nintendo is most likely not going to get third party multiplats, even if it WAS more powerful, people just buy playstation and xbox, and even those people are moving towards PC, whats the point in Nintendo doing EXACTLY the same as 3 other platforms? There’s no point. Instead, Nintendo should focus o throwing a shit ton of exclusive content, and if they can, some multiplats here and there, because thats the only reason people buy Nintendo, exclusives. I dont care if its not a MASSIVE step from this gen, i think games this gen still look great, long as they work, and have a good framerate, who cares what it looks like, i enjoyed more HD ps2 games than actual current gen games over the past 2-3 years.

                        My only issue with the WiiU at the moment is the lack of games, but its been out barely 3 months, why would i complain about that?

                    2. I do, however, sometimes speak ill of some of the people on this website, simply because (like other console-themed websites), they are so blindly accepting of everything, and are incapable of admitting anything bad, or of viewing things objectively. They’re all incredibly mawkish when it comes to Nintendo; beyond “optimistic” into a realm of seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses, expecting Nintendo to “be the best” at everything, and especially think that other consoles/companies are crap simply because they’re not Nintendo.

                      It’s ridiculous. A true gamer would be excited about games, period, regardless of console. They’d see the value and possibilities of each console, even if they didn’t own them all for whatever reason (affordability, etc.). I don’t own a Wii U, but I see definitely possibilities with it. It’s just unfortunate that none of these possibilities are coming to light, in favor of lackluster, generic content and content that seems to force the console’s functionality rather than let it compliment it naturally where it is fitting, and leave it lay where it does not.

                      1. I agree, i wish people would be excited about all consoles and games, i’m dying to see what Sony is showing in 2 days, but you cant make a definitive judgement on a console thats been out for 3 months.
                        The 360 and ps3 were pointless at launch. You can’t expect Nintendo to just say, “here are 100 unique games” on launch day, it takes TIME. It’s the issue that this gen has gone on WAY too long, so people forget what console launches are actually like, they’re always bad, and you rarely see pure potential in the first year.

                        Give it time, and till then, hold your judgement and bashing.

                  1. do you guys remember that mister pitchord always had say, that the wii u version will be the best looking version???? About a couple weeks we gonna now if it is a lie or he was speaking the treu. i mean if you looking at the video,the games was better and the final is worst, that can not be real folks. The wii u version is the best version, i believe for 90 % it is!

                  2. Huh…
                    That is interesting…
                    I mean for Pitchford to actually say that himself too.

                    I’m not saying that the WiiU will be good or any different, but i’m not 100% certain of it after reading that…

                    1. @TheDragon234

                      Did you watch the video? cause you see a lot of differents from the demo vesion and the final version. And what we now for sure is that the final version is not nice, but pitchord say that the demo version what they let us see before the game was out, was always from the wii u version. What did we know right now for sure? We have seen the ps360 version and the pc version, and all three sucks, but where is that beautyfull looking footage from aliens c m??? that is the wii u version that’s is not out yet, and that’s why i believe pitchord has always speak the truth.

                      1. It sprung to my mind that the nice footage would be the Wiiu version before i read this and the whol comparison was brought up . Cookie for you sir!

                        1. Aliens is port for the ps360 and pc, thats why it sucks it is a bad port. And i read that gearbox did not was the one who did the port. Maybe they only work on the wiiu version .

                  3. Wow, that’s crazy with the difference. There were times I honestly thought I was looking at Goldeneye on the 64, the very first scene actually, it totally reminded me of a Goldeneye corridor. Mental.

                    1. Dusk
                      It is almost the same differents if you compare need for speed wii u version with the ps360 version. When you compare this you can see that the wii u is farrrr more powerfull!!

                      1. Well, I wouldn’t say “farrrr more powerfull!!” but I would certainly has better visuals in this game. But that was crap visuals for 360 and absolutely for PC. Must have been a different dev team, the crappier one should close their doors. But yeah, I have read about NFS MW for wii u, just looking forward to seeing it as it is supposed to be quite close or the same as the visuals on the PC. Gotta admit, that part with the turret and the other part with the dude stuck in the wall goo, without those scenes you just wouldn’t be pulled into the game at all. It would just be like going through the motions.

