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EA Says All Their Games Will Feature Micro-Transactions


EA chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen told audiences at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference that all EA games will feature micro-transactions. Jorgensen says EA are building micro-transactions into all of their games and this will give consumers the ability to pay for things along the way in order to get to a higher level. Jorgensen believes that this is a business model that consumers are both enjoying and embracing.

“We are building into all of our games the ability to pay for things along the way; to get to a higher level. And consumers are enjoying and embracing that way of business.”

159 thoughts on “EA Says All Their Games Will Feature Micro-Transactions”

    1. You hate them because they want to make money? Typical of a retarded Japanese-loving “gamer”. Take a fucking economics class, you stupid virgin.

      1. its not bad because they want to make money, its bad because that’s all they care about. instead of focusing on making good games, they just want more money.
        plus micro-transactions are usually terrible and there’s no way they can implement them into ALL of there games and do it right each time.
        and i’m not talking about terrible on a business standpoint, they make money but they’re usually just manipulative and don’t construct anything to the actual gameplay experience.
        also insulting you’re opponent is a terrible way to argue, it doesn’t support your argument in any way. all it does is make you look like an asshole.

      2. I hate them too. EA sucks because they think everyone worships them. Only, we don’t… They come out with all the big hitter games and make tons of money on them and then they have to make cheap add-on’s to suck our wallets dry even more than they already are. -__- DLC is the biggest rip off to come out of the video game market. Why can’t games COME COMPLETE in the first place or at least make it free DLC.

        1. This site could do with some moderation control. Not to offend the cool makers of this blog, but seriously some of these comments are just utterly ridiculous. I dunno if this kind of site has those kind of tools though, people could get around it I think…but even blocking email addresses for some time, deleting comments, or restricting anon comments might maybe help, if it’s possible?

      3. Wow, there are actually people like this. You sir, are indeed the cancer killing gaming.

        Why would you support these assholes? “Well, they have to make money some how.” Who cares!? You don’t go into the video game industry to make money! You go into it to make fun games! You shouldn’t have to pay for DLC! It should already be included in the games! HOW CAN YOU BLINDLY SUPPORT THAT? DO YOU NOT SEE THAT THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU OR THE QUALITY THEY PUT OUT??

      1. That dosnt make it less of a problem for gamers. Is realy a concerning topic has we are starting to see that developers put graphics first and content last.

          1. You have to look harder :P but seriusly you havent noticed that the more graphical intense the less content ingame they provide? Man 15 indie title are longer to beat.

              1. Exactly. The problem isn’t that these companies are doing this, it’s that consumers keep buying into it.

                If nobody buys it, then there will be no demand, and the company will be forced to stop those type of business models.

              2. I do not mind buying a short game if thats all they could come up whit but saying that they have dlc 6 months in advance makes me a bit doubt there will to make the game at all.

                1. Blame the gamers who spend money on DLC and are always asking devs, “WILL THERE BE DLC?!” when the games are just announced.

                  If there’s no demand, then these things will go out of existence. As long as there is a demand, we’ll be seeing more of this.

                  1. I do want dlc but the only company doing it in a way i like is bethesda. If you have dlc and people ask they should just say ” we are putting all our effort to have our games ready to release whit the best content posible ” not ” we have the game finish so we are now devdeloping dlc to have it day 1 6 months before. I like the discusiones whit you simple g :)

                    1. Remember the good old day? When first dlc took 2 years to get to the game, though they were called add-ons, and they came on a disc, and were usually worth it.
                      They used to be special, now theyre standard, and EA whoring with day one dlc doesnt really help.
                      Was it ubisoft or ea that locked “dlc” on the disc?

            1. For some cases, yes; But that’s not always true.

              Examples: Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed, Need for Speed, Mass Effect, etc.

              Just some games that, while they may not have been the poster boys of graphical prowess, looked good and had quite a decent amount of gameplay.

              1. But that is goin out way to fast even gta4 is not even close to san andreas and while big in scope is actualy the gta whit less content and final fantasy 13 dosnt have nothing else to do than walk from point a to point b while just battling monster.

      1. I refuse to buy DLC. Even if I need it to complete the story line or the game for that matter. If a company wants to try and force me to give them more money for something I should have gotten from the beginning then I AINT PAYING! It’s my loss and frankly the game must not be worth it anyway if it will make me go broke. EA sucks, and any other company that goes hard on DLC…

          1. And if they make the game unplayable without “DLC” since it is actual content from the game?
            You just can’t call the shots on the “Don’t want it, don’t buy it!” shit, can you?

