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Bungie Says They Would Love Destiny On PC, No Mention At All Of A Wii U Version


Eurogamer recently had the opportunity to talk to Bungie COO Pete Parsons about the company’s forthcoming game Destiny. The publication says that when asked about a PC version Parsons said that he would love the game to come to that platform. However, no mention was made of a Wii U version of the MMO-style sci-fi shooter. Destiny is due to be released on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and next generation platforms.

“We would absolutely love to be on the PC. If you talk to the people upstairs, we play it on all platforms. So, stay tuned.” No mention was made of a Wii U version.

273 thoughts on “Bungie Says They Would Love Destiny On PC, No Mention At All Of A Wii U Version”

    1. Install base of what, 1 million, maybe less? I’m pretty sure they’re not missing out on anything except lack of sales for the Wii U version.

      The XBOX 360 sales alone will make the game a success (it it’s good, which judging by the info from the last couple days and the developer vid, it’s going to be MASSIVELY popular and even bigger than Halo), but also the fact that it’s on PS3 will make sure that 99% of core gamers and FPS fanatics will get to enjoy it.

      WII U is NOT known for being a “core gaming machine”, and is certainly not know for it’s FPS selling potential. Not right now anyway. Maybe in a year or two. But definitely not now.

      1. installed base of wiiu is somewher above 3 million. NSMU had sold 2 Mill.

        Wiiu can grow into something more suitable for multiplats than the wii was…

          1. PC, and Wii U. Only two consoles that exist to me. The others just want to be a PC, so If I have one then what is the point?

            1. Because many games are console exclusive, and many devs prefer making games for consoles because they know exactly what their limitations are and thus know what they can and can’t do, where as PCs are variable machines that you can’t target specifically for. Some people’s PC may not be as advanced as others.

              Ergo, it’s easier to develop for consoles and much more profitable as well. It’s also easier to release DLC directly to consoles in-game, and the install base of consoles is far greater than PC gamers that have decent gaming PCs to handle modern games.

              Also… preference. You like Wii U, I think it’s under developed and not worth it right now (and may never be). Different strokes for different folks. Why does it matter to you?

              Any other questions?

              1. Different strokes for Different folks. So why come in here like an idiot and tell us the Wii U sux when I have had more fun playing video games with my friends every night on this system than I have ever had playing a game before. Maybe if u got real friends and stopped relying on online play, u could enjoy nintendo consoles too. But nobody like u cause u just complain about everything.

                1. Dude he was just telling his opinion about this topic, you don’t have to act so rude just because he doesn’t like Wii U. Atleast try to act mature…

                  1. Mature is posting positive information about a console that U own and love. Immature is posting a negative novel every single day about a console that U have never even played, U just don’t want anyone to buy it.

                    1. “Maybe if u got real friends and stopped relying on online play, u could enjoy nintendo consoles too.”

                      – This sounds pretty negative to me, though.

          2. Naah. I recon it’s gunna fair a little better than the original Wii as far as multiplats are concerned. Not gunna be amazing on that front , but definitely better…. Already is : Assassins creed , Blops 2 , Tekken , Batman etc.

            Everyone would love it to get better. But at the end of the day when was the last time someone bought a Nintendo console to play multiplats ? I buy them for the exclusives that’s for sure.

              1. They might as well have done with the Wii. Their first-party exclusives have always hit high on the global charts, and won’t stop doing so anytime soon.

            1. Are you guys getting Crysis 3 on WiiU, No because its an outdated console that can barely keep up with today’s graphics even the ps3 and xbox vesions are a sad joke

              1. Need for Speed most wanted on Wiiu looks like the PC version , So does Trine 2 directors cut.

                Crysis 3 will be shit anyway. Awful game . It will look like SHIT on 360 and ps3 compared to PC where it’s meant to be played. Troll.

                Are you getting Pikmin 3 , Monster Hunter , Bayonetta 2 , Wonderfull 101 , Lego City on your xbox ? no ?

        1. Worldwide maybe. But in the US, where Bungie games are massively popular? The Wii U base is much smaller, and the owners of Nintedo consoles aren’t typically the FPS fanatics that XBOX and PS3 owners are. It just doesn’t make sense to release a new FPS IP on Wii U right now, if ever.

