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LEGO City Undercover Developer Says The Game Is the Best Wii U Game Yet


LEGO City Undercover executive producer Loz Doyle has told Eurogamer that LEGO City Undercover will be the best game on Wii U once it’s released on March 18th. Doyle is so confident in the comedic sandbox game that he believes it will surpass New Super Mario Bros U, Nintendo Land and ZombiU as the best game on the system.

“We’re obviously really pleased with the game. If it wasn’t very good then we’d probably feel under pressure, but it’s our best Lego game and that’s really saying something. We’re really chuffed. It’s the best game on the Wii U.”

112 thoughts on “LEGO City Undercover Developer Says The Game Is the Best Wii U Game Yet”

    1. why is it awkward. cause it looks childish? laughable. it just seems like a super fun open-world experience. every news someone is pesimistic. just enjoy it/not enjoy it. how hard can it be.

      1. …no, it’s awkward because we’re talking about Nintendo here, and the fact that there isn’t a first party Nintendo game on the WiiU thats better than this is awkward.

        Mynintendonews commenters, always putting the ass in assume

        1. i understand that you bought the wii u for first party but this gives us some time to spend with 3rd party. after all, if we not buy games like this we won’t see 3rd party support in the future.

          1. I have nothing wrong with 3rd party titles on the WiiU, the simple fact is, its a NINTENDO SYSTEM, and it doesnt even have a big game.
            N64 – Mario 64
            Gamecube – Smash Bros Melee
            Wii – Twlight Princess and within a year, Mario Galaxy and Metroid Prime 3.

            We have nothing other than confirmed Mario and Mario Kart at least being at E3.
            Its a system launch, they need a game that’ll keep people entertained. And dont say NintendoLand, dont sit and lie and say that game satisfies you for 4 months, because thats bullshit.

            End of the day, i expect a BIG Nintendo, for their next system, and they aint got shit.

            Thats what’s awkward.

            1. Pikmin 3 , Nintendo land ( Yeah , Nintendo land is probably the best party game ever made . Pikmin 3 is a top tier Miyamoto game…

              There is some good games coming , But I see where you’re coming from.

              1. There isnt even a release date for Pikmin 3 though…i severely doubt it’ll be out before April the way its going.
                The main problem i have with Nintendo is development time, they take WAAAAY too long on making games. Yes, generally, theyre outstanding quality, but the fact is they need to speed up development. I mean, wtf has Retro Studios been making, seriously. For like, 4 years, arguably more, and all we get is Reggie saying “its great”. Way to hype it up Nintendo, they need to stop fucking around, especially since the PS4 reveal last week, and Microsoft probably showing the nextbox in the next 2 months.

                1. Yeah , they definitely do . They won’t drop out of the Hardware race like people keep wishing they would , but they will come last place if they don’t kick into gear. I have a feeling they will come good. We already know a lot of kick ass games are on the way such as Mario kart , X , Pikmin 3 , Bayonetta 2 , Wonderfull 101 , Smash bros etc.

                  But yeah they need to get their shit together if they want to bein with a chance of making the Wiiu very successfull.

                2. Lol, ^This (TheDragon)
                  (Trying to bail Retro out) Maybe they’re working on 2 games?
                  Dev time is tricky though, cuz I don’t want a broken game. Glitches in the big Nintendo games are rare, I’m guessing its due to the time they put in.

                  1. The just need to build hype. Like the ps4, its not out for 9 months tops and im already excited for Infamous 3, and Destiny. Nintendo arent doing that, but the problem is, they really can, all they need to do is say “Smash Bros”, and everyone goes nuts.

                1. Oh, didn’t notice that. Yea, it was not really. Though, it was released within a year after the launch of the GameCube, like Mario Galaxy.

            2. Whoa whoa whoa, me and my friends have fun with Nintendo Land to this DAY. There isn’t any lying going on, not if we’re still playing it almost everyday.

            1. Are you implying Smash Bros or Mario Kart are not first party? I hope not. They put the money into the publishing, hence rely on Tt to make a game as good as those they make themselves. it’s a first-party game as far as i’m concerned.

              1. Smash bros and Mario kart are both developed by Nintendo’s own studios. Mario kart and Smash bros are very much developed by ”Nintendo” . By your logic , Sony has never really developed anything , It was all Guerilla games , Media molecule , etc etc etc.

                TT games =/= Nintendo. It’s a third party game , published exclusively by Nintendo.
                Smash bros is a firsty party game made by Nintendo using Nintendo’s IP’s.

                1. In legal terms, yes, of course. In a mor moral point of view, the case is different. Nintendo publishes it and includes it in its regular Nintendo-published game release schedule, Iwata putting Tt, on the case of Lego City Undercover, in the same moral position as, say, Retro on Mario Kart 7 or GameFreak on any Pokémon game.

                  Nintendo bears this game like one of its own. Seems quite obvious to me.

                  1. No.

                    Bayonetta 2 , Lego City ARE NOT DEVELOPED BY NINTENDO. They are THIRD PARTY games PUBLISHED , FUNDED by NINTENDO.