              1. Just because i ate there once dosnt mean i go again same has dlc just cause EA made millions of a dlc dosnt mean ill happen again.

                1. You’re missing the point. I’m saying if he has a problem with the games, DLC, microtransactions, and EA, then don’t buy the games, DLC, or microtransactions.

                  He’s saying that’s not possible. It’s a simple choice. It’s possible. Buy it, or don’t. Our (the consumer) actions dictate where the industry moves from there.

      2. If I didn’t know any better I would say you are a douche. Though if you are in America capitalism is normal. Though with common sense, this is what caused the recession in the first place, GREED!

            1. No, Gamer and truth will never go in the same sentence. Gamer and head up his ass though, that will always go in the same sentence.

  1. So first I pay the $60 for the base game, and then I have to keep on buying pieces of the game just to have the full experience?
    There’s a difference between priced expansions and add-ons and just plain out ripping off customers.
    EA better get there stuff together before what customers they do have wise up and abandon them

    1. Keep in mind, EA isn’t the only one doing it and consumers are spending money on it. This is the next stage of DLC and the only people to blame are consumers, really. The amount of money that is spent on DLC each year by consumers goes to show that they are willing to spend money just for that extra bit of gameplay.

      I, for one, have never liked the idea of paid DLC. In fact, I don’t think I have ever actually purchased DLC. I will gladly download free DLC if it’s worthwhile, but paid? No. Yet, I’m a minority in this matter. This is why EA feels they can do this. They made over $24 million off of microtransactions from ONE game last year aside from other types of paid DLC. People are spending the money and they’re telling EA, “we don’t mind” by doing so.

      So before you cast the stone at EA, maybe you should prod your fellow gamer first. Sure, companies might start to move in one direction, but if there’s no demand, if nobody pays for that type of gaming, then you’ll be sure that model will change again.

      1. You don’t get it, do you?

            1. Interesting way to call me out, avoiding to address any substantial points of my argument in spite of name calling, you ought to look further in this comment section since the guy you’re defending condemns name calling.
              Fanboy, love how the likes of you toss that word around like popcorn, it’s like casual or generation, everyone seems to believe the word means what they want it to mean.
              How can you assume I’m a fanboy if I’m talking against one of many many matters and not in favor of anything? Fanboys are people that rabidly defend something, not that are against one of thousands of things, don’t be stupid, if you’re gonna use words you could very well learn what they mean.

          1. You’re a pretty gullible guy if you think my “assumptions” have no basis when these companies keep lying about the way they’re gonna handle their new media.
            Several companies said that DLC and other online capabilities wouldn’t hinder game making, look at what they are doing now, charging you for parts of the game (Square) or game modes (EA, anything that uses xBox live).
            Do you think they’re gonna respect this now? They say things in certain ways to soften them, it’s called PR and marketing, just like Ubisoft has been making contradicting excuses on the delaying of Rayman Legends; it’s just a way of softening blows, damage control, they don’t mean what they say, they just sugar coat it so people like you keep thinking they’re thinking of the consumer.
            I may be assuming, but you’re just too trusting, before gaming this industry is market.

    2. I agree Andrew, I just won’t buy it…too bad for me right :( I just can’t afford all these expansions anymore.

  2. yeah… costumers… I know very well whos enjoying this thing. I would NEVER pay for ”levels” or “Weapons” with real money. I enjoy some DLCs, but this is stealing.

      1. If they think they will pull this off on ALL of their games, they are in for a rude awakening. People will realize over a short time that it is ridiculous to keep spending your hard earned cash on DLC of minuscule importance.

          1. I hope we consumers grow to be wiser. We could end the way EA thinks of DLC simply by not buying it. If only everyone realized that.

            1. And you’re right, that’s all it takes.

              But will the majority follow that line of thought? Time will tell. So far, indications are that EA is making profit from these type of models.

              If most gamers really want to get rid of these type of business models in their games, then yeah, hopefully they wise-up soon.

  3. If you get bothered by EA moves, it’s simple: ignore them. I’ve been doing that for ages. Although I confess I’m getting next Need for Speed, but only bacause Criterion Games made a really nice job on it.

      1. Change starts somewhere… The industry won’t go for what people don’t buy… But it starts with one company and people have to say no with their wallets.. Otherwise don’t complain

  4. this is terrible. I don’t want to bring a financial decision into video game time, where I am trying to relax and have fun. Please present a finished work of art and I will pay the agreed upon price.