          1. i think it’s a shame that people use the ps3 for fps and fifa only, when there are so many good games for it. like Ni No Kuni or Journey or One Piece Pirate Warriors and there is no region lock so you can import awesome japanese games too!

            that’s why i am going to buy a cheap ps3 after the (no backwards compatible) ps4 comes out.

        2. HAHAHAHAHA and again only Mario had sold 2M and after that you want third party games why devs not want to port their games to Nintendo consoles cos they see that nobody buying their games that’s why anyway enjoy your stupid Mario for little kids

      2. Have u tried miiverse yet? U would probably really like it. But U would rather complain about creativity than to simply enjoy it.

      3. Sorry i was going for something more on the line of creating an experience on ghe wiiu’s gamepad, sorry for not being specific with my post :)

      4. The funny thing is, the 360, and probably the next Xbox, are not “core gaming machines” in the slightest. The only ones who think otherwise are, what people like to call, “casuals”. Consoles are about the games, and to that end, even the Wii is far more “core” than the 360.
        Everything the 360 has, the PC obliterates. 360 has no exclusives, forces you to pay for online and ads, has an extremely high failure rate, etc. Not to mention just about all of its games are cheaper and superior on the PC.
        I think the only thing the Xbox really has going for it is the ignorance of its audience, and the image its created for itself. That its a “hardcore” machine meant for “gamers”. Microsoft’s been very successful on that front.

    1. It’s funny that they mention it’s coming to consoles that doesn’t even have one picture on the net about how they look but apparently it’s coming to those platforms and not the pc or wii u -_-

      1. Yes they do. Developer video from today/yesterday shows a bit of in-game footage. It COULD be done on Wii U, but there’s just not enough of an install base/consoles sold for it to be worth it to them. Maybe later on, but I doubt it, what with the next gen consoles coming around soon.

          1. Yes it is, because the “hardcore” following for those consoles is huge, as is the following for FPS fans on those consoles. It’s not a hard bet to think that core gamers and/or FPS fans will buy the next XBOX/PS. It IS, however, a huge bet to release a MMO FPS game on a Nintendk console these days, especially with so little in sales for said console. Who bought the original Wii to play FPS games like Call of Duty? Nobody. Who bought a Wii U for FPS games? Hardly anyone, IF anyone. Bungie (and most devs) know this. Add the small amount of consoles sales on too of that, and you get a console not worth porting a brand new FPS IP to. Simples.

            1. The Most “Hardcore” experience I have ever had with a game was last week when we put uplay up on the plaza for delaying rayman. Everyone who has a U connected to the internet has ubi hate mail on their home screen. It was the greatest uniting of gamers I have ever seen. But no one else understands that because they don’t have miiverse. It is experiences like that, that are going on RIGHT NOW AND FOREVER! FOR FREE WITH THE CONSOLE!

        1. lol, they want a game with last gen graphics to last 10 more years. Did U catch the “my body is ready” joke on the cell phone. That’s because microsoft and sony don’t have a core following of nerdy stuff to joke about like nintendo does.

            1. My body is ready is about the release of something more than a game. Red ring of death is a sick joke that microsoft played on it’s customers.

      1. They already confirmed they have no plans for Wii U for this game. Maybe later on as a rerelease, and possibly sequels, but initially it’s only releasing on XBOX 360 and PS3, with possibility for next-gen XBOX and PlayStation as well.

        1. If u really enjoy your 360 and PS3, then why do u have to post a novel on the nintendo boards every day? Shouldn’t u be living it up with the most core gaming experience ever, based entirely on being the best? Is it cause u suck at gaming? Or deep down U know that nintendo games are more fun and U are jealous because U don’t have the console.

          1. You’re argument is absolutely pathetic.

            Skadoofus is offering constructive criticism of Nintendo, but of course you see it as “hate”. Blind fanboys like yourself need wake up and realize Nintendo is by no means a perfect company.

            1. I have owned every console made in the last 15 years. I have the most fun on Nintendo and PC. I don’t have as much fun on the 360 or PS3 because they are just not that cool. I guess that makes me a fanboy.

              1. i own more nintendo and sega consoles then anything (and ofc always a gaming pc) but i would NEVER say i have had more fun on a system rather then i had have more fun playing the GAMES…though the dreamcast was really special to me x3

  1. Ganonseviltwinbrother

    I don’t understand why people still consider the wii u is current generation.
    it’s still good in my opinion.

