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Nintendo 3DS Continues To Rule Japan, Wii U Overtaken By Vita


The Nintendo 3DS has once again had a good week in Japan as it easily outsold the competition. Combined sales of the Nintendo 3DS were 74.729, with its closest competitor, the PlayStation 3, selling 18.529 units. Metal Gear Rising was the best-selling game in Japan overtaking Dragon Quest VII to take the number one spot. Wii U sales continue to slide and this week saw the PlayStation Vita outsell Nintendo’s latest home console. Here’s the Japanese software and hardware charts.

  1. [PS3] Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  2. [3DS] Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden
  3. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf
  4. [3DS] Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
  5. [PSP] Toaru Majutsu no Kagaku no Gun Sou Katsugeki
  6. [Wii] Taiko Drum Master Wii Super Wonderful Edition
  7. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2
  8. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  9. [3DS] Fantasy Life
  10. [3DS] Taiko Drum Master: Chibi Dragon and the Mysterious Orb
  1. Nintendo 3DS LL – 49,317 (66,139)
  2. Nintendo 3DS – 25,412 (31,832)
  3. PlayStation 3 – 18,529 (16,934)
  4. PlayStation Vita – 11,456 (8,044)
  5. Wii U – 9,633 (10,744)
  6. PSP – 8,981 (10,501)
  7. Wii – 1,317 (1,655)
  8. Xbox 360 – 473 (506)

117 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Continues To Rule Japan, Wii U Overtaken By Vita”

    1. Monster Hunter is already out in Japan.

      The Wiiu is in a much different position to the Vita in Japan. Vita has been out for over a year in Japan , so it really is about time it does something significant. PSO2 , Tales of Hearts R , Soul sacrifice are all launching and this will boost sales ten fold presumably.

      The Wiiu will see huge sales spikes in Japan when games like Mario kart , Pikmin , Smash bros , X , SMTXFE , etc launch.

      1. Correction the wii u gonna start see huge sale, when pikmin 3 and dragon quest x laucnh in japan. Dragon qeust will be out in march in japan, i think that the wii u sales then gonna begin in japan.!

    2. That’s a disgusting game for overweight anime virgins. Although anime virgins make up 50% of Japan, so no wonder it does well there.

    3. I played the Monster Hunter 3 demo…I can honestly say I was not impressed. I got it hoping it would be wicked exciting and fun, but I was absolutely bored out of my mind. The controls are so cumbersome and it took me the whole 20 minutes of playing time just to kill one stupid creature. The “Lagombi?” I was sincerely disappointed. :/

      1. I know where you’re coming from…but that’s not the fault of Monster Hunter 3 U, it’s just how MH plays in general. For a newcomer it may appear sluggish and a bit boring…I felt like that as well, but when you get into it it can actually be pretty exciting fighting a huge monster. But yeah, if they perhaps changed the controls and feel and pace of the fighting and movement I think people like me would appreciate that but some people like my friend are really into MH as it is!!

    1. >Overtaken
      >2K copies

      The article title is misleading as fuck. They’re both pretty bad. The Vita got a bump because of the price drop, but if said price drop only managed to move 2K sales…

          1. For anyone who has refined taste in games and doesn’t care about how much people own one, it has long killed the 3DS when it comes to software, and that is objective fact. :)

                1. He’s right though you know. The fact that you think the Vita software lineup is stronger than the 3DS is purely opinion based, so that’s hardly a fact that downplays the 3DS, that’s just you stating an opinion on why you think the Vita is better.

            1. are you fucking serious? the 3ds absolutely KILLS the vita in terms of library. THATS the main flaw with the vita, is that is has a very short supply of quality games, while the 3s has boasted games like kingdom hearts 3d, mario 3d land, resident evil:revelations, and kid icarus uprising. while the vita has…..gravity rush? i mean i own a vita, and that’s really the only decent game i can think of on the system that isn’t just a half assed port, and don’t you dare say uncharted golden abyss is good because that game is riddled with awful and obtrusive qte’s that involve slowly siing your finger across the screen

              1. tell me what -other- 3DS games kills the Vita library then, this should be very amusing to watch unfold

                because 3D land absolutely does not, it’s a shitty rehash. Kid Icarus has shit controls, Revelations got ported and kingdom hearts SUCKS DICK.

                but it’s a telling sign you know nothing of the vita library since you’ve effectively listed the “popular” games on that platform.