                    Pokemon is made by Gamefreak , Gamefreak IS NINTENDO , they have no independance what so ever , Nintendo owns them 100%.

                    Intelligent systems , Gamefreak , Retro studios , Hal laboratry , Sora , Monolith Soft recently , etc etc etc ARE NINTENDO.

                    Killzone is a Sony game , Little big planet is a Sony game developed by Sony or studios that Sony own.

                    Guerilla games IS SONY. Retro Studios IS NINTENDO. But if Retro was just called that Nintendo studio in Texas it would get confusing.

                    1. You’re wrong about Game Freak. They’re independant.
                      Nintendo owns The Pokémon Company, which markets and publishes Pokémon games.

                      Game Freak however develop exclusively for Nintendo consoles, this is true.

                    2. Furthermore, I just wrote that i’m aware of the legal definitions of these but I’m talking on a moral point of view and your response is… 100% legal blabber. Just bear with me five seconds, okay?

                    1. Maybe a problem of translation (English is not my native language). I’m talking about the constructor’s intentions and faith in the project, regarding its strategy over the launch window of its game. Not just the apparent convention over what is or isn’t first party. Nintendo’s bearing the project with as much faith as in any Zelda game.

              2. What the fuck do Smash Bros and Mario kart have to do with being first party?!
                Those game are made by Nintendo FIRST PARTY DEVELOPER STUDIOS.
                The guys making this game are THIRD PARTY, Nintendo is just FUNDING. Developers arent money, Nintendo are physically using employess to make the game, ITS NOT A NINTENDO GAME, same with Bayonetta 2, FUNDED, not DEVELOPED, THIRD PARTY, not FIRST PARTY.

                Nobody is this fucking stupid, Nintendo has brought FUCK ALL to the table, other than ok NSMBU. Wow, good going. What about Pikmin 3? Not even a fucking release date.

                1. I reassure you, I’m not that fucking stupid. I was just reasoning slightly outside the “standard” definitions of first and third party games. Nintendo EAD and actual first-party developpers take time to develop for Wii U because of the obvious time it takes for them to learn to develop properly in HD. To help with this transition, Nintedo has taken to trust developpers that know a little of HD development (like Platinum and Tt), trusting them with money, yes, but more importantly with the Wii U launch window (Lego City and Wonderful 101), making those two games, as far as constructor strategic intentions go, first-party games since of equal importance.

                  I’d like to point out that with you deliberately obtuse definition of first-party games being developped by constructor-owned studios, Pokémon have never been Nintendo games.

                  1. My point exactly. But i think it’s directed by Sakurai under the Sora hat, so legally first-party. But in fact it won’t be if you follow a too narrow-minded definition of the notion.

            2. MKultra is right. The developer is a second party developer but the game released is a first-party game because the game was funded and published by Nintendo.

              1. However, to each their own notion of the limits between first/second/third parties. it’s not like there’s a standard by-the-book definition. We’re typically in a blurry case.

          1. The Wii U is lacking first party content straight out of the box…release games were good, but none of them were amazing.

        2. Let’s play the game for are self’s before saying this is the best Wii U game.Instead of taking the developers word on it.They are the ones selling us the game after all.I’m not saying they are wrong i’m just saying nobody with nothing to gain can say for sure yet.

        3. *Cough* Yarn Yoshi, Smash Bros, 3D mario, Mario Kart, Wind Waker Reborn *Cough* the exact same thing happened with the wiiu, you gotta wait for the amazing 1st party titles guys. and i condsider Mario bros u to be one of my favourite games of all time, i just loved it all, especially with that new Luigi U update, Its so amazing

      2. when a game is lego titled it most likely wont sell as well, i gurantee you it wont sell more than mario me personally i would never buy a lego game, why didnt tney just make it normal

    2. Of course it is. It is a childish, colorful imitator. Those types of games sell best on the pathetic underpowered shit-siles of Nintendo.

      1. What do you even achieve by trolling?
        You just look retarded.
        Big man when your hiding on internet, but probably a scrawny piece of shit that sits on his computer 13 hours a day, rubbing one out every 30 minutes because you’re a repulsive twat.

          1. How is it like what im doing?
            I dont come on this site simply with the intent to cause grief and get a reaction out of saying something stupid, i comment on here to talk about games with the competent people on here and get news, and i do it while im playing games, unless the game is very engrossing, which most arent.

  1. Sorry, I know you guys are very proud of your game, and I’m really interested to see what TT came up with this time, with an open world lego game, but Super Mario is unbeatable, NSMBU is the best WiiU game and will be untill the next Mario game:)

      1. NSMBU is an awesome game , but it’s far from the best game on the Wiiu. Even some of the third party games are better than it such as Darksiders 2….

        1. It’s just my opinion, Games are just subjective experiences, the game I love most on my WiiU is NSMBU, but darksiders can be your favorite game. =)

        2. I love Darksiders 2, despite some minor flaws. Probably the best 3rd party game you can buy on the WiiU at the moment.