  2. The infamous “my body is ready” appeared in the reveal video so you never know. It looks like a game I could get into, but I won’t loose any sleep if we don’t get it.

    1. If it comes great! if it doesn’t then its back to the reasons why I bought the Wiiu – Pikmin , Mario kart , Monster Hunter , Bayonetta , Wonderfull 101 , Mario , Zelda etc etc.

      Any third party multiplats are a bonus as far as I’m concerned. As long as Watch dogs gets confirmed , we’re laughing!

      1. And here’s nintendoward mentioning the games he’s about to get yet again for the hundredth times, seroously though dont you get tired of preaching the same thing over and over again? We know you love the wiiu i do too but you dont see me worshipping it on every post on mynintendonews…

          1. Thats not what he meant. He wasn’t saying the games are the same over and over agan.

            He was saying Nintedward just posts the same thing over and over on every article. Which is true. Whenever a game is mentioned, especially if its bad news, he just lists other games he’s looking forward to instead.
            It’s really weird, and has gotten kinda boring.

            1. umm twilight princess was by far one of the best since majora’s mask (which is my absolute favorite) ss was ok, but you’re right ww was better then ss. just wait till you see the next zelda ;)

      2. I am sorry but I hate this kind of mindless thought regarding the wiiu. There is no excuse for games not coming other than corporate corruption and bias. We should demand these games come not lay back and say “oh atleast we have tried parry”, because Nintendo doesn’t release enough first party games to keep wiiu owners busy. Plus some wiiu owners like variety.


      3. None of those games are as innovative and ground breaking as Destiny looks to be though. Fun, maybe. But they’re all pretty generic in concept.

        Destiny looks like (for now) that it will not only be loads of fun, but fresh and new as well, even if it DOES borrow from Halo (which is a good thing as far as I’m concerned; Halo was/is a fantastic franchise and also revolutionized the genre is many ways).

        1. Well, let’s say they add downloadable four swords content to Wind Waker. The possibilities are endless. And street pass pokemon is way more ground breaking than a fpsrpg.

        2. i would get my hopes up though. sure it sounds promising, but until we actually play the game, that’s all it is: a promise

      1. Not necessarily. There are some things the Wii U doesn’t do as well as those consoles. Also, “power” also means SELLING power, which right now, the Wii U has next to none. And unfortunately, if this game is available on 360 & PS3, it wouldn’t cause many people to go out and buy a Wii U to play it. If it were an exclusive, sure. But why make an exclusive for Wii U right now? The install base is pitiful, so you’d basically be accepting less sales of your game and gambling on whether or not the game itself will sell console units. Dumb business decision.

        1. It obviously wouldn’t sell consoles, but it could start up a whole new fanbase within the Nintendo community which equals more sales than just on other platforms. Sometimes you need to take risks.

        2. Of course it wouldn’t sell consoles. Bungie hasn’t sold a console since original xbox. That is what mario kart is for.

    1. Sorry but that argument was dead from day 1. I have AC3 and Mass effect 3 both of which are better than the PS3 versions. Trine 2 and Need for speed suggest the Wiiu can do more.

      Criterion said the wiiu is better than PS3 and 360.
      A day 1 rushed port is a day 1 rushed port. Once wiiu is maxed it’s gunna peform noticably better than PS3 and 360 mark my words.

      The reason they wouldn’t put destiny on Wiiu is – they don’t feel the installed base is there yet. They don’t feel the Wiiu audience is right for the Game.

      Both of which are understandable and debatable.

        1. No.

          Just no.

          Not even close. Specs for both 720 and PS4 both are far, far more powerful than Wii U. Not to mention they don’t have to sacrifice a large amount of power to run a second screen, wirelessly at that…

          Just… no.

          1. Well when the next systems try to cram as much crap on the screen as possible and they get a terrible frame rate. Wind Waker’s smooth camera and gameplay will look much better than the next two. Look at what they did with mario galalxy

      1. For AC3 and ME3 to be “better” on the Wii U than on the PS3 would allege that they are completely different versions of the same game, which they’re not, they’re just the same thing, but with more updated graphics, which is something you can already get on the PC anyway. You can’t say they’re that much better when the differences between the versions is barely minimal. Test with another game, otherwise your argument is just as dead as mine. .