  5. So, consumers are enjoying paying for a game and then paying again for the things within that game that should be included in the game? I understand how a business model works, but the business model he is speaking of pertains, almost solely, to free to play gaming and I don’t see EA going free to play with all of their franchises. Unless the price for the game is less than that of a regular in store game I.e. $20 or below this business model is hard to justify, which in turn makes it hard for consumers to justify spending $10 for a new gun, armor, etc. in a game they just payed $65US to purchase. Free to play… This works. Pay then pay more to play… Doesn’t work as well.

  6. EA suck balls. Nuff said. Their games and properties are good in some cases , but I don’t really care about them , at all.

  7. I haveplayed 6 years of World of Warcraft 15$ per month = 1080 $
    All collectors edition cost me 110$ each = 330$
    All the flying mount and pet shit = 200$

    Total of 1610 $ for one game. So EA games and DLC shit are nothing.

    1. People are so quick to jump on EA’s back because it’s the in thing to do these days, it seems. They’re oblivious to the fact that these type of business models have been in the industry for a while and will continue to spread.

      If they don’t want to buy into it, then they shouldn’t.

    2. You sir pay too much money on video games. Actually technically it is your money so you can do what ever the hell it is you want to do with it, but everyone else is not ready to pay $1,610 for a video game. It might not seem like a large amount of money to you, but I certainly think DLC’s are too expensive. On another note, your World of Warcraft game is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. I would never ever be able to play that game. lol! :P

        1. yeah I know … its a lot of money …. BUT … I will never ever forget World of WarCraft and Arthas. This game is not really a game you know. It was another life .. in another world. I have seen the best and the worst side of Mankind in this world. And if I could go back in the past and restart all the adventures again.. I would without hesitation immediately.

          I have the Frostmourne you know… on the wall in my saloon. This fucking sword got a GPS in the handle so anybody can try to steal it and I will find him in no time.

          I love video games.

  8. I don’t mind micro transactions, as long as the game is free. Paying for a full retail game and I have to pay more so I can be equally with other players? No thanks.

    1. You can buy their games. I mean they are really good(some of them), just don’t buy the DLC so we can send a message. That message is, WE WANT FREE DLC!!! :P

  9. This really is the direction a lot of companies are going and if it lowers retail prices and kills the industry then so what… Wait that doesn’t work! It will lower retail prices but the price for the game in the long run will be much more than we currently pay, because the stuff that should already be available you will have to pay more for, this making a $20 game cost well over $100+ making the consumer backlash unstoppable, at least from sane consumers that don’t want to buy into this trend.

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  11. Wait, let me guess, they’re charging for content that should be in the game?
    No, it’s just an outrage; selling pointless stuff like costumes and non-story bonus content is one thing, but with this kind of shit they make things unplayable. One has to pay a full retail price only so one can keep paying to advance in the story? What the fuck?
    This is even worse than FFXIII2 wanting us to pay for the ending, these people actually want us to pay for game modes, that’s like a third of the fucking game or something.

  12. The only DLC I will pay for is the kind that adds lots of new content to the game. Only a couple of DLC’s have added enough to warrant a purchase. Otherwise I will not get any DLC. When I guy a game I want it all. They already cost enough as it is for them to nickel and dime us like that.

    Pay to Win aka Free to Play games are fine to pay for items and such since the base game was free. Though I don’t currently play any of these games and do not plan on it anytime soon, I can see paying small amounts for things as okay, since the game was free.

    1. Exactly.
      I don’t really mind DLC when you know it’s something custom made, like the Luigi expansion for New Super Mario Bros. U or the celebrity and anime costumes for Tales of Graces and Tales of Xillia; stuff that you know hadn’t been in the game in previous generations because there wasn’t bitsize or development time for it, stuff that doesn’t rob you of a full experience if you don’t buy it because they’re add-ons.
      But when they basically take parts from a finished game so cynically and charge you for them it’s infuriating, like FFXIII2 charging you for the fucking ending, or these cuntfaces charging you to get further into the story. Seriously,. if it wasn’t shitty EA saying this, I would be outraged and starting up a hate site to gather as much backlash and criticism at this as possible, but if someone else of the developers I care for follows suit, you can be sure I will be doing it.
      At least some companies, Nintendo included, seem to have the decency of not just locking content that would have been on the game in previous generations and charging for it, they seem to genuinely care for the buyer and actually craft something new after the game is already done if they want to give it DLC. If things keep going this way among developers, WIi U may very well be the last console I’ll buy.

  13. A real statement wouldn’t be simply not buying the games, but instead buying the game and not the microtransactions.

    All I can say is at least they’re optional, but I’m not going to write off EA because of this when they hold some really great game franchises.