                1. Code of Princess, Animal Crossing, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D, Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Monster Hunter 4, Super Smash Bros. 4, Nintendogs + Cats, Pokemon X, Pokemon Y, Project X Zone, Shin Megami Tensei IV, and oh, did I mention eShop titles?

                  Aeolus, not many people paying for PC gaming, y’know. Sure, “PC gaming master race” But did you know that many games require some spec to run the games? And here, you’re still a acts like you know everything about gaming, but you don’t. Oh, did I mention that I found a pic of you? Right, didn’t know you enjoy that.

                  1. Interesting listing off Bravely Default, which is only in Japan, thus pointless to bring up on a region locked device.

                    Neither of those DQ games were notable, don’t care about Code of Princess, and you’re just listing a load of franchises that have little to no appeal (or maybe even quality) for the average consumer, and a bunch of unreleased titles that you have no idea what will turn out to be as far as quality goes.

                    Also, nintendogs? LMAO

                    1. you’re just listing a load of franchises that have little to no appeal (or maybe even quality) for the average consumer

                      Isn’t that the main problem of the vita?

                    2. I meant the whole library of the whole 3DS games, not about region lock or the whole localize thing. Yes, Nintendogs. You don’t like puppies?

            2. Thats purely subjective. But objectively speaking most games on the Vita are sequels or spinoffs that are as close to the PS3 gameplay as they can get and in some cases also gettable on the 3DS. This is while the 3DS has a more original lineup of games and more games that are better fitting for handhelds. While the Vita tries with most big games to retrofit PS3 games. (not to mention the cost compared to the 3DS with the vita’s memory cards)

              1. More of an original lineup of what..? The “best” 3DS games are a bunch of fucking Mario games or related series. In what way is 3D land more original as a platformer than Galaxy? It even had a ton of NSMB elements, so that’s hardly “original” as a concept; it was repetitive and boring. NSMB for obvious reasons, MK7 is….every MK ever, made much more casual-friendly than the DS game.

                Revelations played like every action oriented RE ever with a fake sense of horror to trick people into thinking it was a traditional survival horror game then near the ending turned it more of the same action-horror nonsense that plagued the other titles.

                Kid Icarus and Fire Emblem is one of few you actually get, and it’s a hand cramping struggle that didn’t need to be so if Nintendo didn’t stupidly design a handheld with a single stick (because that worked so well for 3D PSP games, amirite?)

                I want to know why the 3DS is so much more “original” and more “fitting” than the Vita, because from my experience it really fucking isn’t and just sits under my bed in its cradle dusting away. I would have sold the junk ages ago had there not been Pokemon coming up for it this year.

                Also, a ton of the “good” 3DS games are also multiplat or even remakes (Zelda) so…

                1. “Also, a ton of the “good” 3DS games are also multiplat or even remakes (Zelda) so…” … And? You obviously never play a 3DS, so I can suggest you shut the fuck up.

                  1. Don’t tell me what the fuck I play and don’t play, I know what I play, you’re just a pissy little Nintentwat who thinks every gamer is some mindless 3DS fan who has shitty taste in games like you do.

                    1. LMFAO Do I smell anger? But of course, if you didn’t play any of those games, I suggest you try them all or just shut the fuck up, got it? :)

                2. 3D land had a totally different feel from galaxy or even 64 as it felt like a 2D mario game while being 3D. NSMB an kart are both fun games but not really original.
                  Havn’t played revelations, as survival horror isn’t my thing.
                  Havent had any cramping issues with fire emblem or kid icarus. dual stick is only really useful on first person and third person shooters both genres that are already somewhat unfit for handhelds IMHO.
                  You missed from the top of my head paper mario, shadow wars, power of illusion, freaky forms, a bunch of downloadable titles like pushmo and dillons rolling western, Crush 3d, rhythm thief, spirit camera and probably more,

                1. Yes, Aeolus, let it go, why can’t you? It is because Nintendo has a better games than you do playing right now? It is because you can’t afford the Wii U because you’ve fucked your wallet by paying up PC gaming and then have to fuck it up more on new card for new future games? it is because you’re expecting Wii U to have a great graphics, but not because you’re a goddamn fucking graphic whore? It’s sad that a pathetic bitchmade like you don’t know what’s video game really is.

  1. I like how Nintendo said, “oh we dont want the same thing to happen to the WiiU that happened to the 3DS.” But the same thing is happening to the WiiU that happened to the 3DS.