        (Except mine still isn’t dead).

      1. So “brilliant” logic Nintedward.
        Now explain to me, when (according to Nintendo) graphics won’t get much better anymore then how is the Wii U supposed to do a significantly better than current consoles ? Also we all know the Wii U is only on par with PS360 plus power for the gamepad plus more efficient so how are the REAL next gen consoles supposed to have grapgics that won’t differ from Wii U’s when Wii U is only on par woth current gen ? Wouldn’t that make the REAL next gen on par with current gen ? Why would the relevant console manufacteurs release systems that are only as good as the previous ones ? Think about that before praosing the Wii U and its ancient hardware again.

        P.S. You won’t see 1080p on the Wii U when a game is power hungry.

        1. “Why would the relevant console manufacteurs release systems that are only as good as the previous ones ? ”
          If the console was more powerful, it would be too expensive, Nintendo wanted it to be affordable for their fans, and decided to sell the Wii U at a loss.

          “Now explain to me, when (according to Nintendo) graphics won’t get much better anymore then how is the Wii U supposed to do a significantly better than current consoles ? ”
          In my opinion, the Wii U is next gen in terms of its functions, streaming, Miiverse, and such. According to hardware it is not next-gen at all. PS4 and Xbox720 will be more powerful.

          “P.S. You won’t see 1080p on the Wii U when a game is power hungry.” There have been games on Xbox and PS3 that have been in 1080p, so the Wii U can definitely do the same.

          “Now explain to me, when (according to Nintendo) graphics won’t get much better anymore then how is the Wii U supposed to do a significantly better than current consoles ? ”
          I don’t remember Nintendo ever saying that graphics won’t get much better. Source?
          I believe Nintendo did say that it is the software that makes a lot of profit, and that can be seen somewhat with Microsoft and Sony.

          1. Iwata said that we reached a point where graphics won’t get mich better and miyamotu said that we shouldn’t expect the Wii U to overpower PS360.

        2. Am GAMER. Please the Wii U runs Unreal engine 4, and the Unity engine 4, with direct X11 equivalent features. The PS3 and Xbox360 only support direct X9 equivalent features at max. So please explain to me how the Wii U is on par with the 6 and 7 year old consoles. Remember the Wii U uses half the power consumption in watts that the ancient PS3 and xbox360 use. That alone is next generation in the real world. Then it is running NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED with current mid and high end PC visuals plus intelligent resources. So now spout some more fallacies please. Remember also that the Wii U is always streaming to the game pad faster than the TV, with constant 30 or 60 frames per-second.

          1. We can debate about power all we want but nintendo has proved time and time again that gameplay will always comes first, proof? Mario Galaxy the most high rated games and last i check it on an underpower console..

            1. You do realize that am supporting the Wii U. Nintendo did wonders with galaxy. With the Wii U they will do marvelous things; that scares third parties. Knowing nintendo can and will outdo their offerings on the PS4, xbox720 and the Wii U itself. Thanks Shigeru for being gaming personified.

        3. Nintendo was wrong. Simply put.

          Graphics CAN and WILL get better than Wii U.

          Look at current PCs: you can’t run Crysis 3 at max settings on Wii U. The game can run on Wii U, but it will have noticeably more pop-in, less antialiasing, less lighting sources, lower poly counts, the framerates will be far less than the 75fps that top of the line PCs can produce, and they can also produce resolutions higher than 1080p.

          So no, Wii U is not even CLOSE to the apex of gaming graphical capabilities. It looks good, yes, but not “the best” by a LONG shot.

          The next XBOX and PS won’t quite be on the level of high-end PCs either, but they won’t be far off, and they’ll be close than Wii U is by far.

          1. So the next consoles wont be as good as my PC?, and they are supposed to be around for longer than 7 years. I think I will stick with my PC, and update it in 2-3 years. No point in those machines.

        4. Either or, I will still have more fun playing my Wii U than U will have playing your “next gen” console. U wont catch me being bored on the microsony boards trying to tell people not to play them.

      2. Your vapid and superficial statement lacks all definite credibility and instead has bias.

        And don’t quote or cite websites that “support” your statement; they’re no more credible than you are, especially since they only say what they say for PR’s sake.