          1. It’s a great game , some of the dungeon design really is a match for Zelda in some cases.
            But that stupid City run and gun level :/ . They should have had some comdey hill billy banjo music playing through that bit to emphasize what was going on , lol

            1. Yeah, i remember i played that level when i was really tired and it felt like the most monotonous thing ever. Its quite ironic that they put it in there most likely as an attempt to mix up the gameplay to keep it going stale yet the gun section became borin after just a few minutes haha

              1. ikr? I just wanted it to stop , the graphics of that level were terrible compared to the rest of the game aswell , I noticed , it looked like they shoved it in at the last minute.

  2. Its just a way to get people to buy your games. “Its one of the best” “It got chocolate in it.” “It has a gigantic map full of desert!!” Yeah. Sure i’ll be buying it though

    1. Of course you will. Grand Theft Auto is too manly for a virgin like you, so you need to play its childish, unmanly imitator.

      1. Bill since when were games about graphics!, The game is rated e for everyone meaning EVERYONE AND ANYONE can play it!, GTA dosint make you manly, and playing games dont make you any more manlier! A real man is a hardworking buisness man who has a family to take care of and plays whatever games they want to! Bill I suggest you shut the fuck up before you cause more hate or either go masturbate your microscopic dick to my little pony!

  3. Lego City: Undercover is gonna be one of the best Wii U titles ever made and make a great addition to the Wii U library of games. I really want to get that game, but more focused on Need for Speed: Most Wanted U.

        1. Wow, really? I didn’t look it up because it sounded kinda stupid to me (not trying to offend the Wii U or Nintendo or anything like that), so I thought they wouldn’t call it like that. Thanks for the info though =)

          1. It’s kinda cool , I much prefer the U on the end as opposed to the Normal name for Wiiu , because it tells you immediately that it’s a unique version…

  4. Heh confident is he?
    I’ll know it when I see it.
    But it’s a very difficult task for it.
    However I can see it beat ZombiU though.

  5. I haven’t played it and I agree!
    Its quality, and like I mentioned in the last NSMB post, that’s easily the Nintendo IP with the least quality… so can’t compare with this… IMO.

    1. True, I do hope that they change up the 3D Mario and Mario Kart (Last MK I played was MKWii [groan]).
      Wouldn’t mind going back to Mushroom Kingdom after all that space travel (rival Kingdom… war? That’d be awesome!.. if a bit like Path of Radiance). And there’s a plethora of changes they could make to improve MK.

  6. The game does look awesome , It’s kind of what I have always dreamed of regarding the Lego franchise. I LOVED Lego star wars on PS2 , but got sick of the same game coming out over and over with a tacked on uninteresting franchise such as Harry potter.

    This is the first none linear lego game , a new franchise , etc etc. It’s the overhaul the Lego series is crying out for.

  7. I hope MKU is in the fun aspect a combination of MK64 and MKDD.
    MKWii is good but boring compared to those 2 even with online.
    Then like 8 cups this time instead of just 4.
    And obviously a fun and addictive way of playing it with the gamepad.

    I can imagine it being like the eyes of your character and while you see everything as normal on tv, the gamepad could be used as the head/eyes, when you face back with it your character can see back.
    Similar to the Wii version but now separating the view into 2 different scenes just as I’ve always imagined some games would be when Wii U was revealed.
    Like panorama view.
    That’s how I want Nintendo to promote Wii U.

  8. He’s perfectly right. If we’re going by what game will be the best by what kind of game they are, then Lego City Undercover will be the best game on the Wii U by virtue of the fact that it’s not another first-party Nintendo game.

    Seriously, first party Nintendo games don’t have this shield that automatically covers up all their flaws just because they’re first party, okay? That’s the same thing people do for Sony first party games.

  9. Nintendo-Connesiour

    huh? LEGO?? the best??? yeah right, anything Nintendo makes is the best, i mean come on, a small man in a cop uniform chasing petty criminals in a city made of bricks is waaaaay better then 26 years of high jumping, moblin killing, enemy swallowing, metroid shooting Nintendo action

    1. I do agree that Nintendo has the best titles, but come on, enjoy some other titles too! I love Sega to death, and the Lego franchise will always hold a place in my heart after all the lego i had, and Playing Lego Island 2 : Bricksters Revenge like, Everyday. I just realised that i spent like, Days on that game. Im gonna spend so much on this game. oh my god cant wait!

  10. I wonder if they will have any DLC for this game? Could boost the replay value quite a bit with a consistent stream of add-ons. Which would allow them to release a “LEGO City Undercover: Complete” version at some point.

    1. Not Nessisarily. And Dont forget, you cant really trust reviews (Well, if all of them say a game is shit then dont get it obviously haha) but im just saying, everyone has different experiences and stuff, especially in a game like this! Its kinda like scribblenauts, to get the most out of that game you need a good imagination! What im saying is, its a free-roaming world and i assume the experience will be different for everyone, so yes, there will be a company who might give it negative reviews, but judging by the past lego games, i picture this will be a great game.

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