    I hate console launches, they just build up so much negativity and hate, even for a system thats good

      1. I know right? I can’t wait for the time when WiiU have great sales, so people stop bitching around saying things about how it is the new gamecube…

        I also agree on Rising! Got mine yesterday, great game. I just love Platinum Games (and kojima) :D

        1. Nintendo just need to start releasing big games on it.

          It doesnt really help when people like myself just dont have enough money to get one, regardless of the fact that i do want one.

          1. yeah. this time they need to be kinda agressive on E3, they need to show not only mario or Zelda wind waker. but new IPs or games that everybody says ”I need to play this”.

      2. Too bad Metal Gear Rising Revengeance isn’t coming to Wii U… :,( I signed to petition to get it on the system, but I don’t think we got enough….

  2. The Vita is about to a big sales spike in Japan , probably its biggest this year in Japan with Soul sacrifice , Tales of Hearts R and PSO2 all on the horizon.

    I won’t be suprised to see the Vita sell 50K a Week for a few weeks , then it will die down and go back to normal. O fcourse this means lots of sensationalist articles regarding Wiiu sales for us to enjoy.

    Wiiu will see a sales spike With Dragon Quest X release.

    1. Soul Sacrifice = good exclusive that won’t move much stuff just life Gravity Rush, not a system seller
      Tales of Hearts R = Port of a DS game. Tales of Innocence R was also a port of a DS game and didn’t sell shit. So no.
      PSO2 = Multiplat MMO. Japanese only play MMOs on PCs. And it’s on PC.

  3. WiiU needs games. That’s why it’s not selling very well. and i’m sure Nintendo is preparing big tittles for us! The problem right now, imo is that most of the best games announced for ”Launch Window” didn’t come out (Wonderfull 101, Bayonetta, Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Monster Hunter, Lego City) and people might just be waiting for those. I have some friends that are waiting for those games to buy the system.

    1. Bayonetta was never announced as a “launch window” game. I’m pretty sure Wonderful 101 wasn’t either.

      The Wii U needs games, we all know that. And a few launch window titles have been pushed back, but I don’t think those two were ever slated for the launch window.

      From what was said about them and shown, I always expected Wonderful 101 sometime this year, probably Q2 or Q3. And I expect Bayonetta in early 2014.

      1. yeah, maybe you’re right, but they were already announced, so many people is waiting for those games. they should announce a release date soon

                1. how so? You think japanese gamers don’t know that the Vita can be found at cheaper prices now? Well, we’ll see how much of an impact the official price cut introduction will have when come into play will have then.

  4. What can you say? Japan loves stupid kiddy shit made by unmanly Jap countries. They do not appreciate the awesome manliness of American-made games.

    1. lol, America… don’t be so gross, filthy redneck. Go swoon over your gun collection and stick them where you love them most. :P

        1. He tries to harass me at night, by shoving a mouse up my ass and a keyboard in my mouth. So when he is sleeping I beat him over the head with a Wii U gamepad.

          1. Back in my day, the internet was only for smart people. This is the future of our family then you two screwed up!

  5. This is getting Crazy im making a video about it on my youtube channel GuruGamingHDx2 an im going to be unboxing my new 3ds xl white verison

  6. While I think the Wii U will not only pick up sales, I also think it is going to become a great success. But this is all on Nintendo. I’m waiting for new games! I know we are going to get them, but I’m getting tired of waiting.

    Off topic, I just ordered my 3DS XL with paper mario and Kid Icarus. Next ting on my list is OoT3D, professor layton and fire emblem!

    Next on my wii u list is two wii remotes+ and nunchuckes, need or speed, pikmin 3 and wonderful 101 :D

  7. No matter how sales look now or in the future, it’s safe to say Nintendo in some sense failed at launch compared to their vision…
    However as a whole it did somewhat better than the 3DS launch…

  8. Well it is because Rayman Legends was delayed. Now we are relying on Pikmin 3 and a couple other games that don’t even have release dates yet(Two Zelda titles and Super Smash..)

  9. Wii U selling beneath the Vita at this time might not sound too good, but as many of us may know things will likely get better because, unlike Vita, we know the big games are coming. It would have really helped I think if Ninty had a new MK or Zelda waiting for us at launch but, oh well. But knowing that at least about 9,600 people have joined the Wii U party in a week is kinda nice, more people to play online! (Yet my conn history with Japanese players on Tekken TT2 hasn’t been the best >.< lol :P)

      1. Vita has some good games coming, but they are not huge system pushers, and that is something the Vita lacks real bad. The Wii U not only has a lot of quality titles coming, most of them will sell the system, and we’re talking about the most profitable first party content out there. Wii U will pick up a great deal eventually, but the Vita is still looking very grim.