    2. The criterion developer and the developer behind the crysis engine (or crysis 3)both said that the wii u was stronger than the ps3/360 with the crysis engine developer stating that the wii u at its minimum is just as strong as ps3/360; its not power issue…its most likely the instll base and/or business drive

  3. If its coming to every other system put it on the Wii U God damn it. Bungie your better then 343i. Please put it on Wii U also. It is a next Gen system.

    1. The first game might come. I have a feeling since the series is supposed to go on for ten years and feature 3 games. Its likely they won’t NOT put the game on the wii u since eachgame has a story that connects and continues with the rest. Then again they may not want it on wii u because maybe the wii u can’t handle the sequals, so they don’t even want to try this one because nintendo would be stuck with only the first game.

      1. The Wii U’s true potential wont come out for 2-3 years it can handle whatever Destinys sequels can do. Cant be a coincidence that the 1 guy in the Vidoc video texted saying My Body Is Ready.

  4. I’m pretty interested in this game. It has some freshness to it. Its also made by Bungie, and they have never made a bad game, so I have high hopes that this game will be amazing. I will be buying both the xbox 360 AND PS3 versions to play with my friends.

    1. Wrong you will buy the Wii U version lol. 2nd alot of people say Reach was shit. I dont agree but just saying your statement about them never having made a bad game isnt shared by everyone.

  5. wii U got 5x mem bandwidth than current generation consoles. It has about 1.5-2.5x gpu more power and dx11 features (no dx cause its ms copyrighted), it has a better out of order cpu than any xbox360 or ps3. Its not the old wii CPU, its a modified modern 750 family cpu, with more than 7 instructions per clock executions. It has 3x more cpu cache, it has 3x more edram…

    what makes u believe wii U is current gen or less.

    1. Basically the Wiiu is better in every single away apart from CPU clock speed. Even then you have the DSP more cache memory and it can do the same and possibly more than 360 CPU whilst using HALF the power.

      Wiiu is clearly better . The fucking controller costs the same amount as a 360 FFS.

      1. clocks dont matter with these cpus… the highest model known in 750 family, was the 750VX up to 2ghz and never released… maybe this one is the vx underclocked! who knows.. because the prev models, couldnt exceed the 1 ghz!!… If its VX or FX, it rocks…. its more like 1 wii u core = 2cores/4threads for xbox360!

  6. Meh don’t really care about these types of games no way. Besides, the COO probably don’t know how the architecture is like for the console.

  7. The only reason its not coming to Wii U is because it has a tiny install base. Once it gets bigger, in sure a game in the franchise (as Destiny is more than one game) will arrive for Wii U. I mean, at the moment not only would it not be financially viable but the gameplay would not support it. Destiny on Wii U would, for now at least, be a travesty.

        1. Massive Multiplayer Online (typically followed with RPG, or roleplaying game). In other words, a game with a large world to be played online with a large number of players.

    1. PS4 and Xbox 720 will have an even smaller install base and this game is rumored to be coming to those systems so that excuse can be thrown out the window. Plus the Wii U’s install base will be larger by the time Destiny comes out.

  8. And here’s nintendoward mentioning the games he’s about to get yet again for the hundredth times, seroously though dont you get tired of preaching the same thing over and over again? We know you love the wiiu i do too but you dont see me worshipping it on every post on mynintendonews…

                    1. You did say in a post your nephew had brain damage so why will i be the perverted 1 for asuming the reason?

                    2. Because that reason is perverted and disgusting. And that you’re only assuming makes it worse. You need to be banned big time.

  9. If this is true, it is very interesting how “we are not releasing this particular game on Wii U because we did not have enough time to port it due to several Nintendo delays in making the tools and adequate develop kit ready to us” can be a reasonable justification for not launching titles to Wii U. I barely believe Microsoft and Sony made their next-generation consoles development kits available to developers long time ago, and they are getting the all the fresh-baked games. Sad.

  10. Bungie made Halo, and Halo is a Microsoft game. Bungie and Microsoft have been together forever. You all probably know where am going with this. If nintendo get this on the Wii U, I am writing a you suck letter to Ubisoft and EA.

        1. Thank you :). It’s always important to let these industrialistic turncoats what we think from time to time. Ubisoft was all so good and honorable, then the pulled a Rayman sellout move. EA, well EA just has issues.