    1. A real statement would be to drive them into bankruptcy, not to give them a petty slap in the butt.
      The industry needs to understand that we’re not going to tolerate them taking content from the disc and selling it to us like it is additional, if they want to sell DLC, they can craft something from scratch after the game is done, otherwise, they should be prepared to deal with the consequences.
      If the death of some companies and franchises is what it takes for them to stop their bourgeois ways, then so be it, I’m prepared to deal with it as long as we start getting respect, if you want to be their crack whore who pays for their bullshit, go tell them yourself, don’t speak for the community.

  14. Never bought DLC, though I fully intend to buy the Mario Wii U DLC when that comes out. I don’t have a problem with it, as long as I feel like it’s a good value. The idea of paying $60 for a base game, then additional costs doesn’t interest me. But the idea of paying $30, then spending more if I like the experience and want more out of it doesn’t bother me at all.

    1. That’s because it isn’t only a good value, it is something that was made way after the game was finished and sold; and not taken from the game and then poised as additional content.
      What EA is saying with this is that unless you keep paying each two hours, the game is basically gonna lock on itself. It’s an insult, they want you to pay a full retail price and then pay to play, it’s, in some ways comparable yet way worse than Microsoft making their players pay to play online. They’re robbing you of stuff that should be in the disc, stuff that in the previous generations you would have taken for granted.
      Don’t you see? Today it is $30, tomorrow, another $30, soon you’ll have payed the value of game several times JUST SO THEIR RIGHTEOUS ASSES ALLOW YOU, THE PEASANT, TO PLAY IT.

  15. The day if Nintendo decides to do this with a 3D Mario, Zelda, Metroid or Smash Brothers, is the day I will abandon Nintendo aswell.
    If all platforms decide to do this with all games then I will create my own company and console or something.

    Like some said, once you buy a game, everything should be completed and done!
    Paying for the ending of a game? wtf is that shit insult really >|

    1. I think Nintendo fans are smarter than the average fan of Microsoft and Sony. Paid DLC seems to be more prevalent on their consoles than Nintendo’s. That is because they are stupid enough to buy them. If they took a stand against their company of choice(like we Nintendo fans do) then this wouldn’t be a problem. I believe if Nintendo tried something like this, we would simply not buy it(or few of us would buy it) and then Nintendo would get the message. NO ONE WANTS PAID DLC. Only DLC that is acceptable is FREE DLC. Thats because it should have been on the game in the first place.

        1. I know, I was pissed the Fire Emblem DLC wasn’t free. If Nintendo stops paid DLC then we’ll have our answer. I hope my hypothesis was right and Nintendo fans are smarter than the average Microsoft and Sony fan!

          1. I do not mind the DLC Nintendo has made so far. They were worth the money and was in no way required to fully enjoy the game, just some extra.

            But Nintendo would be the best dudes ever if they released the NSMBU DLC NSLU free <3

        2. I don’t mind DLC in Nintendo games, as long as it’s good, and the full game isn’t designed to basically be 85% of the game you bought for full price.

  16. Just bought Mass Effect Trilogy…gotta say. It is impressive. Absolutely fantastic games. Now, regarding EA’s new DLC policy. I won’t be buying any of them. A game should come complete, plain and simple. I was not happy about Fire Emblem’s DLC(Nintendo shame on you) and I’m not happy to hear that EA wants to rake in some extra cash the cheap way. They are purposefully making DLC so people will pay for it later. Think of it this way. It is like buying a game for $80 if there are “$20 worth of DLC”(or so they say it is worth that much) to get on a game. I thought people complained about $60 yet they are buying games for $80! People need to wake up!

  17. Don’t all ea games do already?

    And for the idiots here QQing about it, you realize in their games the microtransactions packs they sell can be bought using in game currency one you accrued enough in game OR with money (for the lazy people who don’t want to spend time in game)

    Not saying they aren’t money whores but everyone complains about MT but you don’t NEED them…..

    1. Iisten Moron we are nintendo gamers, about the smartest gamers ever. Unlike xbox gamers who pay for Internet, then pay for xboxlive, paying twice for Netflix, and finally paying for DLC, and now micro-transactions. If you think paying for unfinished nonsense is okay then whose the dummy?

      1. If you’re going to stoop to the level of throwing personal insults at people, calling them “moron” and “dummy;” Further calling yourself, along with other “Nintendo gamers,” the “smartest gamers ever,” – Might I suggest that you do so with proper grammar and spelling?

      2. Stuff like this is why some people look down on Nintendo gamers, just saying. Not saying that what you say is wrong, but the way you say it makes you sound stupid.