                        1. you now why i say by far better, cause they don’t use all the power from the wii u….Did you see the need for speed video, the game is looks realy like a pc game, but that”s because they use texture from a high end pc….

                            1. I have play the ps3 version. I got all consoles, the wiiu version looks waay better, just like the developer say far the best looking one!

                16. It nearly looked like it was a different engine entirely. If the better is what the Wii U will look like people are gonna shit!

                  1. it must be the wii u version, cuase the game is out on the pc and ps360 right know, and we did not see that demo grafix, so it must be the wiiu version. The ps360 and pc are port from the wii u version, it must be doin that way. cause the game was bad ass nice, and now it is fuck upp.think for a second about that? how can a game have nice grafix on the demo,but final version is far from nice?

                    1. I agree, I really do, but stupid things can and do happen. With how vast some of the differences were though, it did seem like it was a different game then what was released. But if I were Sega and I saw that demo then ended up with that rubbish that was released I would be lookin to sue as well I think.

                      1. when i have play the demo on mine xbox360, i was thinking what the fuck is this, this is not the game from the trailers i have seen. then i read a stuff about that the nice trailers where from the wii u version.

                        by the way i drop the need for speed video above!

                17. That’s about as believable as me saying I work for bungie and destiny is terrible.
                  Are you people seriously taking this as fact right now?

                18. I have a couple of friends who got this game for the ps3 and absolutely love it! I am not hearing from no one that has this game saying it is bad at all!

                  1. There is a video about a guy he have finish the game without shooting. Come on thats fuck up dont uou think?

                    The game is far better then the demo gearbox show us all the time.

                19. I heard a rumor on N4G (lol) that the impressive footage from E3 was from the Wii U version.

                  If that’s true than this article is BS. But time will tell I guess.

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                21. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

                22. I’m not so sure if I trust this guy because people said ZombiU was bad but when I played it, the game was actually really good =3

                23. Either the developers are just bad at their job or Sega/Gearbox are just assholes.
                  They ha dlike 4 years or something to make this game and it came out like shit according to most the first time.
                  Now one says the Wii U version even worse?
                  This industry has clearly forgotten what games are suppsoed to be. FUN!
                  It’s not about Graphics, Specs, Tech and Timelimits, itäs about playing a fucking game with others or by yourself.
                  In some way I guess this tester is probably a Sorny or Microshit fanboy aswell

                24. just to note… The wii u version was developed by Demiurge. This is the reason why some people are hopeful that the Wii U version will indeed be the definitive version of the game, and that all those demos come from the Wii U version.

                  there are even rumors that the reason for this is that it was gonna be more practical for them to release the better version on the Wii U version and up (they mean to port this later to PS4 and Xbox720). and a rumor that as soon as the Wii U comes out or shortly before, a patch for the PC version will be released with better textures and AI.

                  rumors aside, i would take everything with a grain of salt. until SEGA decides to announce a release date for the Wii U version and an actual gameplay footage (not some pre-rendered stuff which they are being accused of now), then everyone should just sit back, relax and enjoy other games for now.

                  if they do cancel the Wii U version, then everyone can agree how truly crappy Gearbox handled this. this issue has already damaging effects on Gearbox’s reputation. even worse than the Duke Nukem issue.

                  1. One problem… GearBox wasn’t the people developing the singleplayer…
                    Also, Duke Nukem Forever was already broke before Gearbox got it, also remember the DLC they released? Yeah it was actually made by Gearbox Software and it was considered better than the actually DNF game

                25. have you noticed that they are always anonymous sources who say stuff like this and it turns out to be a load of rubbish. i think these people just need to get a life and stop making things up

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                27. The industry is pretty messed up at the moment. Back then in 2006 when Nintendo didn’t release a HD console people thought they were just being cheap. But after countless studios going under or gobbled up for cheap from bigger richer studios, we can now look back and see that Nintendo was correct. Budgets for many games are high, and the risks are getting greater, which is why a lot of studios have gone under. So I’m thinking there’s an on going trend of having these huge budget games of known franchises that they know will sell millions, to please the fans, then there’s the super low budget games trying to break into the industry. The in between med budgets games will be very risky for developers, because they have no idea if they can at least break even.

                28. This tester its a payoff liar probably pay by the competition of nintendo.
                  as long its not cancel llooks that this one will deliver.

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