                  1. “*Lol,no”

                    Remember you trying to correct me? And failing? Not only do you not have the right to call someone stupid, but as you constantly say …. hypocrisy is quite strong with this one.

                    1. No I never said that you illiterate twat. You said an idiots last resort is to attack grammar which you did to me earlier and I called you a hypocrite. I never said you have to do nothing. You seriously are the definition of stupid.

                    2. Macarony, if your personality in the real world is anything like it is on the Internet, then you are most likely a very hated and lonely person.

    1. MS doesnt own bungie anymore, also, this game is beign published by Activision.

      See where im going with this? Activision puts its turds on what ever it can.

      1. I was thinking eventually it shall be a lame money cow as always. hahahaha thanks for telling me activision is the financier. Now we know how COD this is likely to end up lol.

    2. Bungie no longer is employees with Microsoft. If it was up to Bungie Destiny wouldn’t even be on the Xbox systems. After the way they were treated by Microsoft they left.

          1. Personally, I would love another vampires the masquerade bloodlines game. Shame a developer that is willing to do something different then your normal fps goes under. Still play that game to this day. So hard for development to take risks now days, they make 1 title that doesn’t sell well and the can go under. All cause of the relentless push for better graphics, even though the stories seem to fall behind. Or they could just make another turd like COD BLOPS 2 and float by while so many people run out to buy the same game they bought 6 months ago…

            1. yes im sick of that, i just want to play some fun newer games, ive been playing snes lately to play games that ive never got to play before to get a fun different game, thats really how shitty this game industry is, how about a survival horror game with out guns and cod like or more new jrpgs like the ones we saw on wii, im sick of how things work now, or a 3d platformer instead of a fps everytime, funny thing is xbox and ps3 generation will be the worst in the future because all shooter games age bad, so no one will like it

      1. I guess aye, its jus that theres a lot of scifi games that are coming out and some that are out already, im really looking into playing something different especially a game from a big developer such as bungie..

    1. They have tons of other games they’ve created over the last 20 or so years. They hit gold with Halo; they’re sticking to their strengths while doing some new things. It’s a good move.

      Nintendo is the KING of that with their franchises.

  11. WESTERN DEVELOPERS. WESTERN DEVELOPERS. The only definitive thing is that EASTERN developers shall definitely support the Wii U with greater effort. Mark my words!

    1. Halo, xbox is the most casual machine ever made. Nintendo has had all genre of game for over 30 years. Read and research history dude. Destiny can skip the Wii U it’s okay, EASTERN THIRD parties, and WESTERN third parties with creative genius that goes beyond FPS are supporting the Wii U. The 3DS struggled in it’s inception, but as of now the 3DS is running the eighth generation.

      1. I don’t understand this whole casual/hardcore argument. They are just games. No system is worse than another, unless its the virtualboy.

            1. lol i guess you’re right, my brother in law actually owned a virtual boy when he was young (hes 26 right now) and he tells me that it was the shit lol he actually liked it.





      1. such a inteligent responce jesus it has halo guns and it looks like some boring pc rts HYPE IS HYPE

        now go auto aim with a second stick in yo broshooter LOL GAMER

    1. How is it JUST like Halo, there are a TON of differences. First of all its very mmo like and halo never did anything like that. The rest I will leave you to figure out as I don’t want to waste my typing on you.

    1. We don’t know enough about the game to consider the game to be going nowhre. It actually seems pretty cool to me. And halo weopons ftw.

  13. Im not even planing on getting this for my ps3 or 360 so no biggie. Now with that beign said; Its beign published by damn Activision, any of you morons who really believe that its not coming to the Wii U either just got into gaming last week, or is seriously retarded.

      1. regardless of what developers want, the PUBLISHERS have final say you idiot.

        or have you forgot about the whole Rayman Legends Fiasco already? activision is in it for the money, hell they Published COD for the Vita… the damn vita.

  14. Just like Mike S mentioned above, the phrase “My body is ready!” was in the trailer. This hints to me a Wii U release. This seems like a cool game and I would be happy to see it come to Wii U alongside the 720 and PS4 versions.

    1. I wouldn’t be too sure, I mean I hope it’s true, it’s just memes become to mainstream and lose meaning in the end.

      1. @Sherlock The phrase is associated with Reggie-fils-aime after he said it during an E3. He has said the phrase again on later E3 occasion(s) and it’s now kind of a meme on the internet.
        P.S. Also during the trailer there is a chain-chomp plushie that can be seen, which may well also be a subtle hint at a Wii U/Nintendo themed involvement with the game.