    1. I know what you mean. I have TTT2 and Zombi U. I kind of want Sonic Racing because the demo is fun and I’d like NFSMW U… but at the moment, the games on the shelves aren’t really capturing me…

  10. The vita outsold the wii u. How ironic. I wouldn’t be surprised if the vita outsold the 3ds in the coming weeks due to various promotions in Japan and soul sacrifice.

    1. It will not outsell the 3DS, the 3DS has practically already declared victory over the Vita. The Vita has only sold 4 million units since its launch, and that’s not a US number, that’s global. The 3DS has sold 30 million worldwide, and is still the fastest selling system of all time. It will take a miracle for the Vita to catch up, let alone beat it.

  11. Let’s not forget about Dragon Quest X. It’ll only launch on March 31st, but from there on, I predict some high sales of the Wii U for the next four-five months

  12. The console needs new original games, that is all. If this was someones first HD system, then the launch titles would be a gamers dream, but unfortunately, most people already owned an HD console, so the small amount of new and original titles for the Wii-U have quickly dried up for most people.
    Three months has passed and there are still no big games on the system. That will be changing soon with the launch of Monster Hunter, Lego City, Need for Speed and Justice: Gods amongst us, plus hopefully others like Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101.
    Give it time and there will be plenty of quality titles for the system, but like every console launch, it takes time for a machine to settle in and that feels even worst with the Wii-U because for some reason many have become impatient and need a new game every week.

  13. when they appear on the Wii Mario Kart, Pikmin, Smash Bros., comes PS4 and Wii U again falling into the abyss .. :-( RIP

  14. It should be pretty obvious that the Wii U is selling poorly right now, because there’s nothing coming out for it soon. The biggest title coming to the Wii U soon is Monster Hunter, which is not a system pusher in the US like it is in Japan, so that hardly gives hope that the sales will pick up soon. If there are no games, nobody will buy it, especially if there’s little to no advertisement. Awareness is low, and there’s next to no software coming before E3. Yeah, sales were going to slide, and it’s Nintendos fault for not making sure the big first party titles were there at launch. Where was the 3D Mario, the Zelda, the Mario Kart, the Pikmin, the Metroid? Nothing of the sort was there at launch (No, New Super Mario Bros is not a system pusher) They were too dependent on third party launch games, which is a big mistake for Nintendo because people buy Nintendo systems for NINTENDO games, not third party games. Nintendo had the chance to get a huge head start on the next generation that could lead them to squashing the competition by getting a ton of units in peoples homes, which would’ve enticed third party developers to come in droves, but they blew it by not having THEIR games at launch, or even in the launch window.

    I still think the Wii U is going to do very well in the long run, because anyone with half a brain cell knows that the system will fly off shelves once the major titles come. Nintendos IPs print more money and move more copies than any other first party content out there, so once these arrive, the Wii U will shoot to the stars, and the system will start doing well, I’m sure. But right now, the Wii U is in hot water all over the place, and although the major titles are still a few month away, I think Nintendo needs to do something immediately to entice people to buy now as opposed to later. They have social features and digital distribution at their fingers. Why not take more advantage of it to get more units out there?

    1. I agree, though I thought Monster Hunter 3G would bolster the sales more than that…dropping below the Vita of all things is pathetic. We just need games, stat

  15. What’s the news about Bill’s family? Strange environment to grow up in don’t you think? I don’t know if I feel more sad about Bill or his grandfather

  16. This actually kind of worries me. I know Nintendo is known for it’s amazing recoveries but still……it faces MAJOR competition from the PS4 and NeXbox so it needed a great head start on the competition which it doesn’t have. My theory was that if it reached at least 10 million by Holiday 2013 that it will have a great enough install base to where Wii U versions of multi-platform games outsell the PS4 and NeXbox versions so devs would always be inclined to at least make a Wii U version. Doesn’t seem to be going that way now so I think we will have a Wiipeat of last gen. Oh well I always liked Nintendo games the best anyways.

  17. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ANIMAL CROSSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HANG IN THERE BUDDY!!! THE REST OF THE WORLD IS COMING TO SAVE YOU THIS SUMMER!!!

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