  18. Thank God PES still exists as a football franchise. Who ever makes PES ( Pro Evolution Football {soccer} ) should take this opportunity to take over the market.

    1. It’s a great series, although it feels a little more on the arcade-gameplay style than FIFA to me. I like them both, but I usually end up playing FIFA with friends.

  19. Nintendo will put microtransaction in all their games:

    microtransaction to always get on top of the flag poll and get that extra life
    microtransaction to always use the sword beam in zelda games
    microtransaction to get early plasma beam
    microtransaction to do a barrel roll

  20. I agree fully with you Gamer, let’s get married ^^

    Why can’t extra content just be unlockables within the game as it was in previos generations.
    Like you have to beat a very hard task or something, similar to achievements but that actually is worth something othermthan stupid trophies, likenhidden secrets and customes.

  21. FUCK . YOU. EA. CUNTS!

    Everyone said about Dead Space 3, “oh it doesnt matter”, no, the game is nerfed so bad that you can tell the game is designed to make you feel like you’ve just been fucked over, and i played it on all extra difficulties, yes Hardcore mode also, the 1 death mode.

    Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, a game that take ONE HOUR to buy a pack of upgrades, that dont even secure you getting new shit, because they want you to speed up the process buy spending money.


      1. No.
        I like their developers, but EA as a publisher are money grabbing assholes, that push games to being things they arent. Remember when Mass Effect was an RPG? When Dead Space was a horror game?
        All they care about is money, they dont give a fuck about the consumer.
        Im not saying this a Mass Effect ending butthurt guy, im sayin it as a consumer who’s had enough of their bullshit

  22. Well not only EA, US companies.
    Microshit, Apple and even Youtube wants viewers to pay soon…
    Anyone who pays for things that were not intended to be paid for in the beginning are just slaves and deserve to be destroyed

    1. You do know that this type of model is pretty big in Asia, especially with their mobile and PC games, right? Mobile and PC gaming (including those with microtransactions) flourish over there.

  23. The idiot sueing Nintendo can just fuck off.
    Another money hungry troll that accuses Nintendo LONG AFTER the 3DS became a success.
    Wny not sue them the minute they revealed the console?
    Stupid ape.
    But Nintendo gets sued every now and then and will prevail once again.
    If by some reason the idiot succeds, we must all rise and take him down…

    Oh yeah…Amd death to EA!

  24. EA: Our games are state of the art and worth the purchase. They scratch easily, only last after 2 playthroughs, and are only half finished, in which you would have to…
    Consumer: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! >:(

  25. I’m in the ‘if you don’t like it, don’t buy it camp’. As has been stated, the only reason they are doing this is because the consumers are willing to pay. It’s supply and demand, the basic rule of economics, that is fueling this. If consumers stop paying for it, the companies stop making it.

    It isn’t fair to fault EA for this. They are a company whose end goal isn’t to put out games, but rather make money. That’s what all companies are trying to do in the end. It should be a quality product, but it’s there to bring EA and other similar companies revenue.

    I do not buy DLC or spend any money on microtransactions. but my unwillingness to spend the money doesn’t mean that the game is then broken. As long as I can play the game from beginning to end the way it was initially intended, then I have no problem.

    We control the market, NOT the companies. We dictate what they do as they are only trying to sell what WE are willing to buy.

  26. Wow, I’m surprised some still people actually buy DLC! But then again, people are STILL paying for XBOX Live Gold membership.*shrugs*

  27. Its a great idea. Games should be like real life. If I run out out of gas in Need for Speed, I should pay for my virtual gas strait out of my pocket.
    If I want to spectate a Madden game, between my two friends EA has the right to ask for money, as if its a real football game
    Keep up the good work EA.

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  31. so now even PC/console gaming is going to be like Mobile/Tablet gaming where micro transaction is the norm? Screw you EA, I do not pay $60 for a game only to find that in order to advance in the gameplay comfortably, I would have to buy a extra weapon, armor, spell etc.
    If this happens, I will stop buying game and go back to pirating just like during my student days.

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  33. Here is the problem with micro transactions, you buy a game, then you need to spend more to get the more content for your game in-which, it is still the same game. There is no new development for newer games or there is a reduction in new products being developed, instead of make a game complete for you to do a one time buy, the release a game, then develop it more and sell it to you. You are may more money for the same game that you are player instead of going out to find new product and possibly new games and new ideas. Why? Because the development is less due to time being spent into make new micro transaction content for a game which you already own, not much/nothing new, same game, just a few new addons that only change a game slightly and less new production being made.

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