  15. trying to say there was no halo guns PRETENDING IT ISNT THERE DOESNT MAKE IT NOT THERE


      1. At least the last part had some relevance. I fear for Microsoft and especially Sony next generation. If they don’t offer more than the standard controller with similar online applications and beefed up hardware at a ridiculous price they won’t be turning many heads until, at the very least, they drop the price.

        Yes they currently share the biggest 3rd party titles.. for now. That was (and still is) their selling point for the last generation, but what happens if or when the Wii U starts getting all of these major titles too? Nintendo arguably has something unique to offer aside from 1st party titles and it’s about time the other competitors got off their butts and did something different.

  16. I really don’t know why anyone even bothers making PC games anymore? Or why people PLAYS PC games? When there’s so many AWESOME games and game consoles to play.

    1. I love PC games, especially MMOs. There are tons of games to be played, let alone all the other uses and above all it has a keyboard and mouse. I prefer many games with that setup than a standard controller, however consoles offer a different experience. They’re designed to be cheaper, plug-n-play alternatives than PCs and are geared for multimedia experience around the living room. I love both and hope they both stay.

        1. “If PC games are superior, why have I never cared?”

          What an ignorant and egocentric comment.

          Whether you care or not is irrelevant. PC are superior to consoles in almost every way.

          1. PC SUCKS! And most console gamers agree. I never even see people looking at PC games when I’m in stores. You couldn’t pay me to give PC games a try. It’s like worse than Xbox and Playstation combined. And I’ve always been notorious for putting them down. And that’s my final comment, because I have better stuff to do than to talk about boring PC games forever.

          2. You remind me of the kids who used to brag about 3DO, saying that Nintendo sucked and that the 3DO kicked Nintendo’s ass! Yeah, we all know how THAT story ended.

  17. Maybe someone can tell me. Why is it that developers seem to be skipping the Wii U? And don’t say because it sucks, because it is a great system. Every time a new system comes along, all of the developers are always looking for a way to get their games on it. More shelf space is always a good thing and it’s also good to push yourself with the newest technology. I just don’t know why we see so many of these “every console but the Wii U” stories. I understand sales are great yet, but that’s never stopped too many of them yet. Is there something about the game pad that’s an obstacle?

    1. The install base of Wii U is currently too small for developers to be spending time and resources into making ports for the system.

    2. It has nothing to do with hardware nor the gamepad. Honestly, the only bad “news” we’ve been hearing about are from the same people about disappointing sales and trash talk from a few developers and retailers that are currently in financial meltdown. Most recently THQ was stripped and sold to the industry and they admitted they never had a final product nor even developed for the Wii U to begin with.

      All I have seen are these half-assed attempts to disguise their own faults by blaming Nintendo. How they got the idea that Nintendo was immediately going to sell millions of units out the door is beyond me. It takes time to sell millions of units of anything, let alone with a substantial library which there currently is none. Gaming retailers and developers are crumbling under a weak market right now regardless of what Nintendo is doing.

      I think what it comes down to is developers with uncertain expectations based on last generation. They grew into not developing games for the Wii because of lackluster hardware and now that they’re more than capable, they’re weary of testing the waters due to dwindling liquidity on their part and personal politics. Don’t get too down about game announcements. Most of it is all rumor, but by year’s end we’ll have plenty to run with. I have a feeling E3 will be big for Nintendo this year.

      As of late, they appear as if they’re looking for an excuse to not announce development for a major title in case, in their eyes, the Wii U fails. Their reason to not develop for the Wii U isn’t about the gamepad because if they were that stupid to begin with, they wouldn’t be making games. They either don’t have the money, are too deep into development or have some personal grudge against Nintendo.

      1. Thanx. I kinda figured it was something like that, but it still befuddles the mind. It’s not like they would be making games for the N-Gage, for cripes’ sake. The Wii U is a newer technology and, according to what the new PS controller looks like, the wave of the future… AGAIN.

    1. No they’re not, they’re just trying to sell useless stock to stupid consumers.

      The idea that people running a store not knowing the difference between a Wii and WiiU is laughable, and embarrassing.

  18. Well obviously power has nothing to do with not bringing it to the Wii U (since it’s coming to the 360 and ps3). The only reason they wouldn’t do it is if they think they wouldn’t be able to profit off of it. So we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes.

  19. Source code shows Wii U/PS4/720/PC releases. People saying its not true but we’ll just have to wait and see till E3, Its pretty much when the big confirmation will be made about 720/ps4 etc

  20. It’s occurred to me that Nintendo fanboys are becoming the very thing I despise the most about PS3 fanboys:

    “Why isn’t this game coming on the PS3? It should be on the PS3 too!”

    Now replace “PS3” with “Wii U”.

    Can’t you guys just be happy with what you have? Good gracious, it’s like everybody wants their console to be the center of the fucking party all the damn time for no damn reason other than for power and glory.

  21. I bet it will come to Wii U. I feel like Bungie wants this game to reach all audiences and blow up like Halo did. If they alienate Nintendo fans that is losing a key group of videogamers who are (at least I consider) the most loyal and mature of all videogamers out there.

    1. Really? It’s good to see Wii U in there and Vita, but I’m a bit surprised that Vita is there x3 (Not hating, I love my Vita, just Im surprised lol)

      1. Yeah. I mean, Bungie is on there own with this one, so the idea of them reaching out to as many platforms as they can is great.

        It’s possible by Vita, the mean ps3 connectivity.

        You know what would be crazy? If each version of the game was playable together despite the console >.< that's something i see Bungie doing anyway, but i still kinda doubt it :p

  22. I can understand why a Wii U version would not be in the works. The online infrastructure sucks. Not to mention the underpowered Wii U processor which wont be capable of processing all the intended graphics for a good user experience, etc.

    If Bungie were to release a Wii U version, the version on the Wii U version would highly be the worst experience amongst all the other gaming systems form a user-end perspective. Call of Duty user experience on the Wii U was pathetic when coming from a Xbox360!

    From a consumer perspective, I have trust in the Xbox360 to produce the best user experience for Destiny…that’s why my money is going to the Xbox 360 version. Sorry nintendo, but you need to listen to 3rd party developers more and create a platform so that every version of any video game will be best on the the Wii U, but I dont see that until 2025…which will be too late because Im not waiting that long again!

    1. You’re so dumb.

      Mentioning the WiiU being “inferior” is stupid because Destiny is going to be on the 360 and ps3, so, you already look like a dumbass.

      Second, the online structure is fine, and in the end, the quality of the online is based on Bungie’s servers, nothing to do with Nintendo.


      1. I know right! Just don’t waste your breath on him. Or in this case your finger strength. He/she doesn’t know what they are talking about. Lol.

    2. “Call of Duty user experience on the Wii U was pathetic when coming from a Xbox360!”

      Wow. I take it you haven’t played Black Ops 2 on the Wii U.

      There’s nothing wrong with the “user experience”. The game runs smoothly. Online works perfectly. You have the option of 3 different controller schemes (all of which work great). You’ve got Miiverse, which rocks. And you’ve got off-tv play if you want it.

      If there are any performance issues of the Wii U version they’re clearly so minor as to be completely insignificant.

      I’ve played BO2 on the Wii U. The “user experience” is just as good as, or better than, any other game on any console.

  23. The Bungie/Destiny name would be great and all (for Wii U), but I haven’t seen anything earth-shattering about this title yet.
    Wait & see attitude.

    1. I read an article on nintendoenthusiast, and right now, it seems like you can visit the game’s pre-order page. Over there you’ll see the code below
      pc: “platform-pc”,
      ps3: “platform-ps3″,
      ps4: “platform-ps4″,
      xbox: “platform-xbox”,
      xbox720: “platform-xbox720″,
      wiiu: “platform-wiiu”,
      psvista: “platform-psvita”

      Soooo is it the real deal or not?

  24. It confuses me as to why people continuously complain about Nintendo fanboys on here. Yes, it gets irritating, but it’s a website about Nintendo. It’s obviously going to happen.

    1. Because the fanboys on here make it unpleasant. You won’t believe what perverted insults have been thrown my way for having a simple opinion of Nintendo that isn’t always Pro Nintendo.

      1. I understand that, but a lot of the people on here speak as though the fanboys shouldn’t be here when it’s pretty obvious they’re going to be.

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